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Resenha Semanal
04 - 08 : XII : 2017


A disputa por Jerusalém 

> Ten Reasons for Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

> How Trump's Jerusalem Announcement Will Shape Palestinian Politics

> What’s China’s Stance on Trump’s Jerusalem Decision?


Conflito no Iémen

> What does Ali Abdullah Saleh's death mean for Yemen?

Yemen sin Saleh, ¿buena noticia?


Coreia do Norte: Tensão Nuclear

> How to Stop North Korea: Use the 'Python' Strategy

North Korea’s Activities in Southeast Asia and the Implications for the Region


Cimeira do Conselho de Cooperação do Golfo 

> What Brookings experts are saying about the GCC summit


Cimeira UE-Africa 

Europe’s Chance in Africa

> Can Africa and the EU Forge a Partnership of Equals?


Questão Rohingya

> Myanmar’s Rohingya Crisis Enters a Dangerous New Phase


Eleições no Nepal 

> An Election in Nepal, Decades in the Making


Arco de Crises

> Mali Is France’s Afghanistan, But with a Difference

> The Other Side of the North Korean, Iranian, Hezbollah, and Yemeni Missile Threat



Las relaciones bilaterales España-Portugal en la lucha contra el terrorismo global y la prevención de la radicalización violenta

Egypt's counterterrorism strategy: The missing element


Grandes Potências

China at the gates: A new power audit of EU-China relations

As Trump Withdraws America from the World, Xi’s China Takes Advantage



Trump’s Seapower Contradiction

> Why Populist Nationalism Now?

L'ordre international face à l'Amérique de Trump



China's Crown Theorist: The Rise of Wang Huning

Towards China’s A2AD 2.0

China's Belt and Road Initiative: Prospects and Pitfalls



Russia's Goals Go Beyond Damascus

> Conflict-dependent Russia. The domestic determinants of the Kremlin's anti-western policy

A Closer Look at Russia’s Arctic Muscle Flexing


União Europeia 

Europa como solución al nacionalismo

Is There Hope for EU Foreign Policy?

Les conséquences budgétaires du Brexit pour l'Union européenne


Médio Oriente

Se cuece una nueva geopolítica energética en Oriente Medio

> The Future of Iraq: Is Reintegration Possible?

Women’s Rights Reforms in Tunisia Offer Hope

Syria’s Reconstruction Scramble


América Latina

What will be Raúl Castro’s legacy?

Venezuela's Long Game: What Maduro Stands to Gain on Dec. 10

> Legislative Coalition Size and Antigovernment Protests in Latin America


América do Norte 

Canada Needs to Set a Course for Its Ships in East Asia

Boosting an Under-Performing Foreign Policy



Japan: Shinzo Abe wrestles with constitutional change

The Coming Conflict Between China and Japan

Indo Pacific Treaty Organisation Emerges Asia Security Imperative in end-2017



The Slow Decay of Southern Africa's Dominant-Party Regimes

Seeing is Believing — reassessing Angola’s ‘Implacable Exonerator’

The Alarming Decline of Democracy in East Africa


Política Externa Australiana

2017 Australian Foreign Policy White Paper

No zero-sum game in greater Pacific ties

Australia Struggles to Chart a Course Between the US and China


Geopolítica do Cáucaso 

> Russian Overreach Calls into Question Baku’s Balanced Foreign Policy



> NATO’s Framework Nations Concept


Justiça Internacional 

> ICC Jurisdiction Set to Expand—Will States be Deterred from War?


Segurança Internacional 

> Defence industries in Russia and China: players and strategies

> Are Arms Control Agreements Losing Their Value?



> Cybersecurity and the Concept of Norms

La Cyberguerre Et La Structuration des Relations Internationales: Le Cas Nord-Coréen



Ingredients of a New World Order


Livros & Recensões 

The Education of Islamist Extremists [chapter 1]

What Is Russia Up To in the Middle East? by Dmitri Trenin

Remembering President Obama

La caída de Roma: una historia muy moderna

Communism's Shadow: Historical Legacies and Contemporary Political Attitudes

From Security to Reconciliation: How Nigeria Can Win Its Bloody War with Boko Haram


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