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Resenha Semanal
23 - 27 : IV : 2018


Paz na Península Coreana 

Deciphering symbols at the inter-Korean summit

Untangling Northeast Asia’s “Abnormal Equilibrium”: Why Seoul Believes that Peace with Pyongyang is Possible

Protestos na Arménia

In Armenia, a Constitutional Power Grab Backfires 

Armenia's Democratic Triumph

Relações Transatlânticas

On a Mission, Macron and Merkel Come to Washington

Emmanuel Macron and the Franco-American Ties That Bind


Avoiding nuclear anarchy

Resilience: The ´Fifth Wave´ in the Evolution of Deterrence

Arco de Crises 

The Youth Movement in Sahrawi Refugee Camps


The Transmutation of Jihadi Organizations in the Sahel and the Regional Security Architecture

Grandes Potências 

Room for Maneuver: China and Russia Strengthen Their Relations 

Trump Is Driving Xi into Modi’s Arms

Blue China: Navigating the Maritime Silk Road to Europe

A Trade War Isn’t a Real War

Why America Just Got Serious about Sanctioning Russia


The Hardest Job in the World

The History and Politics of Defense Reviews


China's New Revolution: The Reign of Xi Jinping

Redefining Development

Is China Forging a New Tripolar World Order?

La stratégie africaine de la Chine: des succès et des doutes


Reflecting on a Quarter Century of Russia’s Relations with Central Asia

How Russia Crafted a Three-Dimensional Strategy to Regain Global Influence

União Europeia 

EU citizenship: still a fundamental status?

The European Commission: an enabler for the European Security and Defence Union 

The EU’s Next Stop: The Western Balkans

The Young and the Restful: Why young Germans have no vision for Europe

Médio Oriente

The Emir’s Gift: Given a Greater Role, Kuwait’s Salafis Face the Costs

Egyptian Election Numbers Show Regime Supporters Are Becoming More Passive

Preventing the next Big War in the Middle East 

A Mess at the Knesset

América Latina

El pulso del crimen organizado a una potencia regional: Brasil

Party Identification in an Encapsulated Party System: The Case of Postauthoritarian Chile

A Requiem for UNASUR

Zona de adyacencia, el caso de Belice-Guatemala

América do Norte

NAFTA Termination: Legal Process in Canada and Mexico


Domestic disharmony

Countering China’s Militarization of the Indo-Pacific

The South China Sea and ASEAN's 32nd Summit Meeting


Congo 2014-2018: « Glissement » Et Recompositions De L’espace Protestataire

Southern African anchor state

L'armée entre en scène au Zimbabwe. Coup de théâtre ou théâtre sans fin? 

Where the social is political

Mar do Sul da China 

Beijing’s Ambitions in the South China Sea: How Should Europe Respond?

Exposing China’s Actions in the South China Sea

Crise da Democracia

Eastern Europe's Illiberal Revolution: The Long Road to Democratic Decline

Economia International

The French pacific territories and free trade

Teoria das Relações Internacionais 

Power Transitions: Thucydides Didn’t Live in East Asia

Eleições Pós-Conflito 

How Elections Can Lead to Peace: Making Negotiated Settlements Last


Putting Georgia on the 2018 NATO Summit Agenda 

The Fracturing of the Transatlantic Community


Luther vs. Erasmus: When Populism First Eclipsed the Liberal Elite

Livros & Recensões

Understanding Contemporary Russia [introduction]

Between an axis of convenience and a return to the past

Libros, películas, series y una canción para entender Israel

Clamorous response to a Silent Invasion

A Radical Critique of Modernity in ‘Why Liberalism Failed’


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