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Tomás Infante

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PhD Candidate
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PhD student in Political Science at NOVA-FCSH, and researcher at IPRI-NOVA. Previously, he obtained a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Political Science from Iscte. He has previously worked as an assistant researcher on various projects, mainly at CIES-Iscte. In addition, he has co-authored several scientific articles, book chapters and reports.


Research Fields:

Media and Politics.

Politics and Entertainment.

Political Behaviors and Attitudes.

Comparative Politics.

Experimental Research.


Recent Publications:

1. Santana Pereira, J., Cruz, P., & Brás, T. (forthcoming). O método experimental em Ciência Política. In S. R. Nina, L. Reis & P. Silveira (Eds.) Métodos de Investigação em Ciência Política e Relações Internacionais. Almedina.

2. Moniz, J., Brás, T., Santana Pereira, J., & Belchior, A. M. (approved for publication). Much Ado About Nothing? The COVID-19 pandemic and the spread of populist discourse in Portugal. Manuscript submitted for publication.

3. Belchior, A. M., Santana Pereira, J., Teixeira, C., Martins, N., Brás, T., & Moniz, J. (2022). A democracia em tempos de pandemia: impacto da pandemia de COVID-19 no sistema político português. In N. Monteiro & C. Jalali (Eds.), Um Novo Normal? Impactos e lições de dois anos de pandemia em Portugal. Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos.

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