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Ukraine War
21 | february | 2022

The Russian recent military build-up on the border with Ukraine has meant increased tensions with the United States and NATO allies. Russia, with the support of China, is demanding an end to NATO expansion. Diplomatic efforts are multiplying to avoid escalating tensions.

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German elections and the end of Merkel's era
28 | september | 2021

The German federal elections of September 26, 2021 mark the end of the so-called Merkel era, after 16 years as head of the government. The SPD's victory by only 1.6% over the CDU and the results of several political forces open up the possibility of several multiparty coalitions. In the European Union and in international politics, Germany's role will become increasingly relevant in a transitional context in the international system..

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16 | November | 2021

In 2015, the Paris Accords were turning point in global climate governance, mobilising 187 countries representing over 95% of greenhouse gas emissions into an agreement to reduce emissions. Six years later, the latest IPCC report and increasing climate catastrophes raise doubts about the international community's ability to address the environmental challenge. COP 26 brought together politicians, experts and activists in Glasgow to seek solutions and commitments for climate protection.

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9/11: 20 years later
1 | november | 2021

Twenty years ago, 9/11 changed the world. It reshaped foreign policy and the terrorist threat, as well as the war on terror, was at the centre of the international agenda. Bin Laden was killed and Al Qaeda mutated. Today, there are new threats and new actors. What was the legacy of 9/11?

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