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Taiwan Crisis
16 | October | 2022

Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan provoked strong protests from Beijing, which in response adopted a series of retaliatory measures, such as aggressive military exercises around the island and a media campaign promoting the "One China" principle, and aggravating the tense relations between China and the United States.



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Explainer: the complex question of Taiwanese independence [16/08/2022]
Ben Saul, The Conversation

Updated: Tracking the Fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis [08/08/2022]
Bonny Lin, Brian Hart, Matthew P. Funaiole, Samantha Lu, Hannah Price & Nicholas Kaufman, CSIS

The drama over Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan travel plans, briefly explained [04/08/2022]
Jonathan Guyer, Vox

Why China-Taiwan Relations Are So Tense [03/08/2022]
Lindsay Maizland, CFR

In graphics: The Taiwan-China conflict [02/08/2022]

Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit (podcast) [02/08/2022]
James M. Lindsay & Bonnie S. Glaser., CFR

Background Press Call on President Biden’s Call with President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China [28/07/2022]
The White House

U.S. Relations With Taiwan [28/05/2022]
US Department of State


Opinions & Analysis
«Taïwan, bastion de la démocratie, pourrait-il se défendre face à Pékin?» [10/10/2022]
Pierre-Antoine Donnet, Le Figaro

War Over Taiwan Is Nowhere Near Inevitable [07/10/2022]
Michael Mazza, Foreign Policy

Is Taiwan’s Fate Really Tied to Ukraine? [07/10/2022]
Joseph M. Donato, National Interest

Are Washington and Beijing on a Collision Course over Taiwan? [06/10/2022]
John J. Hamre, CSIS

Taiwan and the Perils of Strategic Ambiguity [04/10/2022]
Tim Willasey-Wilsey, The Cipher Brief

How We Would Know When China Is Preparing to Invade Taiwan [03/10/2022]
John Culver, CEIP

US Policy on Taiwan and the Perils of ‘Strategic Ambiguity’ [26/09/2022]
Tim Willasey-Wilsey CMG, RUSI

How Chinese celebrities are amplifying official policy on Taiwan, pushing ‘One China’ messages to millions of fans online [26/09/2022]
Dan Chen & Gengsong Gao, The Conversation

While Pledging to Defend Taiwan from China, Biden Shifted on Taiwan Independence. Here’s Why That Matters. [22/09/2022]
David Sacks, CFR

What a Cold War crisis over Taiwan could tell us about China-Russia relations today [08/09/2022]
(Clark) Aoqi Wu, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Taiwán y el mar del Sur de China [01/09/2022]
Josep Piqué, Política Exterior

US-China Tensions Over Taiwan Are Not Just a Global Power Play [31/08/2022]
Filippo Fasulo, ISPI

Taiwan’s Future in Latin America and the Caribbean [31/08/2022]
Ryan C. Berg & Wazim Mowla, The Diplomat

Pelosi Syndrome Escalates Dangers [29/08/2022]
Zhao Minghao, China & US Focus

Getting the Taiwan Policy Act Right  [29/08/2022]
Richard Armitage & Zack Cooper, War on the Rocks

Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan: Provoking the First AI War in History? [26/08/2022]
Cheng Li, China & US Focus

Beyond Pelosi’s Taiwan visit: Uncertainties about cross-Strait stability [22/08/2022]
Ryan Hass & S. Philip Hsu, Brookings Institution

We’re Still Asking the Wrong Questions About War With China Over Taiwan [19/08/2022]
Howard W. French, Foreign Policy

What is Taiwan’s plan to protect itself against Chinese pressure? [19/08/2022]
Ryan Hass, Brookings Institution

Why can’t Beijing renounce force against Taiwan? [18/08/2022]
Jade Guan, The Interpreter

Would China go to war over Taiwan? [18/08/2022]
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times 

Did Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip Close the Thucydides Trap? [11/08/2022]
Jagannath Panda, National Interest

Xi Jinping’s Guns of August [11/08/2022]
Richard Haass, Project Syndicate

What China’s overreaction to Pelosi’s Taiwan visit really tells us [11/08/2022]
Josh Rogin, Washington Post

Beijing’s Strategic Dilemma on Cross-Strait Relations [11/08/2022]
Zhenze Huang, The Diplomat

America Must Prepare for a War Over Taiwan [10/08/2022]
Elbridge Colby, Foreign Affairs

China’s Military Was Built To Defeat America In A Taiwan War [09/08/2022]
Daniel Davis, 1945

Xi’s Paradox: Flexible, Ideological or Both? [09/08/2022]
Kenneth Dekleva, The Cipher Brief

China-US Tensions a Moment of Reckoning for the Indo-Pacific Order [09/08/2022]
Monish Tourangbam & Radhey Tambi, The Diplomat

Taiwan shows a tango of engagement and deterrence against isolation and coercion [09/08/2022]
Michael Shoebridge, The Strategist

China’s military manoeuvres in the Taiwan Strait [09/08/2022]
Kartik Bommakanti & Aditya Bhan, ORF

When serious, careful US management of China– Taiwan policies … isn’t [09/08/2022]
John Culver, The Interpreter

Dangerous fatalism about a US-China war [08/08/2022]
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

Invading Taiwan Is No Easy Task for Beijing [08/08/2022]
Julian McBride, Geopolitical Monitor

Beijing’s Taiwan Aggression Has Backfired in Tokyo [08/08/2022]
William Sposato, Foreign Policy

Pelosi’s visit could derail US–China compromise over Taiwan [08/08/2022]
Swaran Singh & Yves Tiberghien, East Asia Forum

Lecciones de la cuarta crisis del estrecho de Taiwán [08/08/2022]
Mario Esteban, Elcano

A blockade of Taiwan would cripple China’s economy [08/08/2022]
David Uren, The Strategist

Implications for Taiwan of the divergence in narratives on China’s future [08/08/2022]
Ryan Hass, Taipei Times

Beijing’s Taiwan Aggression Has Backfired in Tokyo [08/08/2022]
William Sposato, Foreign Policy

Taiwan: the US has been strengthening support for years – now it needs a way to ease tensions with China [08/08/2022]
Owen Greene & Christoph Bluth, The Conversation

Will the New Taiwan Crisis Spiral Out of Control? [08/08/2022]
Michael D. Swaine, National Interest

‘Pelosi to Taiwan’ exposes China’s two-facedness on territorial integrity [07/08/2022]
Kalpit A Mankikar, ORF

View from Kaohsiung: Pelosi visit will benefit Taiwan long term [06/08/2022]
David Spencer, Taiwan News

Avoiding the Next Taiwan Strait Crisis [05/08/2022]
Amanda Hsiao, International Crisis Group

The Pelosi Visit to Taiwan: No War, But Not Good For America [05/08/2022]
Robert Farley, 1945

La visita de Nancy Pelosi es un problema también para Taiwán [05/08/2022]
Xulio Ríos, El País

«Taïwan-Ukraine : quel parallèle entre les stratégies maritimes de la Chine et de la Russie?» [05/08/2022]
Hugues Eudeline, Le Figaro

Pelosi Visit Boosts Taiwan's Status [05/08/2022]
Huynh Tam Sang, Taipei Times

What Pelosi’s Trip to Taiwan Tells Us about U.S.-China Relations [05/08/2022]
Andrew Scobell, USIP

America’s China challenge [05/08/2022]
Joseph S. Nye, The Strategist

What Standing with Taiwan Means [05/08/2022]
Rick Scott National Review

Pelosi’s Taiwan gamble heightens the risk [04/08/2022]
Chengxin Pan, East Asia Forum

The U.S.-China crisis over Taiwan was wholly predictable [04/08/2022]
Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post

Democratic deterrence: Why Europeans should challenge China’s narrative on Taiwan [04/08/2022]
Janka Oertel, ECFR

Taiwan Has Big Plans For Its Missiles If China Were To Invade [04/08/2022]
Brent M. Eastwood, 1945

Escalation over Pelosi trip unlikely [04/08/2022]
Chuang Jung-hung, Taipei Times

Two insecure superpowers stumble towards collision over Taiwan [04/08/2022]
Stephen Roach, Financial Times

As China Punishes Taiwan for Pelosi’s Visit, What Comes Next? [04/08/2022]
David Sacks, CFR

Chinese ambassador: Why China objects to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan [04/08/2022]
Qin Gang, Washington Post

Taiwan: Beijing reacts to Pelosi’s visit with live-fire exercises prompting fears of escalation [04/08/2022]
Todd Hall, The Conversation

As the US stokes geopolitical flames with Pelosi’s Taiwan visit, China must be the bigger person [04/08/2022]
Christopher Nixon Cox & James Arnold, South China Morning Post

How the Taiwan lobby helped pave the way for Pelosi’s trip [04/08/2022]
Ben Freeman, Responsible Statecraft

With Pelosi’s Taiwan trip, the US betrays the one-China principle [04/08/2022]
Liu Guangyuan, South China Morning Post

How to fight for democracy – at home [04/08/2022]
Alex Lo, South China Morning Post

Taiwan dominates the world’s supply of computer chips – no wonder the US is worried [04/08/2022]
Maria Ryan, The Conversation

Apoiar Taiwan ou abrir uma crise internacional? [04/08/2022]
José Pedro Teixeira Fernandes, Público

Contagem decrescente [03/08/2022]
Carlos Gaspar, Público

This Is How the U.S. Will Stand with Taiwan [03/08/2022]
Bob Menendez, New York Times

Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan: What lies ahead for China and the US? [03/08/2022]
AA.VV., Chatham House

Breaking Down the Taiwan Problem [03/08/2022]
Joseph DeTrani, The Cipher Brief

The Pelosi Visit To Taiwan: No War, But Not Good For America [03/08/2022]
Robert Farley, 1945

The coming aftershocks from Pelosi’s Taiwan trip [03/08/2022]
Atlantic Council

Nancy Pelosi’s chaotic Taiwan trip is a symptom of US decline [03/08/2022]
Paul Mason, New Statesman

Pelosi has succeeded in highlighting Taiwan [03/08/2022]
Tommy Lin, Taipei Times

Xi Tries to Ride a Real-Estate Tiger, and We All May Get Mauled [03/08/2022]
David Asher & Thomas J. Duesterberg, Wall Street Journal

This Means War: Has Pelosi’s Visit Sealed Taiwan’s Fate? [03/08/2022]
David T. Pyne, National Interest

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan raises temperatures, but it’s in everyone’s interest to cool them down again [03/08/2022]
Tony Walker, The Conversation

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan will not trigger World War III [02/08/2022]
Richard Javad Heydarian, Al Jazeera

Why I’m leading a congressional delegation to Taiwan [02/08/2022]
Nancy Pelosi, Washington Post

Yes, China Would Go To War Over Taiwan [02/08/2022]
Ted Galen Carpenter, 1945

Why Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan puts the White House in delicate straits of diplomacy with China [02/08/2022]
Meredith Oyen, The Conversation

The Coming Taiwan Crisis [02/08/2022]
Minxin Pei, Project Syndicate

Don't Fall for Beijing's Spin on Pelosi's Taiwan Trip [02/08/2022]
John Lee, The Australian

Taiwanese people will be reassured by Pelosi’s visit, research says [02/08/2022]
Yao-Yuan Yeh, Fang-Yu Chen, Austin Horng-En Wang & Charles K.S. Wu, Washington Post

The Last Thing We Needed Was Pelosi Backing Down from a Bully [02/08/2022]
Bret Stephens, New York Times

Nancy Pelosi Just Lit a Match at the Dynamite Factory [02/08/2022]
Fred Kaplan, Slate

The real crisis over Taiwan will start after Pelosi comes home [02/08/2022]
Josh Rogin, Washington Post

Will Pelosi’s trip trigger the next Taiwan crisis? [02/08/2022]
Adam Lockyer, The Interpreter

Would China Really Start A War Over A Nancy Pelosi Visit To Taiwan? [02/08/2022]
James Holmes, 1945

Pelosi in Taiwan [02/08/2022]
AA.VV., ChinaFile

China on the Offensive: How the Ukraine War Has Changed Beijing’s Strategy [01/08/2022]
Bonny Lin & Jude Blanchette, Foreign Affairs

Why Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan Is Utterly Reckless [01/08/2022]
Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times

An American perspective on the role of Taiwan in US-China relations [07/2022]
Ryan Hass, Brookings Institution

How to Survive the Next Taiwan Strait Crisis [29/07/2022]
David Sacks, Foreign Affairs

Chinese Leaders Know They Have No Claim to Taiwan [29/07/2022]
Michael Rubin, National Interest

What Does the Pelosi Taiwan Uproar Mean for U.S. China Policy? [29/07/2022]
Emma Ashford & Matthew Kroenig, Foreign Policy

Nancy Pelosi’s Trip to Taiwan Is Too Dangerous [28/07/2022]
Bonnie S. Glaser & Zack Cooper, New York Times

Why the big fuss over Nancy Pelosi’s possible visit to Taiwan? [26/07/2022]
Meredith Oyen, The Conversation

On Taiwan and China, is the US ignoring the real lesson of Ukraine? [25/07/2022]
Melanie Sisson, Responsible Statecraft

Central Questions in U.S.-China Relations amid Global Turbulence [21/07/2022]
Ryan Hass & Jude Blanchette, CSIS

What to Expect from Xi Jinping’s “Non-War” Military Operations [13/07/2022]
Jonas Parello-Plesner, GMFUS

For Taiwan, reading the moment is essential [13/06/2022]
Ryan Hass, Brookings

Taiwan: preparing for a potential Chinese invasion [07/06/2022]
Kathrin Hille & Demetri Sevastopulo, Financial Times

But CAN the United States defend Taiwan? [01/06/2022]
Michael E. O’Hanlon, Brookings

How Ukraine war could boost tensions between US and China over future of Taiwan [27/05/2022]
Christoph Bluth, The Conversation

US Strategic Ambiguity Over Taiwan Must End [12/04/2022]
Abe Shinzō, Project Syndicate

China and Taiwan: why the war of words is unlikely to lead to military conflict (for now, at least) [12/10/2021]
Owen Greene, The Conversation

Will Beijing Invade Taiwan? [30/07/2021]
AA.VV., ChinaFile

Could the United States Station Troops on Taiwan? [02/09/2020]
Stratfor Worldview

From persuasion to coercion: Beijing’s approach to Taiwan and Taiwan’s response [11/2019]
Richard C. Bush, Brookings Institution


In backing Taiwan, the U.S. must strike a hard balance [28/08/2022]
Washington Post

How to prevent a war between America and China over Taiwan [11/08/2022]
The Economist

The U.S. Relationship With China Does Not Need to Be So Tense [06/08/2022]
New York Times

DPP has to swallow bitter fruits of Pelosi's Taiwan visit for a while [05/08/2022]
Global Times

Another Way to Help Taiwan—and America [05/08/2022]
Wall Street Journal

Stand firm against Chinese intimidation [05/08/2022]
Japan Times

Taïwan: le périlleux voyage de Nancy Pelosi [04/08/2022]
Le Monde

Pelosi's Taiwan visit will be torn up by history as waste paper [04/08/2022]
Global Times

Pelosi's Taipei visit deepens Sino-US rift [04/08/2022]
The Straits Times

China’s unforced errors [03/08/2022]
Taipei Times

Taiwan diplomacy: a delicate balance [03/08/2022]
The Guardian

An avoidable crisis: on the Nancy Pelosi Taiwan visit [03/08/2022]
The Hindu

After Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit [02/08/2022]
Wall Street Journal

The damage from Pelosi’s unwise Taiwan visit must be contained [02/08/2022]
Washington Post

Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan highlights America’s incoherent strategy [02/08/2022]
The Economist

Nancy Pelosi’s ill-conceived visit to Taiwan [01/08/2022]
Financial Times


China will never renounce right to use force over Taiwan, Xi says [16/10/2022]
Yew Lun Tian & Ryan Woo, Reuters

EU faces growing pressure to stress test for attack on Taiwan by mainland China [15/09/2022]
Finbarr Bermingham, SCMP

Taiwan hosts dozens of foreign lawmakers in Washington to push China sanctions [14/09/2022]
Michael Martina & David Brunnstrom, Reuters

Délégation sénatoriale à Taïwan : un contexte brûlant pour une visite anodine [08/09/2022]
Hugues Maillot, Le Figaro

Washington annonce de nouvelles ventes d'armes à Taïwan pour 1,1 milliard de dollars [03/09/2022]
Le Figaro

Taiwan shoots down civilian drone as tensions with China simmer [01/09/2022]
Lily Kuo and Vic Chiang, The Washington Post

US warships sail through Taiwan Strait for first time since Pelosi visit [28/08/2022]
The Guardian

Taiwan to boost defense spending to deter China’s military threat [25/08/2022]
Christian Shepherd & Alicia Chen, Washington Post

Xi asked US to prevent Pelosi's visit to Taiwan but Biden declined: Report [21/08/2022]
Business Standard

U.S., Taiwan to Begin Formal Trade Talks Amid Pelosi Visit’s Fallout [18/08/2022]
Eva Dou & Lyric Li, The Washington Post

‘Highly unacceptable’: Taiwan rejects Beijing’s ‘one country, two systems’ plans for unification [11/08/2022]
Lawrence Chung, South China Morning Post

China renews Taiwan threats, island cites ‘wishful thinking’ [11/08/2022]
Associated Press

Taiwan tensions: US would suffer ‘devastating losses’ in war with China [11/08/2022]
Michael Evans & Didi Tang, The Times

Exclusive: U.S. rethinks steps on China tariffs in wake of Taiwan response [11/08/2022]
Jeff Mason & David Lawder, Reuters

Pelosi Says US Can’t Let China Establish ‘New Normal’ on Taiwan [11/08/2022]
Rebecca Choong Wilkins, Bloomberg

China reaffirms threat of military force to take Taiwan [10/08/2022]
Al Jazeera

Seoul dismisses Beijing’s concerns over anti-missile system [10/08/2022]
Kim Tong-Hyung, Associated Press

China Extends Threatening Military Exercises Around Taiwan [09/08/2022]
Associated Press

China’s military extends drills near Taiwan after Pelosi trip [08/08/2022]
Lily Kuo, Washington Post

Les États-Unis mettent en garde les îles du Pacifique contre les régimes autocratiques [08/08/2022]
Le Figaro

Taiwan Defiant in the Face of Escalating Chinese War Drills [08/08/2022]
Mark Episkopos, National Interest

China winds down days of military drills around Taiwan after Pelosi visit [08/08/2022]
Vincent Ni, The Guardian

Chinese and Taiwanese warships shadow one another as drills due to end [08/08/2022]
Straits Times

China announces additional military drills near Taiwan [07/08/2022]
Ivana Saric, Axios

Taïwan: les vastes manœuvres militaires chinoises autour de l'île touchent à leur fin [07/08/2022]
Le Figaro

All we can hope for is peace’: the view from Kinmen, once the cold war frontline between China and Taiwan [07/08/2022]
Ed Moon, The Guardian

China expands military drills, escalates threats against Taiwan [07/08/2022]
Christian Shepherd & Amy B Wang, Washington Post

‘China is watching’: Senators push for more support for Ukraine, Taiwan [07/08/2022]
Myah Ward, Politico

Pelosi’s ‘reckless’ Taiwan visit deepens US-China rupture – why did she go? [07/08/2022]
David Smith, The Guardian

Taiwan says China carrying out ‘possible simulated attack’ [06/08/2022]
Pietro Lombardi, Politico

Blinken chides China's 'irresponsible' cut in U.S. communication [06/08/2022]
David Brunnstrom, Reuters

U.S. Seeks to Reassure Asian Allies as China’s Military Grows Bolder [05/08/2022]
Edward Wong & Damien Cave, New York Times

The US and China might not get over the Taiwan crisis [05/08/2022]
Ellen Ioanes, Vox

From Cambodia, China’s Foreign Minister Seeks Rhetorical Support on Taiwan Crisis [05/08/2022]
Shannon Tiezzi, The Diplomat

Why Europe needs Taiwan [05/08/2022]
Pieter Haeck & Leonie Kijewski, Politico

Taiwan crisis: China imposes sanctions on Pelosi over ‘provocative actions’ [05/08/2022]
Helen Davidson, The Guardian

US watching Chinese operations ‘very closely’ – as it happened [05/08/2022]
Samantha Lock,Maya Yang & Martin Belam, The Guardian

Pelosi à Taïwan: des Chinois nationalistes fustigent la réaction «trop timorée» de leur gouvernement [05/08/2022]
Le Figaro

China’s military exercises are an intel bonanza — for all sides [05/08/2022]
Paul Mcleary & Lara Seligman, Politico

PLA sends in 100+ warplanes on day 1 of military drills near Taiwan [04/08/2022]
Teddy Ng & Minnie Chan, South China Morning Post

‘US stands with Taiwan,’ Pelosi says [04/08/2022]
Kayleigh Madjar, Taipei Times

China foreign minister calls Pelosi's Taiwan visit 'manic', 'irrational' [04/08/2022]

On China’s Internet, Fury at Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan Turns to Frustration [04/08/2022]
Sha Hua, Wall Street Journal

China Fires Missiles Near Taiwan After Pelosi Visit [04/08/2022]
Wenxin Fan, Chun Han Wong & Joyu Wang, Wall Street Journal

Taiwan raises combat alertness as China postures [03/08/2022]
Taipei Times

China Responds to Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip [03/08/2022]
James Palmer, Foreign Policy

How far will China go to punish the US for Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan trip? [03/08/2022]
Katie Stallard, New Statesman

China’s Military Exercises Around Taiwan Put Major Shipping Lanes at Risk [03/08/2022]
Costas Paris, Wall Street Journal

Pelosi Leaves Taiwan, but Tensions Rise in Her Wake [03/08/2022]
New York Times

Tensions autour de Taïwan : la Russie accuse les États-Unis de «déstabiliser le monde» [02/08/2022]
Le Figaro

Pelosi’s visit makes clear the dangers of an incoherent US policy on Taiwan [02/08/2022]
Amanda Hsiao, The Boston Globe

Taïwan «déterminée» à se défendre contre les menaces chinoises [02/08/2022]
Le Figaro

As Pelosi Taiwan visit looms, Menendez bill would ‘gut’ One China policy [01/08/2022]
Connor Echols, Responsible Statecraft

China warns its military will 'not sit idly by' if Pelosi visits Taiwan [01/08/2022]

Biden speaks with China's Xi as tension grows over Taiwan [29/07/2022]
Kevin Liptak, CNN

US aircraft carrier group heads towards Taiwan as tension over Nancy Pelosi’s possible visit continues to grow [27/07/2022]
Liu Zhen, South China Morning Post

US military making plans in case Pelosi travels to Taiwan [27/07/2022]
Lolita C. Baldor & Ellen Knickmeyer, Associated Press

China threat: Military ‘won’t sit idly by’ if Pelosi visits Taiwan [26/07/2022]
Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner

Biden on Pelosi trip to Taiwan: ‘The military thinks it's not a good idea’ [20/07/2022]
Olivia Olander, Politico

Taiwan slams 'provocative' China for sending fighters across Taiwan Strait [08/07/2022]
Yimou Lee & Martin Quin Pollard, Reuters

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