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Iran Protests
24 | January | 2023

TThe death of Mahsa Amini on September 16 after being detained by the morality police sparked a broad wave of protests in Iran that quickly evolved into a movement of protests against the regime. Despite the violent repression with which the regime has responded to the demonstrators, the protests have not died down.



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Iran crisis update, January 23 [23/01/2023]

Do Iran’s Women Protesters Have the Power to Topple the Regime? [17/11/2023]
Kali Robinson, CFR

Mapping Iran’s unrest: how Mahsa Amini’s death led to nationwide protests [31/10/2022]
Niels de Hoog & Elena Morresi, The Guardian

The Current Situation in Iran: A USIP Fact Sheet [28/10/2022]

Iranians’ Attitudes Toward Political Systems: A 2022 Survey Report [03/2022]
Ammar Maleki, GAMAAN


Opinions & Analysis
Iran’s protests go back to the future [19/01/2023]
Amin Saikal, The Strategist

The Iran protests and US policy on Tehran’s nuclear program [19/01/2023]
Marie Abdi, MEI

Iran’s Protests Are Nowhere Near Revolutionary [17/01/2023]
Sajjad Safaei, Foreign Policy

Europe Needs a New Iran Strategy [17/01/2023]
Cornelius Adebahr, Carnegie Europe

Iran’s most powerful weapon isn’t working [10/01/2023]
Frida Ghitis, CNN

Iran’s Protesters Want Regime Change [02/01/2023]
Eric Edelman & Ray Takeyh, Foreign Affairs

Why there is no Facebook revolution on the way for Iran [13/01/2023]
Tanveer Ahmed, Financial Review

Iran Uses Rape to Enforce Women’s Modesty [17/12/2022]
Nicholas Kristof, NYT

The Question Is No Longer Whether Iranians Will Topple the Ayatollah [12/12/2022]
Karim Sadjadpour, NYT

Iran On Verge Of ‘Renaissance’ And Its Women Need Support  [11/12/2022]
Lawdan Bazargan, Iran International

Iran: decades of female anger rocks the regime [02/12/2022]
Sanam Vakil, The World Today

Why are Americans ignoring the protests in Iran? [29/11/2022]
Francine Prose, The Guardian

Mapping the Protests in Iran [28/11/2022]
Mark Dubowitz, FDD

The heroic people of Iran are teaching the west a song too many of us have forgotten [25/11/2022]
Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

Iranian unrest finds a voice at the World Cup [22/11/2022]
Amin Saikal, The Strategist

Khamenei’s Dilemma [16/11/2022]
Christopher de Bellaigue, New York Review of Books

Iran is at war with its own people. Fifa won’t let that spoil their World Cup [13/11/2022]
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

The Sound and the Fury of Iran's Protest Movement [09/11/2022]
Ali Hashem, New Lines Magazine

Iran’s Uprisings: A Feminist Foreign Policy Approach [11/2022]
Diba Mirzaei & Hamid Talebian, GIGA

Why Dictators Are Afraid of Girls: Rethinking Gender and National Security [07/11/2022]
Kathleen J. Mcinnis, Benjamin Jensen & Jaron Wharton, War on the Rocks

It’s Woman vs. Woman in Iran’s Protests [07/11/2022]
Anchal Vohra, Foreign Policy

The Iran Protests: A Crossroads in Governance? [04/11/2022]
Karishma R. Mehta, RAND

Depende: ¿el principio del fin del régimen en Irán? [03/11/2022]
Moisés Garduño, ES Global

Somos todos mulheres [02/11/2022]
Nuno Severiano Teixeira, Público

Iran Has Become a Prison [01/11/2022]
Kian Tajbakhsh, The Atlantic

Meet Iran’s Gen Z: the Driving Force Behind the Protests [01/11/2022]
Holly Dagres, Foreign Policy

Iran’s Women on the Frontlines [31/10/2022]
Zoe Marks, Fatemeh Haghighatjoo & Erica Chenoweth, Foreign Affairs

Iran: protesters call for move to a non-religious state. What changes would that bring? [28/10/2022]
Hossein Dabbagh, The Conversation

Is Iran’s Arab Spring doomed? [28/10/2022]
David Patrikarakos, UnHerd

Iran: Popular Uprising or ‘Armed Revolt’? [27/10/2022]
Allan Hassaniyan, LSE-MEC

Could Iran’s regime fall? [27/10/2022]
The Economist

Where is the US’s red line on Iran’s protests? [24/10/2022]
Marie Abdi, MEI

Iranians are Done Debating [19/10/2022]
Alireza Eshraghi, MERIP

The Naked Ayatollah [19/10/2022]
Reza Aslan, Project Syndicate

The Beginning of the End of the Islamic Republic [18/10/2022]
Masih Alinejad, Foreign Affairs

Iran’s revolutionary moment [17/10/2022]
Kylie Moore-Gilbert, The Interpreter

When Do Protests Succeed? The Case of Iran and the Arab World [17/10/2022]
Marina Ottaway & Haleh Esfandiari, Wilson Center

Iran. Signer l’accord sur le nucléaire pour aider les femmes en lute [14/10/2022]
Bernard Hourcade, Orient XXI

As Anti-Regime Protests Swell Across Iran, Ethnic Minorities Demand Freedom and Equality [14/10/2022]
Rahim Hamid & Ruth Riegler, FiKra Forum

A Second Iranian Revolution? The parallels are astonishing [14/10/2022]
Ray Takeyh, Commentary Magazine

"We Iranian women need the world's help" [14/10/2022]
Anonymous, Qantara

As Anti-Regime Protests Swell Across Iran, Ethnic Minorities Demand Freedom and Equality [14/10/2022]
Rahim Hamid & Ruth Riegler, Washington Institute

The Courageous Women of Iran [14/10/2022]
Özlem Topçu, Der Spiegel

Iran protests have broken through to the world. What’s the world saying back? [13/10/2022]
Jason Rezaian, The Washington Post

The Iranian regime has never faced a movement like this one [13/10/2022]
David Ignatius, The Washington Post

Iranians Want Democracy. Who Are We to Say No? [12/10/2022]
Shay Khatiri, The Bulwark

I hope my Iranian sisters go down in history igniting a revolution – but condemning the atrocities is not enough [12/10/2022]
Tina Hosseini, The Guardian

A Turning Point in Iran [11/10/2022]
Ziryan Rojhelati Washington Institute

Las mujeres iraníes y (su)misión histórica [10/10/2022]
Rosa Rabbaniarash Arjomandi, El País

On the eve of a new world era? [10/10/2022]
Ali Sadrzadeh, Qantara

Iran: the hijab protests are now massive, but a revolution will need the military to change sides [10/10/2022]
Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, The Conversation

Iran’s Protests Are the First Counter-Revolution Led by Women [09/10/2022]
Robin Wright, New Yorker

Iran’s brave young women must break their own chains. The west won’t help [08/10/2022]
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

Las sanciones a Irán están cambiando: el papel de las protestas y el poder tecnológico [07/10/2022]
Raquel Jorge Ricart, Elcano

‘It’s Like a War Out There.’ Iran’s Women Haven’t Been This Angry in a Generation. [07/10/2022]
Azadeh Moaveni, New York Times

The Demonstrations for Mahsa Amini: A Turning Point in Iran [07/10/2022]
Ziryan Rojhelati, Fikra Forum

Iran’s protests are not an angry outburst, but the result of generations of trauma [07/10/2022]
Nasrin Parvaz, The Guardian

The personal is political: Iran protests for a normal life [06/10/2022]
Shadi Rouhshahbaz, The Interpreter

Social Media in Iran’s Protests: A New Public Sphere? [06/10/2022]
Mehdi Khalaji, Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Iran Protests: This Time Is Different [06/10/2022]
Ali Ashtari, Iran International

The Persian Pivot Point [06/10/2022]
Seth Cropsey, RealClearDefense

Iran’s rising Generation Z at the forefront of protests [05/10/2022]
Maysam Bizaer, Middle East Institute

The Reason Iran Turned Out to Be So Repressive [04/10/2022]
Shadi Hamid, The Atlantic 

Iranian women have been protesting mandatory hijab for decades [03/10/2022]
Mona Tajali, Washington Post

Generation no: The Iranian uprising and how the West should respond [30/09/2022]
Ellie Geranmayeh, ECFR

Iran’s security forces have little incentive to ease up on protesters [30/09/2022]
Roya Izadi, Monkey Cage

Iran protests: Exiles and the West should let Iranians find a solution [30/09/2022]
Soraya Lennie, MEE

Iran protests highlight its crisis of legitimacy [28/09/2022]
Sanam Vakil, Chatham House

Iran protests: majority of people reject compulsory hijab and an Islamic regime, surveys find [28/09/2022]
Pooyan Tamimi Arab & Ammar Maleki, The Conversation

Iran on the Threshold of Another Revolution [28/09/2022]
Shukriya Bradost, FIKRA Forum

Waiting for Thermidor: America’s Foreign Policy Towards Iran [26/09/2022]
Ray Takeyh & Reuel Marc Gerecht, National Interest

Iran's mullahs are afraid of women [24/09/2022]
Yalda Zarbakhch, DW

Are Iran’s hijab protests different from past protest waves? [23/09/2022]
Mohammad Ali Kadivar, Monkey Cage

Iran’s Failed Hijab Policy Claims Another Victim [20/09/2022]
Haleh Esfandiari, Wilson Center


Iran Cannot Continue Ignoring Its People's Call for Freedom, Human Rights [11/01/2023]
The Sankei Shimbun

Hope rises: Editorial on Iran banning morality police [07/12/2022]
India Telegraph

Iranian protests: a team’s silence speaks volumes [22/11/2023]
The Observer

La course à l’abîme du régime iranien [19/11/2023]
Le Monde

Will Iran’s women win? [26/10/2022]
The Economist

In Iran, a new generation rises. The theocracy strikes back. [13/10/2022]
Washington Post

How the U.S. Can Help Support the Women of Iran Calling for Change [08/10/2022]
New York Times

«En Iran, le voile et le glaive» [07/10/2022]

Iran’s Brave Women Deserve the World’s Support [07/10/2022]

In both Iran and Russia, backlashes against tyrants grow. It’s defiance that should be nurtured. [03/10/2022]
Chicago Tribune

Unrest in Iran long overdue [28/09/2022]
Boston Herald

The backlash in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini [25/09/2022]
The Observer

Ageing regime: On Iran’s hijab protests [24/09/2022]
The Hindu

Iran: le régime réprime, encore et toujours [22/09/2022]
Le Monde


US, EU, UK impose fresh sanctions on Iran [24/01/2023]
Middle East Online

EU ministers agree on new package of sanctions against Iran [23/01/2023]

Iranian women prisoners sign petition calling for end of protester executions [22/01/2023]

European Parliament slaps sanctions on Iran's IRGC [19/01/2023]
Rina Bassist, Al Monitor

Iran's protests four months on: Hope, rage and despair [15/01/2023]

Iran: Appointment of hardline police chief suggests little appetite for compromise [13/01/2023]

Protests have subsided in Iran, but clerics cannot yet proclaim victory [12/01/2023]
The Economist

Documents show EU’s planned new Iran sanctions list [12/01/2023]
Jacopo Barigazzi, Politico

Iran Doubles Down on Hijab Punishments [11/01/2023]
A correspondent in Tehran, Al-Monitor

Iran Newspaper Editor Speaks Out On Government Pressures [10/01/2023]
Iran International

Iran Curbs ‘Morality Police’ Amid Protests, Uses Other Oppressive Tools [24/12/2022]
Michael Lipin & Behrooz Samadbeygi, VOA

In the spotlight, Iran’s World Cup team silently nods to protests at home [21/11/2022]
Kareem Fahim & Miriam Berger, Washintgon Post

Soccer Hajsafi becomes first Iranian player at World Cup in Qatar to back protests at home [20/11/2022]
Martin Petty, Reuters

Iranian protesters look to outside world for help [10/11/2022]

Iranian lawmakers demand ‘no leniency’ for protesters as mass demonstrations continue [08/11/2022]
Jennifer Deaton & Kathleen Magramo, CNN

Iran Scrambles to Crush Uprising [01/11/2022]
Christina Lu, Foreign Policy

Iran indicts 1,000 over unrest, plans public trials-report [31/10/2022]

Iranians hold large rallies in defiance of warning by Revolutionary Guards head [30/10/2022]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

Security forces tear gas students defying Iran protest ultimatum [30/10/2022]
Parisa Hafezi, Reuters

Violent clashes grip Iran universities as protests persist [30/10/2022]
Associated Press

Iran accuses journalists who reported Mahsa Amini’s death of spying for CIA [29/10/2022]
The Guardian

Iran's Revolutionary Guard: Protests stop 'today' [29/10/2022]

Iran: deaths reported as security forces open fire on protesters in Zahedan [28/10/2022]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

Iran’s Loyal Security Forces Protect Ruling System That Protesters Want to Topple [24/10/2022]
Ben Hubbard & Farnaz Fassihi, New York Times

"No going back": Gen Z at the forefront of protests in Iran [18/10/2022]
Ivana Saric, Axios

Iran’s youthful protests stoke uncertainty among political elite [14/10/2022]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

How Two Teenagers Became the New Faces of Iran’s Protests [13/10/2022]
Farnaz Fassihi, New York Times

Activistas iraníes en el exterior: “Cada acto cotidiano en Irán es político” [08/10/2022]
El País

How Iranians in New York Are Helping the Protests Abroad [08/10/2022]
Sasha von Oldershausen, New York Times

El Parlamento Europeo reclama sanciones a Irán por la represión de las protestas [06/10/2022]
Silvia Ayuso, El País

Iran to investigate death of schoolgirl in early days of protests [05/10/2022]
Emma Graham-Harrison, The Guardian

Iran protests: Security forces crack down on Tehran university students [04/10/2022]
Alys Davies & David Gritten, BBC News

Iran’s Khamenei blames Israel, US in first comments on protests [03/10/2022]
Maziar Motamedi, Al Jazeera

‘Something in me sparked’: the Iranian women using art to protest [03/10/2022]
Fuchsia Hart, The Guardian

Mahsa Amini: Afghan women see own struggle for rights in Iran protests [30/09/2022]
Ali M Latifi, MEE

Manifestations: l'Allemagne demande des sanctions européennes contre l'Iran [29/09/2022]
Le Figaro

Mahsa Amini: Iran's Qom clerics draw ire for studious silence over protests [28/09/2022]

'Rapid response': How Iran's tech-savvy diaspora is mobilising to support protesters [28/09/2022]
Sean Mathews, MEE

Mahsa Amini: Raisi says Iran must 'decisively confront' protesters as death toll doubles [24/09/2022]

Mahsa Amini: Raisi warns against ‘acts of chaos’, as US sanctions morality police [23/09/2022]

Mahsa Amini: Iran shuts down internet as death toll from 'bad hijab' protests rises [22/09/2022]
Alex MacDonald, MEE

Mahsa Amini: Iran's raging protests draw sympathy from all corners of society [21/09/2022]

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