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Colóquio Internacional
Catholicism and Political Boundaries. State and Church in Spain and Poland in the XX and XXI Centuries
30 | Maio | 2011   -  31 | Maio | 2011

Scientific Commission:
Dr. Beata Cieszynska (CLEPUL-FLUL), Dr. Antonio Matos Ferreira (CEHR-UCP), Dr. Luis Salgado de Matos (ICS-UL), Dr. Madalena Meyer Resende (IPRI-UNL)


Monday, 30 May 2011

9h30 | Opening of the symposium - Summary of issues

The Spanish case
10h30 - The Spanish State is independent of Catholicism, by Maria Jose Tiscar, PhD student, Madrid
11h00 - The Spanish State is not independent of Catholicism, by Prof. Dr. Cristobal Robles Muñoz, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

12h00 | Debate

13h00 | Light lunch served in the room

The Polish case, introduction and description
14h00 | Introduction: Church – State Relationship in Poland through the Centuries, by Dr. Beata Cieszynska, CLEPUL-FLUL
14h30 | The Catholic Church and the formation of political parties in Poland: 1989-2010, by Dr. Madalena Meyer Resende, IPRI-UNL
15h00 | The Polish Catholicism in Contemporary Politics, Journalist Marcin Zatyka, Polish Catholic Agency

15h30 | Debate

Towards the Portuguese case17:00 - Is the Portuguese State independent of Catholicism?
Speaker: José Eduardo Franco, CLEPUL-FLUL

17h20 | Debate

Tuesday, 31 May
The Polish case, interpretation
10h30 | Church and state are separate in Poland, by Dr. Michal Luczewski, Warsaw University
11h00 | Church and state are not separate in Poland, by Dr. Stanislaw Burdziej, Warmia and Mazury University, Olsztyn

11h30 | Debate

13h00 | Lunch served in the room light

Cross debate
Chair: Luis Salgado de Matos, ICS-UL
14h30 | Cross-analysis of the cases of Spain and Poland, to what extent these cases help us understand if the Portuguese State is independent of Catholicism?
Speakers: António Matos Ferreira, José Barreto. (Around the table are participants in the previous sessions.)

14h30 | Professor José Barreto, ICS-UL
15h00 | Professor António Matos Ferreira, CEHR-UCP
15h30 | Comments from Drs Cristobal Robles Muñoz, Beata Cieszynska, Madalena Meyer Resende, Michal Luczewski, Stanislaw Burdziej; Marcin Zatyka and journalists.

17h00 | Closing Debate with the Public

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