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Weekly International
Press Brief
30 : XI - 04 : XII : 2020


COVID 19: Vaccine

The Geopolitics of Vaccine Distribution

COVID-19 and the cost of vaccine nationalism

Macron Doctrine

La doctrine Macron : une conversation avec le Président français

Doctrine Macron - saison II

Iran Nuclear Programme

How Will Iran React to Another High-Profile Assassination?

Why the Assassination of a Scientist Will Have No Impact on Iran’s Nuclear Program


No Deal Better Than Bad Deal? We're About to Find Out

Projecting the UK’s values abroad

A Renewed Push for Scottish Independence Takes Shape


Growing State Fragility in the Sahel: Rethinking International Involvement

The Puzzle of JNIM and Militant Islamist Groups in the Sahel

A logic of its own: the external presence in the Sahel


Nagorno-Karabakh: This Could Be How the Next Caucasus War Begins

Les enseignements opérationnels de la guerre du Haut-Karabakh


Europe Needs A Strong Africa, But Will It Work to Achieve One?

The Need for EU-Russia Dialogue on Africa


Al-Qaeda: The core problem

Islamic State Fighters’ First Claimed Attack in Tanzania: Strategic Calculations and Political Context

Great Powers

The Coming Bipolarity and Its Implications: Views from China and Russia

China Thinks America Is Losing: Washington Must Show Beijing It’s Wrong


Biden ha ganado las elecciones, pero seguimos en la América de Trump

The Next National Defense Strategy

Domestic and International (Dis)Order: A Strategic Response

Divided We Fall: Why the ‘America First’ Policy Has Created New Problems


Six Principles to Guide China’s Policy Toward the United States

China military watch

China's Moon Plans: A Cautionary Note

The Rise of Technocratic Leadership in the 1990s in the People’s Republic of China


RUSSIAN FUTURES 2030: The shape of things to come

Russia's Lost War

Is Putin Really Considering a Military Alliance With China?

Russians Expect US-Russian Relations to Worsen Under Biden

European Union

Making Europe Going Global

Europe’s Slide Away From Democracy

Sovereign Europe, dangerous world: Five agendas to protect Europe’s capacity to act

The State of the European Union: The EU faces the perfect storm


Conflict management in the Donbas: the elections that could not be

Belarus’s Optimistic Protesters and Putin’s Intentions

Middle East

Turkey's Opposition vs. the AKP: Measuring Messaging

The Arab Spring at Ten Years: What’s the Legacy of the Uprisings?

The Assassination of Fakhrizadeh: Considerations and Consequences

Why is Saudi Arabia finally engaging with Iraq?

Devising a Consensus-Driven Security Architecture for the MENA Region

Latin America

El mapa político en Brasil se reconfigura

Why Peru’s soft coup failed

The Difficult Search for A “Brazilian Biden”

¿El regreso de los generales?: relaciones civiles-militares en América Latina en tiempos de pandemia

Did Brazilians Vote for Jair Bolsonaro Because They Share his Most Controversial Views?


ASEAN's Productive Year

What RCEP can tell us about geopolitics in Asia

India’s no-first-use dilemma: Strategic consistency or ambiguity towards China and Pakistan

No Winners in Australia-China Trade War

North Korea’s very odd year


South Sudan’s two big foreign policy questions

Ghana Election: Fault Lines in a Resilient Democracy

High expectations for the next AU Commission chair

In Uganda, Another Museveni Crackdown

Voters’ Perceptions of Gender Differences in Vote Buying: The Case of Tanzania


The impact of COVID-19 on the Italian far right: The rise of Brothers of Italy


Turkey’s crisis with the west: how a new low in relations risks paralyzing NATO

Why Joe Biden Should Lead a Reboot of NATO

Why Can't Europe Defend Itself?

International Security

The Power of Augmented Reality: How Narratives Impacted U.S.-Russian Arms Control Negotiations

Debunking Six Myths On Conflict Prevention

Books & Reviews

The Right to Belong

Ce qui fait un réfugié

Fort Everywhere: How did the United States become entangled in a cycle of endless war?

Stalin and the Fate of Europe: The Postwar Struggle for Sovereignty

“Revolution Goes East: Imperial Japan and Soviet Communism”

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