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Pedro Emanuel Mendes

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Holds a PhD in International Relations from FCSH at Nova University, a Master in European Societies and Policies from ISCTE and a degree in International Relations from Lusíada University. He is a researcher at IPRI-NOVA and CEPESE of the University of Porto, Assistant Professor at the Lusíada University (BA, MA, and PHD in International Relations) and invited Professor at Porto Executive Academy (PEA) of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto. He is a member of ISA and APCP. His main areas of interest, with several papers published, are Portuguese Foreign Policy, International Relations Theories, Foreign Policy Analysis and Political Theory.

Research Fields:

Portuguese Foreign Policy.
International Relations Theories.
Foreign Policy Analysis.
Political Theory.

Recent Publications:

1. Mendes, Pedro Emanuel (2016) “Identidade e Poder na Política Externa da Indonésia: de Sukarno a Suharto” in Relações Internacionais nº 52, IPRI-NOVA, pp. 67-82.

2. Mendes, Pedro Emanuel (2016) “Mudança, Contexto e Liderança na política externa dos EUA: de Bush a Obama” in População e Sociedade, nº 26, pp. 170-187.

3. Mendes, Pedro Emanuel (2017) “Teoria das Relações Internacionais no Pós-Guerra Fria: importância, progressos e debates”, in Paz & Guerra: contributo para o diálogo entre Direito Internacional e Relações Internacionais. ISCSP-UL; UNINOVE-SP; UFMG.

4. Mendes, Pedro Emanuel (2017) O Poder e as Ideias na política externa do Portugal democrático. Porto: Afrontamento.

5. Mendes, Pedro Emanuel (2017) “Como compreender e estudar a decisão em política externa: reinterpretando os clássicos”, in Brazilian Journal of International Relations, V6, nº1 (IGEPRI-UNESP).

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