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Taiwan Election
22 | January | 2016

Tsai Ing-Wen and his Democratic Progressive Party won the presidential and legislative elections in Taiwan last January 16th.



US’ option to play ‘Taiwan’ card [January 21]
John Bolton, Taipei Times

Lessons to learn from transition [January 20]
Joseph Tse-hei Lee, Taipei Times 

A Stable Transition in Taiwan? [January 19]
Entrevista a Jerome A. Cohen, Council on Foreign Relations

What’s Next for Taiwan-Japan Relations [January 19]
Ayumi Teraoka, Council on Foreign Relations

A tortuous presidential transition [January 19]
Liu Shih-chung, Taipei Times

Taiwan election: Voters turn their backs on closer ties with China [January 17]
Richard C. Bush III, Brookings

Writing 24 hours before the election [January 17]
Daniel J. Bauer, China Post

The rules of a peaceful presidential transition [January 16]
Chen In-chin, Taipei Times

Taiwan’s election results, explained [January 16]
Richard C. Bush III, Brookings

Taiwan's Tightrope [January 16]
Debra Mao, Bloomberg View

Will Beijing be gobsmacked by Taiwan’s election results on Saturday? [January 15]
T.Y. Wang, Washington Post

Outcome of Taiwan’s Election Could Help Boost Ties With Japan [January 15]
J. Berkshire Miller, World Politics Review

Has Taiwan’s China gamble gone wrong? [January 14]
William Pesek, Japan Times

Taiwan's 2016 elections and relations with Asean [January 14]
Jing Bao-chiun, Strait Times

Defense of Taiwan Post-2016 Elections: Legacy and New Challenges of Military Transformation [January 12]
Yen-fan Liao & Michal Thim, China Brief

Elections in Taiwan: A Turning Point? [January 12]
Alexandra Viers, The Cipher Brief

After the Election: The Future of Cross-Strait Relations [January 12]
Willy Lam, China Brief

One China, One Taiwan [January 12]
Salvatore Babones, Foreign Affairs

What Taiwan's presidential election could mean for ties with Beijing [January 11]
Ker Sin Tze, Strait Times

Taiwan goes to the polls—what could it mean for the U.S. and China? [January 11]
Richard C. Bush III, Brookings

The Rise of Taiwan’s ‘Third Force’ [January 6]
Linda van der Horst, The Diplomat

Taiwan's Elections: What to Watch For [January 6]
Shannon Tiezzi, The Diplomat

China, the United States, and the Coming Taiwan Transition [December 29, 2015]
Douglas H. Paal, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

How China Sees the Risky Path Ahead With Taiwan [December 28, 2015]
Lyle Goldstein, National Interest

The Changing Tides of Taiwanese Politics [December 28, 2015]
Shelley Rigger, The Diplomat

Taiwan's Fragile Success [December 15, 2015]
Cass Sunstein, Bloomberg View

A new direction for China-Taiwan relations [November 24, 2015]
Daniele Ermito, Global Risk Insight

China Is Trying to Warn Taiwan Voters [November 19, 2015]
Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View

The End of 'One China' [November 15, 2015]
Andrew Browne, Wall Street Journal

What Is the Taiwan Consensus? [October 19, 2015]
Joe Hung, China Post

Is Taiwan Set to Pivot to Beijing? [July 3, 2015]
Niv Horesh,China Policy Institute Blog 


Democracy is not just about winning an election [January 21]
The China Post

Cross-strait ties should not regress [January 21]
Straits Times

Synchronized elections fuel gap issue [January 20]
Taipei Times

Flush away the “1992 consensus” [January 19]
Taipei Times

An uncertain future awaits Taiwan [January 18]
The China Post

Taiwan’s new woman leader: Why it’s about finding the next ‘cool’ invention [January 18]
CS Monitor

A historic day for politics in Taiwan [January 18]
Taipei Times 

Voters reject KMT fear-mongering [January 15]
Taipei Times 


Legislative speaker to be neutral: DPP [January 21]
Chen Hui-ping, Aaron Tu and Jake Chung, Taipei Times

Taiwan party official says transparent China relations a priority [January 19]
Idrees Ali, Reuters

‘Progressive, tolerant and diverse’: How Taiwan is moving ever farther from China [January 19]
Simon Denyer, Washington Post

Taiwan's victorious new leaders eye change – and continuity [January 19]
Julian Baum, CS Monitor

Taiwan election: Beijing holds its fire, but warns pro-independence leader (+video) [January 19]
Stuart Leavenworth, CS Monitor

Taiwan’s new president inherits old economic woes [January 18]
Quentin Webb, Reuters

Election results, polls align on presidential campaign: pollsters[January 18]
Christine Chou, The China Post

Experts urge Taiwan's new leader not to avoid 1992 Consensus [January 18]

South China Sea? For Beijing, Taiwan is the No. 1 security issue [January 17]
Ben Blanchard and Faith Hung, Reuters

Cabinet to resign after KMT's election defeat [January 17]
The China Post

China Warns on Taiwan Independence After Election [January 16]
New York Times

Taiwan's first woman president: 10 things you should know about Tsai Ing-wen [January 16]
Strait Times

Taiwan elects 1st female president, rejects pro-China party [January 16]
Christopher Bodeen and Ralph Jennings, Washington Post

Armed forces maintain their combat preparedness on Election Day: MND [January 16]
Joseph Yeh, The China Post

Mainland says no intervention in Taiwan elections [January 16]

Facts About Taiwan for Saturday Presidential Election [January 15]
New York Times

Xinhua Insight: Concerns over cross-Strait ties shadow Taiwan's leadership election [January 15]

On election eve, Taiwan frontrunner says she seeks peace with China [January 15]
Yimou Lee and Sui-Lee Wee, Reuters

A new generation of voters is changing Taiwan’s stodgy politics [January 14]
Josh Horwitz, Quartz

Factbox: Key facts on China-Taiwan relations ahead of Taiwan vote [January 14]

China to allow mainlanders to make transit stops in Taiwan [January 6]

China Warns of 'Complex Changes' in Taiwan Election Year [December 30, 2015]

Difficult choices await the mainland after Taiwan's election: US expert [September 16, 2015]
The China Post

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