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Resenha Semanal
08 - 12 : VIII : 2016


Arco de Crises

The Grinding Fight to Root Out ISIS in a Battered Libya

The deteriorating military situation in the Donbas

The Fallacy of ‘Compartmentalisation’: The West and Russia from Ukraine to Syria

Fight or Flight: The Desperate Plight of Iraq’s “Generation 2000”

Who Is Laying Siege to Whom in Aleppo?


The Pendulum Swings in Syria

The Spectre of ISIS: Trinidad’s Unfolding Jihadi Nightmare

Deciphering Competition between al-Qa`ida and the Islamic State


Building on Success: Opportunities for the Next Administration

The Isolationist Temptation

Superpower: Foreign Policy as Social Work 2.0


China’s Limited Retaliation Options Against the THAAD Deployment in South Korea

How Chinese Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Their Military Again

China and the Jihadi Threat

Green Economy or Coal ‘Counter-revolution’? Challenges to China’s Economic Reform Process


Russia Keeps Its Friends Close and Turkey Closer

União Europeia

Preparing for the UK's Brexit Negotiation

Democratizing Europe

¿Quién liderará la UE post-Brexit? El retorno de la política a Bruselas

The second death of the Stability Pact and the birth of an inter-governmental Europe

Policy or Project? France, Germany, and EU Defense

Médio Oriente

Tunisia in Sun and Shadow

Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart

The Reinvention of Jihadism in the Middle East

Stranger Than Fiction in Turkey: Why Conspiracy Theories Persist

G.C.C. Military Spending in Era of Low Oil Prices

América Latina

¿Golpe a cámara lenta en Venezuela?

Iran And Hezbollah Remain Hyperactive In Latin America


The Wishes of the Heisei Emperor

After the Ruling: Lawfare in the South China Sea

Thailand Struggles to Break Out of The Cycle of Unrest

Thailand's Democratic Erosion

Azerbaijan’s unconstitutional future

South Korea stuck between global ambitions and regional realities


Will South Africa Split Apart? The Dangers of the ANC's Decline

Zambia’s 2016 elections: democracy hovering on the precipice

Peacebuilding in CAR: how the AU can be more effective

What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About Zimbabwe’s #ThisFlag Movement

Prevention vs militarization:Competing approaches to African security


Improving on zero: Australia and India attempt strategic convergence


Strengthening Nuclear Security in a Post-Summit World"


Emerging Security Challenges in NATO’s South: How Can the Alliance Respond?

Nações Unidas

Selecting the Next UN Secretary-General: A Shared Responsibility


Anuario Internacional 2015


Fuller House: Would larger parliamentary bodies help solve the problems facing modern democracies?

The Evolution of Global Jihadist Ideology

Livros & Recensões

Growing Up Democratic: Does It Make a Difference? [Introduction]

American Democracy Betrayed

The Tragedy of Modernity in the Middle East

Summer Reading List for Foreign Policy Wonks

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