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Manuel Pinto de Abreu

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Research Associate
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Hydrographic Engineer, MSc and PhD in Physical Oceanography (NPS, California, 1991). PO Navy Officer (Ret, 2001). Professor and Vice-Rector (2003/08) of ULHT. Head of the Cartography (1992/97) and Hydrography (1998) Divisions of the Instituto Hidrográfico, officer and commanding officer of hydrographic ship. President of the Advisory Council of CIDPC of Portugal (2003/04), Head of EMEPC (2004/11) and EMAM (2010), Member of the Strategic Ocean Commission, High-Level Focal Point for EU Integrated Maritime Policy, partner and consultant to business and government organizations. IPRI Integrated Researcher and Associate to CIIMAR. Secretary of State for the Sea of the XIX Government (2011/15).

Research Fields:

International Relations.
Maritime Strategy.
Deep Sea Ocean Exploration and Explotation.


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