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Projecto: Diversity Improvement as a Viable Enrichment Resource for Society and Economy - DIVERSE

Fonte de Financiamento: Comissão Europeia (HOME/2012-2013/EIFX/CA/CFP/4000004248)

Instituições Participantes: Catholic University of Milan, University of Tartu (Estonia), University of Vaasa (Finland), Karlshochschule International University (Germany), Radboud University (The Netherlands), University of Lodz (Poland), Universidad de Huelva (Spain), Umeå University (Sweden) e Hungarian Association for Migrants (Hungary)

Período de realização: 2012-2015

Resumo: The project aims to inquiry and simultaneously promote, in a set of regions belonging to 11 EU countries (Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden), multi-stakeholder practices of recognition and valorisation of the potential implied by the presence of TCNs for the social, economic and institutional development of EU Member States. The basic assumption of the project is the awareness that a real and sustainable change in the attitudes toward TCNs, able to valorise their potential in the economic and the social spheres, need the active involvement of different stakeholders – social, institutional and economic – and the implementation of different kind of actions. All around the project, a special focus will be put on the relationship, in TCNs’ experience within the hosting communities, of ethno-national diversity with other individual differences and particularly those related to gender and age (and, possibly, to disability), in order both to monitor the risks of intersectional discrimination and to identify new policies and procedures enabling to activate and enhance TCNs’ involvement and participation in the EU countries. This objective will be pursued by means of a mixed and, taken as a whole, internally consistent array of actions.

Membros da Equipa:
João Pedro George
Margarida Marques (Coordenadora)

Principais outputs

- Marques, M. Margarida, João Pedro George, Marta Ruivo. 2015. “Matching Migration and Skill in Lisbon. Europeanization of Rules and Market Opportunities” in Laura Zanfrini (ed.), The Diversity Value. How to Reinvent the European Approach to Immigration, MacGraw Hill, pp. 251-264.

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