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Resenha Semanal
04 - 08 : VI : 2018


Cimeira EUA-Coreia do Norte 

> Key Issues for U.S.-North Korea Negotiations

> Can Japan and South Korea Handle Peace With Pyongyang?

Cimeira G7 

> What to expect at the G-7 summit

> Trump’s Tariffs Presage a World with No Rules


> Security Needs a New Narrative

> NATO–Russia Council: What Are the Outcomes?

> Finland, Sweden, and NATO’s 2018 summit: The agenda looks good for the Nordic neighbours

Arco de Crises 

> Birds of different feathers: why the North Korea and Iran problems require distinct solutions

>‘An Opportunity for the Taliban’


> How Al-Qaeda Works: The Jihadist Group’s Evolving Organizational Design

> L’Union européenne et la lutte contre le terrorismo

Grandes Potências

> Will Trump Cement the China-Russia Alliance?


> Why Foreign Policy Realism Isn’t Enough

> The World Wants You to Think Like a Realist

> Trump’s Foreign Policy Moments 2017 – 2018

> Trump Is Choosing Eastern Europe


> Doklam, One Year Later: China’s Long Game in the Himalayas

> Concern Mounts in Beijing over Xi’s Aggressive Tactics


> Pay Attention to Russia’s South Asia Strategy

> Russia's Syria War: A Strategic Trap?

> Russian Oligarchs in the Era of Sanctions

União Europeia 

> Why Italy Will Confront The EU, But Stay In The Euro

> Orban and Salvini Are Redefining Democracy in Europe

> Between Rome and Sibiu: a trajectory for the new European narrative

> Merkel and Macron: Edging Toward Change?

Médio Oriente 

> Energy Interdependence. The linkage of the Political Economy of Algeria´s natural gas with that of the Western Mediterranean region. A methodological approach

> Politics of Recognition and Denial. Minorities in the MENA Region

> Politics, Governance, and Reconstruction in Yemen

> Guarding the Al-Qa‘eda Flame

América Latina

> How Venezuela’s Implosion – and Reconstruction – Will Transform South America

> Why Nicolás Maduro Clings to Power

> Pequeñas soluciones para grandes problemas: las propuestas electorales en las elecciones paraguayas sobre el crimen organizado y el narcotráfico


> Germany and Russia Are Getting Closer—Here's Why


> Bangladesh’s Democratic Erosion: How Democracy Assistance Can Help

> Indo-Pacific or Community of Common Destiny?

> India's Authoritarian Streak: What Modi Risks With His Divisive Populism


> L'Eglise en République démocratique du Congo (encore) face au pouvoir

> Taming the Dominant Gun Class in South Sudan

> Pasos de gigante en la integración de África

> Is change a real option? The choice facing voters in Zimbabwe’s elections


> Brexit: Time to Drop the Niceties

Mar do Sul da China 

> A South China Sea Change?

Economia Internacional 

> East Asia Comes to Europe

> How to Solve the Greek Debt Problem

Relações Transatlânticas

> The United States and EU Can Still Avoid Conflict Over Iran Sanctions

> The United States and Russia Target Germany

> Trump’s Tariffs and The Future of Transatlantic Ties

Sociedade Civil 

> Donors' Perspectives on Closing Civic Space


> How the Enlightenment Ends


> Global Peace Index 2018

Livros & Recensões 

> Tocqueville's Political Economy [introduction]

> Peace Processes and the Role of Spoilers: A Critical Assessment

> What Book on the Broader Middle East, New or Old, Do You Recommend As Summer Reading?

> China at its Limits: An Empire’s Rise Beyond its Borders

> La confusión nacional

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