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Resenha Semanal
26 - 30 : XII : 2016


O Mundo em 2017

2017 Annual Forecast

The Crisis Manager’s Cheat Sheet for 2017

Will 2017 Sink Liberal Democracies?

Steering a World in Disarray: Ten Summits to Watch in 2017

Five Latin America Stories You Might Miss in 2017 (But Shouldn’t)

2016: Ano em revista 

Protagonistas CIDOB de 2016

BRICS in 2016: Growing Influence

Europe in 2016 and Beyond

Reflections on 2016, with an eye toward 2017


The Year in Review: Russia and the 2016 U.S. Election

The art of a deal with Putin

Conflito Israelo-Palestiniano

The Misplaced Optimism of the Two-State Solution

Security Council Resolution 2334: The Legal Significance

Kerry's Speech: Some Continuity, Some Disconnect

Arco de Crises

Iran, Russia See Opportunity to Encircle the US in Afghanistan

Most Syrian Christians Aren’t Backing Assad (or the Rebels)

Perceptions of Peace and Justice from the Field-Eleven Years after (A Call for Justice)


Terrorism and Resistance

Detect, disrupt and deny: Optimising Australia’s counterterrorism financing system

What does Radicalisation Look Like? Four Visualisations of Socialisation into Violent Extremism

Foreign Fighters and Sectarian Strikes: Islamic State Makes Gains in ‘Af-Pak’ Region


In the nuclear order, what role for China?

Reviving Nuclear Disarmament: Paths Towards a Joint Enterprise

Obama’s Nuclear Legacy: Reconciliation and Nonproliferation in Asia after Hiroshima

A Global Nuclear Winter: Avoiding the Unthinkable in India and Pakistan


What a Trump Presidency Means for the World (podcast)

Did Trump Renew the Nuclear Arms Race?

A ‘Clash Of Civilizations’ Strategy Could Isolate the U.S. and Strengthen Extremists

A Lack of Humility Is Killing U.S. Foreign Policy


The Emergence of the Wang Qishan Faction

What China Didn’t Learn From the Collapse of the Soviet Union

Explaining China’s involvement in the South Sudan peace process


Russia’s Post-Soviet Journey

Unraveling in the Kremlin

The Kremlin’s New Policy Toward the US

Russia’s New Information Security Doctrine: Guarding a Besieged Cyber Fortress


Can France and Germany lead European defence?

L'Europe et les réfugiés en 2015: une crise de la mémoire?

Swiss Fudge

The Visegrad Group in Czech Policy

Médio Oriente 

On the Importance of Ideas, Identities and Values in the MENA Region

New Security Arc in Mideast

Salafists in the Maghreb Region: Political Ambitions in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring

La Turquie face aux réfugiés syriens. Entre engagement humanitaire et instrumentalisation politique

América Latina

Latin America’s Wide-Open Electoral Season

El proceso de incorporación de la Unidad Revolucionaria Guatemalteca (URNG) y la construcción de la paz en Guatemala

Run Down: Venezuela’s Road to Ruin


Economic Growth and Sustainable Development in the Pacific Island Countries

Populism Comes to South Korea

Standing Firm, Mostly: Militarization of the South China Sea

The end of Japan’s very long postwar era


50 ans après, la liberté d’association est bien ancrée en Afrique, quoique loin d’être absolue

South Sudan: Rearranging the Chessboard

Understanding the Recruitment of Child Soldiers in Africa

Economic Partnership Agreements with the EU: Trade-Offs for Africa

Economia Internacional

Global Political Economy

China y la integración megarregional: la Nueva Ruta de la Seda Marítima en África

Livros & Recensões

Uncouth Nation: Why Europe Dislikes America [introduction]

What Foreign Policy Staff Read in 2016

To the barracks: the President, the military and democratic consolidation in Portugal (1976–1980)

Serendipitous survival

Korea’s Grievous War by Su-kyoung Hwang

La política exterior española a revisión (interna)


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