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Tsovik Khachatryan

24 tk
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She has been awarded Armenian Studies Scholarship from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for pursuing her PhD degree studies in Post-Soviet Studies at the FCSH, University NOVA of Lisbon, - focusing on the academic domain of development of Russia-USA-EU policies in security dimension in de facto states of the post-Soviet space. She is graduated from the State University of Saint-Petersburg, Faculty of Philology and Arts (Romanian languages and Literature: Luso-Brazilian Studies). Afterwards she has continued her studies of MA degree at the University NOVA of Lisbon Faculty of Social and Human Sciences (Political Science and International Relations) and has developed her Thesis on the process of democracy promotion in New Independent States in the framework of European Neighborhood Policy and Eastern Partnership (Case Study – regional states of the South Caucasus).

Reseach Fields:

Democratization and political transition.
Ethno-political conflicts in post-Soviet space.
European Neighbourhood Policy and Eastern Partnership.
USA - EU - Russia relations (after the colapse of the Soviet Union).

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