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Resenha Semanal
12 - 16 : VI : 2017


Eleições no Reino Unido

> Winners and losers in the UK election

> UK Election Result May Lead to a More Democratic and Accountable Brexit


Acordo de Paris

> Trump’s Catastrophic Climate Decision Imperils the Planet—and Hastens American Decline


Qatar e o Golfo

> The Gulf Widens: The Roots of the Regional Spat With Qatar

> Qatar Doesn’t Need a Blockade. It Needs an Audit.


Crise na Venezuela

> Venezuela: No Solution Without Beijing

> How to Avoid a Bloodbath in Venezuela


Arco de Crises 

> A Strategy for Ending the Syrian Civil War

>Quelles perspectives pour la Crimée ?

> Political and Geopolitical Games in the Cypriot Labyrinth: A Greek-Cypriot Perspective

> Nagorno-Karabakh´s Gathering War Clouds



> Lone-Actor vs Remote-Controlled Jihadi Terrorism: Rethinking the Threat to the West

> India and the Fight Against Islamic State

> Iran, Qatar, Terrorism, and the Wars for the Future of Islam

> Jihadi Brides or Female Foreign Fighters? Women in Da´esh: from Recruitment to Sentencing


Grandes Potências

> Russian and Chinese Influences in Shared Borderlands

> China-Russia Relations and Regional Dynamics: From Pivots to Peripheral Diplomacy



> What happens to the Trump presidency now?

> Trump : candidat des pauvres, président des riches ? L'électorat populaire blanc dans l'attente

> Economic Sanctions: Sharpening a Vital Foreign Policy Tool



> For China, Syria is the ´New Afghanistan´



> The New Face of Russian Resistance

> Russia and the West in a New Standoff

> Fundamental Attitudes of the Russian Political Elite: Law, Truth, Public Welfare and Violence



> Moldova Between Russia and the West: A Delicate Balance


América do Norte

> Trump’s Brewing Trade War With… Canada


União Europeia

> Europe Is Still a Superpower

> Five years to reshape a Europe that can work

> A handbook – The EU and the world: players and policies post-Lisbon

> The end of Angst: Germany is ready to lead in Europe

> The European Union and Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Flollow-On to the Global Strategy?



> Crowded and complex: The changing geopolitics of the South Pacific

> Self-Reliance and Sunshine: Previewing President Moon's North Korea Policy

> Nepal: A Decade of Fragile Peace

> Missing Manpower: How Japan’s Dwindling Population Impedes Remilitarization


Médio Oriente

> Russia's Strategic Objectives In The Middle East And North Africa

> An Independent Iraqi Kurdistan? On the Prospects and Viability of a Future Stat

> The Battle for Hegemony in the Middle East



> Suppressing the Revival of Conflict in Mozambique through Inclusive National Dialogue

> A Year of “Sustaining Peace”: What Was Learned from Burundi and The Gambia?

> Nigeria: How to solve a problem like Biafra



> Emerging Chinese-Russian Cooperation in the Arctic: Possibilities and Constraints


Democracia & Autoritarismo

> Indonesia's Illiberal Turn: After the Ahok Case

> State Capacity, Incumbent Turnover and Democratic Change in Authoritarian Elections


Segurança Energética

> The Changing Geopolitics of Natural Gas in the Black Sea Region



> Strengthening NATO’s defence: A moderate approach



> La Communauté économique de l'ASEAN : un modèle d'intégration original


Teoria das Relações Internacionais 

> Middle Powers in International Relations



> The Return of Marco Polo’s World and the U.S. Military Response


Livros & Recensões

> The Geopolitics of Gas: Common Problems, Disparate Strategies [completo]

> On Stalin's Team: The Years of Living Dangerously in Soviet Politics [introdução]

> Children of jihad: The long birth of Islamic state

> The Central African Republic’s Vanishing State

> A Counterterrorism Expert Explains How We Got Here and What Lies Ahead


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