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Alexandra Magnólia Dias

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Integrated Researcher
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Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Studies of NOVA University of Lisbon and integrated researcher at the Portuguese Institute of International Relations at the same University (IPRI-NOVA). She obtained her PhD at the Department of International Relations of the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her PhD entitled "An inter-state war in the post-Cold War era: 1998-2000 war between Eritrea and Ethiopia" received an honourable mention in the second Selecting Committee of the Portuguese Political Science Association’s (APCP) Prize for Best PhD Thesis. Her research interests span from the Horn of Africa to the Portuguese speaking African space. In this context, she has done fieldwork in various Horn of Africa countries. She is doing research on the Community of Portuguese Speaking African Countries and on prevention of radicalization on the basis of solidarism across regional international societies with European and African case studies.

Research Fields:

International Relations and Africa.
International Security and Africa (Horn of Africa).
Foreign Policy Analysis and Portugal/CPLP/Portuguese speaking African space.
Radicalization Prevention and the English School of International Relations.
Maritime security.

Recent Publications:

1. Dias, A. M. "Introduction: Human Security, Stability and Cooperation: Basic Conditions for Co-Development?" In Conflict in Libya: A Multidimensional Crisis; State of Play and Paths Towards a Sustainable Peace, edited by R.; Salem Aliboni, H. Ben; Sagezli, M. El ; Dias, A.; Nabli, B. , 10-21. Barcelona: IEMed, 2017. [online]

2. Dias, A. M. "Introduction: L'originalité de la Corne de l'Afrique. In P. Ferras (Ed.), La Corne de l'Afrique: évolutions politiques et sécuritaires" (pp. 8-15). Arcanchon: Observatoire de la Corne de l'Afrique, 2015 (e-book)
. In Anuário Janus 2014. Lisboa: Observare, UAL, 2015.

3. Dias, A.M. Resurgência da auto-determinação nacional no Corno de África e ordem internacional: os dilemas e perigos do récem Estado do Sudão do Sul’’ In Anuário Janus 2014. Lisboa: Observare, UAL, 2015. [online]

4. Dias, A.M. (Ed.), "State and Societal Challenges in the Horn of Africa: Conflict and processes of state formation, reconfiguration and disintegration", Lisbon, Center of African Studies (CEA), ISCTE-IUL, University Institute of Lisbon, 2013. [online]

5. Dias, A. M. "Borderless world vs borders as walls: insights from a borderland group in northern Ethiopia", In C.U. Rodrigues (Ed) Crossing African Borders: Migration and Mobility, Lisbon, Center of African Studies (CEA) ISCTE-IUL, 2012. [online]

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