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Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Relações Internacionais (R:I) journal is the periodical publication of the Portuguese Institute of International Relations (IPRI-NOVA). It is issued every three months: March, June, September and December. IPRI-NOVA is an Institute dedicated to advanced studies in Political Science and International Relations and a research unity of the NOVA University of Lisbon.

The journal website is available in Institute website. The direct link to the journal information and archive is: At this link it is possible to find the information regarding publications norms, the information of the governing board, all the past issues published, the editorial contact, the subscription form as well as the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement with the orientations to editors, authors and reviewers. The journal is governed by a director and an editor-in-chief, as well as an Editorial Board and an Editorial Council whose composition could be accessed in the website. The Editorial board, evaluation and publication processes are committed to independence and transparency.

Since an academic journal, Relações Internacionais follows all the parameters of academic honesty and integrity bearing in mind the respect for authors’ work and providing useful guidelines to editors and peer reviewers. R:I upholds the compromise of assuring the best ethical and deontological practices in the review for publication of the proposed articles. All involved parts, authors, editors, and reviewers will contribute to the upholding of the ethical behavior as defined by the orientations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

The main goal of the following topics is to present our commitment with academic good practices. We hope these guidelines will be useful to authors understanding of publication requirements and rationale, but also to editors and peer reviewers whose requests and feedback is established in a constant basis.

1. Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

In order to ensure the integrity of our academic content, it is requested to editors, authors and reviewers to abide by the practices as follow:

1.1. Editors

  • Are responsible for the contents published by the Journal;
  • Do not tolerate any form of plagiarism and reserve the right to check all submissions through the software available to that end;
  • Try to make all efforts to prevent the publication of any article when research misconduct is known;
  • Try to know the interests of the readers and the authors; as well as constantly improve the Journal;
  • Evaluate the proposals solely on their academic merits;
  • Not use non-published research for their own research without the explicit consent of the author;
  • Assure a just scientific review process, impartial and timely, as well as the transparency of the editorial processes and the publication of the manuscripts;
  • Warrant the confidentiality of the manuscripts;
  • Ensuring the integrity of the R:I record.

1.2. Authorship and Authors

  • Articles must present an objective discussion of the relevance of the research work with sufficient details and references;
  • Warrant that their work is original, and if other author's work is being used, explicitly refer that;
  • Any form of plagiarism constitutes an unethical publishing behavior and is unacceptable, as well as submitting the same manuscript to more than one publication;
  • Books reviews must be objective, comprehensive, and contain the state of the art;
  • In cases of co-authorship, consensus must be warranted in the final approval of the manuscript for evaluation or publication;
  • In such cases it must be appointed the corresponding author who has the authority to act on behalf of all co-authors;
  • None fee or cost is due to article’s evaluation or publication.

1.3. Reviewers

  • R:I accepts original and unpublished research articles that meet the usual critical standards. All articles are evaluated concerning the double-blind peer review system. The respect for the confidentiality of the parts is ensured during this process.
  • The peer review process is the core of journal’s integrity, independence and transparency. For this reason, we provide to reviews all the necessary tools to obtain a rigorous and fair peer review as well as encourage our editors to point out any suspicion of unfair peer review.
  • Warrant the confidentiality during the process of evaluation;
  • State any conflict of interest;
  • Not use for own benefit ideas obtained through peer review process;
  • The recommendation to accept or reject a manuscript must be based on its relevance, originality and clarity, as well as on the validity of the study and its fit in the journal;
  • The review must be objective, and the recommendations will be supported by solid arguments so that the authors may improve their text. Recent publications on the subject must be recommended, when these are not quoted;
  • Must inform immediately the Editor when any form of plagiarism is suspected;
  • The reviewer must inform the editors if the manuscript does not fit its area of expertise, or if can not respect the deadline;
  • Respect established deadlines.

2. Retraction, Correction and Apologies Guidelines

A corrigendum or an erratum will be issued if the author or the journal found to have made an error. In case of retraction the foundation of our stance is oriented by the COPE’s Retraction Guidelines.

3. Copyright and access

By accepting publishing at Relações Internacionais, authors transfer to Relações Internacionais journal all copyright. Journal’s articles might be accessed through its hardcopy and the website of the journal when the articles’ full version is made available. Articles’ full version could also be accesses through indexing databases such as SciELO Citation Index da Thomson Reuters.

4. Archiving

Relações Internacionais follows the national jurisdiction and make all efforts to ensure that the data remain accessible, in that sense Relaçoes Internacionais is registered at the entity that rules the communication (Entidade Reguladora da Comunicação) under the nr. 124.442 and at the National Library under the nr. 207.795/04.

Publication Ethics Guidelines

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