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Turkey's Failed Coup
3 | January| 2017

The failed coup in Turkey triggered a crisis with several layers. Internally a large numbers of high officials have been demoted or jailed and the overall repression increased. Externally, the changes beg for questions yet to be answered: What is going to be the impact of the events in NATO, in the EU, in Syria civil war, in the refugee crisis, and the struggle against ISIS.

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14 | December | 2016

The EU referendum led to the victory of the Leave supporters with 51,9% of the votes. The immediate impacts were the Prime-Minister’s David Cameron resignation and the global markets oscillation. The future of Europe and the UK is now under a big uncertainty.

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©REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
USA Presidential Elections
2 | November | 2016

After the very contested primaries, the Republican convention in Cleveland nominated Donald Trump as their candidate to presidency, and the Democratic convention in Philadelphia nominated Hillary Clinton as theirs. The polls point to a divisions of the voters, one of the many examples of the society polarization.

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Political Crisis in Brazil
5 | January | 2017

After due investigations, the Brazilian Senate voted in favor of Dilma Rousseff destitution. The interim President, Michel Temer, is now the formal President of the Republic until the next general elections, scheduled for 2018.

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