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Resenha Semanal
19 - 23 : VI : 2017


Helmut Kohl: 1930-2017

Helmut Kohl, provincial warhorse

Helmut Kohl, Longtime Friend and Admirer



> Is the GCC Worth Belonging To?

> The Gulf and the Great Powers: Evolving Dynamics


Crise dos Refugiados

> Unpacking the numbers on global refugees

> Europe’s Refugee Crisis and the Threat of Terrorism – An extraordinary threat?


Arco de Crises

Afghanistan: It’s Too Late

Eastern Expectations: The Changing Dynamics in Syria’s Tribal Regions

What Would the Second Korean War Look Like?



Challenges for Transatlantic Counterterrorism Cooperation in North Africa

Salafi-Jihad in Kashmir: New Cat among the Pigeons

ISIS in East Asia: Strategic Shifts and Security Implications



What does the special election in Georgia mean for 2018?

Where to Go From Here: Rebooting American Foreign Policy

Preventing a Defense Crisis: The 2018 National Defense Authorization Act Must Begin to Restore U.S. Military Strength

Negotiating With North Korea



China's Mediterranean Interests and Challenges

Sudan: China's Original Foothold in Africa



Crossing the red line: how Russian interference in Western democracy is backfiring

> Russia’s Economic Security Strategy Has Become an Internal Critique

The Unsettling View from Moscow: Russia´s Strategic Debate on a Doctrine of Pre-emption


União Europeia

> The Future of Europe: Comparing Public and Elite Attitudes

Trends in Force Posture in Europe

Refounding Europe

Shapes of a Union: From ever Closer Union to Flexible Differentiation after Brexit


Médio Oriente

From Baghdad to Riyadh: A New Regional Security Pact?

Morocco's Hirak Movement: The People Versus the Makhzen

Mohammed bin Salman Will Rule Saudi Arabia for Another 50 Years

Post-Conflict Re-Construction in MENA: Previous Experiences and Stakeholder's Inclusive Involvement in the Future Reconstruction of Libya, Syria and Iraq


América Latina

Bolivia’s Democracy at Risk: What Role for External Actors?

> Mexico´s Worsening War without a Name

> Puerto Rico votó por la integración



Uncertainty In Asean-China-Us Relations On The South China Sea

Thailand's Forgotten Insurgency

Modi Meets Trump – What To Expect?

India’s Slow Emergence as a Regional Security Actor



The Rehabilitation of Africa’s Most Isolated Dictatorship

> Competition for the ANC: Dominant Party Losing Youth and Poorer Sections of South African Population

Nigeria’s New Threat: Guns, Cows and Clashes Over Land

Violent Extremism and Instability in the Greater Horn of Africa: An Examination of Drivers and Responses



NATO’s Eastern Flank Needs NATO–EU Cooperation, Not Competition



Shanghai Cooperation Organization at Crossroads: Views From Moscow, Beijing and New Delhi


Economia International

> Trade liberalization at a crossroads: The US and China play key roles


Democracia & Autoritarismo

In a Deluge of New Media, Autocrats Swim and Democracies Sink



Cybersecurity Challenges in the Middle East


Direitos Humanos

Islam and Human Rights: Key Issues for Our Times


Ordem Internacional

Preserving the Post-War Order



The Wages of War Without Strategy


Livros & Recensões

Aid and Authoritarianism in Africa Development Without Democracy [completo]

The New Deal: A Global History [introdução]

Down from the Mountain

The Islamic Road to the Modern World

Why Do Democracies Fail?


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