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Joana Castro Pereira

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Joana Castro Pereira is Assistant Professor of Politics and International Relations at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (FLUP), integrated researcher at IPRI-NOVA, and member of the Planet Politics Institute (PPI). With a PhD in International Relations from the NOVA University of Lisbon, she studies the political challenges of the Anthropocene; the international and Latin American political economy of climate change and biodiversity loss; and the governance of the Amazon. Pereira is the author of over ten articles published in international peer-reviewed journals with impact factor and many book chapters. She is co-author, with Eduardo Viola, of the book Climate Change and Biodiversity Governance in the Amazon (Routledge, 2022), shortlisted for the “Susan Strange Best Book Prize 2022” of the British International Studies Association (BISA), and co-editor, with André Saramago, of the volume Non-Human Nature in World Politics (Springer, 2020), included in “The International Affairs Summer Reading List 2021”. Pereira regularly participates as a speaker and organizer of panels and sections in the events of the main scientific international associations in the fields of Political Science and International Relations. She has also collaborated with the EUISS and the EU-LAC Foundation, and has since 2020 contributed to the annual report on global catastrophic risks of the Global Challenges Foundation.

Research Fields:

Amazonian politics and policy.
Latin American climate politics and policy.
Global politics in the Anthropocene.
International political economy of climate change and biodiversity loss

Recent Publications:

1. Pereira, J. C. 2022. Peru at the UNFCCC: explaining the country’s foreign climate policy. Climate Policy.

2. Pereira, J. C.; Gebara, M. F. 2022. Where the material and the symbolic intertwine: making sense of the Amazon in the Anthropocene. Review of International Studies

3. Pereira, J. C.; Viola, E. 2022. Brazilian climate policy (1992-2019): an exercise in strategic diplomatic failure. Contemporary Politics

4. Pereira, J. C.; Viola, E. 2022. Climate Change and Biodiversity Governance in the Amazon: At the Edge of Ecological Collapse? New York: Routledge.

5. Pereira, J. C. 2021. ‘Towards a politics for the Earth: rethinking IR in the Anthropocene’. In D. Chandler, F. Müller, D. Rothe (Eds.), International Relations in the Anthropocene: New Agendas, New Agencies and New Approaches. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.

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