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Elections in Iran
19 | May | 2016

President Rouhani and his associates won the first round of the Iranian elections. The people has voted for the Islamic Advisory Assembly and the Experts Assembly. The later will chose the Spiritual Leader of the Islamic Republic. This is the first electoral act since Teheran sign the Nuclear Agreement.


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The Parliament
Farideh Farhi, Iran Primer

Election Timeline, Quotes & Factoids
Iran Primer

Iran votes 2016
Al Jazeera


How elections are secularizing Iranian politics [May 19]
Shervin Malekzadeh, Washington Post

The Alternative to Regime Change in Iran [March 10]
Akbar Ganji, The National Interest

The West nervously grins as Iran ponders the future [March 10]
Alan Philps, The National

What Does It Mean To Be A Reformist In Iran? [March 10]
Mehdi Khalaji, Washington Institute

What Iran's Elections Mean for its Future [March 9]
Ali Vaez, Fortune

Why the triumph of moderates is a setback to Iranian democracy [March 9]
Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar, Washington Post

The Death of Iran's Islamic Left: How the Elections Hurt the Reformers [March 8]
Ray Takeyh and Reuel Marc Gerecht, Foreign Policy

Rouhani’s Post-Election Openings and Challenges [March 7]
Ellie Geranmayeh, ECFR

Iran’s costly fake ‘democracy’ [March 6]
Eyad Abu Shakra, Al Arabiya

Why the Nuclear Deal Hasn’t Softened Iran’s Hard-Line Policies [March 6]
Dennis Ross, Politico Magazine

What Iran’s Elections Mean for Its Ties With Europe [March 3]
Cornelius Adebahr, Europe’s World

Iran's Impotent Assembly of Experts
Michael Rubin, Commentary

How women, the Green Movement and an app shaped Iran’s elections [March 1]
Narges Bajoghli, Washington Post

An Ominous Election in Iran [March 1]
Ilan Berman, U.S. News

Iran’s Zombie Democracy Comes Back to Life [March 1]
Daniel Brumberg, Foreign Policy

Iran's Elections Are Magic [March 1]
Eli Lake, Bloomberg View

Iran's Election Changed Just About Nothing [March 1]
Jon Tobin, Commentary

How Iran’s elections marginalized radicals and consolidated a new political center [February 29]
Shervin Malekzadeh, Washington Post

The State(s) of Ideology in Iran [February 29]
Said Amir Arjomand, Washington Institute

Iran's historic elections reveal new alliances and divisions [February 26]
Mahan Abedin, Middle East Eye

How a pro-reform parliament can improve the future of Iran [February 26]
Kourosh Ziabari

Why Tehran matters so much in Iranian politics [February 29]
Adnan Tabatabai, Al Monitor

Who is the winner and loser of Iran elections? [February 29]
Hamid Dabashi, Al Jazeera

Five lessons from Iran's 2016 elections [February 28]
Gareth Smyth, The Guardian

Blow for Iran’s hardliners as moderates win key seats [February 28]
Najmeh Bozorgmehr, Financial Times

After elections, Iranian women's demands are forgotten [February 28]
Massoumeh Torfeh, Al Jazeera

The Farce of Iranian Elections [February 28]
Eyal Zisser, Israel Hayom

Législatives iraniennes : quelles répercussions sur l'ouverture de l'Iran au monde extérieur? [February 27]
Entrevista a Denis Bauchard, Le Figaro

Meet the 25-year old cleric who may help choose Iran's next supreme leader [February 26]
Entrevista a Maysam Doost-Mohammadi, Al Monitor

Moderation in Iran? Not Likely [February 26]
Aaron David Miller, Los Angeles Times

Iran's historic elections reveal new alliances and divisions [February 26]
Mahan Abedin, Middle East Eye

How a pro-reform parliament can improve the future of Iran [February 26]
Kourosh Ziabari

Why Iran’s Elections Matter [February 25]
Entrevista a Zachary Laub, Council on Foreign Relations

Stakes Are High as Iran Votes [February 25]
Ian Black, Guardian

Les enjeux des élections iraniennes en cinq points [February 25]
Anthony Samrani, L’Orient le Jour

What’s at stake in Iran’s parliamentary elections [February 25]
Scott Lucas, The Conversation

Iran’s Technicolor Elections [February 25]
Robin Wright, New Yorker

‘While the Middle East is burning, Iran is living in peace’ [February 25]
Hajrudin Somun, Today’s Zaman

Una prueba para el futuro de Irán [February 25]
Ramin Jahanbegloo, El País

Iran's Political Landscape -- And What Is Unlikely To Change With Friday's Elections [February 25]
Mehdi Khalaji, Wall Street Journal

Do Iranian Elections Matter? [February 25]
Kevin Sullivan, RealClearWorld

How Some Iranians Are Mobilizing the Vote [February 25]
Saeid Jafari, Al-Monitor

"Van a cambiar muchas cosas en Irán con estas elecciones" [February 24]
Entrevista a Mohamed Alí Bakili, El Periódico

Khamenei hard-liners fixing Iranian elections [February 24]
Ariel Ben Solomon, Jerusalem Post

Iran's Battle Lines [February 24]
Ali Vaez, Foreign Affairs

Iran's Election Coalitions [February 24]
Katayoun Kishi, Iran Primer

An election that could redefine Iran [February 24]
Francis Matthew, Gulf News

Why Iran’s Elections Matter [February 24]
Entrevista a Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar, Council on Foreign Relations

Why This Iranian Election Matters [February 24]
Arash Karami, Al-Monitor

Iran's Election Procedures [February 24]
Patrick Schmidt, Washington Institute

The Myth of a Meaningful Vote in Iran [February 23]
Ray Takeyh, The Atlantic

Why this election of Iran's Assembly of Experts is more important than ever [February 23]
Arash Karami, Al Monitor

Iran elections: why are they important and who is running? [February 23]
Saeed Kamali Dehghan, The Guardian

How Iran’s Political Dynamics Conflict With Hype Over Elections’ Influence [February 21]
Suzanne Maloney, Wall Street Journal

Iranian Election Truths and Myths [February 19]
Ray Takeyh, Council on Foreign Relations

Nuclear Deal Colors 2016 Election -- In Iran [February 17]
James Conca, Forbes

Understanding Iran's Assembly of Experts Vote [February 16]
Patrick Schmidt, Washington Institute

Iran’s Elections: Reformists, Hardliners and the ‘Deep State’ [February 15]
Muhammad Sahimi, National Interest

Iran's reformists fight back against mass election [February 14]
Rohollah Faghihi, Middle East Eye

Choosing Iran's Next Supreme Leader [February 4]
Mehdi Khalaji, Washington Institute

IRAN Elections to the Islamic Consultative Assembly [January 28]
Luciano Zaccara, OPEMAM

Iran's Parliamentary Elections: Inside the Candidate Approval Process [January 22]
Patrick Schmidt, Washington Institute

Why Israel is keeping a close eye on Iran’s parliamentary elections [January 18]
Ben Caspit, Al Monitor

Do Iran's Elections Mean Change? [January 11]
Katayoun Kishi, Iran Primer

Why Iran's Elections Matter [January 11]
Entrevista a Nasser Hadian, Iran Primer

Trends in Parliamentary Elections [January 11]
Katayoun Kishi, Iran Primer

Five reasons so many Iranians are rushing to run for office [January 4]
Ali Omidi, Al Monitor

Recalibration and Surprises: A Primer on the Middle East and the 2016 Presidential Election [November 3, 2015]
Allen L. Keiswetter, Middle East Institute

Iranian Moderates Face Tall Obstacles in 2016 Elections [August 19, 2015]
Mehdi Khalaji, Washington Institute


Iran Election Boosts President Rouhani [March 1]
New York Times

Peace message in Iran’s election [February 29]
Christian Science Monitor

Irán empieza a cambiar [February 29]
El País

Iran elections [February 29]
Daily Times

Moderation, Tehran-Style [February 28]
Wall Street Journal

Elections can open a new chapter in Iran [February 27]
The National

Social Media evolution: When election enthusiasm transfers to mobiles [February 25]
Iran Project

Iran's Hard-Liners Cling to the Past [February 25]
New York Times

Iranian elections: Young voters have power and must vote [February 24]

Moderates Under Pressure in Iran [January 29]
New York Times

A Moderate Iranian Purge [January 26]
Wall Street Journal


Iran ex-president Khatami urges \'more open atmosphere\' [March 8]
Arab Weekly

Rouhani praises Khatami strategic role in recent vote [March 7]
Arab Weekly

Reformists Make Gains in Iranian Elections. Now What? [March 2]
The Diplomat

Iran: Khatami calls vote results an endorsement of reformist policies [March 1]
Radio Zamaneh

After Iran elections, Rouhani aims to bring economic reform [March 1]
Arab Weekly

As Media Calls Iran Elections a Win for Moderates, Iranian Hardliners Celebrate [March 1]
Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon

Un líder ultra cuestiona el éxito de los reformistas en Irán [March 1]
Ángeles Espinosa, El País

Iran elections results will help anti-terror campaign:Russisn official [March 1] 

Rouhani allies seek control of parliament as Iran votes [April 29]
Gulf Times

Iran set to elect record number of women into parliament [February 29]
Saeed Kamali Dehghan, The Guardian

Zeldin, Pompeo, LoBiondo on Iran’s Elections, Iranian Government’s Missed Deadline to Respond to Visa Applications [February 29]
Congressman Lee Zeldin

How much change do Iranians really want? [February 29]
Hooman Majd, Al Monitor

Iran religious minorities lawmakers elected [February 29]
Press TV

Iran election surprise: How moderates gained ground [February 29]
Scott Peterson, Christian Science Monitor

Iran ends vote counting in crucial twin elections [February 29]
Press TV

Iranian moderates win majority in parliament, clerical body [February 29]
Ali Akbar Dareini, Associated Press

Dos de los tres ayatolás ultras quedan fuera de la Asamblea de Expertos [February 29]
Ángeles Espinosa, El País

Principlists lead votes countrywide, reformists win Tehran [February 29]
Tehran Times

Le point sur les premiers résultats des élections législatives en Iran [February 29]
Le Monde

Los iraníes respaldan la apuesta de Rohaní por el deshielo con Occidente [February 29]
Ángeles Espinosa, El País

'Tehran Is Now Free' -- Iranian Election Results Spark Gleeful Social-Media Response [February 28]
Golnaz Esfandiari, Radio Free Europe

Iran: un vote de confiance pour Rohani [February 28]
Georges Malbrunot, Le Figaro

Iran foiled two terrorist plots ahead of polls [February 28]
Tehran Times

Rouhani Allies Sweep Tehran Seats in Poll Boost for Moderates [February 28]
Golnar Motevalli & LadaneNasseri, Bloomberg

How Iran's 'election oven' went into meltdown [February 28]
Amir Azimi, BBC

Iran : les réformateurs sur le point de remporter la totalité des sièges à Téhéran [February 28]
CBS News

Iran : les réformateurs sur le point de remporter la totalité des sièges à Téhéran [February 27]
Georges Malbrunot, Le Figaro

A Téhéran, on vote pour « ceux qui suivent les principes» [February 27]
Ghazal Golshiri, Le Monde

Elections en Iran: "Hassan Rohani semble avoir gagné la première manche" [February 26]

Iran election: Counting starts after high turnout [February 26]

Iran : les femmes veulent peser plus dans la balance électorale [February 26]
Le Figaro

Comment fonctionne le pouvoir en Iran [February 25]
Le Figaro

Tehran awaits crucial elections on Iran's direction after nuclear deal [February 25]
Mick Krever, CNN

En Iran, les bénéfices de l’accord sur le nucléaire au cœur des élections [February 25]
Louis Imbert, Le Monde

Iranians to vote in parliament, Assembly of Experts elections [February 25]
Press TV

Iran election: 1,300 candidates withdraw at last minute [February 25]
Middle East Eye

La presunta injerencia extranjera marca el cierre de campaña iraní [February 25]
Ángeles Espinosa, Ali Falahi, Luis Manuel Rivas, El País

Iran's Elections: A Battle For The Future Of The Islamic Revolution [February 25]
Frud Bezhan, Radio Free Europe

Iran Legislative Elections: Make-or-break moment for Reformists [February 25]
Yasser Seddiq, Al Ahram

Upcoming elections to revitalize Iran’s development: Larijani [February 25]
Iran Project

Examining Who’s Up for Election in Iran, and Candidates’ Potential Impact [February 25]
Thomas Erdbrink, New York Times

Zarif respond to MEPs: Iran’s election did not come to a halt even during the war [February 25]
Iran Project

Tehran awaits crucial elections on Iran's direction after nuclear deal [February 25]
Mick Krever, CNN

Leader: Nation wants a Majlis which prioritizes dignity, independence [February 25]
Tehran Times

Iran election field shrinks as over 1000 withdraw [February 25]
Middle East Online

Iran Elections 2016: A Guide To The Iranian Vote, Key Issues And Why It Matters [February 24]
Michael Kaplan, International Business Times

El anhelo de mejora económica marca las elecciones legislativas iraníes [February 24]
Ali Falahi, El País

Elections en Iran: Khamenei veut un Parlement fort face aux Etats-Unis [February 24]
L’Orient le Jour

In Iran elections, getting votes means going to social media [February 24]
Associated Press

Ahead of Election, Iran's Leader Calls For Unity Against West [February 24]
Samia Nakhoul, Reuters

Iran’s Moderates Seek to Capitalize on Nuclear Deal for Election Gains [February 24]
Aresu Eqbali and Asa Fitch, Wall Street Journal

Iran elections: Five things to know [February 24]

Rouhani urges against exaggerating foreign influence in elections [February 24]

Iran’s top reformist candidate hits campaign trail [February 24]
Daily Star

Iran is holding major elections. Here’s what you should know about them [February 24]
Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post

Hassan Khomeyni évincé : les conservateurs ont préféré ne prendre « aucun risque » [February 24]
Caroline Hayek, L’Orient le Jour

Résignée, la jeunesse iranienne n'attend rien des législatives [February 24]
Georges Malbrunot, Le Figaro

Election fraud already ruled out by ‘systematic supervision’ [February 23]

L’Iran prépare la succession du Guide suprême [February 23]
Louis Imbert, Le Monde

Iranian Elections to Test Enthusiasm for Hassan Rouhani’s Reformist Agenda [February 23]
Guy Taylor, The Washington Times

Iran's election campaigns [February 23]
Mohammad Ali Najib, Al Jazeera

Khatami et Rafsandjani appellent à voter réformateur [February 23]
L’Orient le Jour

Iran elections test U.S. gamble on nuke deal [February 22]
Nahal Toosi, Politico

Is BBC Persian meddling in Iranian elections?[February 23]
Al Monitor

Iran's election campaigns [February 23]
Mohammad Ali Najib, Al Jazeera

Iran's economic gloom dims enthusiasm for coming elections [February 21]
Najmeh Bozorgmehr, Financial Times

Guardian Council attacked to discredit parl.: cleric
[February 20]

How will Iran choose its next Supreme Leader? [February 19]
PBS Newshour

Official electoral campaigns begin in Tehran [February 18]

Gen. Soleimani: A new brand of Iranian hero for nationalist times [February 15]
Scott Peterson, Christian Science Monitor

Prominent reformists back in Iran election [February 10]
The Nation

President: February 11 rallies a prelude to major turnout in elections [February 10]

Intelligence minister calls for massive turnout in upcoming elections [February 10]
The Iran Project

High turnout in elections to disappoint enemies: Iran’s judiciary chief [February 10]
The Iran Project

Iranian Professors Sound Alarm Over 'Mass Disqualifications' In Upcoming Vote [February 9]
Radio Free Europe

Turnout in elections re-allegiance to Revolution [February 8]

Leader encourages large turnout in elections [February 8]
The Iran Project

Khamenei to Iran officials: Don’t let elections distract you! [February 8]
Middle East Online

Rouhani urges all to take part in votes under any circumstances [February 7]
The Iran Project

Iran elections need no international monitoring: MP [February 7]
The Iran Project

Rafsanjani: People, Gov't, Int'l community keen on dynamic elections [February 6]

Iran body reverses ban on 1500 election candidates [February 6]
The Iran Project

Iran's reformists fight back against mass election ban [February 6]
Rohollah Faghihi, Middle East Eye

High turnout in elections to further raise Iran’s Int’l status: Larijani [February 3]
The Iran Project

Rafsanjani’s controversial remarks on Iran’s elections cause a stir [February 3]
The Iran Project

In Iran, fierce political winds buffet a grandson of the revolution [February 2]
Scott Peterson, Christian Science Monitor

Rafsanjani criticises hardliners over exclusion of Khomeini grandson [February 1]
Middle East Online

Rouhani: Participation in elections instrumental [January 31]

Elections guarantee system’s long-life, religious democracy [January 29]

Iran Election Gatekeepers Keep Tight Control on Candidates for Key Panel [January 26]
Brian Murphy, Washington Post

Iran excludes most candidates in elite assembly election [January 26]
Sam Wilkin, Reuters

Khomeini grandson nixed from running in Iran elections [January 26]
Middle East Online

Iran cancels plans to hold Feb. elections electronically: Spokesman [January 21]
The Iran Project

What’s Larijani’s game for the parliamentary elections? [January 13]
Saeid Jafari, Al Monitor

Will Green Movement haunt Iran’s upcoming elections? [December 29, 2015]
Arash Karami, Al Monitor

Record 12,000 candidates register for Iran's February election [December 26, 2015]

Iran heats up in anticipation of crucial elections [December 15, 2015]
Rohollah Faghihi, Middle East Eye

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