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USA Presidential Elections
2 | November | 2016

After the very contested primaries, the Republican convention in Cleveland nominated Donald Trump as their candidate to presidency, and the Democratic convention in Philadelphia nominated Hillary Clinton as theirs. The polls point to a divisions of the voters, one of the many examples of the society polarization.


UPI/CVoter poll: Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 4.69 points [17/10/2016]
Allen Cone, UPI

UPI/CVoter: Hillary Clinton regains slight lead in first post-debate poll [28/09/2016]
Eric DuVall, UPI

Where the presidential race stands today
Armand Emamdjomeh and David Lauter, L.A. Times

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton
Real Clear Politics

UPI/CVoter poll: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump hold steady in virtual tie [23/08/2016]
Eric DuVall, UPI

Americans Most Confident in Sanders, Kasich on Economy [18/04/2016]
Justin McCarthy, Gallup

Les résultats des primaires et caucus, État par État [02/03/2016]
Le Figaro

The 2016 Presidential Campaign – a News Event That’s Hard to Miss [04/02/2016]
Jeffrey Gottfried, Michael Barthel, Elisa Shearer and Amy Mitchell, PEW

Cruz, Sanders and Americans Agree: Government Not Working [04/02/2016]
Frank Newport, Gallup

Red States Outnumber Blue for First Time in Gallup Tracking [03/02/2016]
Jeffrey M. Jones, Gallup

As Voting Begins, Sanders More Popular Than Clinton With Dems [01/02/2016]
Andrew Dugan, Gallup

Three in 10 Americans Follow Election Very Closely [25/01/2016]

Voters Skeptical That 2016 Candidates Would Make Good Presidents [20/01/2016]
Pew Research Center


Election 2016: Presidential Primaries
The Huffington Post

Compare the Candidates: Immigration
Council on Foreign Relations

Compare the Presidential Candidates on Foreign Policy

Council on Foreign Relations

Election Oracle

American Enterprise Institute

Track and Compare Where the Candidates Stand
Council on Foreign Relations

2016 Primary Schedule | 2016 Election Central

The U.S. Presidential Nominating Process
Gopal Ratnam and Jonathan Masters, Council on Foreign Relations

Opinions & Analyses

Clinton’s Foreign Policy: The Known Unknowns [01/11/2016]
Robert Hunter, LobeLog

Why the US election has been terrifying to this German
Constanze Stelzenmüller, Brookings

Clinton and Nukes: More Dangerous Than Trump? [31/10/2016]
Christopher Layne, National Interest

Did Trump and Clinton Get a Pass on Education? [28/10/2016]
Rebecca Mead, New Yorker

Trump swings through all-important Florida as early voting gets underway [25/10/2016]

Eric DuVall, UPI

The Republican Party is coming apart. Here’s what it can learn from the 1956 Democrats.

Boris Heersink, Washington Post

This Moment, This America [24/10/2016]

David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy

On the Election—I [24/10/2016]

Russell Baker, G.W. Bowersock, and David Bromwich, New York Review of Books

It’s Trump’s Party [24/10/2016]

Paul Krugman, New York Times

Trump is not a GOP aberration [24/10/2016]

E.J. Dionne Jr., Washington Post

The GOP is breaking. It’s not Trump’s fault. [24/10/2016]

Zachary Karabell, Washington Post

Clinton’s Specter of Illegitimacy [23/10/2016]

Charles M. Blow, New York Times

Why Is Assange Helping Trump? [23/10/2016]

Jonathan Freedland, New York Review of Books

Inequality Defines the American Election [21/10/2016]

Marianne Schneider-Petsinger, Chatham House

Trump’s election-rigging claim will backfire. Here’s the evidence. [21/10/2016]

Pippa Norris, Washington Post

The Art of the Rout: What a Trump Loss Does to the G.O.P. [21/10/2016]

Evan Osnos, New Yorker

Congressional candidates from the two parties don’t talk about the same issues [21/10/2016]

Alexander Podkul and Elaine Kamarck, Brookings

The Democrats are likely to win a majority of House votes, but not a majority of House seats. Again. [20/10/2016]

Eric McGhee, Washington Post

The Election That Killed Foreign Policy [20/10/2016]

Paul Pillar, National Interest

Trump and the Makings of a Constitutional Crisis [20/10/2016]

Micah Zenko, Council on Foreign Relations

US Election Note: Energy and Climate Policy After 2016 [20/10/2016]

Sarah Ladislaw, Chatham House

If Clinton wins big, then what? [20/10/2016]

Frederick M. Hess, The Hill

Election 2016 and America's Future [10/2016]

AA.VV., Brookings

Donald Trump Can’t Undermine American Democracy Because It Barely Even Exists  [20/10/2016]

Rosa Brooks, Foreign Policy

Donald Trump, the Anti-Democratic Candidate [20/10/2016]

Benjamin Wallace-Wells, New Yorker

It could happen here[19/10/2016]

Larry Diamond, The Atlantic

Donald Trump’s ‘rigged election’ talk is changing minds. Democrats’ minds, that is.[19/10/2016]

Charles Stewart III, Washington Post

Why John Kasich could have a better chance of becoming president than Evan McMullin[19/10/2016]

Joshua Tucker, Washington Post

Redistricting and Representation in the 2016 Elections and Beyond [19/10/2016]

Liz Kennedy and Danielle Root, Center for American Progress

The Trump Trade Doctrine: A Path to Growth and Balance [18/10/2016]

Wilbur Ross & Peter Navarro, RCPolicy

Why Is the U.S. Green Party So Irrelevant? [18/10/2016]

Per Urlaub, The Conversation

Democracy Depends on the Consent of the Losers[17/10/2016]

Uri Friedman, The Atlantic

The GOP is history. What about the country? [17/10/2016]

Fareed Zakaria, CNN

Why Trump’s Immigration Position Is Hurting Him [17/10/2016]

Alex Nowrasteh, CATO

What Are the New Battleground States? [17/10/2016]
David N. Wasserman, The New York Times

Donald Trump, the Worst of America [17/10/2016]
Charles M. Blow, The New York Times

How a Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Affect the Supreme Court [17/10/2016]
Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic

A Tale of Two Trumps [15/10/2016]
David A. Graham, The Atlantic

Will Republican voters flee Trump, post-video? Here’s what we found. [14/10/2016]
Tobias Konitzer, Sam Corbett-Davies and David Rothschild, Washington Post

The Challenge of Governing With a Congressional Majority [13/10/2016]
Norm Ornstein, The Atlantic

Everything the next president needs to know about infrastructure [13/10/2016]
William A. Galston and Robert Puentes, Brookings

Trump élu : que se passe-t-il en économie? [13/10/2016]
Mark Burgess, La Tribune

Trump & Consequentialism [13/10/2016]
Rod Dreher, American Conservative

The Islamic State Obsession [12/10/2016]
Phillip Lohaus, US News

Should Christians Vote for Trump? [12/10/2016]
Eric Metaxas, Wall Street Journal

Why is Trump better than Clinton for Arabs? [12/10/2016]
Mamdouh AlMuhaini, Al Arabiya

The Republican Inferno [12/10/2016]
Ross Douthat, The New York Times

A Political Historian Explains Why Trump's Tape Could Destroy the GO
Heather Cox Richardson, Quartz

Trump Gets Ready to Be a Bad Loser [11/10/2016]
Ryan Lizza, New Yorker

The Donald Trump We Always Knew [11/10/2016]
Andrew Rosenthal, New York Times

The life and death of Trumpian America [10/10/2016]
Edward Luce, Financial Times

Did Trump Live To Fight Another Day? [10/10/2016]
W. James Antle III, National Interest

Trump v Clinton: who won the second presidential debate? [10/10/2016]
Richard Wolffe, Jessica Valenti, Kenneth Pennington and Christopher R Barron, The Guardian

Predators in Arms [10/10/2016]
Paul Krugman, New York Times

Trump colpito ma non affondato [10/10/2016]
Massimo Faggioli, Huffington Post Italia

Time for Clinton and Trump to Come Clean on Syria [09/10/2016]
Frida Ghitis, CNN

Trump Rattles Off Greatest Hits of Incoherent Foreign Policy [09/10/2016]
Josh Keating, Slate

Donald Trump aurait pu être president [09/10/2016]
Isaac Chotiner, Slate

The Way Ahead [08/10/2016]
Barack Obama, The Economist

A Sexual Predator in the Republican Party’s Midst [08/10/2016]
John Cassidy, New Yorker

Donald Trump Just Lost The Election [08/10/2016]
John Avlon, Daily Beast

Ivanka, Chelsea, and the emerging voter [07/10/2016]
Karlyn Bowman and Heather Sims, AEI

Circle Jerks, ‘Deny Everything': The Week In One Song [07/10/2016]
Christopher Federico, Washington Post

A Libertarian Foreign Policy Vision [07/10/2016]
Gary Johnson, The National Interest

The 18 Essential Foreign-Policy Questions Clinton and Trump Need to Answer [07/10/2016]
AA.VV., Foreign Policy

Third-Party Voters Know What They Want [04/10/2016]
Emma Roller, New York Times

Where Kaine and Pence stand on K-12 education issues [03/10/2016]
Jon Valant, Brookings

Trump's Fellow Travelers [03/10/2016]
Paul Krugman, New York Times

Trump and the Intellectuals [03/10/2016]
Ross Douthat, New York Times

Echo & The Bunnymen, ‘Show of Strength': The Week In One Song [1/10/2016]
Christopher Federico, Washington Post

After the debate, Trump is still dominating news coverage. But Clinton is getting the good press . [30/09/2016]
John Sides, Washington Post

The Candidates Laid Bare [29/09/2016]
Elizabeth Drew, New York Review of Books

How the Clinton-Trump Race Got Close[30/09/2016]
Paul Krugman, New York Times

Trump Is a Hawk. His "America First" Image Is a Lie[29/09/2016]
Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic

Fat-Shamer in Chief[29/09/2016]
Timothy Egan, Washington Post

A (Tepid) Defense of Trump on Iraq[29/09/2016]
Kevin Sullivan, Real Clear World

Forget Trump’s temperament and Clinton’s stamina. Voters care less and less about candidates’ personalities[29/09/2016]
Martin Wattenberg, Washington Post

Who's Checking the Fact Checkers on Trump's Iraq Views?[28/09/2016]
James Taranto, Wall Street Journal

Hillary the Hawk[09/2016]
Stephen Zunes, Cairo Review

Can the Unthinkable Happen?[13/10/2016]
Michael Tomasky, New York Review of Books

Las cuatro elecciones más reñidas de la historia reciente de EE UU[28/09/2016]
Carlos Hernández-Echevarría, ES Global

Take a Deep Breath, Voters. There Is a Third Way[28/09/2016]
Gary Johnson, The New York Times

Un debate poco digno de EE UU[28/09/2016]
Alana Moceri, ES Global

Trump Has a Point About NATO[28/09/2016]
John Bolton, Boston Globe

Trump Showed He's No Commander in Chief[28/09/2016]
Max Boot, USA Today

For outside world, U.S. election is all about Trump[28/09/2016]
Peter Apps, Reuters

Hillary the Hawk Pecks at Democrats' Patience[28/09/2016]
Robert Merry, Washington Times

Clinton Reassures a Fearful World[27/09/2016]
David Ignatius, Washington Post

Clinton Won The Debate, Which Means She’s Likely To Gain In The Polls[27/09/2016]
Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight

The Media Loves Hillary. It May Cost Her the Election[27/09/2016]
Michael Goodwin, New York Post

How the west might soon be lost[27/09/2016]
Martin Wolf, Financial Times

Trump Won Putin’s Focus Group[27/09/2016]
Julia Ioffe, Foreign Policy

A Clear Debate Victory for Clinton[27/09/2016]
William A. Galston, Wall Street Journal

US presidential debate: Hillary versus Hillary[27/09/2016]
Hamid Dabashi, Al Jazeera

We Saw a Scattered Mess of a Foreign Policy Debate[27/09/2016]
Molly O'Toole, Foreign Policy

Trump stumped in first debate with Clinton – will it cost him?[27/09/2016]
Adam Quinn, The Conversation

Clinton’s Victory Without Breakthrough[27/09/2016]
Roger Cohen, The New York Times

'Clinton weaponized Trump’s words': the reaction to the presidential debate[27/09/2016]
Jill Abramson, Steven W Thrasher, Christopher R Barron, Jamie Weinstein and Lucia Graves, The Guardian

Could a President Trump Take Down the United Nations?[27/09/2016]
Richard Gowan, World Politics Review

Trump Scored a Point as Clinton Stumbled on Iran[27/09/2016]
Eli Lake, Bloomberg View

¿Le será útil su victoria a Hillary?[27/09/2016]
John Müller, El Español

Trump Is Right About 'Stop and Frisk'[27/09/2016]
Rudolph Giuliani, Wall Street Journal

The 'Lying' Media and Trump[27/09/2016]
Margaret Talbot, The New Yorker

Did Trump Deconstruct Clinton With Marginal Voters?
Michael Barone, DC Examiner

We’ve Got to Face It: Trump Is Riding a Global Trend[26/09/2016]
Christian Caryl, Foreign Policy

Here are 5 keys to watching Monday night’s debate between Clinton and Trump[26/09/2016]
John Sides, Washington Post

Why Are We So Sure Hillary Will Be a Hawk?[25/09/2016]
Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy

From Reset to Realpolitik, Clinton’s New Hard Line on Moscow[22/09/2016]
Molly O’Toole, Foreign Policy

How to Watch the Presidential Debates[22/09/2016]
Elizabeth N. Saunders, Council on Foreign Relations

Trump’s chances of taking the electoral vote are slim[22/09/2016]
William A. Galston, Brookings

Why Trump's Noisy Outrage Beats Clinton's Calm Diplomacy Every Time[22/09/2016]
Jimmy Leach, Newsweek

Donald Trump on terror is just McCarthyism for a new age[21/09/2016]
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

Whither the Sanders Left?[09/2016]
Theda Skocpol, Democracy – Journal of Ideas

The Bernie Bump[20/09/2016]
Emma Roller, New York Times

Donald Trump is what happens when the media chooses ideology over facts[20/09/2016]
Nicole Hemmer, L.A. Times

What We Are Hearing About Clinton and Trump[19/09/2016]
Frank Newport, New York Times

Donald Trump's approach to terrorism is simplistic — and seductive[19/09/2016]
Michael McGough, L.A. Times

Why Trump Is the Islamic State’s Dream Candidate[19/09/2016]
Max Boot, Foreign Policy

Democrats should worry, not panic[18/09/2016]
Doyle McManus, L.A. Times

Clinton: Into the Headwinds[16/09/2016]
Elizabeth Drew, New York Review of Books

Trump is the Symptom, Clinton is the Disease[16/09/2016]
Roger Harris, Counter Punch

Trump's and Clinton’s favorable ratings are awful. Here’s why.[15/09/2016]
Peter Grier, CS Monitor

Where's the Outrage Over Trump Campaign's Shocking Statement on 'Ethnic Cleansing'?[13/09/2016]
Asher Schechter, Haaretz

Did You Hear the Latest About Hillary?[13/09/2016]
Zeynep Tufekci, New York Times

Donald Trump’s campaign is still on track to raise amazingly little money[12/09/2016]
John Sides, Washington Post

The Rise of Presidential Extremists[12/09/2016]
Larry M. Bartels, New York Times

The Trump-Ailes Buddy Act[11/09/2016]
Elizabeth Williamson, New York Times

Hillary Might Disappoint Her Hawkish Boosters[09/09/2016]
Kevin Sullivan, RealClearWorld

Time for a Realignment[09/09/2016]
David Brooks, New York Times

Donald Trump Is Lying in Plain Sight[08/09/2016]
Charles M. Blow, New York Times

Donald Trump Is Still Lying About the Iraq War[08/09/2016]
Michael A. Cohen, Boston Globe

Cheerleaders de Madame Clinton[08/09/2016]
Hermann Tertsch, ABC

How different are the Democratic and Republican parties? Too different to compare.[08/09/2016]
Matt Grossmann and David A. Hopkins, Washington Post

3 takeaways from Trump at the Commander in Chief Forum[08/09/2016]
Thomas Wright, Brookings

Trump and Clinton Take Up Arms[08/09/2016]
Gail Collins, New York Times

The Candidates and the Doubts[07/09/2016]
Elizabeth Drew, New York Review of Books

Letter From China: Actually, Mr. Trump, the Chinese Have Come to Respect Obama[07/09/2016]
Melinda Liu, Politico Magazine

Fact Tank - Our Lives in Numbers[02/09/2016]
Abigail Geige, Pew Research Institute

The Republican Party’s civil war actually began decades ago[01/09/2016]
Josh Pacewicz, Washington Post

Trump's immigration code-switching wasn't skillful – it was disingenuous[01/09/2016]
Lucia Graves, The Guardian

Yes, Donald Trump Has a Path to 270 Electoral Votes[01/09/2016]
Jeffrey H. Anderson, Weekly Standard

Why Trump's plan to build a wall isn't a real plan[01/09/2016]
Aaron Klein, Brookings

The Democratic Party: From Clinton to Clinton[09/2016]
The Editors, Democracy Journal

The Emerging Clinton Doctrine?[01/09/2016]
Zalmay Khalilzad, National Interest

Moderate Republicans, Unite![01/09/2016]
Michael Tomasky,
New York Times

The U.S. has more third-party candidates than it’s seen in a century. Why?[31/08/2016]
Matthew Dean Hindman and Bernard Tamas, Washington Post

Donald Trump may have accidentally helped Americans oppose deportation. Here’s how.[31/08/2016]
Karthick Ramakrishnan, Jennifer Merolla and Chris Haynes, Washington Post

A Chinese Perspective on the US Presidential Election[31/08/2016]
Xie Tao, The

Protestant, Catholic Views of Clinton and Trump Not Monolithic[31/08/2016]
Frank Newport, Gallup

Why Trump-Clinton Won't Be a Landslide[31/08/2016]
Andrew Gelman, Slate

Trump Tries to Escape a Narrow Corner[31/08/2016]
Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe

Brexit and the Future of Europe[31/08/2016]
Jean Pisani-Ferry, Project Syndicate

Clinton, Trump Are All In on Ohio[31/08/2016]
James Arkin & Caitlin Huey-Burns, RealClearPolitics

Will Trump’s ‘softening’ on immigration win him votes? Probably not.[30/08/2016]
Jonathan Mummolo and Sean Westwood, Washington Post

Trump’s Tower of Babble[30/08/2016]
Christopher M. Livaccari, Jeff Wang, Foreign Policy

How Donald Trump's Politics Will Gut the Republican Party for Decades[30/08/2016]
Kurt Eichenwald, Newsweek

The Genius of Trump's Foreign Policy[29/08/2016]
Peter Morici, Fox News

Trump's Train Wreck[29/08/2016]
Elizabeth Drew, Project Syndicate

What the World Could Lose in America’s Presidential Election[28/08/2016]
Fred Hiatt, Washington Post

The Trump-Farage Road Show[28/08/2016]
Roger Cohen, New York Times

Where's Clinton's Leadership on Trade?[26/08/2016]
Michael A. Cohen, Boston Globe

A Chinese Perspective on the US Presidential Election[26/08/2016]
Xie Tao, The Diplomat

Donald Trump a-t-il déjà perdu?[25/08/2016]
Alexis Feertchak, Le Figaro

Trump and Clinton Have No Idea How to Deal with Putin[24/08/2016]
Matthew Rojansky, Foreign Policy

The Nine Lives of Donald J. Trump[23/08/2016]
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

With Pitch to Minorities, Trump Has His Own Party in Mind[23/08/2016]
Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP

The high cost of America’s cheap populism[22/08/2016]
Michael Gerson, Washington Post

Never Trump. And Never Hillary Clinton Either.[22/08/2016]
Peter Feaver, Will Inboden, Foreign Policy

For sale, the most brazen president money can buy[22/08/2016]
Wesley Pruden, The Washington Times

NATO Has Problems, But Trump Won’t Fix Them[22/08/2016]
Simon Waxman, Boston Review

As threats increase, America needs a diplomat in chief[22/08/2016]
Strobe Talbott, Brookings

Donald Trump’s dark inner Richard Nixon[21/08/2016]

Edward Luce, Financial Times

What Republican turncoats forget[21/08/2016]
Stephen Moore, Washington Times

What Trump's Foreign Policy Gets Right[21/08/2016]
John Bolton, Wall Street Journal

Preserving Primacy: A Defense Strategy for the New Administration[09/2016]
Mac Thornberry and Andrew F. Krepinevich Jr., Foreign Affairs

Blueprint for Reform: A Comprehensive Policy Agenda for a New Administration in 2017[08/2016]
The Heritage Foundation

Why Hillary Clinton Might Win Georgia[22/08/2016]
Joseph Crespino, New York Times

To understand Donald Trump’s law-and-order appeal, look south of the border[18/08/2016]
Dinorah Azpuru, Washington Post
Trump’s ‘Ideology Test’ Could Bring Back a Hated McCarthy-era Law[17/08/2016]
Henry Johnson, Foreign Policy
Why Putin Wants a Trump Victory (So Much He Might Even Be Trying to Help Him)[17/08/2016]
Michael McFaul, The Washington Post
Educated white women could trigger a decisive Trump defeat[16/08/2016]
William H. Frey, Brookings

Trump’s Blunt-Force Foreign Policy[16/08/2016]
Robin Wright, New Yorker

Trump’s ‘Ideological Test’ for Immigrants Will Tear America Apart[16/08/2016]
James Poulos, Foreign Policy

What Hillary and Trump Should Learn from Ike and George Washington[15/08/2016]
Daniel L. Davis, National Interest

How Conservative Intransigence Helped Give Us Trump[14/08/2016]
Jay Caruso, National Review

The Election Won’t Be Rigged. But It Could Be Hacked.[14/08/2016]
Zeynep Tufekci, New York Times

Being Honest About Trump[14/08/2016]
Adam Gopnik, New Yorker

Why some people think Trump may be a ‘Siberian candidate’[11/08/2016]
Scott Radnitz, Washington Post

Immigrants and Donald Trump: It's a complicated story[11/08/2016]
Gregory Aftandilian, Al Jazeera

Stranger in a Strange Land[10/08/2016]
Ben Shapiro, National Review

Trump’s tax plan: Make America’s debt great again[10/08/2016]
William G. Gale, Hilary Gelfond and Aaron Krupkin, Brookings

The United States is getting better at running elections[09/08/2016]
Charles Stewart III and Stephen Pettigrew, Washington Post

Donald Trump: Keep Your Hands Off the Foreign-Policy Ideas I Believe In[08/08/2016]
Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy

Can Clinton or Trump Recapture Robust American Growth?[08/08/2016]
Robert J. Gordon, New York Times

President Trump and the Future of the West[08/08/2016]
Nicholas Vinocur, Politico EU

Why I cannot support Trump[08/08/2016]
Susan Collins, Washington Post

"Why is the World Obsessed with the U.S. Elections?"[08/08/2016]
Martin Quencez, German Marshall Fund

Why Clinton Can Thank Trump For Her Polling Bump[07/08/2016]
James Downie, Washington Post

I Ran the C.I.A. Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton.[05/08/2016]
Michael J. Morell, The New York Times

The Isolationist Temptation[05/08/2016]
Richard N. Haass, Wall Street Journal

Trump's disastrous week: The beginning of the end?[05/08/2016]
James Bowen, The Interpreter

Trump in the dumps[05/08/2016]
The Economist

3 reasons Vladimir Putin might want to interfere in the US presidential election[03/08/2016]
Fiona Hill, Brooking

What happens if Donald Trump or Mike Pence drops out before election day?[03/08/2016]
Elaine Kamarck, Brookings

Do U.S. voters prefer optimistic politicians? Here’s what we found.[01/08/2016]
Neil Malhotra and Yotam Margalit, Washington Post

Trump is the first modern Republican to win the nomination based on racial prejudice[01/08/2016]
Michael Tesler, Washington Post

How the ‘Stupid Party’ Created Donald Trump[31/07/2016]
Max Boot, New York Times

Here’s what was surprising about the protesters at the Democratic convention this week[30/07/2016]
Michael T. Heaney, Washington Post

What Chinese people think about Hillary Clinton[29/07/2016]
David Dollar and Wei Wang, Brookings

The Last Hurrah of the "Silent Majority"?[29/07/2016]
Michael Javen Fortner, Democracy Journal

Making sense of NATO on the US presidential campaign trail[29/07/2016]
Fred Dews, Brookings

What Trump Doesn’t Know About Allies[29/07/2016]
Stephen Sestanovich, New York Times

Why we need a President Clinton[28/07/2016]
Anne Applebaum, Washington Post

Hillary Clinton, retour à un interventionnisme musclé? Plus proche d’Israël, plus proche de l’Arabie saoudite[26/07/2016]
Sylvain Cypel, Orient XXI

«Hillary Clinton a gauchisé son discours pour séduire la base de Bernie Sanders »[25/07/2016]
Entrevista a Laurence Nardon, Les Echos

The End of Republicanism?[24/07/2016]
Jonathan Freedland, New York Review of Books

Party of Rage[22/07/2016]
Elizabeth Drew, New York Review of Books

The Certain Trumpet[22/07/2016]
James Stavridis, Foreign Policy

The GOP delivered a convention softball for Democrats to hit out of the park [22/07/2016]
Eugene Robinson, Washington Post

Five Ways Trump's Convention Was a Success[22/07/2016]
Jonathan Easley, The Hill

Anti-Trump Hysteria on NATO[21/07/2016]
Paul Saunders, The National Interest

3 Reasons Cruz's Speech Mattered [21/07/2016]
John McCormack, Weekly Standard

Why Trump Is Winning Over Ohio's Blue-Collar Democrats[20/07/2016]
Jeff Greenfield, Politico

A Nation at Half-Mast[20/07/2016]
Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal

How the GOP Abandons Ukraine[20/07/2016]
Jeffrey Gedmin, Atlantic Council

Why Clinton and Trump may increase voter turnout in 2016[20/07/2016]
William A. Galston, Brookings

Who Will Be President?[20/07/2016]
Josh Katz, New York Times

Auditions underway in Cleveland for the next Republican president[20/07/2016]
Elaine Kamarck, Brookings

On Trade, Trump Pushes—and the GOP Caves[19/07/2016]
Michael Gerson, The Washington Post

This one survey shows why Trump won’t win over Sanders supporters[19/07/2016]
Melissa Deckman, Washington Post

Is Trump's foreign policy advisor a realist or a neocon?[19/07/2016]
William McCants, Brookings

On Trade, Trump Pushes—and the GOP Caves[18/07/2016]
Michael Gerson, The Washington Post

How Donald Trump Became the Kremlin's Candidate[07/2016]
Michael Crowley, Politico 

Donald Trump’s Convention: Day 1
AA.VV., New York Times

Live from Cleveland: A history of messy and not-so-messy conventions[18/07/2016]
Elaine Kamarck, Brookings

Both Sides Now?[18/07/2016]
Paul Krugman, New York Times

Can We Find Our Way Back to Lincoln?[17/07/2016]
Peter Wehner, New York Times

A Cure for Trumpism[15/07/2016]
Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam, New York Times

Can the G.O.P. Senate Majority Survive Donald Trump?[12/07/2016]
Robert Draper, New York Times

What does the Libertarian Party want to be when it grows up?[07/07/2016]
Philip A. Wallach, Brookings

Trump Near-Certain to Defeat Democrat in November According To Primary Model[03/07/2016]
Helmut Norpoth, Huffington Post

Trump, Sanders, and the Coming Apocalypse [20/06/2016]
Alex Wagner, The Atlantic

A Tale of Two Parties [20/06/2016]
Paul Krugman, New York Times

How Clinton Can Fall in Love With Free Trade All Over Again [16/06/2016]
David Francis, Foreign Policy

Would checks and balances stop Trump? Don’t bet on it [16/06/2016]
Robert Kagan, Washington Post

Trump’s Unrecognizable America [15/06/2016]
Benjamin Wallace-Wells, New Yorker

What Does Bernie Sanders Want? [15/06/2016]
Elizabeth Williamson, New York Times

The right response to Donald Trump? A media blackout
Dana Milbank, Washington Post

Donald Trump’s Response to Orlando Plays Directly into the Hands of Terrorists [13/06/2016]
David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy

Trump Goes on the Attack in New Foreign-Policy Speech [12/06/2016]
Jacob Heilbrunn, National Interest

What Exactly Would It Mean to Have Trump’s Finger on the Nuclear Button? [11/06/2016]
Bruce Blair, Politico Magazine

Subtract One Clinton [19/05/2016]
Gail Collins, New York Times

The Dying of the Third-Party Dream [19/05/2016]
Ross Douthat, New York Times

Nigels against the World [19/05/2016]
Ferdinand Mount, London Review of Books

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On the issues: Criminal justice reform has Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump debating race, policing[29/08/2016]
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Emails reveal how foundation donors got access to Clinton and her close aides at State Dept.[22/08/2016]
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Donald Trump, With Bare-Bones Campaign, Relies on G.O.P. for Vital Tasks[22/08/2016]
Nicholas Confessore and Rachel Shorey, New York Times

Trump hands his campaign to the 'alt-right' movement[19/08/2016]
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Donald Trump Catches Critics by Surprise With One Word: ‘Regret’[19/08/2016]
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New Chief of Clinton’s Transition Team Is a Strong Backer of TPP and Free Trade[17/08/2016]
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Political Science Prof: Trump Has 87% Chance of Winning the Election[17/08/2016]
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Kass: Trump Will Withdraw, He Doesn't Like to Lose[11/08/2016]

Hack of Democrats’ Accounts Was Wider Than Believed, Officials Say[11/08/2016]
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What is Trumponomics, and how would it affect Israel?[11/08/2016]
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Donald Trump: 'Second Amendment' gun advocates could deal with Hillary Clinton[10/08/2016]
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One Ally Remains Firmly Behind Donald Trump: The N.R.A.[10/08/2016]
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Donald Trump Adopts G.O.P. Tax Cuts, but Balks at Trade Pacts[09/08/2016]
Neil Irwin and Alan Rappeport, New York Times

50 G.O.P. Officials Warn Donald Trump Would Put Nation's Security 'at Risk'[08/08/2016]
David E. Sanger and Maggie Haberman, New York Times

Hillary Clinton Begins a Two-Day Swing in Florida[08/08/2016]
Matt Flegenheimer, New York Times

Donald Trump endorses Paul Ryan, John McCain[08/08/2016]
Cristiano Lima and Tyler Pager, Politico

Clinton widens lead over Trump to eight points[08/08/2016]
Daily Star

Hillary Clinton Warns of 'Moment of Reckoning' in Speech Accepting Nomination[29/07/2016]
Patrick Healy and Amy Chozick, New York Times

Daughters carry the flag for White House rivals[29/07/2016]
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Hillary Clinton likely to pick Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine for VP[22/07/2016]
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Poll: Republican voters see Big Oil as big deal[22/07/2016]
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In Cleveland, Republicans' "Come to Trump Moment"[22/07/2016]
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In Rousing Speech, Pence Proves Both Kind & Ruthless[21/07/2016]
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Kasich Attacks Trump for Rejecting Failed GOP Foreign Policy[20/07/2016]
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Donald Trump Sets Conditions for Defending NATO Allies Against Attack[20/07/2016]
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Mike Pence’s Record on Education Is One of Turmoil and Mixed Results[20/07/2016]
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Donald Trump Claims Nomination, With Discord Clear but Family Cheering[20/07/2016]
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Présidentielle américaine, J-140 : le Parti républicain toujours sous tension [20/06/2016]
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Poll: Democrats more optimistic about their candidate for president [20/06/2016]
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Donald Trump’s June Stumbles Mirror Those of Mitt Romney [20/06/2016]
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Sorry, Trump: The Delegates Actually Do Have the Authority to Dump You [19/06/2016]
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It's Donald Trump's Convention. But the Inspiration? Nixon.[19/06/2016]
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Rancor Reigns as Bitterly Divided Republicans Begin Their Convention[19/06/2016]
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What some Republicans are saying about race and criminal justice reform[18/06/2016]
Nicole Orttung, CS Monitor

Why Clinton now promises to introduce an anti-Citizens United amendment[17/06/2016]
Aidan Quigley, New York Times

Trump Wants War Declared on ISIS and 'Extreme Vetting' of Immigrants[16/06/2016]
Patrick Healy and Helene Cooper, New York Times

Trump Is His Party’s Cross to Bear [15/06/2016]
Jamelle Bouie, Slate

Sanders May Have Lost the Primary, But He’s Already Won Key Concessions on Foreign Policy [15/06/2016]
Molly O’toole, Foreign Policy

Trump and N.R.A. Leaders to Discuss Preventing Gun Sales to People on Terror Watch Lists [15/06/2016]
Ashley Parker and David M. Herszenhorn, New York Times

Trump shuts out The Washington Post: How did we get here? [14/06/2016]
Gretel Kauffman, CS Monitor

Bernie Sanders To Meet Hillary Clinton, ‘Press Her To Embrace His Progressive Agenda’ [14/06/2016]
Seerat Chabba, International Business Times

Does Terrorism Help Donald Trump? [13/06/2016]
Jamelle Bouie, Slate

Donald Trump Seizes on Orlando Shooting and Repeats Call for Temporary Ban on Muslim Migration [12/06/2016]
Jonathan Martin, New York Times

Most Democrats Say Continued Campaign Not Hurting the Party [20/05/2016]
Justin McCarthy, Gallup

Donald Trump says he’s open to direct talks with Kim Jong Un, By Chad O'Carroll [18/05/2016]
NK News

Bernie Sanders Wins Oregon; Hillary Clinton Declares Victory in Kentucky [18/05/2016]
Thomas Kaplan, New York Times

Présidentielle américaine, J-174 : les démocrates divisés entre écologistes et syndicalistes [17/05/2016]
Le Monde

Election 2016: As Hillary Clinton Looks To November And Donald Trump, Rift Widens Among Her Labor Allies [17/05/2016]
Ned Resnikoff, International Business Times

How Trump has made this election about women voters [17/05/2016]
Harry Bruinius, CS Monitor

Donald Trump Borrows From the Sanders Playbook to Woo Democrats [16/05/2016]
Ashley Parker and Jonathan Martin, New York Times

Trump's Foreign Policy Pugnacity Triggers Range of Reactions From U.S. Rivals [16/05/2016]
Guy Taylor, The Washington Times

Social Conservatives, However Reluctant, Are Warming to the Idea of Trump [15/05/2016]
Jeremy W. Peters, New York Times

Bill Clinton’s White House Job Would Be ‘Revitalizing The Economy,’ Hillary Clinton Says [15/05/2016]
Abigail Abrams, International Business Times

For some Republicans, Trump presents moral dilemma [12/05/2016]
Francine Kiefer, CS Monitor

Bernie Sanders Wins West Virginia, Prolonging Race With Hillary Clinton [11/05/2016]
Trip Gabriel, The New York Times

Why West Virginia is making Democrats nervous (+video) [11/05/2016]
Francine Kiefer, CS Monitor

Republican Infighting Puts Party Elders Back in Demand [09/05/2016]
Alexander Burns, The New York Times

Donald Trump's Warning to Paul Ryan Signals Further G.O.P. Discord [08/05/2016]
Jeremy W. Peters, The New York Times

Speaker Paul D. Ryan, the nation’s highest-ranking elected Republican, said he was “not ready” to endorse Donald J. Trump [06/05/2016]
New York Times

Clinton does not back Obama trade vote in post-election congressional session [05/05/2016]
Washington Post

Trump 'open' to raising federal minimum wage in GOP agenda break [05/05/2016]
Andrew V. Pestano, UPI

Is the Republican establishment now a third party?
Peter Grier, CS Monitor

Can Donald Trump Unify the Republican Party? [05/05/2016]

Hillary Clinton Widens Lead Over Donald Trump in Poll [05/05/2016]
Gerry Mullany, New York Times

Donald Trump Reaches Out, Quietly, to Republican Establishment [05/05/2016]
Ashley Parker And Maggie Haberman, New York Times

‘President Trump?’ Here’s How He Says It Would Look [05/05/2016]
Patrick Healy, New York Times

Donald Trump’s Victory Has Some in G.O.P. Agonizing — or Bolting [05/05/2016]
Michael Barbaro, New York Times

The Electoral Map Looks Challenging for Trump [05/05/2016]
Wilson Andrews, Josh Katz and Alicia Parlapiano, New York Times

Kasich, the Last National Security Veteran in the GOP Race, Drops Out [04/05/2016]
Molly O’Toole, Foreign Policy

Kasich bows out. Did he do 'the right thing?' [04/05/2016]
Peter Grier, CS Monitor

Russian opposition activist: Trump is Putin’s ‘best hope’ [04/05/2016]
Bryan Bender, Politico

How Donald Trump Crushed The Republican Establishment [04/05/2016]
Matthew Cooper, Newsweek

Ted Cruz drops out of presidential race [03/05/2016]
Katie Glueck and Shane Goldmacher, Politico

Donald Trump's Foes Fear Indiana Primary Could Be Decisive Blow [03/05/2016]
Alexander Burns, New York Times

Eyeing an Indiana victory, Trump says, 'It's over' [02/05/2016]
Steve Holland and Valerie Volcovici, Reuters

Bernie Sanders says superdelegates are unfair. True? [02/05/2016]
Peter Grier, CS Monitor

Experts Warn of Backlash in Donald Trump’s China Trade Policies [02/05/2016]
Binyamin Appelbaum, New York Times

Ted Cruz's Support Softens Among the Delegates He Courted [02/05/2016]
Jeremy W. Peters, New York Times

Ted Cruz Stays Positive Despite Grim Numbers in Indiana [02/05/2016]
Matt Flegenheimer and Thomas Kaplan, New York Times

California Prepares for Long-Denied Star Turn in Presidential Race [02/05/2016]
Adam Nagourney and Jonathan Martin, New York Times

Voters' dilemma: What happens if it's Hillary vs. Trump? [03/04/20160]
Gail Russell Chaddock, CS Monitor

Zakaria: Donald Trump's 'Incoherent' Speech [02/04/20168]

Trump’s Foreign Policy Fails to Address Realities, Says Diplomat [02/04/20168]
Anton Troianovski, The Wall Street Journal

How Sanders is actually winning [02/04/20168]
Niall Stanage, The Hill

Why Famously Liberal Hollywood Loves Hillary Clinton More Than Bernie Sanders [02/04/20168]

Donald Trump Beat Expectations Everywhere, Suggesting a Broad Shift [02/04/20168]
Nate Cohn, New York Times

After Losses, Ted Cruz Picks Carly Fiorina as Running Mate and Bernie Sanders Retrenches [02/04/20168]
Alexander Burns and Yamiche Alcindor, New York Times

Why Bernie Sanders's Rhode Island win is more than a tiny victory [27/04/2016]
Story Hinckley, CS Monitor

How Bernie Sanders Pushed Hillary Clinton To The Left On Economic Policy [27/04/2016]
Abigail Abrams, International Business Times

Trump on foreign policy: Iran deal allowed it to become a 'great power' at Israel's expense [27/04/2016]
Herb Keinon, Jerusalem Post

Trump fails to impress foreign-policy experts [27/04/2016]
Michael Crowley, Politico

Senate Foreign Relations chair gushes over Trump speech [27/04/2016]
Hanna Trudo, Politico

Read Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ Foreign Policy Speech [26/04/2016]
Ryan Teague Beckwith, Time Magazine

Donald Trump Sweeps 5 States; Hillary Clinton Takes 4 [26/04/2016]
Patrick Healy and Jonathan Martin, New York Times

Top Advisor Says Sanders Missed Opportunity on Foreign Policy [26/04/2016]
Molly O’Toole, Foreign Policy

Illinois GOP convention could bring in thousands, including Trump nemesis Todd Ricketts [26/04/2016]
Natasha Korecki, Politico

Hillary Clinton says half of her cabinet will be female [26/04/2016]
Story Hinckley, CS Monitor

Sanders caught in political trap [25/04/2016]
Gabriel Debenedetti, Politico

Primaires américaines : front anti-Trump chez les républicains [25/04/2016]
Cécile Bouanchaud, Le Monde

Convention Rules May Stop Donald Trump If Ted Cruz Continues Picking Up Delegates [25/04/2016]
Robert Baldwin III, The Huffington Post

Could Bernie Sanders be the Ralph Nader of 2016?
Story Hinckley, CS Monitor

Primaires américaines : petit à petit, les républicains se font à l’idée d’une candidature Trump [02/04/20162]
Le Monde

Bernie Sanders Has Trickier, Narrower Road in Democratic Race [21/04/2016]
Patrick Healy and Yamiche Alcindor, New York Times

Les clés du succès de Trump dans la primaire de l’Etat de New York [20/04/2016]
Le Monde

New York Primary Election Polls 2016: Hillary Clinton Maintains Comfortable Lead In New York, But Bernie Sanders Gains Nationally [19/04/2016]
Angelo Young, International Business Times

Top Trump aide lobbied for Pakistani spy front [18/04/2016]
Michael Isikoff, Yahoo News

Ted Cruz’s Conservatism: The Pendulum Swings Consistently Right [18/04/2016]
Matt Flegenheimer, New York Times

Primaires américaines : qui est Paul Manafort, le « chasseur de délégués » de Trump ? [14/04/2016]
Pierre Bouvier, Le Monde

GOP nomination process 101: Candidates’ remedial edition [14/04/2016]
Derek T. Muller , Reuters

Hillary Clinton’s Superdelegate Problem [13/04/2016]
Jim Newell, Slate

Bernie Sanders Wins Wisconsin Democratic Primary, Adding to Momentum [06/04/2016]
Amy Chozick,
New York Times

Ted Cruz Wins Wisconsin G.O.P. Primary, Pressuring Donald Trump [06/04/2016]
Jonathan Martin and Matt Flegenheimer,
New York Times

Reluctantly, Obama Embracing His Role as the Anti-Trump [06/04/2016]
Josh Lederman,
ABC News

Sanders: Positive US-Israel ties depend on Jewish State's relationship with Palestinians [06/04/2016]
Jerusalem Post

Trump reveals plan to finance Mexico border wall with threat to cut off funds [05/04/2016]
Scott Bixby and David Agren,
The Guardian

How Election Results Really Work [05/04/2016]
Wilson Andrews and Tom Giratikanon,
New York Times

Ted Cruz Is Fuming Because John Kasich Won’t Bow Out [05/04/2016]
Matt Flegenheimer And Jonathan Martin,
New York Times

Bernie Sanders Makes Progress Courting Nevada’s Delegates [04/04/2016]
Alan Rappeport,
New York Times

Trump’s Troubles and Democratic Sparring Precede Wisconsin Vote [04/04/2016]
Maggie Haberman,
New York Times

Who are the women backing Donald Trump? [02/04/2016]
Naomi Schaefer Riley,
New York Post

G.O.P. Fears Donald Trump as Zombie Candidate: Damaged but Unstoppable [01/04/2016]
Alexander Burns,
New York Times

Signs of Wisconsin Backlash Against Donald Trump, Who Trails in Poll [01/04/2016]
Trip Gabriel,
New York Times

Donald Trump, Abortion Foe, Eyes ‘Punishment’ for Women, Then Recants [31/03/2016]
Matt Flegenheimer and Maggie Haberman,
New York Times

Trump's remarks about Asia cause bewilderment unease in Japan [31/03/2016]
Asia Times

How the G.O.P. Elite Lost Its Voters to Donald Trump [28/03/2016]
Nicholas Confessore,
New York Times

Kasich hits Trump, Cruz on Muslim rhetoric
Jesse Byrnes,
The Hill

Bernie Sanders Challenges Hillary Clinton to Debate in New York [28/03/2016]
Patrick Healy,
New York Times

Ted Cruz Names Friends, but Silence From G.O.P. Brass Deafens [27/03/2016]
Jonathan Martin and Matt Flegenheimer,
New York Times

Sanders wins reveal how this election is changing American politics [27/03/2016]
Mark Sappenfiel,
CS Monitor

Bernie Sanders wins three caucuses on the way to a New York showdown [27/03/2016]

Why Republicans now want GOP to unite behind Trump [23/03/2016]
Husna Haq,
CS Monitor

After Brussels, Trump's 'strength' resonates with GOP voters [23/03/2016]
Linda Feldmann,
CS Monitor

Jeb Bush backs Ted Cruz: what that says about GOP establishment
Peter Grier,
CS Monitor

Primary results: Front-runners score key Western victories [23/03/2016]
Stephen Collinson,

Clinton Tries to Stake Out New Turf on Energy Policy [23/03/2016]
Keith Johnson,
Foreign Policy

Calls increase for Bernie Sanders to wind down his campaign [23/03/2016]
Eric DuVall,

Clinton and Trump Win Arizona; Cruz Picks Up Utah; Sanders Takes 2 [22/03/2016]
Jonathan Martin,
New York Times

Marco Rubio has withdrawn from the Republican race after a big loss in his home state of Florida [15/03/2016]
New York Times

Democrats Target Trump U. in Digital Ads Aimed at 15/03/2016 Voters [14/03/2016]
New York Times

Tuesday Election Live Updates 2016: Results From Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri And North Carolina [14/03/2016]
Sarah Berger,
International Business Times

This year’s GOP presidential battle isn’t the first – or even the deepest – party divide [11/03/2016]
Drew Desilver,
Pew Research

12th Republican Debate: Analysis [11/03/2016]
New York Times

Transcript of Republican debate in Miami, full text [11/03/2016]

Who’s best for Hispanics? Clinton, Sanders debate [11/03/2016]
Daily Star

On Trade, Donald Trump Breaks With 200 Years of Economic Orthodoxy [10/03/2016]
Binyamin Appelbaum,
New York Times

North Carolina Exemplifies National Battles Over Voting Laws [10/03/2016]
Richard Fausset,
New York Times

Ben Carson plans to endorse Trump [10/03/2016]
Robert Costa,
Washington Post

Defending Islam Isn't Political Correctness, Marco Rubio Tells Donald Trump [10/03/2016]
Morgan Winsor,
International Business Times

US election 2016: Trump wins in Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii [09/03/2016]

Sanders wins in America’s ‘Arab capital’ [09/03/2016]
Al Arabiya

Bernie Sanders Wins Michigan Primary; Donald Trump Takes 3 States [09/03/2016]
Patrick Healy and Jonathan Martin,
New York Times

Who Are Trump's Christians? [09/03/2016]
Ivan Plis,
National Interest

US election 2016: Has Donald Trump killed off Marco Rubio? [09/03/2016]
Anthony Zurcher,

Michael Bloomberg no buscará la presidencia de Estados Unidos [09/03/2016]
Silvia Ayuso,
El País

A Jackson, jour de vote et de petits calculs électoraux [09/03/2016]
Nicolas Bourcier,
Le Monde

Would contested GOP convention 'steal' nomination from Donald Trump? [08/03/2016]
Peter Grier,
CS Monitor

Has Donald Trump peaked? [08/03/2016]
Linda Feldmann,
CS Monitor

Rubio wins in Puerto Rico. Is that a big deal? [07/03/2016]
Molly Jackson,
CS Monitor

Transcript: The Democrats’ debate in Flint, annotated [06/03/2016]
Washington Post

Europe hates Trump. Does it matter?
Katty Kay,

Why Romney's words won't hurt Trump [03/03/2016]
John Feehery,
Christian Science Monitor

U.S. Foreign Policy Experts Round on Donald Trump [03/03/2016]
Demetri Sevastopulo and Geoff Dyer,
Financial Times

The G.O.P. broke into open warfare today over Donald Trump. Now, the candidates are about to debate [03/03/2016]
New York Times

American neocons declare war on Trump [03/03/2016]
Michael Crowley,

Cruz gana en casa pero no arrasa [02/03/2016]
Antonieta Cádiz,
El País

Ben Carson suggests he may withdraw from the Republican presidential race. He sees no “path forward.” [02/03/2016]
New York Times

Clinton abre la lucha por el voto de los seguidores del republicano [02/03/2016]
Yolanda Monge,
El País

Donald Trump Jr grants radio interview to prominent white supremacist [02/03/2016]
Ed Pilkington,

Where the candidates stand in delegates after Super Tuesday [02/03/2016]
Andrew V.Pestano,

Could Tuesday be any more Super? A guide to who's voting and what's at stake[01/03/2016]
Cooper Allen and Paul Singer,
USA Today

Super Tuesday: Meet the Texans supporting Sanders[01/03/2016]
Creede Newton,
Al Jazeera

What Is Super Tuesday, Which States Vote And Why Does It Matter? A Guide To The GOP, Democratic Elections[01/03/2016]
Michael Kaplan,
International Business Times

Inside the Clintons' Plan to Defeat Donald Trump[01/03/2016]
Amy Chozick and Patrick Healy,
New York Times

What to Watch for on Super Tuesday[01/03/2016]
Jonathan Martin and Nate Cohn,
New York Times

Clinton And Trump Should've Reported Some Gifts To Their Charities As Personal Income, Tax Experts Say[29/02/2016]
Christina Wilkie,
The Huffington Post

Is Bernie Sanders Ignoring Black Voters? Vermont Senator Surrenders South Ahead Of Super Tuesday[29/02/2016]
Abigail Abrams,
International Business Times

Awaiting America's Political Earthquake[28/02/2016]
Salena Zito,
Real Clear Politics

Trump well-positioned to clean up on Super Tuesday while Cruz and Rubio vow to stand in his way[28/02/2016]
Adam Edelman,
New York Daily News

What a Donald Trump presidency might actually look like[28/02/2016]
David Lauter, Michael Finnegan and Noah Bierman,
Los Angeles Times

Clinton sets sights on Trump, general election after huge win in South Carolina[28/02/2016]

Donald Trump stumbles on David Duke, KKK[28/02/2016]

Donald Trump Vows to Curb Press Freedom Through Harsher Libel Laws[27/02/2016]
Daniel Politi,

A Statistician With a Near-Perfect Election Formula Says Prepare for President Trump[27/02/2016]
Alyssa Pereira,

Trump Doubles Down On His Rationale For Not Releasing Tax Returns[27/02/2016]
Paula Mejia,

Trump sees clearer path to nomination[25/02/2016]
Financial Times

Republican Race Puts Donald Trump and Paul Ryan on Collision Course[25/02/2016]
Jennifer Steinhauer,
New York Times

Exclusive: Bernie Sanders Begins Building Foreign Policy Team[24/02/2016]
John Hudson,
Foreign Policy

Rubio's Rocky Road Ahead[23/02/2016]
Caitlin Huey-Burns,
Real Clear Politics

Donald Trump Wins Nevada Caucuses, Collecting Third Straight Victory[23/02/2016]
Alexander Burns and Nick Corasaniti,
New York Times

Clinton-Sanders battle for Hispanic voters intensifies[23/02/2016]
Amie Parnes,
The Hill

Donald Trump in New York: Deep Roots, but Little Influence  [23/02/2016]
Susanne Craig and David W. Chen,
New York Times

Spike Lee endorses Sanders: Will that persuade black voters? [23/02/2016]
Husna Huq,
Christian Science Monitor

Rivals Chase Trump Into Nevada Caucuses[23/02/2016]
Maggie Haberman,
New York Times

5 things to watch for in Nevada’s GOP caucuses[23/02/2016]
Ben Kamisar,
The Hill

Why Bernie Sanders's revolution is not showing up[22/02/2016]
Peter Grier,
Christian Science Monitor

As Ted Cruz Stumbles, Marco Rubio Is on the Move[22/02/2016]
Reid J. Epstein andByron Tau,

Donald Trump, South Carolina and the not-so-new South[21/02/2016]
Salim Muwakkil,
Al Jazeera

How Ted Cruz’s Campaign Manager Sees a Path to Victory
Matt Flegenheimer,
New York Times

R.N.C. Disputes Donald Trump’s Claim on Debate Being Stacked With Donors[15/02/2016]
Alan Rappeport,
New York Times

With Death of Antonin Scalia, an Already Volatile Campaign Erupts[14/02/2016]
Amy Chozick,
New York Times

Trump and The GOP's 40% Nightmare[11/02/2016]
Michael McAuliff,
Huffington Post

What You Need to Know for the Next Democratic Presidential Debate[11/02/2016]
Michele Gorman,

In the Democratic Debate, Here’s What to Look For[11/02/2016]
New York Times

A Multifront Republican Battle in South Carolina[10/02/2016]
Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin,
New York Times

Chris Christie Drops Out of Presidential Race After New Hampshire Flop[10/02/2016]
Alexander Burns And Maggie Haberman,
New York Times

Trump, Sanders win in N.H. Democratic, Republican Parties lose[10/02/2016]
Peter Grier,
Christian Science Monitor

After New Hampshire, can John Kasich win in the South? [10/02/2016]
Husna Haq,
Christian Science Monitor

Trump: N.J. Gov. Christie called after N.H. primary for a 'long talk'[10/02/2016]
Andrew V. Pestano,

Inside Hillary Clinton’s Massive Foreign-Policy Brain Trust[10/02/2016]
John Hudson,
Foreign Policy

US election: What would a Donald Trump presidency be like? [02/02/2016]
Anthony Zurcher,

Little Separates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in Tight Race in Iowa[02/02/2016]
Patrick Healy,
New York Times

How Sanders Caught Fire & Turned a Coronation Into a Contest[02/02/2016]
Karen Tumulty,

Race Moves From Iowa Nice to New Hampshire Blunt[02/02/2016]
James Pindell,
Boston Globe

Polls Show Preferences and Priorities in Iowa[02/02/2016]
Thomas Kaplan and Dalia Sussman,
New York Times

Bernie Sanders se convierte en el predilecto de los jóvenes democratas[02/02/2016]
El Periodico

Little Separates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in Tight Race in Iowa[02/02/2016]
Patrick Healy,
New York Times

How would 'Trumponomics' change America? Brace yourself[01/02/2016]
Mark Trumbull,
CS Monitor

El dinero no basta para ganar en Iowa[01/02/2016]
Ricardo Mir de Francia,
El Periodico

Iowa caucuses: What voters are thinking on Election Day[01/02/2016]
Linda Feldmann,
CS Monitor

Sanders campaign raises $20 million in 31 days before Iowa caucuses[01/02/2016]
Shawn Price,

Our Man in Iowa: How the Iowa Caucuses Work[01/02/2016]
Trip Gabriel,
New York Times

Why America might elect a president it doesn't like
Mark Sappenfield,
CS Monitor

Final poll shows tight races ahead of Iowa caucuses[30/01/2016]
CBS News

Hillary Clinton Reverts to Previous Stump in Final Days Before Iowa Caucuses[27/01/2016]
Amy Chozick,
New York Times

Bernie Sanders at a Crossroads: Attack Hillary Clinton or Stay Positive?[27/01/2016]
Jason Horowitz And Yamiche Alcindor,
New York Times

Donald Trump vs Megyn Kelly Round 2? Fox Debate Will Not Feature GOP Front-Runner, Campaign Manager Says[26/01/2016]
Jackie Salo,
International Business Times

Obama Calls Republican Vision 'Unrecognizable' in 2016 Race[25/01/2016]
Michael D. Shear,
New York Times


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