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Resenha Semanal
06 - 10 : XI : 2017


Arábia Saudita: Guerra dos Tronos 

Mohammed bin Salman’s Shakeup Is More Than a Power Play

The Remaking of the Saudi State


Crise Política no Líbano 

>Hariri’s resignation and why the Middle East is on edge, again

>Destabilising Lebanon will only strengthen Hezbollah


100 anos da Declaração Balfour

> Historical Landmarks in the Hundred Years’ War on Palestine


Cimeira da ASEAN 

> ASEAN summit should focus on the possible


Trump na Ásia 

> Trump Trip: Listen to Japan, Talk to South Korea and Dictate to China

> What China Wants From Trump: Why Beijing Will Avoid Real Compromise on Trade and North Korea


Arco de Crises

A Huthi Missile, a Saudi Purge and a Lebanese Resignation Shake the Middle East

How the Syrian regime is dividing and ruling Aleppo



Ciudades y terrorismo

India’s Invisible Jihad


Grandes Potências 

Russia and America Are Conducting Massive Nuclear Exercises (and No One Cares)



The Internet, Political Polarization, and the 2016 Election

Trump's Trade Policy: Separating the normal from the dangerous

US–Vietnam Relations Under President Trump

> The Democrats' Foreign Policy in the Shadow of Trump



China’s Booming Sharing Economy

After China’s 19th Party Congress – implications for the regional architecture and order



> Russia and Saudi Arabia: A New Oil Bromance?

Hamid Karzai and the Russia Connection

Renewable Energy and Decentralized Power Generation in Russia

The Burden of Predictability: Russia’s 2018 Presidential Election


União Europeia 

Relaunching the EU

Rethinking Franco-German Relations: A Historical Perspective

Two Sides of Europe’s Defense Coin

The Fifth Eastern Partnership Summit: Between hyperbole and understatement


Médio Oriente

All that Glitters is not Gold: Unveiling Iran’s Economic Recovery

> Israel vis-à-vis Iran in Syria: The Perils of Active Containment

The Corruption Contagion


América Latina

> Brazil’s Foreign Policy Isn’t Dead. It’s Just Hibernating.

> Is Populism Making a Comeback in Latin America?

> Latin America’s super election cycle is wide open

> Trump Riles Latin America



What the Return of Quadrilateral Says About India and Emerging Asian Geopolitics

Apprehensions in Sri Lanka: Will Hambantota be the next Djibouti?

> Re-Positioning Pakistan Occupied Kashmir on India’s Policy Map: Geopolitical Drivers, Strategic Impact

> Misunderstanding Asia



Zimbabwe in Dubious Battle: The Unexpected Consequences of Western Sanctions

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): A Dangerous Stalemate

Is the Alliance Underpinning South Africa’s ANC About to Fracture?

A Football God Is About to Become President of Liberia



¿Quién relevará a los BRICS?



In Praise of Nato’s Dysfunctional, Bureaucratic Tedium


Segurança Internacional

> Shifting Interpretations of the Non-intervention Principle in the OSCE

> Is the U.S.-Saudi Security Alliance in Trouble?


Segurança Energética

> Energy and Climate Security Priorities and Challenges in the Changing Global Energy Order

Hacia un nuevo orden mundial de la energía

OPEC and Strategic Questions in the Oil Market



Who Saved Israel in 1947?


Livros & Recensões 

Europe Reset: New Directions for the EU (introduction)

The Development Dilemma: Security, Prosperity, and a Return to History [chapter 1]

El verdadero poder de Putin

“The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao” by Ian Johnson

‘House of Cards’ o el fin del sueño americano

When Democracy Dies Not in Darkness but in Dysfunction


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