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Beatriz Ribeiro

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PhD candidate in Political Science at NOVA FCSH. Holds a Master degree in Political Science, with a dissertation on the obstacles posed by the Portuguese police to the implementation of the legislation that criminalizes street harassment in Portugal, and a Bachelor degree in Political Science and International Affairs from NOVA FCSH.


Research Interests:

Public policies

Recent Publications:

1. RIBEIRO, B. (forthcoming). «Will Boys Always Be Boys? The Criminalisation of Street Harassment in Portugal». Violence Against Women.

2. RIBEIRO, B. (forthcoming). Assédio Sexual em Espaço Público em Portugal: Obstáculos à Implementação do Artigo 170.º do Código Penal ao Nível dos Burocratas de Rua da PSP. Lisbon: Edições Colibri.

3. CLOSA, C., MOURY, C., NOVAKOZA, Z., QVORTRUP, M. and RIBEIRO, B. (2020). «Mind the (Submission) Gap: EPSR Gender Data and Female Authors Publishing Perceptions». European Political Science. Doi:

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