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14 | December | 2016

The EU referendum led to the victory of the Leave supporters with 51,9% of the votes. The immediate impacts were the Prime-Minister’s David Cameron resignation and the global markets oscillation. The future of Europe and the UK is now under a big uncertainty. 

See also: Dossier Brexit II


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EU Referendum Results
BBC News

EU referendum outcome: PM statement, 24 June 2016 [24/06/2016]
Prime Minister's Office, 10 Downing Street

EU referendum: Nigel Farage's 4am victory speech - the text in full [24/06/2016]
The Independent

Joint statement by Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, Mark Rutte, holder of the rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU, and Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, on the outcome of the United Kingdom referendum [24/06/2016]
European Council

Press statement by President Donald Tusk on the outcome of the referendum in the UK [24/06/2016]
President Donald Tusk, European Council

YouGov's eve-of-poll number is 49-51 in favour of Remain [23/06/2016]
You Gov

EU referendum: Remain lead at one [17/06/2016]
You Gov

The Debate Over Brexit [10/2016] 

James McBride, Council on Foreign Relations

The UK in Europe: a visual guide to Brexit [16/06/2016]
Alan Smith, Federica Cocco, Ian Bott, Chris Campbell, Cleve Jones and David Blood, Financial Times

Article 50 TEU: Withdrawal of a Member State from the EU [02/2016]
European Parliament

The UK in Europe: a visual guide to Brexit [16/06/2016]
Alan Smith, Federica Cocco, Ian Bott, Chris Campbell, Cleve Jones and David Blood, Financial Times

The process of withdrawing from the European Union [4/05/2016]
House of Lords

EU referendum: HM Treasury analysis key facts [18/04/2016]
HM Treasury

The EU's Article 50: Understanding the Rules for Brexit [25/02/2016]
EU Observer

De onde vem o BREXIT?
“Yes Minister” (1980) - RTP MEMÓRIA

What to Make of the Brexit [24/06/2016]
Richard N. Haass, Sebastian Mallaby, CFR

Opinions & Analysis

The Coming Brexit Tragedy [21/12/2016]
Mark Leonard, Project Syndicate

UK Brexit debate still missing the point [16/12/2016]
Nick Witney, ECFR

Aleppo doesn't mean the UK will intervene elsewhere in future – after Brexit, we won't be able to afford an ethical foreign policy [14/12/2016]
Andrew Grice, Independent

I Was Wrong and Brexit Was Right [12/12/2016]
Niall Ferguson, Boston Globe

We’ll get a Brexit that suits Europe, not one that suits us [11/12/2016]
William Keegan, The Guardian

Prepare for a backlash if the Tories make the wrong Brexit deal [10/12/2016]
Ed Miliband, The Guardian

Brexit Requires Five Difficult Negotiations [06/12/2016]
Michael Leigh, German Marshall Fund

Brexit On Trial [03/12/2016]
Joshua Rozenberg, The Spectator

Global Britain: UK Foreign Policy in the Era of Brexit [02/12/2016]
Boris Johnson, Chatham House

European Attitudes Toward Brexit Are Hardening [27/11/2016]
Paul Gillespie, Irish Times

It isn't Britain that's confused about Brexit, it's the EU [27/11/2016]
John Redwood, Commentator

‘Soft Brexit’ is not an option [25/11/2016]
Stefano Micossi, CEPS

Why Theresa May's Rhetoric Could Put Businesses Off [18/11/2016] 
Michael Hayman, Newsweek

England prepares to leave the world [17/11/2016] 
Neal Ascherson, London Review of Books

Britain is Caught Between Trump and a Hard Place [16/11/2016] 
Thomas Raines, Chatham House

Brexit, Another European Tale of Unfulfilled Promises [15/11/2016] 
Pierre Vimont, Carnegie Europe

Brexit: The View From Central Europe [15/11/2016] 
Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska, CER

Bad news for leavers – the EU has bigger priorities than Brexit [14/11/2016] 
Anand Menon, The Guardian

Brexit and the law [14/11/2016] 
Silvia Merler, Bruegel

Hard or Soft? The Politics of Brexit [11/2016] 
Anand Menon and Brigid Fowler, National Institute Economic Review

We need a Brexit deal that heals the north-south divide [08/11/2016] 
Gordon Brown, The Guardian

Salvaging Brexit: The Right Way to Leave the EU [11/2016] 
Swati Dhingra, Foreign Affairs

The Bank of England has rightly told Theresa May she doesn’t know what she’s talking about on interest rates [06/11/2016] 
Ben Chu, The Independent

The High Court ruling on Brexit should never have happened – judges should stay out of politics [03/11/2016] 
Philip Johnston, Telegraph

Brexit, cet étrange laboratoire [03/11/2016] 
Mathieu Laine, Le Point

Does Britain still uphold the rule of law? [01/11/2016] 
Charlotte Threipland, Open Democracy

Theresa May’s Nasty Britain [25/10/2016] 
Mark Leonard, Project Syndicate

Britain and the Fate of the Europe We Know [24/10/2016] 
Luis Simon, War on the Rocks

Why the EU Would Be Mad to Start a Trade War With Britain [24/10/2016] 
Ross Clark, Spectator

English nationalism has shattered my sense of belonging in Britain [22/10/2016] 
Ian Jack, The Guardian

Beyond hard, soft and no Brexit [21/10/2016] 
André Sapir, Bruegel

The public are already turning against Brexit. When will Theresa May listen? [20/10/2016] 
Polly Toynbee, The Guardian

Brexit's Backers Need to Keep Fighting [19/10/2016] 
Allister Heath, Telegraph

Why We Lost the Brexit Vote [19/10/2016] 
Daniel Korski, Politico EU

Britain and Brussels must compromise and find mutual advantage [19/10/2016] 
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

Legal Case for Brexit Is Surprisingly European [19/10/2016] 
Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View

Switzerland offers foretaste of the difficulties to come for Brexit [19/10/2016] 
Clare O'Dea, Irish Times

Why are Brexiters trying to shut down debate? Because they’re scared [18/10/2016] 
Ian Birrell, The Guardian

Ireland is looking forward. Britain after the Brexit vote is looking back [18/10/2016] 
Chris Haskins, The Guardian

Brexit, the pound and the UK current account [17/10/2016] 
Silvia Merler, Bruegel

Taking a pounding[15/10/2016]
The Economist

Consecuencias económicas y políticas de un Brexit duro [14/10/2016]
Federico Steinberg, Elcano

Nicola Sturgeon’s Maneuvers Offer a Chance to Shape Brexit [13/10/2016]
Martin Kettle, The Guardian

Britain, get real: Brexit means whatever the EU says it means [12/10/2016]
Joris Luyendijk, The Guardian

The Political Logic of Hard Brexit [11/10/2016] 
Jacek Rostowski, Project Syndicate

The crash in the pound punctures the delusion that Brexit Britain will flourish [11/10/2016]
Aditya Chakrabortty, The Guardian

The markets have taught Theresa May a hard lesson on sovereignty [11/10/2016]
Martin Wolf, Financial Times

Britain should embrace weaker pound and it needs to fall further, says former BoE governor and currency guru [10/10/2016]
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph

A compromise on immigration will profit Brexit Britain [10/10/2016]
Daniel Hannan, Financial Times

Don’t believe what you’ve read: the plummeting pound sterling is good news for Britain [10/10/2016]
Ashoka Mody, The Independent

I want my Brexit good and strong (and Theresa May seems to agree) [09/10/2016]
James Delingpole, The Spectator

The shock that will shift a nation’s business model [09/10/2016]
Wolfgang Münchau, Financial Times

What we see in post-Brexit Britain is chaos [08/10/2016]
Cliff Taylor, Irish Times

Explainer: what’s the difference between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ Brexit? [07/10/2016]
Robert Ladrech, The Conversation

British Brexiters Call The Shots [07/10/2016]
Michael Leigh, German Marshall Fund

The message of Brexit was mixed. Now we are told it was simply a referendum on immigration [05/10/2016]
Suzanne Moore, The Guardian

The Day Theresa Put the Great Back in a FREE Britain [03/10/2016]
Katie Hopkins, Daily Mail

Theresa May Walks Into a Brexit Bear Trap [03/10/2016]
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

How to make Brexit a success [23/09/2016]
Sophie Bradbury, The Spectator

It is not ‘time to move on’ over Brexit: it’s time to fight [18/09/2016]
William Keegan, The Guardian

Brexit and the Pound in Your Pocket [13/09/2016]
Barry Eichengreen, Project Syndicate

So Brexit means Brexit means Brexit. Is that it? [05/09/2016]
John Crace, The Guardian

Brexit: Mrs. Thatcher's Last Victory [31/08/2016]
John O'Sullivan, National Review

Brexited Britain Should Join the U.S.-EU Trade Deal [30/08/2016]
Marianne Schneider-Petsinger, RCWorld

Don’t Be Fooled. The Brexit Sledgehammer Is Coming [26/08/2016]
Will Hutton, Guardian

Brexit: Limiting the Damage [22/08/2016]
Michael Leigh, German Marshall Fund

The Brexit Question That Nobody Asked [21/08/2016]
Clive Crook, Bloomberg View

May's Brexit Plan: Strategies for Leaving the EU [19/08/2016]
Tim Cullen, Foreign Affairs

We won't trigger Article 50 until after 2017 – and that means Brexit may never happen at all [19/08/2016]
Denis MacShane, The Independent

How the Eurozone Can Be Strengthened After Brexit [06/2016]
Olivier Blanchard, PIIE

We won't issue Article 50 until after 2017 – and that means Brexit may never happen at all [15/08/2016]
Denis MacShane, The Independent

Brexit and King Canute [15/08/2016]
Anatole Kaletsky, Project Syndicate

Ireland Waits Uneasily for the Brexit Blow to Fall [14/08/2016]

Scotland After Brexit [09/08/2016]
Richard G. Whitman, CFR

Brexit was a crisis long in the making [08/08/1016]
Desmond Cohen, Open Democracy

Bank’s reality check highlights Brexit vacuum [05/08/1016]
Ben Fox, EU Observer

Europe seen from the outside - the British view [04/08/2016]
Mark Leonard, ECFR

How a U.K. Labour party meltdown could play out in wake of Brexit vote [28/07/2016]
Richard V. Reeves, Wall Street Journal

Il faut minimiser les dommages dus au Brexit [22/07/2016]
Charles Flanagan, Le Monde

Four scenarios: how Brexit process could unfold [20/07/2016]
Alex Barker, Financial Times

A Time for British Statesmanship [19/07/2016]
John Bew, New Statesman

Post-Brexit: a new era for Anglo-Asian relations [19/07/2016]
Peter Tasker, Nikkei Asian Review

Theresa May’s Shock Therapy [19/07/2016]
Matthew d’Ancona, The New York Times

Why is Article 50 so important for Brexit? [19/07/2016]
David Allen Green, Financial Times

Brexit Shows Science and Politics Don't Mix [18/07/2016]
David Wojick, Real Clear World

The EU spurred democracy and prosperity in Eastern Europe. After Brexit, is that over? [18/07/2016]
Hannah Thoburn, The Vox

The irresistible rise of Theresa May [16/07/2016]
The Economist

After Brexit, Europe's Dueling Nostalgias [14/07/2016]
Ivan Krastev, New York Times

How Will Theresa May Steer Britain? [12/07/2016]
Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post

Whatever Charisma Is, I Don't Have It [01/07/2016]
Michael Gove, Spectator

Think Britain Is Angry and Divided? Look at the Continent [01/07/2016]
Timothy G. Ash, Guardian

Reawakening Europe [01/07/2016]
Joschka Fischer, Project Syndicate

How to Crash Putin's Brexit Party [01/07/2016]
Robert D. Kaplan, Wall Street Journal

The revolving Brexit door [01/07/2016]
Paul O’Grady, EU Observer

Cameron, Johnson, Gove, May : les coulisses du Parti conservateur [01/07/2016]
Laetitia Strauch-Bonart, Le Figaro

Retirarse de la Unión Europea [01/07/2016]
Santiago Muñoz Machado, El Mundo

Britain Is Starting to Look Like Greece [01/07/2016]
Philip Stephens, Financial Times

Boris Johnson and the Years of a Clown [01/07/2016]
D. D. Guttenplan, New York Times

Nuclear Brexit [30/06/2016]
Hugh Gusterson, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Brexit and Whatever After [30/06/2016]
Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal

Westminster’s Squabbling Is Making Brexit Worse [30/06/2016]
Paola Subacchi, Chatham House

Bye bye, Boris, the man who wouldn’t clear up his own mess [30/06/2016]
Marina Hyde, The Guardian

The Brexit contagion could consume the French elite next [30/06/2016]
Philippe Le Corre, Brookings

Can We All Please Stop With the Brexit Shadenfreude? [30/06/2016]
Christine Nikol, Observer

No Lehman moment on currency markets after Brexit vote [30/06/2016]
Zsolt Darvas, Bruegel

Brexit : vingt intellectuels eurocritiques lancent un appel pour un nouveau traité [30/06/2016]
AA.VV., Le Figaro

Britain’s Leave Vote Is an Opening for Putin [29/06/2016]
Keir Giles, Wall Street Journal

Salvage from the breckage [29/06/2016]
Nick Witney, ECFR

What Brexit Reveals About Rising Populism [29/06/2016]
Edward Alden, Council on Foreign Relations

Les leçons du Brexit [29/06/2016]
Charles Wyplosz, Les Temps

Brexit Threatens World Peace and Security [29/06/2016]
Alex de Waal, Boston Review

Praying about the next steps for Brexit [29/06/2016]
Rosalie E. Dunbar, CS Monitor

The Future of Europe? Bummer...[29/06/2016]
Heather A. Conley, CSIS

The Brexit Scenarios: Towards a New UK-EU Relationship [06/2016]
Pol Morillas, CIDOB

With this shock a new, EU-friendly Britain is born [29/06/2016]
Natalie Nougayrède, The Guardian

Saving British internationalism from Brexit [29/06/2016]
Richard Gowan & Manuel Lafont Rapnouil, ECFR

Where does Angela Merkel stand on Brexit? [29/06/2016]
Ulrich Speck, Financial Times

How EU Overreach Pushed Britain Out [29/06/2016]
Martin Feldstein, Project Syndicate

Frexit Is Coming [29/06/2016]
Robert Zaretsky, Foreign Policy

Markets and broken promises in the UK referendum [29/06/2016]
Guntram B. Wolff, Bruegel

L’UE « réunit tous les ingrédients pour devenir cet Etat minimal que les libéraux appellent de leurs vœux » [29/06/2016]
Gaspard Koenig, Le Monde

The myths that Brexit was built on [28/06/2016]
Ana Swanson, Washington Post

A new social and political contract for Europe [28/06/2016}
Mattia Toaldo, ECFR

What a Prime Minister Boris Johnson should do next [28/06/2016]
Martin Wolf, Financial Times

Bright side to Brexit: UK's ecommerce platform potential can easily surpass that of Europe [28/06/2016]
Haydn Shaughnessy, International Business Times

«Le Brexit ébranle les fondements de la sécurité européenne» [28/06/2016]
Camille Grand, L’Opinion

Why the UK must trigger Article 50 immediately [28/06/2016]
Sebastian Koehler, LSE

Inequality not personalities drove Britain to Brexit [28/06/2016]
Matthew Goodwin, Politico

Brexit’s Threat to Global Growth [28/06/2016]
Robert Kahn, CFR

Après le Brexit, le printemps des peuples est inévitable! [28/06/2016]
Marine Le Pen, New York Times

Brexit is great news for the rest of the EU [28/06/2016]
Joris Luyendijk, The Guardian

The Roots of Brexit: 1992, 2004, and European Union Expansion [28/06/2016]
Peter Hall, Foreign Affairs

Brexit: The Norway option is the best available for the UK [28/06/2016]
Wolfgang Münchau, Financial Times

‘Brexit’ Doesn’t Mean Game Over, but It May Be Just the First Domino [28/06/2016]
Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times

Brexit Winners and Losers: Putin Wins, Merkel Loses [28/06/2016]
Ben Nimmo, Newsweek

Brexit: menos energía para Europa [28/06/2016]
Gonzalo Escribano, Elcano

Remettre l'Europe sur de bons rails [27/06/2016]
Edouard Tetreau, Les Echos

This may be the week that finally breaks the Labour Party [27/06/2016]
Charles Lees, The Conversation

After Brexit: Chaos and Buyer’s Remorse? [27/06/2016]
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard ,PIIE

Leave the UK alone [27/06/2016]
François Godement , ECFR

Why the EU Should Slow Down [27/06/2016]
Rosa Balfour, Hans Kundnani &Daniela Schwarzer, German Marshall Fund

The Big Worry in Berlin is Now France and its Eurosceptic Voters [27/06/2016]
Hans Kundnani, German Marshall Fund

How Britain Could Exit ‘Brexit’ [27/06/2016]
Max Fisher, New York Times

Brexit : une gifle pour les élites, une chance pour l'Europe [27/06/2016]
Etienne Dujardin, Le Vif [27/06/16]

I walked from Liverpool to London. Brexit was no surprise [27/06/2016]
Mike Carter, The Guardian

The world’s losers are revolting, and Brexit is only the beginning [27/06/2016]
Matt O'Brien, Washington Post

Brexit, twilight of globalization? Not quite, not yet [27/06/2016]
Mireya Solís, Brookings Institution

Could Scotland Really Veto Brexit? [27/06/2016]
Alan Renwick, Newsweek

The global order is dying. But it’s an illusion to think Britain can survive without the EU [27/06/2016]
Paul Mason, The Guardian

Uncertainty Is the New Normal After U.K.'s Startling Vote [27/06/2016]
Conor Sen, Bloomberg

I do not believe that Brexit will happen [27/06/2016]
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

After Brexit, what more can the older generation do to show their disdain for young people? Push out Jeremy Corbyn [27/06/2016]
Liam Young, The Independent

Brexit against the wishes of Scotland and Northern Ireland would violate the UK’s [27/06/2016]
Jo Murkens, LSE

Bullxit [27/06/2016]
Sadakat Kadri, London Review of Books

Brexit's Impact on the Middle East [27/06/2016]
Daniel Serwer, MEI

After Brexit, US will need a new 'BFF' [27/06/2016]
Philippe Le Corre, CNBC

Brexit: Isolationism or Atlanticism? [27/06/2016]
Max Boot, Commentary Magazine

Brexit, twilight of globalization? Not quite, not yet [27/06/2016]
Mireya Solís, Brookings

Brexit: A Leap into the Article 50 Dark [27/06/2016]
Simond de Galbert, CSIS

A step towards disintegration [27/06/2016]
Erik Jones, IISS

The EEA: A Safe Harbour in the Brexit Storm [27/06/2016]
Richard G Whitman, Chatham House

Brexit aftermath: The West’s decline and China’s rise [27/06/2016]
David Dollar, Brookings

Historic Failure [27/06/2016]
Bernard Porter, London Review of Books

US-UK-China Relations: Post-Brexit Outlook [26/06/2016]
Entrevista a Jackson Ng, The Diplomat

Jumpstarting Europe’s Economy [26/06/2016]
Laura Tyson & Eric Labaye, Project Syndicate

Britain Is a Part of Europe and Always Will Be [26/06/2016]
Boris Johnson, Telegraph

The Collapse of the Liberal World Order [26/06/2016]
Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy

This Is Just the Start of the Brexit’s Economic Disaster [26/06/2016]
Philippe Legrain, New York Times

Las Consecuencias Del Brexit [06/2016]
Entrevista a Andrés Malamud, El Economista

We need a second referendum. The consequences of Brexit are too grave [26/06/2016]
David Lammy, The Guardian

Who Will Be Britain’s Next Prime Minister? [26/06/2016]
Toby Young, The Wall Street Journal

Stop sneering at Leave voters. They knew exactly what they were doing [26/06/2016]
Michael Skey, Open Democracy

Britain is sailing into a storm with no one at the wheel [26/06/2016]
The Economist

What does the Middle East think of Brexit? A lot more than you'd assume [26/06/2016]
Robert Fisk, The Independent

The UK Will Survive, but Europe Won't [26/06/2016]
Sławomir Sierakowski, Project Syndicate

An open letter to Europe, on behalf of the 48 per cent who voted to remain [26/06/2016]
James Moore, The Independent

The Future of Europe: So What if the British Are Leaving? [26/06/2016]
Christoph Schult, Der Spiegel

Parliament must decide what Brexit means in the interests of the whole Kingdom [26/06/2016]
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph

Europe is the creation of the Third World [26/06/2016]
Hamid Dabashi, Al Jazeera

The New Divided Kingdom: A Brexit Post-Mortem [25/06/2016]
John McCormick, Foreign Affairs

Le Brexit, La Faute À Qui? [25/06/2016]
Sylvie Goulard, Le Point

What Brexit means for UK-China ties [25/06/2016]
Lauren Dickey, Strife

Theresa May: Britain’s Angela Merkel? [25/06/2016]
George Parker and Helen Warrell, Financial Times

What China Thinks About Brexit [25/06/2016]
Kerry Brown, The Diplomat

How Brexit is a Win for Putin [25/06/2016]
Michael McFaul, The Washington Post

Does Brexit portend the end of European unity? [25/06/2016]
Constanze Stelzenmüller, Washington Post

Brexit and the Future of Europe [25/06/2016]
George Soros, Project Syndicate

Two Cheers for Westphalia [25/06/2016]
Tara Helfman, Commentary Magazine

Can The Scottish Parliament Block Brexit? [25/06/2016]
Jolyon Maugham, Waiting for Godot

The Meaning of Brexit [25/06/2016]
Jeffrey D. Sachs, Project Syndicate

The New Divided Kingdom: A Brexit Post-Mortem [25/06/2016]
John McCormick, Foreign Affairs

The "greatest catastrophe" of the 21st century? Brexit and the dissolution of the U.K. [24/06/2016]
Fiona Hill, Brookings

Brexit won’t shield Britain from the horror of a disintegrating EU [24/06/2016]
Yanis Varoufakis, The Guardian

Were the EU’s founding fathers hopeless dreamers? [24/06/2016]
Kemal Kirişci, Brookings

As an English European, this is the biggest defeat of my political life [24/06/2016]
Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian

A British Tragedy in One Act [24/06/2016]
Chris Patten, Project Syndicate

What's the Difference Between England, Britain and the U.K.? [24/06/2016]
Erin Blakemore, Smithsonia

Britain’s Democratic Failure [24/06/2016]
Kenneth Rogoff, Project Syndicate

'If You've Got Money, You Vote in ... If You Haven't Got Money, You Vote Out' [24/06/2016]
John Harris, The Guardian

The Brexit debate is far from over: there will have to be a further vote [24/06/2016]
James Strong, LSE

What does Brexit mean for poor people? [24/06/2016]
Homi Kharas, Brookings

How will the EU interpret the Brexit vote? [24/06/2016]
Tim Oliver, LSE

Britain wants a sweetheart deal after Brexit. Fat chance Germany will give it one. [24/06/2016]
Abraham Newman, Washington Post

The Brexit referendum: Britain between the past and the future [24/06/2016]
Peter A. Hall, Washington Post

Do the Experts Know Anything? [24/06/2016]
Justin Fox, Bloomberg

Brexit: Less freedom, economic costs, meaner politics [24/06/2016]
Joshua P. Meltzer, Brookings

The English have placed a bomb under the Irish peace process [24/06/2016]
Fintan O'Toole, The Guardian

Brexit | Legally and constitutionally, what now? [24/06/2016]
Mark Elliott, Public Law for Everyone

Brexit : les leçons d’un cataclysme [24/06/2016]
Dominique Moïsi, Les Echos

Brexit is terrifying — and no, not because of the economics [24/06/2016]
Zack Beauchamp, VOX

Brexit Decision: The UK Needs to Become the EU's New Best Friend [24/06/2016]
Malcolm Chalmers, RUSI

Here’s why pollsters and pundits got Brexit wrong [24/06/2016]
Chris Hanretty, Washington Post

Brexit: The foreign policy implications [24/06/2016]
Mark Leonard, ECFR

Brexit: The Reality [24/06/2016]
Robin Niblett, Chatham House

Political losses from Brexit will be deep and enduring [24/06/2016]
Richard Haass, Financial Times

Incendió la casa para salvar los muebles y se quedó sin casa y sin muebles [24/06/2016]
Felipe González Márquez, El País 

Leave wins, Cameron goes: so what now for the Conservatives? [24/06/2016]
Anushka Asthana, The Guardian

Después del ‘Brexit’: La conjura contra los necios [24/06/2016]
Ignacio Molina, Real Instituto Elcano

An unprecedented act of self-sabotage[24/06/2016]
Benjamin Ramm, Open Democracy

Brexit resignation: why British PM David Cameron had to go [24/06/2016]
Victoria Honeyman, The Conversation

With Britain Leaving, Europe Will Need to Quickly Carry On [24/06/2016]
Daniela Schwarzer, German Marshall Fund

When you take a look at the numbers, it's clear: this referendum was decided by the grey English vote [24/06/2016]
Andy McSmith, The Independent

It's Time for Europeans to Take a Stand [24/06/2016]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg

Revenge Would Be the Wrong EU Response to U.K. Exit [24/06/2016]
Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg

The biggest threat of Brexit is not to the UK but to the rest of Europe  [24/06/2016]
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

A reverse Greenland: the EU should let Scotland stay [24/06/2016]
Adam Ramsay, Open Democracy

Brexit is happening, and this is what you voted for [24/06/2016]
Liam Young, The Independent

Brexit Is an Act of Deliberate Self-Mutilation [24/06/2016]
Christoph Scheuermann, Der Spiegel

Why did the UK vote to leave the European Union? [24/06/2016]
Stephen Fisher, Elections ETC

Britain's Out. Now what? [24/06/2016]
Charles Grant, Christian Odendahl, CER

La noche británica [24/06/2016]
Lluís Bassets, El País

Eight reasons Leave won the UK's referendum on the EU [24/06/2016]
BBC News

Unexpectedly high turnout in Leave areas pushed the campaign to victory [24/06/2016]
You Gov

Brexit is on: Britain votes to leave the EU – experts respond [24/06/2016]
AA.VV., The Conversation

Europe's Offer to a Post-Brexit Britain [24/06/2016]
Charles Grant, Centre for European Reform

Brexit: quel scénario de sortie pour le Royaume-uni?[24/06/2016]
Anne Cheyvialle, Le Figaro

The Long Road to Brexit [24/06/2016]
Robert Tombs, Foreign Policy

Seven Lessons From the U.K.'s Departure [24/06/2016]
Mohamed A. El-Erian, Bloomberg

Five consequences of the UK’s exit from the EU [24/06/2016]
Tony Barber, Financial Times

What will Brexit mean for the City of London? [24/06/2016]
Patrick Jenkins, Financial Times

Carnegie Experts on the British EU Referendum

Judy Dempsey, Thomas de Waal, Jan Techau, Sinan Ülgen, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

‘Trexit’: Europa traumatizada por el ‘Brexit’ [24/06/2016]
José Ignacio Torreblanca , El País

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Brexit legal challenge: High Court bid could derail Theresa May’s EU exit timetable [20/08/2016]
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UK financial sector targets Swiss-style deal for EU market access [18/08/2016]
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Ventotene summit to chart roadmap for EU's response to Brexit vote [21/08/2016]
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Toujours plus contesté au sein du Labour, Jeremy Corbyn s’accroche [01/07/2016]
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U.K. Stock index Above Pre-Vote Level: Crisis Over? Not Likely. [30/06/2016]
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TTIP will survive Brexit, EU commissioner says [29/06/2016]
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Europe launches reform 'reflection' after Brexit shock [29/06/2016]
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Brexit adds to existing troubles faced by banks [28/06/2016]
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Brexit Discussions To Dominate EU Summit As Leaders Call For A Quick Exit [28/06/2016]
Mary Pascaline, International Business Times

Brexit result must be respected, David Cameron says [27/06/2016]
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UK's opposition Labour party leader faces vote of no-confidence [27/06/2016]
Deusche Welle

S&P downgrades UK credit rating [27/06/2016]
Deutsche Welle

Germany rules out informal Brexit talks before article 50 is triggered [27/06/2016]
The Guardian

Brussels rejects Boris Johnson 'pipe dream' over single market access [27/06/2016]
Jennifer Rankin and Philip Oltermann, The Guardian

EU plans moving bank regulator from London as euro zone eyes City business [26/06/2016]
Francesco Guarascio, Reuters

Pentagon Downplays Brexit Fallout on U.S.-U.K. Military Ties [26/06/2016]
Carlo Muñoz, The Washington Times

David Cameron rules out second EU referendum after Brexit [27/06/2016]
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Second independence referendum ‘last thing Scotland needs', says David Cameron [27/06/2016]
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What The EU Must Do Now [26/06/2016]
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Pentagon Downplays Brexit Fallout on U.S.-U.K. Military Ties [26/06/2016]
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Vladimir Putin says David Cameron's claims about Russia's pro-Brexit stance 'have no basis and never did' [26/06/2016]
Elsa Vulliamy, The Independent

How to leave the European Union [26/06/2016]
J.P., The Economist

Parliamentary fightback against Brexit on cards [26/06/2016]
Anushka Asthana, The Guardian

Brexit is Good News for Russia, but a Headache for NATO [26/06/2016]
Dan De Luce, Paul McLeary, Foreign Policy

Scotland welcome to join EU, Merkel ally says [26/06/2016]

Brexit campaigners admit 'there is no plan' for what comes next as rivals plan Tory leadership bids [26/06/2016]
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Brexit? Maybe not, after all [26/06/2016]
Tom Mctague and Alex Spence , Politico

Racist incidents feared to be linked to Brexit result [26/06/2016]
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Scotland seeks direct EU talks after Brexit vote as UK petitioners call for law change [25/06/2016]
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After the Vote, Chaos [25/06/2016]
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What next for the pound? Top questions after Brexit [25/06/2016]
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Anger over 'Bregret' as Leave voters say they thought UK would stay in EU [25/06/2016]
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Europe Is Dead: Long Live Europe? [24/06/2016]
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Brexit worse on GBP than 2008 financial crisis [24/06/2016]
Al Jazeera

Russia Revels In Brexit Vote [24/06/2016]
Radio Free Europe

Brexit: What is Article 50 and why is it so deliberately vague? [24/06/2016]
Charlotte McDonald-Gibson, The Independent

Nicola Sturgeon announces plans for second Scottish independence referendum after UK votes for Brexit [24/06/2016]
Charlie Cooper, The Independent

Travail, visa, santé : les conséquences pratiques du Brexit [24/06/2016]
Victoria Masson , Guillaume Errard, Le Figaro

Brexit: Norway's Prime Minister Erna Solberg warns Britons ‘won’t like’ life outside EU [24/06/2016]
Ashley Cowburn, Politico

Leave vote could see GDP fall by 2-4% long-term, says LBS expert [24/06/2016]
Cyrielle Cabot, Liberation

Leave vote could see GDP fall by 2-4% long-term, says LBS expert [24/06/2016]

Tusk: Leaders to meet without UK to discuss Brexit 'details' [24/06/2016]
Peter Teffer, EUObserver

EU referendum result: Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness calls for border poll on united Ireland after Brexit [24/06/2016]
Siobhan Fenton, The Independent

Brexit: No rush to leave the EU, Boris Johnson says [24/06/2016]
Jon Stone, Politico

Nicola Sturgeon announces plans for second Scottish independence referendum after UK votes for Brexit [24/06/2016]
Charlie Cooper, The Independent

Brexit: quelles conséquences pour l’Afrique? [24/06/2016]
Mark Anderson, Jeune Afrique

How Did the Bookies Get It So Wrong: Ladbrokes Tries to Explain [24/06/2016]
Dara Doyle DaraDoy, Bloomberg

EU wakes to biggest crisis in its history as Merkel ally warns: No special treatment [24/06/2016]
Matthew Holehouse, Telegraph

Millennials will see two recessions before the age of 30. Brexit is turning a clash of generations into a crisis [24/06/2016]
Charlie Cooper, Independent

Brexit: Petition for second EU referendum so popular the government site's crashing [24/06/2016]
Christopher Hooton,

Gibraltar rechaza casi por unanimidad el ‘Brexit’ [24/06/2016]
El País

Post Brexit, UKIP wants tariff-free access to EU single market [24/06/2016]
Vince Chadwick, Politico

Brexit : vent de panique sur les marchés asiatiques [24/06/2016]
Arnaud Vaulerin, Liberation

Pour Thierry Mandon, la présidentielle 2017 sera une sorte de référendum sur l'Europe [24/06/2016]
Sylvain Chazot, Europe 1

Brexit : la victoire du «Leave» divise la classe politique française [24/06/2016]
Arthur Berdah , Louis Nadau, Le Figaro

Hollande Says U.K. Exit Shouldn’t Be Delayed as EU Needs Renewal [24/06/2016]
Helene Fouquet & HeleneFouquet, Bloomberg

La pelea definitiva entre Boris y Dave [24/06/2016]
Pablo Guimón, El País

Winners and losers from Brexit [24/06/2016]
Michael Stott, Nikkei

Cómo afectará el Brexit a España [24/06/2016]
Yolanda Gómez, ABc

Referendum puts 70 years of EU integration into reverse [24/06/2016]
Alex Barker, Financial Times

Nigel Farage, el otro padre de la consulta [24/06/2016]
Pablo Guimón, El País

El Ibex 35 cierra con la mayor caída de su historia por el efecto del ‘Brexit’ [24/06/2016]
El País

Brexit: David Cameron to quit after UK votes to leave EU [24/06/2016]

Labour says it is 'best placed' to reunite UK [24/06/2016]

Pound sterling plunges to 31-year low amid Brexit fears [24/06/2016]
Ben Chu

Merkel calls Brexit 'a watershed for Europe' [24/06/2016]

As the Brexit vote became clear, oil prices plunged by 6% [24/06/2016]
Steve LeVine, Quartz

Brexit: quel impact sur la politique française? [24/06/2016]
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Brexit: What happens now? [24/06/2016]

Brexit : la Bourse a voté [23/06/2016]
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A guide to the global trading day after the UK referendum [23/06/2016]
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Una victoria del «Leave» atizará el sentimiento independentista en Escocia [23/06/2016]
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Pound hits high for year as Britons vote [23/06/2016]
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Populistas de todas las ideologías en torno al Brexit [23/06/2016]
Ramón Pérez-Maura, ABC

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Exclusive Boris Johnson interview: A Brexit will be a 'turning point in the story of our country' [23/06/2016]
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« Brexit » : les divisions passées pèsent sur le vote en Irlande du Nord [23/06/2016]
Enora Ollivier, Le Monde

Una victoria del «Leave» atizará el sentimiento independentista en Escocia [23/06/2016]
Hermann Tertsch, ABC

Brexit : la Bourse a voté [23/06/2016]
Pierrick Fay, Les Echos

In 'Brexit' Vote, David Cameron Faces Problem of His Own Making [22/06/2016]
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Brexit Pros and Cons: Who in British Society Backs EU Referendum and Why [22/06/2016]
Rebecca Greig, International Business Times

Highlights: EU referendum Wembley debate [21/06/2016]
The Spectator

¿A qué se debe el silencio de la UE en la campaña del 'brexit'? [21/06/2016]
Juan Sanhermelando, El Español

Pound on track for biggest daily rise in seven years as polls shift towards Remain [20/06/2016]

Richard Branson starts his own campaign to keep Britain in the EU [20/06/2016]
The Guardian 

La bataille du Brexit se joue aussi dans les journaux [20/06/2016]
Estelle Pattée, Liberation

Sayeeda Warsi quits leave campaign over 'hateful, xenophobic' tactics [20/06/2016]
The Guardian 

E.U. Countries Warn Britain on 'Brexit': You'll Pay if You Leave Us  [20/06/2016]
Steven Erlanger, New York Times

David Cameron says he must do more to make case for remaining in EU [20/06/2016]
Rowena Mason, Anushka Asthana and Peter Walker, The Guardian

European neighbours want Britain to remain – but only just [20/06/2016]
The Guardian 

Nobel prize-winning economists warn of long-term damage after Brexit [19/06/2016]
Anushka Asthana and Jill Treanor, The Guardian

How the EU referendum result will emerge in the hours after polls close [19/06/2016]
Chris Hanretty, The Guardian

The IMF lays out the grave consequences of Brexit [18/06/2016]
The Economist 

Brexit : Par ici les questions sur la sortie [17/06/2016]
Jean Quatremer , Vittorio De Filippis et Sonia Delesalle-Stolper, Liberation

BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Map shows how people will vote in EU poll and it's bad news for Cameron [16/06/2016]

No Brexit comments ‘out of respect for Jo Cox’ — Eurogroup and IMF [16/06/2016]
Bjarke Smith-Meyer, Politico

What will happen if the UK votes for Brexit? [16/06/2016]
Financial Times 

U.K. Immigration Unease Animates ‘Brexit’ Vote [16/06/2016]
Jenny Gross and Jason Douglas, The Wall Street Journal

European? British? These ‘Brexit’ Voters Identify as English [16/06/2016]
Steven Erlanger, NYT

Bank Of England Expected To Keep Rates Steady Ahead Of Brexit Vote [16/06/2016]
Himanshu Goenka, International Business Times

Clinton's new worry: A 'Brexit'-fueled recession [15/06/2016]
Ben White and Francesco Guerrera, Politico

Rising Brexit Angst Drives Weaker-Pound Wagers to $35 Billion [15/06/2016]
Anooja Debnath, Bloomberg

Brexit' Plan for the Financial World? Cross Your Fingers [15/06/2016]
Peter S. Goodman, NYT

A ‘Brexit’ Battle on the Thames Between Nigel Farage and Bob Geldof [15/06/2016]
Russell Goldman, NYT

Can the United Kingdom government legally disregard a vote for Brexit? [14/06/2016]
David Allen Green, Financial Times

Combative Brexiter who took control of Vote Leave operation [14/06/2016]
Henry Mance and George Parker, Financial Times

Britain's Pro-EU Side Nervous as Odds Slashed on 'Leave' [14/06/2016]
Daily Mail 

Brexit Could Threaten Western Political Civilization, Says EU's Tusk [13/06/2016]

New Brexit poll shows 'Leave' camp ahead by 10 points [11/06/2016]
France 24 

David Cameron, the accidental European [20/05/2016]
Tom McTague, Politico

David Cameron doesn’t want Tory ‘psychodrama’ over Brexit [19/05/2016]
Vince Chadwick, Politico

MPC member Gertjan Vlieghe says the Bank of England could cut rates even if UK stays in the EU [19/05/2016]
Jake Cordell, Citya

On the Irish border, Brexit stirs dark memories [16/05/2016]
Jennifer Duggan, Politico

Bank of England governor denies politics is behind EU referendum intervention [15/05/2016]
Silvia Sciorilli Borrelli, Politico

UK's Cameron struggles to make Britons believe his EU message: poll [14/05/2016]

Bank of England’s alarm bells getting louder on Brexit [12/05/2016]
Charles Lee and Silvia Sciorilli Borrelli, Politico

Hope, Fear and Brexit [12/05/2016]
Rodney Jefferson and Ed Kiernan, Bloomberg

'Brexit' Could Threaten Peace, Says David Cameron [09/05/2016]
Josh Lowe, Newsweek

Two British leaders present cases for and against Britain leaving the European Union (Brexit) [09/05/2016]
Fred Dews, Brookings

Leaving the EU is a security risk for UK, say spy chiefs [09/05/2016]
Jeanette Minns, Politico

Michael Gove: Staying in EU means losing economic autonomy [08/05/2016]
Jeanette Minns, Politico

Bank of England to slash growth forecasts and warn on Brexit costs [07/05/2016]
Szu Ping Chan, Telegraph

Pope’s Europe speech a boost to anti-Brexit campaign [07/05/2016]
Florian Eder, Politico

EU referendum: Donald Trump backs Brexit [06/05/2016]

Donald Trump backs Brexit: Britain would be better off outside EU, says Republican candidate [06/05/2016]
Barney Henderson, Nick Allen & Christopher Hope, Telegraph

Post-Brexit negotiations ‘could last up to nine years’ [04/05/2016]
Cynthia Kroet, Politico

London’s Hong Kong dreams [04/05/2016]
Francesco Guerrera, Politico

Virgin Media owner plans £500,000 donation to Remain campaign [04/05/2016]
Financial Times

One Indication That Brexit Worries Are Already Hurting the U.K. Economy [04/05/2016]
Luke Kawa, Bloomberg

Brexit 'Could Take Nine Years' [04/05/2016]
Josh Lowe, Newsweek

U.K. Vote on Europe Deters KKR From Deals [03/05/2016]
Simon Clark, Wall Street Journal

The French will hammer you if there is a Brexit vote in the referendum, warns former trade chief [03/05/2016]

Finance insiders fear Brexit ‘leap in the dark’ [3/05/2016]
Vince Chadwick, Politico

EU referendum: 200 small firm bosses and entrepreneurs tell Britons to vote for Brexit [02/05/2016]

EU roaming charge cut enters UK referendum campaign [30/04/2016]
EU Observer

How others see it [30/04/2016]
The Economist

How Cameron's EU referendum silenced left-wing Britain [30/04/2016]
Benjamin Fox, EU Observer

OECD sends strong warning on Brexit [27/04/2016]
Silvia Sciorilli Borrelli and Hortense Goulard, Politico

Brexit, a new threat to TTIP transatlantic trade talks [206/04/2016]
Express Tribune 

Barack Obama urges UK voters to 'stick together' with EU [22/04/2016]
The Guardian

Ex-UK premier makes ‘patriotic’ case against Brexit [22/04/2016]

Report: Marine Le Pen may campaign for Brexit in UK [21/04/2016]

UK Brexit Vote Consequences For US: Amid Tied Polls, Obama To Encourage EU Solidarity Ahead Of Referendum [20/04/2016]
Jess McHugh, International Business Times

Michael Gove: Remaining in EU like ‘voting to be hostages’ [19/04/2016]
Kate Day, Politico

Carney: Brexit would hurt UK as a global financial center [19/04/2016]
Silvia Sciorilli Borrelli, Politico

11 things you need to know about George Osborne’s Brexit warning [18/04/2016]
Tom McTague, Politico

George Osborne: Brexit would leave UK ‘permanently poorer’ [18/04/2016]
Tom McTague, Politico

IMF: Brexit would cause severe damage [13/04/2016]
Eric Maurice, EUOBSERVER

Criticism over pro-EU leaflet on Facebook [11/04/2016]
The Guardian

Will David Cameron's Crises Boost Brexit? [08/04/2016]
Josh Lowe, Newsweek

Bank of England to Release Details of ‘Stress Tests’ Amid Preparations For Potential Brexit [29/03/2016]
Avaneesh Pandey, International Business Times

‘Brexit’ Backers Furious over Report of Obama Intervention [14/03/2016]
Robert Hutton, Bloomberg

London Mayor Sees Canada-EU Deal as Model for Post-`Brexit' U.K. [101/03/2016]
Robert Hutton, Bloomberg News

Scurrilous article in “The Sun” slandering Poles. Struggle for Brexit? [10/03/2016]
Polish Express

The EU referendum: a guide to the UK's biggest political decision of the century [07/03/2016]
The Guardian

Britain's tech sector overwhelmingly opposed to Brexit [04/03/2016]
The Guardian

Ballots please, we’re British [03/03/2016]
Paul Ames, Politico

Francia mete a los inmigrantes de Calais en la campaña contra el ‘Brexit’ [03/03/2016]
Gabriela Cañas, El País

Coming (maybe) Brexodus of Eurocrats [01/03/2016]
Maïa de La Baume, Politico

Brexit would negatively affect lives of millions, official UK report says [29/02/2016]
Anushka Asthana, Heather Stewart and Nicholas Watt, The Guardian

Britain's EU deal -- hollow or substantial? [29/02/2016]
Alastair Macdonald, Reuters

Can This Man Keep the ‘Special Relationship’ Special? [28/02/2016]
John Hudson, Foreign Policy

If Britain voted to leave the EU, what would happen next? [28/02/2016]
Heather Stewart and Anushka Asthana, The Guardian

John Oliver: 'David Cameron can't attack a hotdog' [27/02/2016]
Gabriel Tate, The Guardian

June 23 could be the UK's Independence Day says Nigel Farage as Boris says an Out vote will be FINAL and urges cabinet colleagues to back quitting the EU [27/02/2016]
Thomas Burrows, Daily Mail

EU referendum campaign: David Cameron visits Northern Ireland [27/02/2016]

G20 warns of Brexit [27/02/2016]
Laurens Cerulus, Politico

Why Are Britain's Brexit Campaigns Fighting? [27/02/2016]
Josh Lowe, Newsweek

Brexit would lead to more expensive flights and holidays, Cameron says [25/02/2016]
Rowena Mason, The Guardian

The Czech Republic Could Follow Britain Out of the Club [25/02/2016]

The UK's EU referendum: All you need to know [25/02/2016]
Brian Wheeler & Alex Hunt, BBC

Brexit could wipe 20% off the pound amid referendum turmoil, warns HSBC [24/02/2016]
Phillip Inman and Graeme Wearden, The Guardian

Brexit ou le crime de l'Eurostar [24/02/2016]
Jean-Luc Sauron, Huffington Post

The Netherlands Want Their Own European Union Referendum [22/02/2016]

The UK, EU and Brexit: Who wins and who loses? [22/02/2016]
Al Jazeera

Moody's warns Brexit would risk UK's credit rating [22/02/2016]
Katie Allen and Jill Treanor, The Guardian

What are the economic consequences of Brexit? [22/02/2016]
Chris Giles, FT

Sturgeon: EU exit could trigger demand for Scottish independence referendum [21/02/2016]

Which Tory MPs back Brexit, who doesn’t and who is still on the fence? [16/02/2016]
Tom Goodenough, The Spectator

Brexit will set UK back £11bn in EU trade costs, research finds [16/12/2015]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

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