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Graça Ermida

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She holds a degree in Engineering from IST/University of Lisbon and a Master in Political Science and International Relations from the Institute of Political Studies- Universidade Católica. Her thesis analyzed the foreign policy of Turkey and its accession to the EU focused on European Energy Security. She also holds an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA. She is currently a researcher at the IPRI-UNL and PhD candidate in International Relations at the same institution, where she is preparing a thesis on the impact of European and Chinese energy policies in the Oil and Gas Industry. In 2013, she was a Visiting Researcher with the Center for Military and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary, Canada, where she analyzed issues related to the challenges that Energy Companies face in exploring the Arctic region. Previously, she worked with the Permanent Representative of Portugal to the OSCE in Vienna, Austria.

Research Fields:

International Political Economy.
Energy Security.
Energy Policies of the European Union and China.
Turkey´s Foreign Policy.

Recent Publications:

1. Energy Outlook for the Arctic: 2020 and Beyond, Graça Ermida, Polar Record, Cambridge University Press, August 2015.
2. Strategic Decisions of International Oil Companies: Arctic versus other Regions, Graça Ermida, Energy Strategy Reviews, Elsevier, 2, 2014.
3. The European Union’s strategic gas supply options and the prevalence of the Southern Corridor, Graça Ermida, J. Fernandes, European Foreign Affairs Review, Kluwer Law International, 2013, Volume 18 issue 4.
4. A Relevância geoestratégica da Turquia para a segurança energética da União Europeia – o caso do gás natural, Graça Ermida, J. Fernandes, Nação e Defesa, 2013, º 136.
5. A Política Externa da Turquia face ao Ocidente Revisitada, Graça Ermida, J. Fernandes, Mural Internacional, 2012. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ano 3, nº1, pp.5-12, Junho.

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