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Resenha Semanal
19 - 23 : XII : 2016


O Mundo em 2017 

2017 Global Forecast

Geopolitical order set to be tested in 2017

2016: Ano em revista 

Ten Most Significant World Events in 2016

2016, the Year Europe Forgot World War II

25 Anos do Fim da URSS 

The Soviet Union Is Gone, But It’s Still Collapsing

Arco de Crises 

> How to Build Middle East Peace: Why Bottom-Up Is Better Than Top-Down

Is This the Right Time to Relieve the Building Pressure in the Baltics?

In West Asia, a new order shaped by Russia emerges

The Kashmir Uprising and India-Pakistan Relations: A need for conflict resolution, not management


Lessons from the Fifteen-Year Counterterrorism Campaign

Turkey Pays Dearly For Counterterror Purge

The different faces of Taliban jihad in Pakistan

Then And Now: Comparing The Flow Of Foreign Fighters To Aqi And The Islamic State


Relax: The Iran Nuclear Deal Is Doing Its Job


Original Sin: The Electoral College as a Pro-Slavery Tool

Get Real About the Power of U.S. Adversaries

George Kennan Is Still the Russia Expert America Needs

How to Promote Democracy Without Demoting U.S. Interests


Xi as "Core Leader", Re-emergence of Strongman Politics?

China’s Military Reforms: An Optimistic and a Pessimistic Take

Does China Really Want to Be the South China Sea's Policeman?

China’s 'Arab Pivot' Signals the End of Non-Intervention

China’s silk road ambitions in outer space


Changing Putin’s Mind: How Trump Can Reshape Russian Foreign Policy

Putin’s Japan Visit

The Kremlin Trojan Horses: Russian Influence in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom

Russia Enters a Time of Transition, by Stealth

Heavy Metal Diplomacy: Russia's political use of its military in Europe since 2014


The unfinished state. 25 years of independent Moldova

The impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland: A first look

Winter is coming – Chilly winds across northern Europe

Ukraine to Europe: At the Very Least, Do No Harm

More bones to pick with the EU?

América do Norte

Violence in Mexico Surges

Médio Oriente 

In Uncharted Waters: Islamist Parties Beyond Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

Is Britain Staging a Return to the Persian Gulf?

The Crushing of Syria’s Civil Actors

The Lines That Bind: 100 Years of Sykes-Picot

América Latina

Brazil as a Security Actor in Africa: Reckoning and Challenges Ahead

Latin America’s Wide-Open Electoral Season


The Changing Geopolitics of East Asia

Is Indonesia’s Vaunted Secularism Under Threat?


Nigeria and Democratic Progress by Elections in Africa

A single army for Africa?

Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Ghana’s new president: Jobs, jobs, jobs

L’islamisation à Madagascar


Why the West Struggles to Understand the BRICS


The Border Security Paradox

Teoria das Relações Internacionais 

Reconceptualising Structural Power: A New Concept Made Out of Sterling Parts

Ordem Internacional

The Once and Future Order: What Comes After Hegemony?

The unmaking of world order

Ajuda Internacional

Aid effectiveness in fragile states

Estratégia Militar 

Culture, Context and Capability: American and Indian Counterinsurgency Approaches


Nazi Germany and the Arab/Muslim World: Recent Historical Directions

Livros & Recensões 

Morning in South Africa

'Shadow Wars' exposes underlying patterns behind Middle Eastern strife

War, Demobilization and Memory: The Legacy of War in the Era of Atlantic Revolutions

The Gulen movement past and present

The People’s Money: How China Is Building a Global Currency by Paola Subacchi


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