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Rui Pais dos Santos

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PhD candidate in International Relations - Security Studies and Strategy, at NOVA FCSH, teaches Strategy, Psychological Operations and Scientific Research Methodology at the Military University Institute. With a BsC and Master of Military Science - Infantry, by the Military Academy, and a Master of Military Science - Security and Defense, by the Joint Defense and Staff College (IESM), this Infantry Major, Paratrooper has the Senior Officers course, Joint Staff course and Paratrooper Instructor course. Lecturer in 2014 at the Mozambique’s Defense College and in 2014, 2015 and 2016 in the Angola’s War School. In the Rapid Reaction Brigade was Company commander, paratrooper instructor, Head of Information Section and Plans Section. Participated in international missions in 2000 East Timor; 2004 and 2005 Bosnia; 2006 and 2009 Afghanistan; 2008 Kosovo. 2009 Afeganistão; 2008 Kosovo.

Research Areas:

International Relations.
Military Studies.

Recent Publications:

1. Santos, R.J.R.P. e Andrade J.F.M.M.C.R. (no prelo). Atas do Seminário “O Planeamento Estratégico Militar: adequação aos novos paradigmas de Segurança e Defesa”. Lisboa: IUM.

2. Santos, R.J.R.P. (2017). Estratégia Operacional. In: Centenico A. e Rodrigues T.F. (Coord.), 2017. O Daesh – Dimensão Globalização, Diplomacia e Segurança, pp. 57 – 69. Lisboa: IUM.

3. Saraiva, L.; Vieira, R.; Correia, J. (Coord.) (2017). Estudos Estratégicos: da Estratégia, do Planeamento estratégico Militar e da Conflitualidade. Lisboa: IUM.

4. Santos, L.A.B e Lima, J.M.M.V (Coord.) (2016). Orientações Metodológicas para a Elaboração de Trabalhos de Investigação. Lisboa: IUM.

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