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Resenha Semanal
13 - 17 : XI : 2017


Crise no Zimbabué 

> Zimbabwe: Coup or not, this is the end of an era

> Zimbabwe’s Very Peculiar Coup

> Mugabe Is Gone, But Zimbabwe's Dictatorship Will Remain: The coup Won't Lead to Reform



> The EU’s New Defense Pact: Marginal Gains

Permanent Structured Cooperation: what’s in a name?

> Pesco, the impotent gorilla


Visita de Trump à Ásia

> Trump’s Asia-Pacific Policy:Features and Directions

> The new geopolitics of trade in Asia

> The Road to Making America Great Again Runs Through Asia


Cimeira ASEAN

> On Asia: An Interview with U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres


Cimeira do Clima em Bona 

Hippocratic Oath for Bonn

> Prioritise Greenhouse Gas Neutrality: EU and German Climate Policy Should Be More Ambitious and More Pragmatic


Arábia Saudita: Guerra dos Tronos 

> Muhammed bin Salman and the push to establish a new Saudi political order

> Saudi Arabia has united with Israel against Iran – and a desert storm is brewing


100 Anos da Revolução Russa

La memoria de la Revolución en la Rusia de Putin

> Belarus and the 1917 Revolution


Arco de Crises 

> Why the Time Is Right to Talk to the Taliban

> Playing the Status Quo

> How the Syrian regime is dividing and ruling Aleppo

> Managing U.S.-Iran Relations: Critical Lessons from the Iran-Iraq War



Al-Qaeda Has Rebuilt Itself—With Iran's Help

Jihadism in Southern Thailand: A Phantom Menace

> How Kenya’s Failure to Contain an Islamist Insurgency is Threatening Regional Prosperity


Grandes Potências 

Russia, Japan, China to Help Turkey Fulfill its Nuclear power Ambitions

> Can Russia Piggyback on China’s ‘String of Pearls’?

> U.S.-Russia Economic Relations: Myths and Realities



> Year One: Trump’s Foreign Affairs

> Beyond North Korea: Why Trump needs to focus on the South China Sea and Terrorism

The Trump presidency: Looking back one year and forward one year

> Will the Niger Attack Shift U.S. Policy in West Africa?



The foreign policy of Xi Jinping after the 19th Congress: China strives for a central role on the world stage

> China – A Reluctant Global Power

> Why Xi's Power Grab Will Hurt China's Prospects for Reform

> Belt and Road Initiative in the Gulf Region: Progress and Challenges



> Why The Kremlin Needs Sobchak

> Zapad 2017: an early assessment

> The Kremlin’s Trojan Horses 2.0

> Responding to Russia’s Resurgence: Not Quiet on the Eastern Front


União Europeia 

The Future Germany Envisions

> An Existential Threat

> European Union Is Back in the Game

> The missile threat in the Mediterranean: implications for European security

> What Europe Can Do For the Western Balkans


Médio Oriente 

Imposing Middle East Peace: Why EU Member States Should Recognise Palestine

> The Turbulent History Shaping Iran’s Opposition to an Independent Iraqi Kurdistan

> Is America a bad wingman in the Middle East?

> Israel as a Strategic Asset of the West

> What are Turkey’s Ultimate Aims in Syria?


América Latina

Russia May Make Another Power Play in South America

> The strategic importance of Brazil

Despite International Support, Venezuela’s Opposition Is Beginning to Unravel



Cambodia's Crumbling Democracy: Behind the Growing Repression

> India’s Post-Demonetization Policy Agenda

> Southeast Asia from Scott Circle: Indonesian Presidential Politics Begins to Heat Up 18 Months before Elections

> Want a Free and Open Indo-Pacific? Get India Into APEC



Understanding the G5 Sahel Joint Force: Fighting Terror, Building Regional Security?

> In the Central African Republic, Peace Requires More Than a Bigger U.N. Force

> Calls for Biafran Independence Return to South East Nigeria

> Somaliland election: Will the self-declared state show East Africa how it’s done?

> Cameroon’s Far North: From an Emergency Approach to a Sustainable Development Plan



Los obstáculos en el camino a un acuerdo UE-Mercosur



Substate Constitutions in Fragile and Conflict-affected Settings



The Meaning of Sharp Power: How Authoritarian States Project Influence


Livros & Recensões 

Eastern Voices: Is the West Listening? (introduction)

How to sneak your way out of handing over power

Sectarización en Oriente Próximo

Citizen Hariri: Lebanon's Neo-Liberal Reconstruction

Por qué los politólogos deberían ver la película china ‘Wolf Warrior II’


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