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Marco Lisi

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Integrated Researcher
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Assistant professor in the department of Political Studies, NOVA University of Lisbon and researcher at IPRI-NOVA. His research interests focus on political parties, electoral behaviour, democratic theory, political representation and election campaigns. He published several articles in national and international journals. His latest books are Partidos em Tempos de Crise (2022), Os grupos de interesse no sistema político português (2022), Political Representation in Southern Europe and Latin America (2021), Grupos de Interesse e Crise Económica em Portugal (2019) and Eleições – Campanhas eleitorais e decisão de voto em Portugal (2019).

Research Fields:

Political Parties
Political Representation
Political attitudes and behaviour
Comparative Politics

Recent Publications:

1. LISI, Marco and LUÍS, Carla (2022) - «(Un)ready for change? The debate about electronic voting in Portugal and its implementation before and after the pandemic era». In Frontiers in Political Science, November 24, 2022. DOI: 10.3389/fpos.2022.876866.

2. LISI, Marco and LOUREIRO, João - «Interest Groups, Business Associations, and Unions». In FERNANDES, Jorge M., MAGALHÃES, Pedro C. e COSTA PINTO, António (eds.). The Oxford Handbook of Portuguese Politics. October 20, 2022. DOI: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780192855404.013.27.

3. LISI, Marco - «Conceptualising and Measuring Leadership Autonomy in Contemporary Party Organisations». In Political Studies, October 2022. DOI: 10.1177/00323217221117381.

4. LISI, Marco - «Partidos em Tempos de Crise. Transformações dos sistemas partidários em Portugal e na Europa no século XXI». Edições Sílabo, September 2022. ISBN: 978-989-561-253-6.

5. LISI, Marco - «Os grupos de interesse no sistema político português». Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, June 2022. Available in PDF, for free.

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