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Resenha Semanal
28 : V  - 1 : VI : 2018


Crise Política em Espanha 

> Habrá que seguir esperando a España

Cimeira com a Coreia do Norte

> Korea Summitry: Avoiding Catastrophic Failure and Catastrophic Success

> Is China Attempting to Torpedo the Kim-Trump Summit?

Itália: crise política 

> A Silent Coup in Italy

> Italy’s Organic Crisis

> Italy’s Establishment Runs Out of Tricks

Eleições na Colombia

> Colombia ya casi no se parece a Colombia

> In Colombia, false positives are a false start for peace

Arco de Crises 

> Putin’s Endgame in Syria Has Arrived

> Iran and Israel are Racing toward Confrontation in Syria

> The Thin Line Between War and Peace in Gaza


> Jamā’at Nuṣrat al-Islām wa-l-Muslimīn: a propaganda analysis of al-Qaeda’s project for the Sahel

> The State Department's Role in Countering Violent Extremism

> Context and Drivers of Violent Extremism

Grandes Potências 

> Debtbook Diplomacy

> La guerra comercial ha empezado

> Beyond the San Hai: The Challenge of China’s Blue-Water Navy


> Un desafío para Donald Trump: la seguridad hemisférica en crisis y el futuro de la guerra al narcotráfico

> Political Rhetoric as Trade Barrier

> The U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy Needs More Indian Ocean


> Good President/Bad Emperor?


> Chechnya’s Status within the Russian Federation: Ramzan Kadyrov’s Private State and Vladimir Putin’s Federal “Power Vertical”

> Putin's Secret Services: How the Kremlin Corralled the FSB

União Europeia

> How Citizens Can Hack EU Democracy

> How to Save Europe

> Will EU Dare have a Real Foreign Policy?

> Europe under Merkel IV: Balance of Impotence

> A Call for Realism in Europe

América do Norte 

> Mexico Peace Index 2018

Médio Oriente 

> Winning Back the "Left Behind": Iran's New Nationalist Agenda

> The End of the Iran Deal Could Destabilize Iraq

> Saudi Defense and Security Reform

América Latina

> Elecciones en Venezuela: ni libres, ni justas, ni competitivas

> Brazil, Scared and Leaderless, Turns to the Military

> Empty Promises, Broken Commitments and Fake Election Monitors


> Have Nuclear Weapons Prevented an All-out War in South Asia?

> The Bureaucratisation of Islam in Southeast Asia: Transdisciplinary Perspectives

> Japan’s Security Policy in the “Abe Era”: Radical Transformation or Evolutionary Shift?

> Why the West Needs Azerbaijan


> El momento de Portugal

> Abkhazia and South Ossetia: Time to Talk Trade

> Poroshenko and Ukraine's Proliferating Populists

> Refonte stratégique du nucléaire civil en France : autorité, rationalisation, partenariats

> Could an Oligarch Build a Democracy in Moldova?


> Enigma of Kenyan Politics Leaves Odinga’s Future Uncertain

> Sustaining Peace in the “New Gambia”

> How Africa Is Bucking the Isolationist Trend

> The State of Electoral Reforms in Ghana

Relações Transatlânticas 

> Poland Courts American Boots

> If the Transatlantic Relationship Sneezes, Will NATO Catch a Cold?


> Sortie ou croissance du charbon? Analyse des marchés et des politiques en 2017


> Challenges With Implementing Proliferation Financing Controls: How Export Controls Can Help

> The Nuclear Industry’s Winners and Losers


> When Less is More: Cognition and the Outcome of Cyber Coercion

Livros & Recensões 

> Fronteras de posesión. España y Portugal en Europa y las Américas [Excerto]

> The Kremlinologist: Llewellyn E Thompson, America's Man in Cold War Moscow

> The Specter of Global China: Politics, Labor, and Foreign Investment in Africa

El rapto de Europa

> The New Europeans

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