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Syrian War
23 | December| 2016

After the escalation of the Syrian conflict and the humanitarian catastrophe in Aleppo, the UN Security Council approved unanimously a resolution that allows the deployment of international observers to monitor the evacuation of civilians from the war zone. This resolution revived the debate over the merits of the Responsibility to Protect doctrine.

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Evolución de la batalla de Alepo [15/12/2016]
El País

Syria: UN/SARC convoy hit in Urum al-Kubra, northwest of Aleppo city [19/09/2016]
Statement by ERC Stephen O'Brien, UNOCHA

Remarks With Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura at a Press Availability [09/09/2016]
U.S. State Department

Security Council Unanimously Adopts Resolution 2254 (2015), Endorsing Road Map for Peace Process in Syria, Setting Timetable for Talks
United Nations

Intra-Syrian Talks
United Nation Office at Geneva

Civil War in Syria
Global Conflict Tracker, Council on Foreign Relations

Five Years of War in Syria: What Happened and Where We Are Now
The Guardian

Syria 'truce': Who's in and who's out? [24/02/2016]
Sara Fayyad and Roj Ranjbar, BBC

Opinions & Analysis
No peace in sight in Syria [23/12/2016]
Galip Dalay, Al Jazeera

Syrie : Alep, les leçons d’une tragédie [23/12/2016]
Marc Semo, Le Monde

Syria: What will happen if the revolution is defeated [23/12/2016]
Basheer Nafi, Middle East Eye

Why Aleppo Will Serve to Embolden Iran [21/12/2016]
Saeid Jafari, Al-Monitor

From the rubble of Aleppo, ISIL rises [21/12/2016]
Alia Brahimi, Al Jazeera

Visual propaganda on Facebook: A comparative analysis of Syrian conflicts [12/2016]
Hyunjin Seo, Husain Ebrahim, Media, War & Conflict

An Existential Battle for the Demographic Future of Syria [21/12/2016]
Harold Rhode, JCPA

Syria Will Likely Suffer As Russia Seeks Vengeance For Ambassador's Murder [20/12/2016]
Anna Borshchevskaya, New York Daily News

The Middle East After the Fall of Aleppo [20/12/2016]
Nabeel Khoury, Cairo Review

We Must Understand Syria as a Popular Struggle Despite its Complications [19/12/2016]
Joseph Daher, Muftah

La voie de l’ONU [19/12/2016]
Jean-Christophe Ploquin, La Croix

Siria, la guerra de los enigmas [18/12/2016]
Hana Jalloul Muro, El País

« Oui, on peut faire quelque chose pour la population d’Alep » [16/12/2016]
Mego Terzian, Le Monde

Syria's War: The Descent Into Horror [15/12/2016]
Zachary Laub, Council on Foreign Relations

La batalla que entierra una revolución [15/12/2016]
Luz Gómez García, El País

Aleppo’s fall is Obama’s failure [15/12/2016]
Leon Wieseltier, Washington Post

What Comes After the Bloody Battle for Aleppo? [15/12/2016]
Noah Bonsey, International Crisis Group

In Syria, Russia Acts as U.S. Pulls Back [15/12/2016]
Jay Solomon and Maria Abi-Habib

It's time we heard the truth about how ruthless Aleppo rebels shot civilians who tried to leave [14/12/2016]
Robert Fisk, Irish Independent

The rebels of Aleppo will fight on, but Assad is taking their last power base in Syria [13/12/2016]
Patrick Cockburn, Telegraph

Aleppo’s people are being slaughtered. Did we learn nothing from Srebrenica? [13/12/2016]
Nedžad Avdić, The Guardian

Governing Rojava: Layers of Legitimacy in Syria [08/12/2016]
Rana Marcel Khalaf, Chatham House

And who are we to say the Syrian revolution is dead? [08/12/2016]
Malak Chabkoun, Al Jazeera

We Are All Accomplices to the Slaughter of Aleppo [02/12/2016]
Diana Semaan, Foreign Policy

A Turning Point in Aleppo [01/12/2016]
Aron Lund, Carnegie Middle East Center

Moral Identity and Protest Cascades in Syria [11/2016]
Wendy Pearlman, British Journal of Political Science

Beginning of the End for East Aleppo [30/11/2016]
Fabrice Balanche, Washington Institute

A Syria Policy for Trump: How Washington Can Get to a Settlement [28/11/2016]
Andrew J. Tabler and Dennis Ross, Washington Institute

Status of the Syrian Rebellion: Numbers, Ideologies, and Prospects [23/11/2016]
Fabrice Balanche, Washington Institute

Paramilitary chaos reigns in the Middle East [22/11/2016]
David Gardner, Financial Times

The Road To Ar-Raqqah: Background On The Syrian Democratic Forces [22/11/2016]
Genevieve Casagrande, ISW

Trump’s Syria Strategy Would Be a Disaster [17/11/2016]
Charles Lister, Foreign Policy

On the Bombing of Aleppo[10/11/2016]
George Soros, New York Review of Books

Assad Speaks[01/11/2016]
Dexter Filkins, New Yorker

Arrêtons la main de Poutine à Alep [27/10/2016]
AA.VV., Libération

How Far Can the Turkey-Russia Rapprochement in Syria Go?[26/10/2016]
Gönül Tol, The Middle East Institute

Bring Syria’s Assad and his backers to account now[25/10/2016]
John R. Allen and Charles Lister, Brookings

How NATO can help Syrian civilians[24/10/2016]
Daoud Kuttab, Al Jazeera

The Great Myth About U.S. Intervention in Syria[24/10/2016]
Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy

Bring Syria’s Assad and his backers to account now[22/10/2016]
John Allen, Charles R. Lister, Washington Post

How Putin Has Helped Assad Tear Syria Apart[22/10/2016]
Shiraz Maher, New Statesman

Building Syria on the Bones of Daesh[21/10/2016]
Frederic C. Hof, Defense News

The Kurds’ Proxy Trap[20/10/2016]
Ofra Bengio, The American Prospect

The Arc of History is Long, But it Bends Toward Bombing Assad[20/10/2016]
Nick Danforth, War on the Rocks

Jeu trouble de l’ONU en Syrie: L’aide humanitaire sous contrôle du regime[20/10/2016]
Marie Kostrz, Orient XXI

The Druze and Assad: Strategic Bedfellows[20/10/2016]
Fabrice Balanche, Washington Institute

Syria’s Darkest Hour[19/10/2016]
Javier Solana, Project Syndicate

Why Just Counting the Dead in Syria Won’t Bring Them Justice[19/10/2016]
Patrick Ball, Foreign Policy

How Syria Is Pushing Egypt and Iran Closer[18/10/2016]
Rohollah Faghihi, Al-Monitor

'Jund al-Aqsa', Remarkable Case on Radical Field in Syria[18/10/2016]
Mona Alami, Asharq Al-Awsat

The Regional and Domestic Political Context of the Mosul Offensive[18/10/2016]
Kirk H. Sowel, Sada

The Perplexing Problems of Solving Syria[17/10/2016]
Steven A. Cook, War on the Rocks

Syria: Dabiq and ISIL's end of times[17/10/2016]
James Denselow, Al Jazeera

America's Assad Quandary[17/10/2016]
Robert D. Kaplan, National Interest

Russia Advances its IADS in Syria[16/10/2016]
Chris Harmer and Kathleen Weinberger, ISW

Calls for prosecuting war crimes in Syria are growing. Is international justice possible? [14/10/2016]
Mark Kersten, Washington Post

Syria’s Sad Predicament [14/10/2016]
K. P. Fabian, IDSA

Clausewitz in Syria [14/10/2016]
Yezid Sayigh, Carnegie Middle East Center

Seven Months after ‘Liberating’ Palmyra, Residents Still Cannot Return [13/10/2016]
Elizabeth Tsurkov , Mohammad Hasan al-Homsi, Atlantic Council

The West lacks the commitment to implement a no-fly zone over Syria [13/10/2016]
Tim Eaton, Prospect Magazine

The Misadventures of Russia and the United States in Syria: Complete Strategy Implosion Edition [13/10/2016]
Michael Kofman for War on the Rocks

Could the conflict in Syria lead to world war three?[08/10/2016]
Paul Wood, Spectator

Aleppo Is Obama’s Sarajevo [05/10/2016]
Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal

Why Russia is an ally of Assad [30/09/2015]
The Economist

How should the UK respond to the crisis in Syria?[12/10/2016]
Alison McGovern, Emily Thornberry, Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, Rime Allaf, Peter Tatchell and Lindsey German, The Guardian

Moscou et Damas commettent des crimes de guerre : et maintenant?[12/10/2016]
Nicolas Tenzer, La Tribune

A no-fly zone for Aleppo risks a war that could engulf us all[12/10/2016]
Jonathan Steele, The Guardian

What's Really at Stake in the Syria Debate[10/10/2016]
Marc Lynch, War on the Rocks

Could the conflict in Syria lead to world war three?[08/10/2016]
Paul Wood, The Spectator

Iran’s Syria Game Plan? A Path to the Mediterranean[08/10/2016]
Martin Chulov, The Guardian

Who are Syria’s White Helmets, and why are they so controversial?[07/10/2016]
Scott Lucas, The Conversation

The Slow, Violent Fall of Eastern Aleppo[07/10/2016]
Aron Lund, Century Foundation

What If Arming Syrian Proxies Doesn’t Work?[07/10/2016]
Christopher A. Preble. National Interest

The New U.N. Secretary-General’s Biggest Priority Must Be Syria[06/10/2016]
Mark Seddon, The Guardian

Vladimir Putin, Aleppo and the Diplomatic Shambles in Syria[05/10/2016]
Aaron David Miller, Wall Street Journal

What's behind Ankara’s 'deafening silence' on Aleppo?[04/10/2016]
Semih Idiz, Al Monitor

Syria isn’t a cold war conflict: the US and Russia can’t just fix it[04/10/2016]
Mary Dejevsky, The Guardian

Why the United States Should Exercise Restraint Before Launching A New War in Syria[03/10/2016]
Dave Majumdar, National Interest

Has Russia Found the West's Red Line in Syria?[03/10/2016]
Thanassis Cambanis, The Atlantic

What Will Year Two of Russia's Syria Intervention Bring?[30/09/2016]
Fabrice Balanche, Washington Institute

Obama's biggest geopolitical failure[01/10/2016]
The Economist

Syria after the Ceasefire[29/09/2016]
Paul Rogers, Oxford Research Group

Drop the dictator![28/09/2016]
Kristin Helberg, Qantara

The Judgment of Aleppo[27/09/2016]
Bernard-Henri Lévy, Project Syndicate

Syria: Denial as a war strategy[27/09/2016]
Sharif Nashashibi, Al Jazeera

A Soliloquy on Syria[25/09/2016]
Fred Hiatt, The Washington Post

Obama Puts Syria at Arm’s Length as Carnage Drags On[23/09/2016]
Mark Landler, The New York Times

The War Drags on in Syria[21/09/2016]
Soufan Group

Putin May Not Really Want a Syria Deal[19/09/2016]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View

Iran says US in cahoots with terrorists in Syria[19/09/2016]
Misha Zand, Al-Monitor

The U.S. and Russia are actually cooperating in Syria. Can it work?[19/09/2016]
Sara Bjerg Moller, The Washington Post

Putin’s lesson for Obama in Syria[19/09/2016]
Jackson Diehl, The Washington Post

Ceasefire terms pose major risks for Syrian rebels[16/09/2016]
Sharif Nashashibi, Al Jazeera

How Does the Syrian Civil War End for Hezbollah?[13/09/2016]
Benedetta Berti, FPRI

On Syria Cease-Fire, Putin and Obama Have, at Least for Now, Overlapping Interests[12/09/2016]
Aaron David Miller, Wall Street Journal

Can Anyone Stop the Syrian War?[12/09/2016]
Randa Slim, Foreign Policy

In Syria at sundown tomorrow, the US-Russia deal faces its first test[11/09/2016]
Mary Dejevsky, The Guardian

Syria Peace? Don’t Hold Your Breath[10/09/2016]
Michael Weiss, The Daily Beast

Preparing for the Day After the Syria War Settlement[09/09/2016]
Steven Metz, World Politics Review

In Syria Talks with Russia, John Kerry's Hand Is Missing a Key Card[09/09/2016]
Michael Singh, Wall Street Journal

Turkey reaches critical crossroads in Syria[09/09/2016]
Metin Gurcan, Al Monitor

The end of a dream[08/09/2016]
Kristin Helberg, Qantara

What Is Aleppo, Gary Johnson?[08/09/2016]
David Remnick, The New Yorker

Syria's World War: How the West Let Russia & Iran Take Charge[08/09/2016]
John Jenkins, New Statesman

No going back: Why decentralisation is the future for Syria[06/09/2016]
Jihad Yazigi, ECFR

China, Central Asian states watch as US legitimizes Al Qaeda in Syria[08/2016]
Christina Lin, ISPSW

How the U.S. Can Win in Syria[02/09/2016]
Michael E. O'Hanlon, Newsweek

Why Bashar al-Assad Won't Face Justice Over Chemical Weapons Any Time Soon [02/09/2016]
Brett Edwards , Mattia Cacciatori, Newsweek

Syria's fate suspended in endless battle for Aleppo [02/09/2016]
Ali Hashem, Al Monitor

The Decay of the Syrian Regime is Much Worse Than You Think [31/08/2016]
Tobias Schneider, War on the Rocks

On Syria, the U.S. Is Watching Other Powers Act [31/08/2016]
Aaron David Miller, Wall Street Journal

U.S. Syria Policy Rests on a Treacherous Fault Line [31/08/2016]
David Ignatius, The Washington Post

Did US drag Turkey into 'Syrian quagmire'? [30/08/2016]
Semih Idiz, Al Monitor

The Disastrous Nonintervention in Syria [29/08/2016]
Anne Appelbaum, Washington Post

The Economic Devastation of Syria: Strategic Implications[29/08/2016]
Eran Yashiv, INSS

A Bad Defense for a Mistaken Policy[29/08/2016]
Frederic C. Hof, Atlantic Council

The Great Game in Northern Syria[26/08/2016]
Hassan Hassan, Tahrir Institute

Syria a la Carte: Alliances Shift and Whirl[26/08/2016]
Maximilian Popp & Christoph Reuter, Spiegel

Turkey's hit list of enemies grows as Erdogan prepares to enter Syria[21/08/2016]
Robert Fisk, The Independent

The Syria "What If" That May Haunt Obama[21/08/2016]
W. Robert Pearson, RealClearWorld

Understanding the Battle for Aleppo[18/08/2016]
Entrevista a Lina Khatib, CFR

No-fly zone would prevent atrocities[18/08/2016]
Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, Telegraph

Vacuum Bombs in Syria: A New Means of Atrocity[18/08/2016]
Peter Lee, Newsweek

Does the U.S. Ignore Its Civilian Casualties in Iraq and Syria?[17/08/2016]
Chris Woods, New York Times

Aleppo: A Chance to Save US Syria Policy[15/08/2016]
Feras Hanoush, Atlantic Council

A Transformative Experience: Understanding Hezbollah's Involvement in Syria[15/08/2016]
Nadav Pollak and Hanin Ghaddar, Washington Institute

Battle for Aleppo Carries High Stakes for Syria[11/08/2016]
Yaroslav Trofimov, Wall Street Journal

Syria: Good News And Bad[11/08/2016]
Frederic C. Hof, Huffington Post

Aleppo: Is the Turnaround Sustainable for the Rebels?[09/08/2016]
Fabrice Balanche, Washington Institute

Syria’s New Warlords Are Invested in Endless War[06/08/2016]
Paul Wood, The Spectator

Jabhat al-Nusra’s rebranding is more than simple name change[06/08/2016]
Mona Alami, Al Monitor

No, Aleppo Is Not the New Srebrenica[04/08/2016]
Robert Fisk, The Independent

How Syrians View Nusra’s Split from al-Qaeda[03/08/2016]
Haid Haid, Atlantic Council

Syria's Civil War Is a Post-Factual Conflict[03/08/2016]
James Denselow, Al Jazeera

U.S.-Russian cooperation in Syria can’t stop at counterterrorism[19/07/2016]
Steven Heydemann, Brookings

Closing Loopholes in the Proposed U.S.-Russian Agreement on Syria[14/07/2016]
Andrew J. Tabler, Washington Institute

Le soulèvement syrien au prisme iranien[18/04/2016]
François Burgat, Orient XXI

The Letter Urging a U.S. Rethink on Syria[18 de Junho]
Krishnadev Calamur,The Atlantic

Taking Sides: The United Nations’ Loss of Impartiality, Independence and Neutrality in Syria[Junho]
The Syria Campaign

The death of the Syria peace process[16 de Junho]
James Denselow,Al Jazeera

Why Iran Still Doesn’t Trust Russia on Syria[16 de Junho]
Abbas Qaidaari,Al-Monitor

Playing Tic-Tac-Toe with Putin[10 de Junho]
Leon Aron,Foreign Policy

Can High-Stakes Diplomacy Save Syria’s Battered Truce? [5 de Maio]
Noah Bonsey,International Crisis Group

Syria: Chemical Weapons Briefing and Draft Resolution [5 de Maio]
What’s In Blue

Assad Uses Poison Gas Again. What is Obama Going To Do? [5 de Maio]
Elliott Abrams,Newsweek

Waiting for Moscow [5 de Maio]
Alex Rowell,NOW

The Regional Dimensions of the Destruction in Aleppo [4 de Maio]
Abdulrahman Al-Rashed, Asharq Al Awsat

Syria – What is Russia up to Now? [4 de Maio]
Eyad Abu Shakra, Asharq Al Awsat

Al Qaeda Is About to Establish an Emirate in Syria [4 de Maio]
Charles Lister,Foreign Policy

Aleppo's reckoning [3 de Maio]
James Denselow,Al Jazeera

Saving the Ceasefire, Moving Forward [3 de Maio]
Frederic C. Hof,Atlantic Council

Syria And The Holocaust: Putting 'Never Again' To The Test [3 de Maio]
Robert Satloff,Washington Post

Russia and the US can deliver peace in Syria [2 de Maio]
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

What We Lose as the Cease-Fire Collapses [29 de Abril]
Entrevista a Kenan Rahmani,Syria Deeply

The Syrian Opposition’s Coming Challenges [29 de Abril]
Yezid Sayigh,Al-Hayat

Syrian Political Transition: Are the Rules Being Bent? [29 de Abril]
Frederic C. Hof,Atlantic Council

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on Attack on hospital in Aleppo [28 de Abril]
UN Secretary-General

Who Sent Iranian Army Green Berets to Syria? [28 de Abril]
Abbas Qaidaari,Al-Monitor

The Danger of Chemical Weapons in Syria [28 de Abril]
Oliver Meier,SWP

The Latest Aleppo Battle May Give The Islamic State Another Reprieve [27 de Abril]
Fabrice Balanche,Washington Institute

Becoming your worst enemy [26 de Abril]
Haid Haid,NOW

The new UN consensus on Syria: Israel must pay! [26 de Abril]
Benny Avni,New York Post

Step by step, we are sleepwalking back to Assad's Syria [25 de Abril]
Faisal Al Yafai,The National

Frozen Life in Wartime Syria [23 de Abril]
Janine Di Giovanni,New York Times

A Million Ways to Die in Syria [22 de Abril]
Debarati Guha-Sapir,Project Syndicate

Red Line Revisited: The Costs And Benefits Of Not Striking Syria [22 de Abril]
Michael Singh,Wall Street Journal

Europe must take lead on protecting Syrian civilians [22 de Abril]
Frederic C. Hof,EUobserver

Europe flip flops on Bashar Al Assad’s future[20 de Abril]
Michael Young,The National

At What Point is a Cessation of Hostilities Broken? [19 de Abril]
Faysal Itani and Hossam Abouzahr,Atlantic Council

Behind the Syrian violence – the peaceful town of Al Qaryatayn[19 de Abril]
Emma Loosley,The Conversation

Opportunity in a-Raqqa: A Case Study on Shaping the Future of Syria[18 de Abril]
Udi Dekel,INSS

The Assad Files[18 de Abril]
Ben Taub,New Yorker

Syria's Future: A Black Hole of Instability[17 de Abril]
Thanassis Cambanis,New York Times

Saving Syria's ceasefire[15 de Abril]
Julien Barnes-Dacey,ECFR

Syrian Civil War: Negotiating in bad faith [13 de Abril]
Sharif Nashashibi, Al Jazeera

Deciphering the Syrian Peace Process[Fevereiro]
Democracy Reporting International

The Ceasefire in Syria: Behind the Scenes and Current Implications[11 de Março]
Zvi Magen, Udi Dekel, and Vera Michlin,INSS

Russia’s costly success in Syria[11 de Março]
Mark N. Katz,The Arab Weekly

It’s Time to Seriously Consider Partitioning Syria[10 de Março]
James Stavridis,Foreign Policy

US secretly backs federal future, say Syria's Kurds[10 de Março]
Wladimir van Wilgenburg,Middle East Eye

The Israeli Perspective on Safe Zones in Syria[10 de Março]
Nadav Pollak,Washington Institute

Truce Tests Relations Between Islamist Giants[9 de Março]
Aron Lund,Syria Deeply

Let the Syrian hostilities begin again at Geneva[9 de Março]
Chris Doyle,Al Arabiya

Bosnia as a Model for Securing Syria[9 de Março]
Edward P. JosephMichael O'Hanlon,National Interest

Is there any hope for a peaceful result to the Geneva talks on Syria?[8 de Março]
Emre Turkut and Salih Dogan,Open Democracy

A Safe Zone In Southern Syria[8 de Março]
David Schenker and Andrew J. Tabler,Washington Institute

Meanwhile, in Syria...[8 de Março]
Adam Garfinkle,American Interest

Protests Sweep across Syria During Ceasefire[8 de Março]
Saleem Al-Omar,Atlantic Council

Now Is the Time for U.S. Boots in Syria[7 de Março]
Frederic Hof,Newsweek

Fragiles jours de trêve à Alep[7 de Março]
Henri Mamarbachi,Orient XXI

Decentralization for Peace in Turkey, Iraq & Syria?[7 de Março]
Aydın Selcen,Turkish Policy Quarterly

A Truce in Syria?[7 de Março]
Dexter Filkins,New Yorker

There's No Will in Washington to Own Syria[7 de Março]
Aaron David Miller,RealClearWorld

What Next for Syria?[4 de Março]
Yezid Sayigh,Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Syria’s Kurds can’t play a double game indefinitely[3 de Março]
Alan Philps,The National

Syria after the Ceasefire[1 de Março]
Stephen Zunes,Boston Review

Les calculs de la Russie à l’heure du cessez-le-feu en Syrie[1 de Março]
Alain Gresh,Orient XXI

Iran’s Diplomatic Dance on Syria[1 de Março]
Reese Erlich,Foreign Policy

Don’t Sacrifice Turkey to Save Syria[29 de Fevereiro]
Jean-Marie Guéhenno,The Guardian

“Irán ha tenido un enfoque constructivo en el diálogo sirio”[29 de Fevereiro]
Entrevista A Staffan De Mistura,El País

Staffan de Mistura: a ‘chronic optimist’ takes on Syria (part 2)[29 de Fevereiro]
Sarah Frankel,The Strategist

The Road to Geneva: the Who, When, and How of Syria’s Peace Talks[29 de Janeiro]
Aron Lund,Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Cessation of Hostilities: So Far, So Good[29 de Fevereiro]
Frederic C. Hof,Atantic Council

Russia and the Regime’s War on Civilians in Deir Ezzor[29 de Fevereiro]
Fikram,Atantic Council

The siege of Sarajevo has lessons for Syria today[28 de Fevereiro]
Faisal Al Yafai,The National

Russia is on the ground. Who cares? The West?[28 de Fevereiro]
Gökhan Bacik,Today’s Zaman

Syria ceasefire is impaired by opposition's pathologies[27 de Fevereiro]
Geoffrey Aronson,Al Jazeera

A Kurdish Convergence in Syria[26 de Fevereiro]
Michael Cruickshank and Gissur Simonarson,New York Times

Kerry Neither Rules Out Nor Supports Safe Zone Concept[26 de Fevereiro]
James F. Jeffrey,Washington Institute

Syrie : que font les diplomates?[25 de Fevereiro]
Alain Frachon,Le Monde

Does Obama Want to Carve Up Syria?[25 de Fevereiro]
Michael Weiss,The Daily Beast

No Easy Fix for Syria[25 de Fevereiro]
Mark Galeott,The Moscow Times

How to Discuss a Syria Cease-Fire in Russian[25 de Fevereiro]
Michele A. Berdy,The Moscow Times

How to Bog Down Putin in Syria[24 de Fevereiro]
Seth G. Jones,Wall Street Journal

Will a ceasefire in Syria hold? – video[24 de Fevereiro]
AA.VV.,Al Jazeera

Despite skepticism, Syrian cease-fire may have a chance[24 de Fevereiro]
Zeina Karam & Dan Perry,Today’s Zaman

Why Moscow Holds the Cards in Syria[24 de Fevereiro]
Julien Barnes-Dacy and Jeremy Shapiro,Politico Magazine

Room For Debate: Are Kurds Allies or Obstacles in Syria?[24 de Fevereiro]
AA.VV.,The New York Times

Ceasefire and Elections in Syria: Putin Still a Step Ahead[23 de Fevereiro]
Fabrice Balanche,Washington Institute for Near East Policy

The Thugs of War in Syria[23 de Fevereiro]
Mona Christophersen,Global Observatory

Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad Are Running U.S. Syria Policy[23 de Fevereiro]
Peter Rough,National Review

A ceasefire in Syria is pure fantasy[23 de Fevereiro]
Luke Coffey,Al Jazeera

Syria: Briefings by the head of OCHA and the Special Envoy[23 de Fevereiro]
What's in Blue

Why the Arabs Don’t Want Us in Syria[23 de Fevereiro]
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.,Politico Magazine

El Asad: “Hay 80 países que apoyan a los grupos terroristas en Siria”[22 de Fevereiro]
Entrevista a Bashar Al Assad,El País

Saving Syria at the 11th Hour[22 de Fevereiro]
David Rothkopf,Foreign Policy

Can Ankara's Plans Keep Up With Syria's Escalation? [22 de Fevereiro]
Metin Gurcan,Al-Monitor

It's time to get serious about Syria[22 de Fevereiro]
Michael O'Hanlon,Brookings

Is There Action the U.S. Should Take in Syria?[22 de Fevereiro]
AA.VV.,The New York Times

Safety First in Syria[19 de Fevereiro]
Anna Borshchevskaya,Foreign Policy

The Syria Paradigm: New Approaches Needed for New Type of Conflict[19 de Fevereiro]
Steven Metz,World Politics Review

The Syrian Conflict Has Reached a Critical Moment[19 de Fevereiro]
David Ignatius, The Washington Post

How the Kurds Became Syria’s New Power Brokers[19 de Fevereiro]
Amberin Zaman,Foreign Policy

U.S. Scrambles to Hold Anti-Islamic State Coalition Together[19 de Fevereiro]
Eli Lake and Josh Rogin,Bloomberg View

De la négociation et de la guerre en Syrie: À quoi sert la diplomatie[18 de Fevereiro]
Bertrand Badie,Orient XXI

Lessons From Munich: We Need Cooperation, Not Confrontation[18 de Fevereiro]
Igor Ivanov,Moscow Times

The Media Are Misleading the Public on Syria[18 de Fevereiro]
Stephen Kinzer,The Boston Globe

Putin’s blank check in Syria[17 de Fevereiro]
David Braha,Jerusalem Post

Russia's Grim Pattern In Syria[16 de Fevereiro]
Dennis Ross,Wall Street Journal

Saudi Arabia’s Plan B in Syria[16 de Fevereiro]
Jamal Khashoggi,Al Arabiya

La cuenta pendiente de los kurdos[16 de Fevereiro]
Juan Carlos Sanz,El País

Extremism the biggest winner in Syria[15 de Fevereiro]
Lina Khatib,Gulf News

There will be no 'cessation of hostilities' in Syria[15 de Fevereiro]
Sharif Nashashibi,Middle East Eye

After the Geneva Talks: Re-setting U.S. Strategy for Western Syria[15 de Fevereiro]
Ilan Goldenberg, Nicholas A. Heras, and Paul Scharre,War on the Rocks

Barack Obama's policy on Syria has been a complete and utter failure
[15 de Fevereiro]

Rupert Cornwell,The Independent

Aleppo offensive exposes shortcomings of Iran's strategy in Syria[15 de Fevereiro]
Mahan Abedin,Middle East Eye

The ‘Battle for Syria’: its challenges and consequences: part (3)[15 de Fevereiro]
Robert Olson,Today’s Zaman

A Syria without Syrians[14 de Fevereiro]
James Denselow,Al Jazeera

The Syrian Civil War has become a perpetual conflict[14 de Fevereiro]
Aaron Stein,Al Jazeera

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Un médico de Alepo denuncia a Rusia ante la Corte Europea de Derechos Humanos por el bombardeo de hospitales[13/10/2016]

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Aleppo May Be 'Totally Destroyed' in Two Months[06/10/2016]
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More than 80% of UN aid convoys in Syria blocked or delayed[30/09/2016]
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Syrian army, insurgents in fierce clashes in southwest Aleppo[28/09/2016]

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Push to Sanction Syria for Using Chemical Weapons Hits Russian Resistance[27/09/2016]
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U.S. Acuses Russia of ‘Barbarism’ and War Crimes in Syria[26/09/2016]
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Syrian Regime's New Offensive To Capture Aleppo Targets Rebel-Held Areas[23/09/2016]
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UN Resumes Syria Aid Delivery After Attack[22/09/2016]
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U.S., Russia Try to Save Cease-Fire in Syria[21/09/2016]
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Obama Administration Considers Arming Syrian Kurds Against ISIS[21/09/2016]
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US, UN say Syria cease-fire 'not dead' after strike on aid convoy[20/09/2016]
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Syria conflict: UN suspends all aid after convoy hit[20/09/2016]

Syria: Deadly aid convoy bombing as ceasefire ends[20/09/2016]
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U.N. suspends aid convoys in Syria after hit, ICRC warns on impact[20/09/2016]
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Lebanon positions itself as hub for Syrian reconstruction[19/09/2016]
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Syria Cease-Fire Falters as International Support Group Meets for Crisis Talks[19/09/2016]
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Syria's military declares end of cease-fire with rebels; aid convoy is shelled[19/09/2016]
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U.S. May Have Killed Prisoners, Not Troops, in Syria Strike [19/09/2016]
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Syria Truce Hangs in the Balance Amid Attacks, Lack of Aid [19/09/2016]
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Would decentralizing Syria offer a path to peace? [17/09/2016]
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More than a million people still under siege in Syria, says report [13/09/2016]
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Syria Is Calmer but Cautious as Cease-Fire Begins [13/09/2016]
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Israeli aircraft attack Syrian army position, Israel denies any shot down [13/09/2016]

Syrian rebels agree to ceasefire, but not without reservations [13/09/2016]
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Pentagon confirms Islamic State leader was killed in Aug. 30 air strike [12/09/2016]

Doubts, concerns greet Syria cease-fire deal as violence surges [10/09/2016]
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Deadly Airstrikes Follow Cease-Fire Agreement in Syria [10/09/2016]
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U.S., Russia Seal Cease-Fire, New Military Partnership [10/09/2016]
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In Aleppo, a potential turning point for Syria [08/09/2016]
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Key Erdogan Ally Calls For U.S.-Turkey ‘Joint Operation’ in Syria [08/09/2016]
Guy Taylor, The Washington Times

US should accept Russian offer to coordinate strikes on Jabhat al-Nusra [22/05/2016]
Al Monitor

Multiple bomb blasts in Syrian cities kill at least 43 [05/09/2016]
Albert Aji, Associated Press

La Turquie annonce que sa frontière avec la Syrie est débarrassée de Daech [05/09/2016]

Unrest Grows Among Druze in Syria’s Sweida [01/09/2016]
Tom Rollins, Syria Deeply

The World May Never Know if Syria Really Destroyed All Its Chemical Weapons [31/08/2016]
Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy

Attaques chimiques en Syrie : Londres et Paris réclament des sanctions de l’ONU, Moscou s’oppose [31/08/2016]
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Senior ISIS Strategist and Spokesman Is Reported Killed in Syria [30/08/2016]
Eric Schmitt and Anne Barnard, New York Times

Syrian rebels make gains in northern Hama province, capture strategic town [30/08/2016]

'Window closing' on US-Russia deal on Syria [30/08/2016]
Laura Rozen, Al Monitor

Turkey's push into Syria: Even limited objectives carry risk of backlash [30/08/2016]
Scott Peterson, CS Monitor

Clashes subside in Syria between Turkish, Kurdish forces [30/08/2016]
Sarah El Deeb and Dusan Stojanovic, Associated Press

How the UN Pays Tens of Millions to Assad Regime [29/08/2016]
Nick Hopkins and Emma Beals, Guardian

In Syria, Rebels Threaten Kurdish-Controlled Territory as U.S. Allies Clash [29/08/2016]
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A glimmer of a chance for a settlement in Syria? [23/08/2016]
Jonathan Marcus, BBC

Turkey strikes IS in Syria as tensions rise over border town [23/08/2016]
Suzan Fraser, Associated Press

Russia ceases using airbase in Iran for Syria strikes 'for now' [22/08/2016]
Gretel Kauffman, CS Monitor

One year on, Russia's war in Syria is hardly a 'quagmire' [22/08/2016]
Howard LaFranchi, CS Monitor

Photos show IS militants fleeing Manbij with 'human shields' [19/08/2016]

U.N. Syria Envoy Pauses Humanitarian Task Force Amid Fighting [18/08/2016]
Jamey Keaten, Associated Press

Syrian planes bomb Kurdish-held city: militia, Observatory [18/08/2016]

Almost 18,000 died in Syria's prisons: Amnesty [18/08/2016]
Al Jazeera

Russia Launches Second Syria Bombing Raid from Iran [17/08/2016]

Russia Deploys Air Force in Iran For Syria Airstrikes [16/08/2016]
Damien Sharkov, Newsweek

Kurd Political Arrests in Syria Spark Internal Dispute [16/08/2016]

War of attrition: The Syrian rebellion grinds on into its 6th year, with no end in sight [11/08/2016]
Jonathan Spyer, Jerusalem Post

Fighting in Aleppo persists despite Russia ceasefire announcement: rebels [11/08/2016]

Aleppo doctors appeal to US as violence continues during Russian 'pause' [11/08/2016]
The Guardian

Syria's civil war: Suspected chemical attack in Aleppo [11/08/2016]
Al Jazeera

Russia announces daily ceasefires in Syria's Aleppo to let in aid [10/08/2016]

Syria’s rebels unite to break Assad’s siege of Aleppo [06/08/2016]
The Guardian

Military Success in Syria Gives Putin Upper Hand in U.S. Proxy War [06/08/2016]
Mark Mazzetti, Anne Barnard and Eric Schmitt, New York Times

Turkey calls for new round of Syria talks in Geneva [05/08/2016]

Danish Warplanes Drop First Bombs Against ISIS in Syria [05/08/2016]
Daily Star

A Farewell to Aleppo [05/08/2016]
Julian Reichelt, Politico EU 

Aleppo Siege: Russia Claims Rebels Used ‘Toxic Gas’ in Battle for Syria’s Second City
Conor Gaffey, Newsweek

ISILKnows It Will Lose, Already Shifting Strategy, Obama Says at Pentagon [04/08/2016]
Jim Garamone, US Defense Department

6 hospitals in Aleppo, Syria bombed in 1 week, rights group says [04/08/2016]
Amy R. Connolly, UPI

Battle for Aleppo a Pivotal Moment For Besieged Residents [03/08/2016]
Sarah El Deeb, Associated Press

Pro-Government Forces Advance in Syria Amid Talk of U.S.-Russia Cooperation [16/07/2016]
Anne Barnard and Karam Shoumali, New York Times

Pro-Regime Forces Close Main Opposition Supply Route to Aleppo City [15/07/2016]
Christopher Kozak with Genevieve Casagrande, ISW

L’utilisation d’armes à sous-munitions en Syrie trahie par la télévision russe [20 de Junho]
Le Monde

Dozens of U.S. Diplomats, in Memo, Urge Strikes Against Syria's Assad [16 de Junho]
Mark Landler,New York Times

UN: ISIL committing genocide against Yazidis [16 de Junho]
Al Jazeera

Russia Says 48-Hour Truce Reached In Syria's Aleppo [16 de Junho]
Associated Press

Kerry tells Russia US patience on Syria 'very limited' [15 de Junho]
Al Jazeera

Syrians fight Jabhat al-Nusra with cameras, social media [13 de Junho]
Asaad Hanna,Al Monitor

IS blows up Syria gas field causing 4.4 magnitude blast [17 de Maio]
Middle East Eye

Syrian rebels fear assault on besieged Daraya as residents starve [17 de Maio]
Suleiman Al-Khalidi and Lisa Barrington,Reuters

Réunion à Vienne pour relancer un cessez-le-feu en Syrie [16 de Maio]

Belgium to Begin Air Strikes Against ISIL in Syria [16 de Maio]
Hurriyet Daily News

Wave of Iranian Volunteer Soldiers in Syria Causing Further Destabilization [15 de Maio]
The Tower

Russia moves to check Iran’s power in Syria [15 de Maio]
Jumana Al-Tamimi,Gulf News

Al Qaeda Turns to Syria, With a Plan to Challenge ISIS [15 de Maio]
Eric Schmitt,New York Times

La guerra amenaza con generalizarse ante la fragilidad de la tregua en Siria [15 de Maio]
Juan Carlos Sanz,El País

How Russia Allowed Its Radicals to Go and Fight in Syria [13 de Maio]
Maria Tsvetkova,Reuters

Syria aid convoy denied entry to besieged suburb of Darayya [13 de Maio]

Hezbollah Says Badreddine Was Killed in an Attack in Syria [13 de Maio]
New York Times

Air raids on Syria's Aleppo as end of cease-fire nears [9 de Maio]
Associated Press

Qaeda Backs Nusra Front on Establishing a Caliphate in Syria [9 de Maio]
Nazeer Rida,Asharq Al Awsat

Report: Russia establishes military base in Palmyra, after driving ISIS out of the city [9 de Maio]
Maayan Groisman,Jerusalem Post

Syrian prisoners in deal to end mutiny: rights activists [8 de Maio]
Suleiman Al-Khalidi,Reuters

Rebel Rocket Fire Kills 3 Civilians in Syria's Aleppo
[8 de Maio]

Syria conflict: Air strike on refugee camp 'could be war crime'
 [6 de Maio]

Islamist Rebels Seize Village Near Aleppo, 73 Killed: Monitor  [6 de Maio]
New York Times

Aleppo cease-fire: In US talk of Syria deadlines, Russia hears an 'or else' (+video)  [5 de Maio]
Fred Weir,CS Monitor

Fresh strikes around Syria's Aleppo despite ceasefire  [5 de Maio]
Al Jazeera

Syria rebels target Druze border village  [5 de Maio]
Albin Szakola,NOW

Truce takes hold in Aleppo but fighting goes on elsewhere in Syria  [5 de Maio]
Suleiman Al-Khalidi,Reuters

Partial Truce in Syria Is Said to Extend to Aleppo  [5 de Maio]
Anne Barnard,New York Times

U.N. Envoy Warns of New Refugee Wave From Syria  [4 de Maio]
Anton Troianovski,The Wall Street Journal

After Weeks of Bloodletting, U.S. Reaches Deal on Ceasefire in Aleppo  [4 de Maio]
John Hudson, Colum Lynch,Foreign Policy

UN warns of war crimes over Aleppo carnage  [4 de Maio]
Yahoo News

Syria conflict: 'Dozens killed' in Aleppo battle  [4 de Maio]

UN Envoy Wants Syrian Cease-fire 'Back on Track'  [3 de Maio]
Luis Ramires,Voice of America

Isis jihadi who recruited 'hundreds' of UK fighters 'killed in Syria'  [3 de Maio]
Samuel Osborne,The Independent

'3 dead, 17 wounded by rebel fire' on hospital in Syria's Aleppo  [3 de Maio]
Daily Star

Violence in Syria’s Aleppo kills more than a dozen people  [3 de Maio]
Bassem Mroue,Washington Post

IS Files Reveal Assad's Deals With Militants  [3 de Maio]
Sky News

Turkish military returns fire into Syria after rockets hit border town again -security sources  [3 de Maio]
Daily Star

Wartime Damascus Preserves Tenuous Air of Normalcy Amid Syria's Ruin  [3 de Maio]
Declan Walsh,New York Times

Syrian Ceasefire: Russia To Meet United Nations Envoy As Airstrikes Hit Aleppo  [2 de Maio]
Lydia Tomkiw,International Business Times

Talks on Syria Seek to Extend Fragile Truce to Aleppo  [2 de Maio]
Anne Barnard and Sewell Chan,New York Times

Syria: Aleppo on the brink of humanitarian disaster [28 de Abril]

20 civilians killed in Aleppo, as UN urges Syria ceasefire to be 'revitalised'  [28 de Abril]
Middle East Eye

U.S.-Russia cooperation frays as Syria truce falls apart  [27 de Abril]
Karen DeYoung,Washington Post

Russia wants more details about U.S. special forces deployment in Syria  [27 de Abril]

Aid Enters Besieged Central Syria Town, Says Red Cross  [27 de Abril]

Russia asks UN to blacklist 2 powerful Syrian rebel groups  [27 de Abril]
Edith M. Lederer,Associated Press

UN Envoy Appeals to US, Russia to Help Syria Peace Talk  [27 de Abril]
New York Times

What 250 more Special Forces in Syria can do  [25 de Abril]
Anna Mulrine,C.S. Monitor

Obama announces an additional 250 special operations forces to Syria  [25 de Abril]
Barbara Starr and Kevin Liptak,CNN

Regime Officials Meet Kurds in Bid to Quell Syria Clashes  [23 de Abril]

IS tightens noose on regime enclave in eastern Syria  [20 de Abril]
Middle East Online

Documents show Assad link to atrocities against opponents [19 de Abril]
Irish Times

Syria violence escalates as peace talks stall [19 de Abril]
Middle East Online

Syria Regime Says Open to Talks on 'Broader Unity Government' [19 de Abril]

Syrian army mounts attack in northwest, Idlib bombarded [19 de Abril]

Syria Cease-Fire Falters as U.S.-Backed Rebels Attack, Citing Assad Violations [19 de Abril]
Guy Taylor,The Washington Times

Syrian opposition postpones participation in peace talks [18 de Abril]
The Guardian

Iran Ramping up Proxy Forces in Syria [18 de Abril]
Heshmat Alavi,Middle East Online

Syrian rebels declare new battle against government [18 de Abril]

Eighteen Kurdish militants killed trying to flee into Syria: Turkish security sources [18 de Abril]

Syria Opposition Threatens to Quit Peace Talks amid Aleppo Bloodshed [17 de Abril]

Iran's Soleimani in Russia for Talks on Syria, Missiles [15 de Abril]
Lidia Kelly and Parisa Hafezi,Reuters

Fighting Surges in Syria amid Apparent Collapse of Truce [14 de Abril]
Zakaria Zakaria and Hugh Naylor,Washington Post

IS Seizes Syria Villages near Turkish Border [14 de Abril]

More shelling in Syria's Aleppo mars peace talks in Geneva [14 de Abril]
Bassem Mroue,Associated Press

Battle lines shift in northern Syria [13 de Abril]
Kamal Sheikho,Al Monitor

As new round of talks begins, UN envoy for Syria says cessation of hostilities must ‘continue to give hope’ [13 de Abril]
UN News Centre

Fragile Syria cease-fire under strain [12 de Abril]
Laura Rozen,Al Monitor

U.S. Readies ‘Plan B’ to Arm Syria Rebels [12 de Abril]
Adam Entous,Wall Street Journal

Aleppo sees cautious calm amid cease-fire [8 de Abril]
Al Monitor

Rebels drop leaflets over Syrian capital from drones  [4 de Abril]

Russia expects Syrian government to attend Geneva peace talks next week [11 de Março]
Radio Free Europe

Fifth year of war 'worst yet' for Syrians: NGOs [11 de Março]
Daily Star

Syrian army aims for eastward advance with Palmyra attack [11 de Março]
Daily Star

Splitting of Syria will trigger a regional bloodbath [11 de Março]
Khalil Hamlo and Ed Blanche,The Arab Weekly

Syrian economy will take decades to recover from war [11 de Março]
Walid Khadduri,The Arab Weekly

Syrian Peace Talks to Start on Monday [10 de Março]
Fatah Al-Rahman Youssef,Asharq Al Awsat

Syria's domestic opposition to boycott parliamentary vote: statemen [10 de Março]
Daily Star

Key powers mulling possibility of federal division of Syria [10 de Março]
Louis Charbonneau,Reuters

Insurgents in Syria attack government positions [10 de Março]

ISIL commander Omar Al Shishani ‘survived US strike’ [10 de Março]
The National

UN sees no halt in Syria truce, talks to run to March 24 [9 de Março]
The Daily Star

Syrian peace talks: release of political prisoners is next hurdle [9 de Março]
The Guardian

Syrian army retakes village in Aleppo province from Islamists: monitor [9 de Março]
Al Arabiya

Syrian army retakes village in Aleppo province from Islamists: monitor [8 de Março]

Syria opposition agrees to attend Geneva peace talks [7 de Março]
Daily Star

U.S. Denies Building Air Bases in Northern Syria [7 de Março]

US ‘builds two air bases in Kurdish-controlled north Syria’ [7 de Março]
Al Arabiya

Anti-Assad Syrian Protesters Take to Streets during Lull in Airstrikes [7 de Março]
Anne Barnard,New York Times

Russia to Open Its Syria Bases to International Aid Cargos [7 de Março]
New York Times

Turkish PM backs building refugee city in N.Syria [6 de Março]
Anadolu Agency

Syria Rebels Take Border Crossing from IS [5 de Março]

Syrian rebel group says government mobilizing to take more areas [4 de Março]
Al Arabiya

Jets strike east Damascus for 1st time since truce [4 de Março]
Al Arabiya

Assad miffs opposition, Russians with call for elections [4 de Março]
Mustafa al-Haj,Al Monitor

Syrians Use Truce to Resume Friday Protests [4 de Março]

Hardline Syrian rebel group says fighting has not stopped [4 de Março]
Daily Star

Europe leaders tell Putin Syria truce must hold to spur peace talks: Cameron [4 de Março]

Syria cease-fire a welcome humanitarian respite, but at a cost (+video) [3 de Março]
Howard LaFranchi,CS Monitor

Syria army opens new battle with rebels in northwest [2 de Março]
Daily Star

TIMELINE: Key players reflect on US policy in Syria [2 de Março]
Julian Pecquet,Al Monitor

Should armed groups allied with al-Qaeda be included in Syria peace talks?  [31 de Janeiro]
Al Monitor  

CNN exclusive: In rebel-held Aleppo, residents suspect Syria truce a trick [29 de Fevereiro]
Clarissa Ward and Susannah Cullinane,CNN

Syria ceasefire task force meets, France wants answers on violations [29 de Fevereiro]
John Irish and Stephanie Nebehay,Reuters

Syria conflict: UN steps up aid deliveries as truce holds [29 de Fevereiro]

El régimen y la oposición siria se acusan de violar la tregua [29 de Fevereiro]
Juan Carlos Sanz,El País

Syrian war: UN to expand aid amid partial truce [29 de Fevereiro]

Blame-trading tests Syria's fragile truce [29 de Fevereiro]
Daily Times

Syria's war liberates Kurdish women as it oppresses others [28 de Fevereiro]
Benedetta Argentieri,Reuters

En Syrie, une trêve « globalement respectée » malgré des bombardements non identifiés [28 de Fevereiro]
Le Monde

Air strikes hit six towns in Syria's Aleppo day after truce: monitor [28 de Fevereiro]

Guns fall silent in Syria [28 de Fevereiro]
Tom Perry And Mariam Karouny,Reuters

Syria conflict: Key moments to date [27 de Fevereiro]

Al-Nusra Front Chief Urges Rejection of Syria Ceasefire [26 de Fevereiro]

Syria conflict: Russia 'steps up air strikes' ahead of truce [26 de Fevereiro]

La cessation des hostilités en Syrie peut-elle tenir?  [26 de Fevereiro]
Le Monde

Air Strikes Batter Rebels ahead of Syria Ceasefire Deadline [26 de Fevereiro]

Syrian opposition accepts ceasefire for 'two weeks' [25 de Fevereiro]
Al Jazeera

U.N. to announce new round of Syria talks: envoy
[25 de Fevereiro]
Tom Miles,Reuters

Syrian army recaptures town in Aleppo province from IS group [25 de Fevereiro]
Zeina Karam,Associated Press

Questions remain as Syria ceasefire implementation approaches [25 de Fevereiro]
Middle East Online

Syria: Under Russia's fist [25 de Fevereiro]
Al Jazeera

Syria conflict: UN Deir al-Zour aid air-drop ‘off target’ [25 de Fevereiro]

Turkey says Syria ceasefire is not binding if it threatens security [25 de Fevereiro]
Daily Star

Syria truce must cut aid to terrorists: Iran's president [24 de Fevereiro]
Press TV

Syria Army Excludes Rebel Town near Capital from Truce [24 de Fevereiro]

ISIS attacks spike in Syria with help from Russian air cover, report says [24 de Fevereiro]
Thomas Gibbons-Neff,New York Times

Pentagon, CIA Chiefs Skeptical of Syria Cease-Fire [24 de Fevereiro]
Adam Entous,The Wall Street Journal

Syria Army Excludes Rebel Town near Capital from Truce [24 de Fevereiro]

Russian leader pushes Syria truce deal amid skepticism [24 de Fevereiro]
Zeina Karam,Associated Press

Erdoğan says Kurdish YPG should be excluded from Syria cease-fire [24 de Fevereiro]
Today's Zaman

ISIS tightens grip on Syrian govt road to Aleppo [24 de Fevereiro]
Al Arabiya

U.N. Aid Convoys Head to Two Syrian Besieged Towns [23 de Fevereiro]

Syrian government agrees to 'cessation of hostilities' plan [23 de Fevereiro]
Patrick Wintour,The Guardian

U.S.-Russia Deal on Partial Truce in Syria Raises More Doubt than Optimism [23 de Fevereiro]
Mark Landler,New York Times

Assad Sets April 13 Parliamentary Elections
[23 de Fevereiro]

Margallo: “El Asad debe estar en la negociación, pero no en la solución” [22 de Fevereiro]
Miguel González, El País

U.S. and Russia Near Deal on Partial Truce in Syria, Kerry Says [22 de Fevereiro]
David E. Sanger,The New York Times

Hizbullah Founder Criticizes Its Intervention in Syria [21 de Fevereiro]
Maayan Groisman,Jerusalem Post

Kerry arrives in Jordan to discuss Syrian civil war, battle with ISIS [20 de Fevereiro]
Carol Morello,Washington Post

Aleppo rebels unite under former Ahrar al-Sham commander [16 de Fevereiro]
Middle East Eye

United Nations Envoy Holds Talks with Assad Government in Damascus [16 de Fevereiro]
Karen Leigh in Dubai and Thomas Grove,Wall Street Journal

Russia rejects Syria war crimes claim over hospital attacks [16 de Fevereiro]

Germany's Merkel backs no-fly zone in Syria [16 de Fevereiro]
Al Arabiya

The Latest: Turkey calls for ground operations in Syria [16 de Fevereiro]

Turkey shells Kurdish-held air base in Syria's Aleppo [15 de Fevereiro]
Al Jazeera

Saudi Arabia launches military exercise with 20 nations [15 de Fevereiro]
Faith Karimi,CNN

The Growing Intensity of Turkey's Civil War [15 de Fevereiro]
Katrin Kuntz, Onur Burçak Belli and Emin Oezmen,Der Spiegel

Is Saudi Arabia wavering on sending troops to Syria?  [15 de Fevereiro]
Bamzi Banchiri,CS Monitor

EU sees no new Cold War signs with Russia [15 de Fevereiro]
Al Arabiya

Kurdish fighters 'carry out ethnic cleansing' in Syria [15 de Fevereiro]
Umut Uras,Al Jazeera

Syria calls on UN to condemn Turkish attacks on Kurds [15 de Fevereiro]
Al Jazeera

Syria Employing Ethnic Cleansing of Sunnis [15 de Fevereiro]
Ariel Ben Solomon,Jerusalem Post

A Picture in Words From a Syrian Officer, Then Nothing [15 de Fevereiro]
Anne Barnard and Hwaida Saad,New York Times

La reunión de Múnich evidencia la fragilidad del plan de tregua en Siria [14 de Fevereiro]
Luis Doncel,El País

Syria: Turkey and Saudi Arabia consider ground campaign following border strikes [14 de Fevereiro]
The Guardian

Saudi fighter jets deployed to Turkey's Incirlik base [14 de Fevereiro]
Al Jazeera

Israel skeptical of Syria ceasefire, eyes partition [14 de Fevereiro]
Ynet news

Turkish PM confirms shelling of Kurdish forces in Syria [13 de Fevereiro]
The Guardian

Kalibr Missile Shooter Heading to Mediterranean Sea [13 de Fevereiro]
7 Feet Beneath the Keel

Amid peace talks, Is the military situation in Syria escalating?  [13 de Fevereiro]
Christina Beck,CS Monitor

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister is defending his country's foreign policy and its actions in Yemen and Syria, insisting that the kingdom has no ambitions beyond its borders [12 de Fevereiro]
US News

U.S., Russia and Other Powers Agree on ‘Cessation of Hostilities’ in Syria [12 de Fevereiro]
Karen DeYoung,The Washington Post

Why the US is skeptical of Saudi involvement in Syria [12 de Fevereiro]
Bamzi Banchiri,CS Monitor

Russia raises specter of interminable or 'world war' if Syria talks fail [11 de Fevereiro]
John Irish,Reuters

Obama Administration Opening 2-Front Campaign on Syria [11 de Fevereiro]
Matthew Lee,ABC News

Russia says U.S. planes bombed Syria's Aleppo on Wednesday [11 de Fevereiro]

A Look at What's Next for the Major Players in Syria's War [11 de Fevereiro]
ABC News

What does Russia want in Syria? 5 reasons Putin backs Assad [8 de Fevereiro]
Matthew Chance,CNN

Deciphering the Syrian Peace Process  [Fevereiro]
Democracy Reporting International

L’opposition syrienne participera aux négociations de paix à Genève [29 de Janeiro]
Le Monde

Quién es quién en la guerra en Siria [27 de Janeiro]
Natalia Sancha,El País

Trêve en Syrie : où en sont les positions de chaque camp?  [19 de Janeiro]
Jules Grandin et Pierre Breteau,Le Monde

What really happened to the U.S. train-and-equip program in Syria? [21 de Dezembro de 2015]
Roy Gutman, Mcclatchy DC

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