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Transatlantic Meetings
05 | Maio | 2006   -  07 | Maio | 2006
Convento da Arrábida



5 May
7:30-13:00 | Arrival
13:00 | Lunch
16:00-18:00 | Session 1 - The Sources and Patterns of Regional Instability
19:30 | Dinner
21:30 | Session 2 - Europe and America: Converging or Diverging Perspectives on the Arcs of Instability

6 May
08:00-09:00 | Breakfast
9:00-10:45 | Session 3 - The Emerging Sectarian Sunni-Shiite Divide
11:15-13:00 | Session 4 - The Forgotten (Israeli-Palestinian) Conflict
14:30 | Session 5 - The Geo-politics and Geo-economics of Instability in the Gulf and Central Asia
19:30 | Dinner
21:00 | Session 6 - The Search for Strategy

7 May
08:00-13:00 | Breakfast and Departures

Strategy and the Struggle Against Terrorism
Charlie Kupchan, Georgetown University

So pro-Israel that it hurts
Daniel Levy, Geneva Initiative, Israel

America’s ‘Security Trap’
G. John Ikenberry, Princeton University

America’s ‘Security Trap’ Part II
G. John Ikenberry, Princeton University

Strategic Redeployment A Progressive Plan for Iraq and the Struggle Against Violent Extremists
Lawrence J. Korb and Brian Katulis

How To Lose The War On Terror
Mark Perry and Alastair Crooke

Assessing Alternative Security Frameworks For The Persian Gulf
Michael Kraig

Rejecting Russia?
Nikolas K. Gvosdev and Dimitri K. Simes

If America Left Iraq
Nir Rosen, New America Foundation

Blowback Revisited
Peter Bergen and Alec Reynolds

A Region Floundering Between Arab and Israeli Delusions
Raghida Dergham, Al Hayat

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