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António Alexandre

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Captain in the Portuguese Navy, in the reserve. He took part in several military operations, mainly NATO operations, most notably Sharp Vigilance and Sharp Guard, embargo operations against the former Yugoslavia in the Adriatic Sea, in 1992 and 1996 respectively, and operation Active Endeavour, in 2002, in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean, against maritime terrorism. He commanded the frigate Corte-Real between 2008 and 2010, and in 2009 the ship took part in the operation Allied Protector to combat piracy in the Western Indian Ocean, as flagship of the commander of Standing NATO Maritime Group One. Between 2014 and 2015 he commanded the Portuguese Naval Force and was a lecturer at the Military University Institute for three years.

PhD in International Relations from the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of NOVA University of Lisbon. He has a degree in Advanced Studies in Geopolitics from the Autonomous University of Lisbon and has conducted and published research in recent years, mostly focused on the general theme of the oceans, from the specific perspective of maritime security and the geopolitics of maritime spaces. He is an auditor on the National Defence Course, an integrated researcher at the Portuguese Institute of International Relations (IPRI-NOVA) and an associated researcher at the Centre for Research and Development at the Military University Institute. He regularly collaborates with the National Defense Institute, the Atlantic Centre and the Military University Institute.

Research Fields::

Maritime Security.
Maritime Strategy.
Geopolitics of Maritime Spaces.
Military Power at Sea.

Recent Publications:

1. Alexandre, António Gonçalves (2023). Security challenges in the Gulf of Guinea: the case of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing., e-journal of international relations, Vol14 N2, November 2023-April 2024.
2. Alexandre, A. G. (2023). European Union’s Role in the Maritime Security in Africa. the rest: journal of politics and development 2023 | vol 13(2), pp. 112-128.
3. Alexandre, A. G. (2023). O Combate à Pirataria Marítima no Golfo da Guiné: Aplicação de Medidas Implementadas no Corno de África. Revista de Ciências Militares, Vol. XI, Nº 1, pp. 167-193.
4. Alexandre, A. (2023). Os Desafios da Segurança Hídrica na Bacia do Rio Nilo. Revista Nação e Defesa N.º 164, pp. 117-137. doi:
5. Alexandre, António Gonçalves (2022). An analysis of the issue of piracy in the Horn of Africa through the lens of the Securitization Theory of the Copenhagen School., e-journal of international relations, Vol13 N2, November 2022-April 2023.


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