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Italy's Election
29 | september | 2022

The fall of Mario Draghi's Italian government on 20 July has caused a shock wave in the country and the calling of early parliamentary elections for 25 September. The polls indicate that the far-right Fratelli d'Italia party led by Giorgia Meloni, with neo-fascist roots, is likely to win in coalition with Matteo Salvini's Lega party and Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia.



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Mapa Mundo: Os resultados das eleições gerais italianas [29/09/2022]
Marco Lisi, Riccardo Marchi & Ricardo Alexandre, TSF

Programa Café Europa - Meloni: fascista, extremista ou moderada? [28/09/2022]
Madalena Resende, Rádio Observador

Programa 3 às 10 - Eleições em Itália [27/09/2022]
Marco Lisi, RTP 3

Programa Resposta Pronta - Eleições são espelho do cansaço dos italianos [26/09/2022]
Diana Soller, Rádio Observador

Italy — 2022 general election

Italy elections: Who's who and how the vote works [22/09/2022]
Paul Kirby, BBC News

Programa Café Europa - Giorgia Meloni pode ganhar com maioria de direita [21/09/2022]
Madalena Resende, Rádio Observador

Le tandem italien: Sergio Mattarella et Mario Draghi [12/07/2022]
Marc Lazar, Institut Montaigne


Opinions & Analysis
Meloni And Italy’s Conservatives Will Strengthen Transatlantic Relations [29/09/2022]
James Jay Carafano & Stefano Graziosi, 1945

What Giorgia Meloni is hiding [29/09/2022]
Giles Fraser, Unherd

Italy’s Giorgia Meloni is no Mussolini – but she may be a Trump [28/09/2022]
Lorenzo Marsili, The Guardian

Italy’s Right Is Torn on Ukraine but United on China [27/09/2022]
Ludovica Meacci, Foreign Policy

The election of Italy’s fascist-adjacent Giorgia Meloni is a public reminder that women can be just as awful as men [27/09/2022]
Van Badham, The Guardian

Italie: un scrutin historique dans un pays en crise? [27/09/2022]
Marc Lazar, Institut Montaigne

Giorgia Meloni Is Extreme, but She’s No Tyrant [26/09/2022]
Mattia Ferraresi, New York Times

Which Giorgia Meloni will Washington get? [26/09/2022]
Alissa Pavia, Atlantic Council

What will its first far-right leader since WWII mean for Italy? [26/09/2022]
Sofia Ammassari & Duncan McDonnell, The Conversation

Giorgia Meloni and the return of fascism: how Italy got here [23/09/2022]
George Newth, The Conversation

The mainstreaming of Giorgia Meloni [23/09/2022]
David Broder, Politico

Italia: probar algo nuevo [23/09/2022]
Íñigo Domínguez, El País

Italy’s elections: a perpetual political logic [22/09/2022]
Emilija Tudzarovska Gjorgjievska, Social Europe

Italy Can Handle a Meloni-Led Government [21/09/2022]
Rosa Balfour, Financial Times

Italy’s Election Paradox [21/09/2022]
Elettra Ardissino & Erik Jones, Foreign Affairs

Italy election: why Giorgia Meloni’s far-right Brothers of Italy party is almost guaranteed to win [20/09/2022]
Martin J Bull, The Conversation

Giorgia Meloni – the political provocateur set to become Italy’s first far-right leader since Mussolini [19/09/2022]
Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager & Evgeniya Pyatovskaya, The Conversation

Italian politics has been in trouble for decades. Now it’s heading for a new low [19/09/2022]
Jamie Mackay, The Guardian

As a divided Italy heads to the polls, a sharp right turn is likely [18/09/2022]
Julian Campisi, The Conversation

What Giorgia Meloni Would Mean for Europe [16/09/2022]
Luigi Scazzieri, CER

Why Italy is on verge of electing its first far-right leader since second world war [15/09/2022]
Lorenzo Tondo, The Guardian

How far to the right is Italy’s soon-to-be prime minister? [14/09/2022]
Gabrielle Debinski, Gzero

The Italian Right Is Coming [07/09/2022]
Lucrezia Reichlin, Project Syndicate

The life and death of Italian centrism [01/09/2022]
Piergiuseppe Fortunato, Social Europe

Les partis de droite, emmenés par Giorgia Meloni, favoris pour les élections parlementaires du 25 septembre en Italie [30/08/2022]
Corinne Deloy, Fondation Robert Schuman

What happens if right-wing Giorgia Meloni wins Italy’s elections? [26/08/2022]
Carlo Bastasin, Brookings Institution

Italy’s center left isn’t helping to defeat Meloni [25/08/2022]
Giorgio Fontana, Politico

Is Giorgia Meloni the most dangerous woman in Europe? [20/08/2022]
Nicholas Farrell Spectator

Will Italian democracy survive the forthcoming general election? [19/08/2022]
James L. Newell, LSE

Giorgia Meloni may be no fascist. But she evokes grim memories of Italy’s past [14/08/2022]
John Foot, The Guardian

Italy’s Snap Election Could Hand Putin the Win He Needs [10/08/2022]
Kathleen Doherty, Foreign Policy

Italy loses Draghi as its leader — for now [29/07/2022]
Carlo Bastasin, Brookings Institution

Mario Draghi’s fall and the death of Italian left-wing populism [21/07/2022]
Nicholas Farrell, Spectator

Even after Mattarella’s reelection, Italy’s political system remains unstable [14/02/2022]
Carlo Bastasin, Brookings Institution



Giorgia Meloni’s victory merits concern but not panic [27/09/2022]
Financial Times

Italy’s election: a victory for illiberalism [26/09/2022]
The Guardian

Législatives en Italie : une ombre sur le projet européen [26/09/2022]
Le Monde

How afraid should Europe be of Giorgia Meloni? [22/09/2022]
The Economist

Italy’s resistance anthem: sing it loud, sing it proud [21/09/2022]
The Guardian

Reto ultra en Italia [19/09/2022]
El Periodico



'Crucial' vote could move Italy to right; many might boycott [23/09/2022]
Frances D'Emilio & Colleen Barry, Washington Post

How Giorgia Meloni thinks [23/09/2022]
Hannah Roberts, Politico

Von der Leyen’s warning message to Italy irks election candidates [23/09/2022]
Wilhelmine Preussen, Politico

The politicians vying to lead Italy’s next government [22/09/2022]
Frances D'emilio, Associated Press

Meloni's Likely Win Will Not Necessarily Strengthen Orbán [22/09/2022]
EU Observer

Italy’s 5Stars hope for election boost as backlash grows to Meloni’s welfare cut [22/09/2022]
Hannah Roberts, Politico

Italy election set to crown Meloni head of most right-wing govt since WW2 [22/09/2022]
Crispian Balmer, Reuters

Italy's right puts on united front in final days of election campaign [22/09/2022]
Financial Times

Enrico Letta’s Lonely Campaign [21/09/2022]
Michele Barbero, Foreign Policy

Why Italy’s industrial heartland is falling under Giorgia Meloni’s spell [21/09/2022]
Giorgio Leali, Politico

Italy election explained: Why now? Who is running? How does it work? Who is likely to win? [20/09/2022]
Andrea Carlo, Euronews

The real threat to Italy’s election: Home-grown social media lies [20/09/2022]
Mark Scott, Politico

En campagne, Giorgia Meloni, la cheffe de l’extrême droite, dénonce le déclin de l’Italie [20/09/2022]
Olivier Bonnel, Le Monde

What's the climate in Italy ahead of the election? [19/09/2022]
Giorgia Orlandi, Euronews

En Italie, Silvio Berlusconi et Matteo Salvini, deux alliés en perte de Vitesse [19/09/2022]
Jérôme Gautheret, Le Monde

Far-right favourite to be Italy’s next PM softens on EU as election looms [18/09/2022]
Jennifer Rankin, The Guardian

Italy’s disenchanted southern voters turn against Five Star [16/09/2022]
Financial Times

Giorgia Meloni May Lead Italy, and Europe Is Worried [15/09/2022]
Jason Horowitz, New York Times

Italy’s far-right Meloni tells Europe ‘fun is over’ [13/09/2022]
Federica Pascale, EURACTIV

A far-right politician is poised to become Italy’s first female leader [13/09/2022]
Chico Harlan & Stefano Pitrelli, WP

Italy's EU funding plan can be modified – Meloni [04/09/2022]
Francesco Zecchini, Reuters

Italy’s fractured centre-left leaves door open for Meloni election win [21/08/2022]
Financial Times

Italy Needs Me: Berlusconi Stages His Comeback [17/08/2022]
Hannah Roberts, Politico

Can Italy find stability with its upcoming election? [12/08/2022]
Thomas O Falk, Al Jazeera

Italy confronts its fascist past as the right prepares for power [03/08/2022]
Hannah Roberts, Politico

Italy’s Right Has an Orban-Style Super Majority Within Reach [26/07/2022]
Alessandro Speciale & Chiara Albanese, Bloomberg

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