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Turkey Elections 2023
30 | May | 2023

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was re-elected president of Turkey in the second round of elections, defeating Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu by 4 percent. Before the first round of elections on May 14, several analysts believed there was a real chance of winning for the opposition leader representing a united opposition. Erdoğan's AKP rules the country for over two decades, but the recent earthquakes, the country's economic situation and the Kurdish electorate vote were seen as factors that could influence a change in the Turkish political chess.



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El mapa electoral de Turquía [25/05/2023]
Abel Gil, Orden Mundial

Turkish elections: Simple guide to Erdogan's fight to stay in power [23/05/2023]
Paul Kirby, BBC News

The Turkish Electoral Map after the First Round [22/05/2023]
Doha Institute

Programa Mapa Mundo - A viagem europeia de Zelensky, as armas e o registo de danos para a Ucrânia; A Turquia e a segunda volta das eleições presidenciais [18/05/2023]
Patricia Daehnhardt & Isabel David, TSF

Turkey Election Maps: Why Erdogan Is Headed For a Runoff  [15/05/2023]
Lauren Leatherby, New York Times

International Election Observation Mission Republic of Türkiye – General Elections [15/05/2023]

How to watch the Turkish elections like a pro [12/05/2023]
Leyla Aksu, Politico

Programa Geometria Variável - Marcelo/Costa. PR no Parlamento Europeu. Eleições na Turquia [11/05/2023]
Nuno Severiano Teixeira, Antena 1

Programa Mapa Mundo - Vitória dos pós-Pinochet no Chile e as eleições na Turquia [11/05/2023]
José Pedro Teixeira Fernandes & Paula Borges Santos, TSF


Opinions & Analysis
What Erdoğan’s reelection means for Turkey’s political system, economy and foreign policy [30/05/2023]
Ahmet T. Kuru, The Conversation

Why Did Erdogan Win? [30/05/2023]
Sinan Ciddi, National Interest

Erdoğan's resilience and Türkiye’s political landscape [29/05/2023]
Mehmet Çelik, Daily Sabah

Why Did Erdogan Win? [29/05/2023]
Sinan Ciddi, National Interest

Erdogan’s Win Will Shift Turkey’s Foreign Policy Goal [29/05/2023]
Fehim Tastekin, Al-Monitor

Turquía: los otros vencedores [29/05/2023]
Eduard Soler I Lecha, El País

Turkey elections: Erdogan and Kilicdaroglu battle for nationalist vote [26/05/2023]
Burhanettin Duran, MEE

One More Term [25/05/2023]
Tom Stevenson, London Review of Books

Turkish Elections in a Post-Truth Political Landscape [24/05/2023]
Mustafa Gurbuz, Arab Center

Erdogan’s Momentum: Toward the Turkish Presidential Runoff [24/05/2023]
Gallia Lindenstrauss & Remi Daniel, INSS

Turkey elections: Why the West got it so wrong [24/05/2023]
David Hearst, MEE

Too much politics of fear from Kilicdaroglu? [24/05/2023]
Berk Esen & Ceyda Nurtsch, Qantara

Turkey 2030: How did we get here? [24/05/2023]
Barın Kayaoğlu, MEI

Turkey elections: How Erdogan won the first round, and Kilicdaroglu's U-turn [23/05/2023]
Evren Balta, MEE

Turkish Election Watch: Preparing for a presidential run-off [22/05/2023]
Howard Eissenstat, MEI

Turkey’s politics on the cusp of generational change [22/05/2023]
Galip Dalay, Chatham House

Turkey’s new parliament: 50 shades of nationalism, conservatism [20/05/2023]
Fehim Tastekin, Al Monitor

The West may have to learn how to live with Erdoğan [18/05/2023]
Nathalie Tocci, Politico

Why Erdoğan Wins [18/05/2023]
Daron Acemoglu, Project Syndicate

O significado internacional da eleição turca [17/05/2023]
Nuno Severiano Teixeira, Público

Unforgettable triumph of Turkish democracy [17/05/2023]
Muhittin Ataman, Daily Sabah

«Les Turcs veulent un sultan, pas un Gandhi s’adressant à eux depuis sa cuisine» [17/05/2023]
Alexandre Devecchio & Jean-François Colosimo, Le Figaro

Türkiye elections: Fate of second round lies within results [17/05/2023]
Burhanettin Duran, Daily Sabah

«Erdogan poursuit sa mission de réinscrire la Turquie sur la grande carte du monde, pour rendre aux Turcs leur fierté» [17/05/2023]
Dorothée Schmid, Le Monde

Europe should be careful what it wishes for with Turkey [17/05/2023]
Mujtaba Rahman, Politico

Türkiye: Joint Statement by High Representative Josep Borrell and Commissioner for Enlargement Olivér Várhelyi on the elections [16/05/2023]
European Commission

Turkey Heads Into a Critical Election Runoff [16/05/2023]
Marc Pierini & Francesco Siccardi, Carnegie Europe

Turkish Elections: What Comes Next? [15/05/2023]

Here’s How to Read Turkey’s Election Results—So Far [15/05/2023]
Steven A. Cook, CFR

East and West: Which Way Does Turkey Face? [15/05/2023]
Soner Cagaptay, Washington Institute

Erdogan proves unbeatable as Turkey heads for runoff [15/05/2023]
Amberin Zaman, Al Monitor

A Turquia entre a ruptura e a continuidade  [13/05/2023]
José Pedro Teixeira Fernandes, Público

Erdoğan is in the lead in Turkey’s elections – and democracy is likely to be the loser [15/05/2023]
Constanze Letsch, The Guardian

Turkish elections hang in the ‘who’s the true nationalist’ balance [12/05/2023]
Burhanettin Duran, Daily Sabah

Turkey elections: How will the vote affect foreign policy? [12/05/2023]
Burhanettin Duran, Middle East Eye

Turkish election is likely to disappoint the West [12/05/2023]
M.K. Bhadrakumar, Asia Times

Turquía: poder y oposición [12/05/2023]
Carmen Rodríguez López, Política Exterior

Turkey’s next leader may be pro-West but not anti-Russia [12/05/2023]
Galip Dalay, Chatham House

Possible transfer of power in Turkey: Would Erdoğan concede defeat? [12/05/2023]
Hürcan Aslı Aksoy & Salim Çevik, SWP

Turkey’s Election Could Put an End to the Erdogan Era [12/05/2023]
Judah Grunstein, WPR

Whatever Happens Next, Turkey Is in Trouble [11/05/2023]
Cihan Tugal, New York Times

Turkey’s choice could not be starker: more cruelty under Erdoğan, or the return of justice and hope [11/05/2023]
Ece Temelkuran, The Guardian

Even if Erdogan is defeated, Turkey is still up for grabs [11/05/2023]
Soner Cagaptay, Washington Post

La disyuntiva internacional de Turquía [11/05/2023]
Senem Aydin-Düzgit, El País

On NATO, Russia, and EU, Kilicdaroglu wants to be the anti-Erdogan [11/05/2023]
Connor Echols, Responsible Statecraft

Whatever Happens Next, Turkey Is in Trouble [11/05/2023]
Cihan Tugal, New York Times

Turkey elections: Why Europe is desperate to see Erdogan lose [11/05/2023]
David Hearst, Middle East Eye

The Battle of the Turkish Centuries [11/05/2023]
Hugh Pope, Politico EU

Turkey: Erdogan’s grip on media threatens fair elections [11/05/2023]
Emre Kizilkaya, The World Today

Turkey's Democratic Resilience [11/05/2023]
Ayşe Zarakol, Project Syndicate

Rigging the Vote Won’t Be Easy for Erdogan [11/05/2023]
Merve Tahiroglu, Foreign Policy

Turkish election may not bring the geopolitical shift some are hoping for [10/05/2023]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

Is extensive election fraud possible in Turkey’s fiercest elections? [10/05/2023]
Hürcan Aslı Aksoy & Salim Çevik, SWP

What Would Change if Erdogan Lost? [10/05/2023]
Joel Mathis, The Week

Turkey’s Erdogan is in the fight of his political life. The real winner may be Putin [10/05/2023]
Elmira Bayrasli, CNN

Yes, Erdogan’s Rule Might Actually End This Weekend [09/05/2023]
Gonul Tol & Ali Yaycioglu, Foreign Policy

Turkey elections: After two decades of AKP rule, a showdown looms [09/05/2023]
Evren Balta, Middle East Eye

An opposition foreign policy in Erdoğan’s shadow [08/05/2023]
Alan Makovsky, MEI

Turkey at crossroads: return to democracy or more repression [08/05/2023]
Selçuk Gültaşli, EU Observer

Turkey’s Erdogan is facing re-election to hold onto power – can a divided opposition oust the strongman? [08/05/2023]
Khalid Al Bostanji, The Conversation

Polarizing populism vs. inclusive positivity: Erdoğan and Kılıçdaroğlu’s dueling campaign strategies [08/05/2023]
Seren Selvin Korkmaz, MEI

Assessing competing scenarios for Turkey’s parliamentary elections [08/05/2023]
Berk Esen, MEI

Turkey’s 2023 Elections: The Day After [08/05/2023]
Henri J. Barkey, National Interest

If Erdogan is defeated, the West must help Turkey succeed [08/05/2023]
Asli Aydintasbas, Washington Post

An opposition foreign policy in Erdoğan’s shadow [08/05/2023]
Alan Makovsky, MEI

The economic impact of Turkey’s elections: Six potential scenarios [08/05/2023]
M. Murat Kubilay, MEI

National Elections in Turkey will Test Commitment to Democracy [08/05/2023]
James F. Jeffrey, Wilson Center

Turkey’s Election: Global Implications and Significance:Why Turkey’s Choice Matters for the World? [06/05/2023]
Sedat Laçiner, Modern Diplomacy

Snapshot – Turkey’s Elections: How Erdoğan Could Try to Engineer a Win and Stay in Power [06/05/2023]
Merve Tahiroğlu, POMED

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan face au spectre de la défaite [04/05/2023]
Alain Gresh, Orient XXI

Turkey’s Resilient Autocrat [04/05/2023]
Soner Cagaptay, Foreign Affairs

Turquie. Les clés de scrutins incertains pour Recep Tayyip Erdoğan [04/05/2023]
Emre Öngün, Orient XXI

Turkey elections: Could a victorious opposition deliver its promises on Syria? [04/05/2023]
Omer Ozkizilcik, Middle East Eye

Élections en Turquie: le triomphe de l'espoir sur la peur? [03/05/2023]
Soli Özel, Institut Montaigne

Turkey’s Elections Won’t Be Free or Fair [03/05/2023]
Nate Schenkkan & Aykut Garipoglu, Foreign Policy

Turquie: l'espoir est permis [02/05/2023]
Dominique Moïsi, Institut Montaigne

What should the European Union do in case of an opposition victory in Turkey? [27/04/2023]
Ilke Toygür, Institute for Turkish Studies

Europe Has a Lot Riding on Turkey’s—and Greece’s—Elections [26/04/2023]
Alexander Clarkson, WPR

Green Politics Could Have an Outsized Impact on Türkiye’s Elections [25/04/2023]
Francesco Siccardi, Carnegie Europe

In centennial year, Turkish voters will choose between Erdoğan’s conservative path and the founder’s modernist vision [25/04/2023]
Ahmet T. Kuru, The Conversation

What Happens When a Turkish President Loses an Election? No One Knows. [22/04/2023]
Reuben Silverman, Foreign Policy

The Kurdish Vote and the Turkish Election [20/04/2023]
Selçuk Aydin, SADA

Turkey’s Opposition Can’t Win Without the Working Class [17/04/2023]
Halil Karaveli, Foreign Policy

What if Kemal Kilicdaroglu Wins Turkey’s Election? [14/04/2023]
Steven A. Cook, Foreign Policy

The Strategic Consequences of a Kılıçdaroğlu Victory Over Erdoğan [13/04/2023]
Marc Pierini & Francesco Siccardi, Carnegie Europe

A New New Turkey? What an Opposition Victory Would Mean for Ankara’s Foreign Policy [06/04/2023]
Nicholas Danforth, ELIAMEP

Letter from Istanbul: Turkey has difficult years ahead [04/04/2023]
Aslı Aydıntaşbaş, Brookings Institution

The earthquake might upend more than Turkey’s elections [31/03/2023]
Yaprak Gürsoy, The World Today

Erdoğan Is In Danger [08/03/2023]
Henri J. Barkey, Persuasion

Turkey’s Weak Strongman [01/03/2023]
Gonul Tol, Foreign Policy

Turquie - la politique étrangère fera-t-elle l'élection? [02/02/2023]
Bernard Chappedelaine, Institut Montaigne

Erdogan’s End Game: Will He Undermine Turkish Democracy to Stay in Power? [04/01/2023]
Soner Cagaptay, Política Exterior

A Turkish court sentenced Erdogan’s rival to prison. That could backfire [22/12/2022]
Andrew O’Donohue & Cem Tecimer, Washington Post

Condamnation du maire d’Istanbul: un nouveau tournant autoritaire d’Erdoğan? [19/12/2022]
Didier Billion, IRIS

Snapshot – Cronies in Crisis: Economic Woes, Clientelism, and Elections in Turkey [28/10/2022]
Merve Tahiroğlu, POMED

Manufacturing the AKP in Turkey [25/01/2022]
Utku Balaban, MERIP


Turquie: le spectre des lendemains qui déchantent [29/05/2023]
Le Monde

Weaker by the year: on the elections in Turkey and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan [17/05/2023]
The Hindu

Nationalism is the true victor in Turkish elections [17/05/2023]
Burcu Başaran, Daily Sabah

«Le message des Turcs à Erdogan» [15/05/2023]
Le Figaro

Turkey’s election results: a step towards autocracy? [15/05/2023]
The Guardian

Une élection cruciale pour la Turquie et au-delà [12/05/2023]
Le Monde

Turkey’s election: an end to Erdoğan’s authoritarianism? [11/05/2023]
The Guardian

The Irish Times view on the Turkish election: a defining moment for Erdogan [10/05/2023]
Irish Times

If Turkey sacks its strongman, democrats everywhere should take heart [05/05/2023]
The Economist

A shadow of growing despotism lurks over Turkey’s elections [04/05/2023]
Washington Post

Erdoğan looks more fragile [30/04/2023]
The Observer

Turkey elections: Five urgent challenges Erdogan will face in his third term [29/05/2023]
Ragip Soylu, Middle East Eye

What Erdoğan does next [29/05/2023]
Elçin Poyrazlar, Politico

Five Takeaways From Turkey’s Presidential Election [29/05/2023]
Ben Hubbard, The New York Times

Élections en Turquie: Erdoğan, l’indétrônable [29/05/2023]
Atika Ratim, Le Brief

Will Erdogan’s Victory Soften Turkey’s Opposition to Sweden in NATO? [29/05/2023]
Steven Erlanger, The New York Times

Turkey elections: Erdogan defeats Kilicdaroglu and secures five more years in power [28/05/2023]
Ragip Soylu, Yusuf Selman Inanc & Yunus Emre Oruc, MEE

Turkey elections: Kilicdaroglu's dilemma of keeping support of 'ultranationalists' and Kurds [27/05/2023]
Yusuf Selman Inanc, MEE

Why Turkey's election is being closely followed in Africa [26/05/2023]
Marina Daras, BBC

Turkey’s runoff election: Nationalism, fake news, xenophobia [24/05/2023]
Elmas Topcu, DW

Turkey Elections: Runoff becomes tug of war over Syrian refugees [23/05/2023]
Nazlan Ertan, Al Monitor

Five ways Kilicdaroglu will try to beat Erdogan in Turkey run-off [22/05/2023]
Al Jazeera

Erdoğan wins support from Turkey’s election ‘kingmaker’ [22/05/2023]
Gabriel Gavin & Elçin Poyrazlar, Politico

Expats start voting in Turkey election run-off [21/05/2023]
Al Jazeera

Turkey elections: Kilicdaroglu finally has a plan for the run-off and its main theme is fear [19/05/2023]
Ragip Soylu, MEE

Erdoğan: I have a ‘special relationship’ with Putin — and it’s only growing [19/05/2023]
Gabriel Gavin, Politico

‘All political parties included in Turkish election results process’ [17/05/2023]
Daily Sabah

Why Turkey’s president is strong election favorite despite economic turmoil [17/05/2023]
Suzan Fraser, Associated Press

Turkey's nationalist candidate basks in glory ahead of Erdogan-Kilicdaroglu runoff [16/05/2023]
Nazlan Ertan, Al Monitor

AK Party gears up for Turkish runoff vote, draws road map [16/05/2023]
Daily Sabah

Erdogan defies ‘politicised’ opinion polls in Turkey’s election [15/05/2023]
Al Jazeera

Say hello to Turkey’s election kingmaker [15/05/2023]
Elçin Poyrazlar & Christian Oliver, Politico

Erdogan proves unbeatable as Turkey heads for runoff [15/05/2023]
Amberin Zaman, Al Monitor

Oğan seeks assurances to support candidate in Türkiye's runoff [15/05/2023]
Daily Sabah

Turkey's Erdogan, master campaigner, faces toughest contest yet [12/05/2023]
Samia Nakhoul, Reuters

Ballot papers unchanged after İnce’s withdrawal [12/05/2023]
Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey elections: Why Kilicdaroglu suspects Russian interference [12/05/2023]
Ragip Soylu, Middle East Eye

Can Turkey's Gen Z tip the scales? [12/05/2023]
Ceyda Nurtsch, Qantara

Kremlin 'Strongly' Denies Accusations of Meddling in Turkish Vote [12/05/2023]
Moscow Times

Turkish opposition accuses Russia of election interference days before vote [12/05/2023]
Ruth Michaelson & Deniz Barış Narlı, The Guardian

The winners and losers of Erdogan's Turkey [12/05/2023]

Turkey elections: Inside the campaign to give Erdogan one final victory [12/05/2023]
Ragip Soylu, Middle East Eye

Elections en Turquie : dans un climat tendu, Erdogan face à la tentation incendiaire  [12/05/2023]
Nicolas Bourcier, Le Monde

May 14 polls will pave way for building ‘Century of Türkiye’: Erdoğan [12/05/2023]
Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey elections: Persecuted journalists cautiously hopeful of change [12/05/2023]
Alex MacDonald, Middle East Eye

Cracks emerge in one of Erdoğan’s electoral bastions [12/05/2023]
Christian Oliver & Elçin Poyrazlar, Politico

Turkey elections: Turkish-Syrian voters see Erdogan as 'lesser of two evils' [11/05/2023]
Stefania D'Ignoti, Middle East Eyes

Turkish candidate drops out in boost to Erdogan’s main challenger [11/05/2023]
Suzan Fraser, Associated Press

Turkey Elections: Kilicdaroglu outreach to US, NATO hindered by Russia ties [11/05/2023]
Jared Szuba, Al Monitor

Why the EU Loves Erdoğan [11/05/2023]
Suzanne Lynch, Politico EU

Homeland Party leader İnce withdraws from presidential race [11/05/2023]
Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey Elections: Latest polls put Erdogan challenger on verge of first-round win [11/05/2023]
Nazlan Ertan, Al Monitor

Turkey elections: Young voters who could decide Turkey's future [11/05/2023]
Selin Girit, BBC World

Gulf investments likely to be challenged if Erdogan loses [10/05/2023]
Salim A. Essaid, Al Monitor

Record number of Turks vote in Germany in ‘fateful election’ for Erdoğan [10/05/2023]
Gabriel Rinaldi & Peter Wilke, Politico

Erdoğan urges unity, vows protecting Kurdish rights in Turkish election rally [10/05/2023]
Daily Sabah

As Turkish Vote Looms, Erdogan Loyalists Can’t Imagine Anyone Else in Charge [10/05/2023]
Ben Hubbard and Safak Timur, The New York Times

Campaign approaches climax with gunshots, fears of fraud [10/05/2023]
Nazlan Ertan, Al-Monitor

‘Always Erdoğan’: Turkish opposition hopes ideas prevail over personality [09/05/2023]
Ruth Michaelson & Deniz Barış Narlı, The Guardian

Voting for Turkish elections ends in most countries [08/05/2023]
Daily Sabah

Erdoğan vows economic independence in Turkish election campaign trail [08/05/2023]
Daily Sabah

Turkey’s Earthquake Election [08/05/2023]
Suzy Hansen, New Yorker

‘Kingmaker’ Kurds to back Erdoğan in upcoming vote [07/05/2023]
Didenur Daştan, Daily Sabah

Turkey’s New Voters Rally Around Opposition [07/05/2023]
Nazlan Ertan, Al-Monitor

Turkey elections: The battle for five million first-time voters [06/05/2023]
Elis Gjevori, Middle East Eye

Turkey elections: LGBTQ+ community used as a political football as polling day nears [05/05/2023]
Alex MacDonald, Middle East Eye

Turkey elections: Can the opposition stay together if they win? [04/05/2023]
Ragip Soylu, Middle East Eye

Turkey inflation drops below 50%, 11 days before elections [03/05/2023]

Turkey's Election in Dead Heat [17/04/2023]
Al Monitor

Who are Erdogan's allies? [17/04/2023]
Elmas Topcu, Qantara

2023’s most important election: Turkey [17/04/2023]
Nektaria Stamouli, Politico

Taking On Erdogan, Turkish Opposition Leader Banks on Everyman Appeal [16/04/2023]
Ben Hubbard & Gulsin Harman, New York Times

It’s going to be hard to get rid of Turkey’s Erdoğan [18/03/2023]
Jamie Dettmer, Politico

Turkey’s upcoming elections have delayed Sweden and Finland’s NATO bids. [30/01/2023]
Steven Erlanger, New York Times

The world looks on as Erdogan jockeys for a third decade of power in Turkey [27/01/2023]
Nadeen Ebrahim, CNN

Turkish elections to be held on May 14 [23/01/2023]

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