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Resenha Semanal
21  - 25 : V : 2018


Itália: governo de coligação 

> Why Europe Should Care About the Italian Elections…and Why Germany Clearly Doesn’t

> Italy Needed a Leader. It Got a Consigliere.

Israel & Gaza

> Time to Reach a Settlement with a Functional and Restrained Entity in the Gaza Strip

> Don’t Blame Hamas for the Gaza Bloodshed


> Cognitive Bias and Diplomacy with North Korea

> Why Trump’s cancellation of the North Korea summit may undermine the US-South Korea alliance

> Moon’s Olympic Diplomacy


> Velvet Revolution in Armenia: Russia Stays on the Sidelines

> Armenia’s Revolution and the Karabakh Conflict

> For Azerbaijan, Armenia’s Political Upheaval is a Double-edged Sword

Eleições no Iraque 

> The Reinvention of Iraq's Muqtada al-Sadr


> Doing More with Less: How to Optimize U.S. Counterterrorism

> Cryptocurrencies: Potential for Terror Financing?

Grandes Potências 

> A Letter to John: Where Are U.S.-Russia Relations Headed?

> Winning the normative war with Russia: An EU-Russia Power Audit

> EU–China Innovation Relations: From Zero-sum to Global Networks


> For Trump, It’s the Trade Deficit Above All Else

> 2018 Index of U.S. Military Strength

> Trump Has No Idea How Diplomatic Deals Work

> Trump: l’Alénationaliste

> Trump's China Deal is the Worst Ever


> Beijing’s Building Boom:How the West Surrendered Global Infrastructure Development to China


> Russia’s Afghan Policy in the Regional and Russia-West Contexts

> For Navalny, Foreign and Domestic Policy Are One

> Russia’s Active Measures Architecture: Task and Purpose

> Russia’s demonstrative response to US sanctions

União Europeia 

> Democracy on the move - European Elections: One year to go

> Macron and the European Intervention Initiative: Erasmus for soldiers?

> To manage migration, the EU needs to rethink its neighbourhood policy

> Assessing successes and shortcomings in the EU’s approach to conflict resolution in the Eastern Partnership region

> The Effects of Brexit on Growth and Inflation

Médio Oriente

> Elections in Lebanon and Iraq offer a glimmer of hope

> What Worries You Most in the Middle East This Summer?

> Algeria’s short bursts of discontent no threat to ruling elite

> Libya's Election Dilemma

> Calling into Question Hezbollah’s Electoral “Takeover”

América Latina

> ¿Qué se puede esperar del nuevo líder cubano en el frente exterior?

> Will Colombia Make Peace With Its Peace Deal?

> Why Venezuela Can't Be Like Colombia

> El espectro de la violencia electoral asoma en América Latina

> Los primeros pasos del gobierno de unidad en Costa Rica


> Trilateral North East Asia Summit Signals a Return to Cooperation

> India’s Democracy Is More Delicate Than It Seems

> The US-Japan-India-Australia Quadrilateral Security Dialogue: Indo-Pacific alignment or foam in the ocean?

> A Make or Break Moment: Afghanistan Prepares for Key Elections This Fall

> Wuhan Summit: An important signal of intent by India and China


> Understanding Madagascar’s Latest Political Crisis

> Eritrea y Etiopía, ¿una paz utópica?

> The Race Is On to Rule the New Zimbabwe

> Cyril Ramaphosa and the deepening crisis of the ANC: renewal or perpetuation ?

Ordem Internacional

> Can Europe save the world order?

> China and the International Order

Comércio Internacional 

> The Growing Relevance of Geopolitics for European Business

Livros & Recensões 

> The Third Revolution: Xi Jinping and the New Chinese State [Excerpt]

> Le macronisme existe-t-il?

> Forget Trump – populism is the cure, not the disease

> The Mass Murder We Don’t Talk About

> Definiendo la guerra civil

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