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Ana Filipa Joaquim

Ana F Joaquim
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Researcher at IPRI-NOVA and PhD candidate in Globalization Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of NOVA University (NOVA FCSH), focusing on political strategy. Holds a Master's degree in Teaching Economics and Accounting from the Institute of Education, University of Lisbon, and a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from IADE. Currently serving as a lecturer in communications and marketing in polytechnic higher education and as a secondary school teacher of economics. Has participated in various conferences, seminars, and lectures, as well as authored and co-authored several articles and book chapters. With ten years of experience in business, now solely engaged in teaching and consultancy.


Research Fields::

Political Communication.


Political Marketing.


Recent Publications:

1. Joaquim, A. F., Nunes Figueiredo, P. C., Silva, V. R., & Nogueira da Fonseca, C. (2023). Positive Leadership and the Quiet Quitting Movement in Organizations. In A. Samad, E. Ahmed, & N. Arora (Eds.), Global Leadership Perspectives on Industry, Society, and Government in an Era of Uncertainty (pp. 19-34). IGI Global.

2. Joaquim, A. F. & Figueiredo, P. C. (2023). The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Intergenerational Diversity. In F. Ince (Ed.), Leadership Perspectives on Effective Intergenerational Communication and Management (pp. 72-90). IGI Global.

3. Joaquim, A. F. (2023). New Media and Populism: The meteoric rise of right-wing populism in Portugal. In I. F. Cunha, L. Guazina, A. Cabrera, & C. Martins (Eds.), Media, Populism and Corruption (pp. 158–174). ICNOVA - Instituto de Comunicação da Nova. 

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