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Nuclear Agreement with Iran
27 | August | 2015

It took twelve years to reach a historical agreement between Iran and UNSC countries plus Germany. Teheran agreed to stop its nuclear program.


Read the Full Text of the Iran Nuclear Deal Here
Foreign Policy

Opinions & Analyses

Iran’s Next Need: Internal Healing [July 21]
Haleh Anvari, New York Times

U.S. Gambles on a Nuclear Agreement with Iran [July 21]
Ariel E. Levite, Haaretz

The Iran Deal's Collapsing Rationale [July 21]
Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal

A Self-Defeating Strategy on Iran [July 21]
Jon Alterman, Center for Strategic and International Studies

What Israel Can Do Now [July 21]
Max Singer, Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies

The economic upshot of the Iran deal [July 21]
David Cay Johnston, Al Jazeera America

The Iran Deal Is Transformational [July 21]
David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy

The Risk In Lifting Sanctions, And Pressure, On Iran's Weapons Activities [July 21]
Michael Singh, Wall Street Journal

Living With the Iran Nuclear Deal [July 20]
Richard N. Haass, Project Syndicate

Iran deal and Turkey: time for a soft-power reset [July 20]
Akin Unve, Al Jazeera

Following the Problematic Nuclear Agreement: Scenarios and Policy Recommendations [July 20]
Amos Yadlin, Director of INSS

Iran Nuclear Deal Offers Shaky Compromise [July 20]
James F. Jeffrey, Global Times

Re-balancing global system over Iran nuclear talk [July 19]
Mustafa Demir, Today’s Zaman

A deal with gaping failures [July 16]
Yaakov Lappin, Jerusalem Post

Worse than we could have imagined [July 16]
Charles Krauthammer, WP

Iran’s nuclear deal and us [July 16]
Abdulrahman al-Rashed, Al Arabiya

¿Irán desatado o Irán constructivo? [July 16]
Mark Leonard, El País

What does Iran’s nuclear deal mean for Arabs? [July 16]
Osama Al Sharif, Gulf News

Obama Makes His Case on Iran Nuclear Deal
[July 16]
Entrevista a Barack Obama, New York Times

For the U.S. and Iran, a nuclear accord upends old assumptions [July 16]
Suzanne Maloney, Brookings

We should not let euphoria about the Iran nuclear deal cloud our judgment [July 16]
Michael Herzog, The Guardian

The Good, Bad and Ugly in Iran Nuclear Deal [July 16]
Mark Fitzpatrick, Prospect Magazine

Iran Nuclear Saga—No Deal Yet [July 16]
Amir Taheri, Asharq Al Awsat

How the Nuclear Deal Weakens Iran's Moderates [July 16]
Mehdi Khalaji, Washington Institute

The Iranian Nuclear-Inspection Charade [July 16]
William Tobey, The Wall Street Journal

How Obama Should Sell the Iran Deal [July 16]
James P. Rubin, New York Times

The China-Iran Nuclear Pipeline: How to Shut It Down [July 16]
Orde F. Kittrie, Foundation for Defense of Democracies

What implications does the Iran nuclear deal have for the Middle East? [July 16]
Yassir Al Zaatara, Middle East Monitor

Obama’s Iran Legacy Comes at Big Cost for Clinton [July 16]
Josh Rogin, Bloomberg View

For many Arabs, Iranian centrifuges are of the least concern [July 16]
Joyce Karam, Al Arabiya

Iran Deal Leaves U.S. With Tough Questions [July 16]
Dennis Ross, Washington Post

What's Really Wrong with the Iran Nuclear Deal [July 16]
Robert Satloff, New York Daily News

An Iran deal won't stabilize the messy Middle East — but maybe Arab states can [July 16]
Tamara Cofman Wittes, Brookings

The Door to Iran Opens [July 16]
Roger Cohen, The New York Times

What the Next U.S. President Should Do With the Iran Deal [July 16]
David Frum, The Atlantic

Why Iran's Revolutionary Guard Is Happy [July 16]
Afshon Ostovar, Politico Magazine

The Iran Deal Strengthens America's Military Option [July 16]
Zachary Keck, National Interest

The Iran Nuclear Agreement: Tehran "Achieved All It Wanted" [July 16]
Dov S. Zakheim, National Interest

Political and psychological challenges to sanctions relief [July 16]
Sascha Lohmann, Brookings Institution

The Big Winners of the Iran Nuclear Deal [July 16]
Micah Zenko, Foreign Policy

Iran nuclear deal opens the gates of evil in the Middle East [July 16]
Salman Aldosary, Asharq Al Awsat

Is Bibi's reaction to the Iran nuclear deal a historic mistake? [July 16]
Shibley Telhami, Brookings

How to Assess the Iran Deal and What to Do About It [July 16]
James F. Jeffrey, The Hill

Iran Will Cheat. Then What? [July 16]
Dennis Ross, Time Magazine

Obama gambles foreign policy legacy on Iran deal [July 16]
Matt Spetalnick, Gulf Times

The Real Reason Obama Did the Iran Deal [July 15]
Leslie H. Gelb, Daily Beast

Iran Deal Misses the Point [July 15]
Danielle Pletka, CNN

Understanding the Argument for the Iran Deal [July 15]
John Podhoretz, Commentary

Turn Down for What? The Iran Deal and What Will Follow [July 15]
Robert Jervis, Foreign Affairs

Dollar Diplomacy in Tehran [July 15]
Eric Lorber and Elizabeth Rosenberg, Foreign Affairs

Don't Call It a Shakeup: Why the Nuclear Deal Won't Change U.S. Regional Politics [April 10]
Dalia Dassa Kaye, RAND

Keeping Iran's Feet To The Fire [July 14]
David Makovsky and Matthew Levitt, Foreign Policy

Nucléaire iranien : Laurent Fabius raconte au « Monde » les coulisses des négociations [July 14]
Entrevista a Laurent Fabius, Le Monde

After the Iran Deal [July 14]
Volker Perthes, Project Syndicate

This Iran nuclear deal is built to last [July 14]
Richard Dalton, The Guardian

De Rohaní a Rohaní [July 14]
Javier Solana, El Pais

The Best Arguments for an Iran Deal [July 14]
Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal

Preparing for the fallout from Iran’s nuclear deal [July 14]
Sharif Nashashibi, Al Arabiya

How the Iran Deal Could Change the Game [July 14]
Carl Schreck and Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE

What Iran’s Nuclear Deal Means for the Global Crude Oil Market [July 14]
Grant Smith, Bloomberg

Why the Iran Deal Makes Obama's Critics So Angry [July 14]
Peter Beinart, The Atlantic

Obama's Disastrous Success [July 14]
Seth Perelman, Jerusalem Post

After a historic nuclear agreement, challenges ahead for Iran [July 14]
Ariane Tabatabai, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Iran's conservatives wary of nuclear deal [July 14]
Fatima Ahmad Alsmadi, Al Jazeera

Why Saudi Arabia and Israel oppose Iran nuclear deal [April 2015]
Al Jazeera


A guide on how not to sell the Iran deal [July 20]
The National

Iran Deal: the Morning After [July 19]
New York Times

The World's Common Sense Deal with Iran [July 17]
Japan Times

An Iran Nuclear Deal That Reduces the Chance of War [July 17]
New York Times

Which Iran Signed the Deal? [July 16]
The National

Hiyatollah! [July 15]
Los Angeles Times

Hiyatollah! [July 15]
The Economist


Is Iran ready to improve US ties? Leader's tough talk masks debate [July 21]
Scott Peterson, CS Monitor

UN Backs Iran Deal, Infuriating Lawmakers from Both Parties [July 21]
Julian Hattem, The Hill

Iran parliament committee to review nuke deal [July 21]
Al Arabiya

Exclusive: Kerry slams ‘disturbing’ Khamenei speech [July 21]
Al Arabiya

Kerry Defends Contentious Iran Deal As Obama Seeks Congressional Approval [July 21]
Owen Davis, International Business Times

Europe backs Iran nuclear deal in signal to U.S. Congress [July 20]
Robin Emmott and Francesco Guarascio, Reuters

Ayatollah Khamenei vows no change in US and Israel relations [July 20]
Najmeh Bozorgmeh, Financial Times

Iranian Revolutionary Guards: UN resolution endorsing nuclear deal crosses Iran's red lines [July 20]
Jerusalem Post

Israel's Netanyahu is pushing hard against Iran nuclear deal. But others are pushing back [July 20]
Dan Murphy, Christian Science Monitor

Iran preparing for tourism boom following nuclear deal [July 20]
Jerusalem Post

Post-deal Iran an opportunity but legal minefield too [July 19]
Martin Arnold, Simeon Kerr and Ben McLannahan, Financial Times

Ayatollah Khamenei vows no change in US and Israel relations [July 18]
Najmeh Bozorgmeh, Financial Times

Clearing Hurdles to Iran Nuclear Deal With Standoffs, Shouts and Compromise [July 17]
David E. Sanger and Michael R. Gordon, New York Times

Ya'alon: Iran Nuclear Agreement Built on "Lies and Deceit" [July 16]
Yaakov Lappin, Jerusalem Post

Israel reassessing security situation and expecting more US military aid after Iran deal [July 16]
Noam Amir & Maariv Hashavua, Jerusalem Post

Iran nuclear deal should be scrutinized carefully: Khamenei [July 16]
Al Arabiya

Gulf states, Iran direct talks possible: Oman [July 16]
Gulf News

The end of 'Death to America'? [July 16]
Arash Karami, Al Monitor

‘No, Honey, I Blocked Netanyahu’: The Jokes Iranians Are Passing Around After the Deal [July 16]
Siobhán O'Grady, Foreign Policy

After Nuke Deal, Rouhani Says Iran Could Soon Buy New Planes [July 16]

Republicans Race to Condemn the Iran Deal [July 16]
Andrew Rosenthal, New York Times

Deal Reached, U.S.-Iranian Relations May Be Tougher Hurdle [July 16]
Frank Newport and Julie Ray, Gallup

Putin Flexes Diplomatic Muscle on Iran [July 16]
David M. Herszenhorn and Steven Lee Myers, New York Times

British foreign secretary in Israel to discuss Iran deal [July 16]
Times of Israel

Countering Obama, Israel says it offered alternative to Iran deal [July 16]
Raphael Ahren, Times of Israel

Minister urges Iran deal implementation ‘in the right spirit’ [July 16]
Gulf Times

Iran deal 'naked as emperor with no clothes', says Israel [July 16]

Israel: Inspection Clauses in Deal "Worse than Worthless" [July 16]
Raphael Ahren, Times of Israel

Iran, P5+1 make diplomatic breakthrough in nuclear talks [July 14]
Press TV

Iran achieved all four long-sought objectives: Rouhani [July 14]
Press TV

How the agreement works [July 14]
Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post

Iranian tourism sees a new dawn [July 14]
Press TV

Nuclear Deal Allows Iran to Block or Delay Inspections  [July 14]
George Jahn and Matthew Lee, Washington Post

Obama: Iran nuclear deal cuts off all pathways to nuclear weapon [July 14]

Ya'alon: After "Bad" Iran Deal, Israel Must Be Prepared to Defend Itself [July 14]
Lahav Harkov, Jerusalem Post

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