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Resenha Semanal
12 - 16 : II : 2018


O mundo em 2018 

> 10 Conflicts to Watch in 2018

Segurança Internacional: Conferência de Munique 

> Munich Security Report 2018: To the Brink - and Back?

> The Munich Security Conference and Transatlantic Security

> In Munich, Clinging to Nostalgia

Olimpíadas de Inverno: os jogos da paz?

> Sports Diplomacy in the Korean Peninsula

> Pyongyang, PyeongChang, and the limits of Olympic diplomacy 

> A New Game at the Winter Olympics

África do Sul: Saída de Zuma

> Finally, Jacob Zuma Resigns as President of South Africa

> Leadership is not the NPA's only challenge

Coreia do Norte 

> Could This Madman Accidentally Bring Peace to the Korean Peninsula?

> The Education of Kim Jong Un

Arco de Crises 

> Can the United Nations Unite Ukraine?


> Do Terrorist Trends in Africa Justify the U.S. Military’s Expansion?

> Atentados de Barcelona: reacciones, explicaciones y debates pendientes

> When the Islamic State Came to Libya

Grandes Potências 

> A new model of great-power relations?

> How to Win a Great-Power Competition 

> Less Whole, Less Free, Less at Peace: Whither America’s Strategy for a Post-Cold War Europe?

> The (Former) Soviet Empire Strikes Back


> The Rise of Illiberal Hegemony: Trump’s Surprising Grand Strategy

> Trump's Tax Reform Plan and its impact in the US and Europe

> Policy Roundtable: The Trump Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review

> The World After Trump: How the System Can Endure


> Vladimir Putin's Wartime Presidency

> The Return of Global Russia: An Analytical Framework

> The Trojan Horse of Russian Gas


> China's Big Plans to Win Its Next War

União Europeia 

> The Strategic Potential of the Emerging Wider European Economic Area

> Tales from a crisis: diverging narratives of the euro area

> Mind the Gap: How France and Germany Can Spearhead Joint Foreign Policy Initiatives Now

Médio Oriente 

> Lebanon and Israel's precarious peace

> Erdogan’s Fatal Blind Spot

> Iran Among the Ruins: Tehran’s Advantage in a Turbulent Middle East

> The rise of violent transnational movements in the Middle East    

> The Quest for a Regional Order in the Middle East

América Latina

> Regionalism in Latin America. Navigating in the Fog

> Latin America, the international community and Venezuela

> Costa Rica: descontento y abstención

> The Key to Evo Morales’ Political Longevity


> India’s Response to the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative

> India’s Universal Basic Income: Bedeviled by the Details

> Two Belts, Two Roads

> South East Asia: United States & India Convergent Strategic Interests 2018

> Resituating Menser and Darchen-Labrang in the Boundary Negotiations with China


> A Dangerous Immigration Crackdown in West Africa

> Burundi: de la memoria del genocidio a la gestión del refugio

> South Sudan’s Pitfalls of Power Sharing


> How to Live with China on our Doorstep

> Kosovo: un futuro pendiente

Nações Unidas 

> In Hindsight: The Security Council in 2017

Alterações Climáticas 

> Mobilising Trade Policy for Climate Action under the Paris Agreement

Relações Transatlânticas

> Atlanticist and “Post-Atlanticist” Wishful Thinking

Ajuda ao Desenvolvimento 

> Development, self-interest, and the countries left behind


> Quo Vadis Europe: NATO and the Rise of Populism


> Cyber Threats: 2018 and Beyond

Livros & Recensões

> “Russia’s Clash with the West Is About Geography, Not Ideology” [Excerpt]

> History Is the Future: Russia in Search of the Lost Empire

> Stranger in Strange Lands: Joseph Conrad and the Dawn of Globalization

> “By More Than Providence: Grand strategy and American power in the Asia Pacific since 1783” by Michael J Gree

> Un nouveau dix-neuvième siècle

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