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Resenha Semanal
20 - 24 : XI : 2017


O Futuro da Alemanha

A Profound Examination of Germany's Future

Where now for Germany?


Direito Internacional: ex-Jugoslávia 

Condena a Ratko Mladić: ¿reconciliación en la región?


Eleição Presidencial no Chile 

Chile Votes for (Steady) Change

Algunas claves de las elecciones presidenciales chilenas


Golpe de Estado no Zimbabué 

The Incredible Hulk


Cimeira do Clima em Bona 

>An American in Bonn: A tale of two delegations at COP23


Eleições na Honduras 

Elections in Honduras: 2017 General Elections

Presidential re-election and party system change on the ballot in Honduras on Sunday


Coreia do Norte: Tensão Nuclear

Pre-empting defeat: In search of North Korea’s nuclear doctrine


Arco de Crises 

Debacle in the Donbas

Colombia’s Other Insurgents: Why Peace with the ELN Is Proving Elusive

The Transnistrian Deadlock: Resolution Impalpable, War Improbable



A Legitimate Challenger? Assessing the Rivalry Between Al-Shabaab and the Islamic State in Somalia

ISIS’ Intelligence Service Refuses to Die

Global Terrorism Index 2017


Grandes Potências 

Trump's coming hard line on China

Policy Priorities as U.S.-Russia Relations Deteriorate

How the Middle East Became Russia's Game, Not America's



Avoiding war: Containment, competition, and cooperation in U.S.-China relations

Trump vuelve de Asia con las manos vacías

The Policy Significance of Trump’s Asia Tour



Back to Normal? The End of the THAAD Dispute between China and South Korea

Student-to-Student Diplomacy: Chinese International Students as a Soft-Power Tool

5 Challenges to China's Rise



Putin’s Populism Trap

Russia's Questionable Counterterrorism Record: Why Moscow Is an Unreliable Partner for the West


União Europeia

“It’s Asia, Stupid”: Time for the EU to Deepen Relations with Asia

Can the big idea of EU integration become reality?

Constitutionalising the Security Union: Effectiveness, Rule of Law and Rights on Countering Terrorism and Crime


Médio Oriente

The (Last) King of Syria: The Feudalization of Assad’s Rule

Countering Iranian Expansion in Syria

Partners or Competitors? The Future of the Iran-Russia Power Tandem in the Middle East


América Latina

O Impacto da Crise na Política Externa do Brasil

El triunfo de Macri en las legislativas de 2017 y sus posibles consecuencias para Argentina. Una visión desde la Unión Cívica Radical (UCR)

América Latina frente a un trienio electoral decisivo (2017-2019)



The River Congo – Africa’s Sleeping Giant: Regional Integration and Intersectoral Conflicts in the Congo Basin

Uganda’s Slow Slide into Crisis



The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of the ‘Quad’

Can Nepal Find Political Stability?

After Crackdown, Where Does Cambodia Go From Here?



How Romania and Poland Can Strengthen NATO and the EU

The Unraveling of the Balkans Peace Agreements

British Party System and the Brexit Negotiations



Timor Sea dispute: progress and prospects as a deal emerges


Polónia e o retrocesso democrático

>  Menace systémique envers l’État de droit en Pologne: entre action et procrastination

Abandoning the Eastern Partnership Would Be a Terrible Act of Self-Harm for Poland



The Road to a Key NATO Summit

Is NATO Stuck in Afghanistan?



Cyber Roundup: The Widening Gyre


Teoria das Relações Internacionais

Global South Perspectives on International Relations Theory



The End of Endism?

España, potencia europea abierta al mundo


Livros & Recensões

FDR and Ibn Saud, 1744 to 1953 [Chapter 1]

After Europe

Le plus grand parti communiste de l’entre-deux-guerres

 “China’s World” by Kerry Brown

The Pity of It All


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