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Resenha Semanal
30 IV  - 04 : V : 2018


Acordo Nuclear com o Irão 

> Iran and the May 12th Deadline: Finding Winning Compromises

> Europe’s balancing act on the nuclear deal: wooing Trump without losing Iran

> All Is Not Quiet on the Western Front. Trump's Iran Policy and Europe's Choice on the Nuclear Deal

Paz na Península Coreana 

> The Inter-Korean Summit: Peace is not – yet – at hand

> Summit Showcases the Diplomatic Agility of Both Korean Leaders


> Armenia’s Bad Week for Autocrats

> Armenia’s ‘Velvet Revolution’ Threatens Moscow’s Continued Leverage Over Country

Eleições no Líbano

> Hezbollah After Lebanon’s Elections

Arco de Crises 

> Afghanistan Takes a Bloody Path to Pursue Peace

> Syria Strikes: The Politics of Legality and Legitimacy

> For Ukraine’s Wartime Fact-Checkers, The Battle Rages On


> Marroquíes y segundas generaciones entre los yihadistas en España

> ‘Terrorism’ or ‘Liberation’? Towards a Distinction

> The End of ETA’s Era


> Time for a New U.S. Foreign Policy Narrative

> The Big Shift: How American Democracy Fails Its Way to Success


> Artificial Intelligence: China’s High-Tech Ambitions

> Autocracy With Chinese Characteristics: Beijing's Behind-the-Scenes Reforms


> The Return of Global Russia

> Russia’s Armed Forces Strive for Command-and-Control Superiority in the Modern Battlespace

União Europeia 

> Schengen: de la résistance à la résilience?

> Convergence in the European Union: Inside and outside the euro

> De cumbres y formatos: ¿Es el “WB6” una buena idea?

> The Sahel: Europe´s African Borders

Médio Oriente

> Iraq’s New Statesman

> Israel’s Calm Before the Storm

> Libya: Moving Beyond the Transitional Mood

> Sectarianism without Borders: Copts and Genocide Recognition

América Latina

> El Tigre Nicaragüense y las Emociones del Contrapoder

> Laying the groundwork for an insurrection: A closer look at the U.S. role in Nicaragua’s social unrest

> Elecciones en Paraguay: incertidumbre y continuidad

> Venezuela’s Election, the Day After: A Handover of the Nation’s Oil Riches to Russia and China?

> UNASUR’s Dangerous Decline: The Risks of a Growing Left-Right Split in South America


> This Malaysian Election Is Different

> A Lesson for India in Japan's Approach to China's Belt and Road Initiative

> The Asia–Africa Growth Corridor: Bringing together old partnerships and new initiatives


> Les Armées Nationales Africaines depuis Les Indépendances

> Can the United States Prevent Uganda from Reaching a Breaking Point?

> Les politiques foncières en Tanzanie

> How an Unrecognized State’s Port Deal Could Shift Dynamics Across the Horn

> This Land Is Our Land


> The ‘New Turkey’ as a NATO member: Domestic state transformation and competing strategic cultures

> NATO's 2018 Summit: Key Summit Deliverables and Five Initiatives Where the U.S. Can Make a Difference

Segurança Internacional 

> Le Nucléaire Nord-Coréen Et Le Régime De Sécurité Aérienne

Processo de Paz 

Sustaining Peace. Can a new approach change the UN?


> Destination Maghreb: Changing Migration Patterns in North Africa

Crise da Democracia 

> Exploring Transatlantic Responses to Far-right Populism in Europe:Simulation Exercise

> Against the Technocrats

> Attacks on the Record: The State of Global Press Freedom, 2017-2018


> Examining Civil Society Legitimacy

Livros & Recensões 

> La crisis de Ucrania se podía oler en los 90

> Top 10 books about North Korea

> The Next Factory of the World: How Chinese Investment Is Reshaping Africa

Anything Can Be Rescinded

> In ‘The Moralist’, Wodrow Wilson and the hazards of Idealism


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