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Fighting over Mosul
23 | December| 2016

The Iraqi army and its allies launched an offensive strike over Mosul to recover the territory controlled by ISIS. The ground battle resumed the debates on the future of Iraq and the impact of the military strike on the war in Syria.

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Donald J. Trump elected as 45th President of the USA
29 | November| 2016

After a long evening of vote counting, the United States of America has a new elected president, Donald J. Trump. The candidate of the Republican Party won a comfortable victory of 289 electoral votes while the Democratic Party only took 218. In the day after, analysts, scholars and policy makers start the debate on how this populist president will impact the United States domestically, its foreign policy and in the superpower relations with the rest of the world.

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Election of the 9th UN Secretary-General
06 | October | 2016

Last Tuesday, October 6th, after a formal election, Antonio Guterres was recommended unanimously by the Security Council as the best candidate to run as Secretary General. The former High Commissioner for the Refugees will start as the 9th Secretary General of the United Nation in January, after the approval by simple majority of the General Assembly, in a closed door voting. The choice of Guterres has been considered the most transparent process of this kind in the history of the organization.

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Turkey's Failed Coup
3 | January| 2017

The failed coup in Turkey triggered a crisis with several layers. Internally a large numbers of high officials have been demoted or jailed and the overall repression increased. Externally, the changes beg for questions yet to be answered: What is going to be the impact of the events in NATO, in the EU, in Syria civil war, in the refugee crisis, and the struggle against ISIS.

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