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Are coups back in Africa?
12 | february | 2022

Over the last 18 months there have been 7 coups or attempted coups in various African countries. Following the latest coup attempt in Guinea-Bissau, ECOWAS met to discuss the events, classifying them as a threat to the entire region and fearing a contagion movement.



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Programa Mapa Mundo - As tentativas de golpe de estado em África [08/02/2022]
Alexandra Magnólia Dias & Ana Elisa Cascão, TSF/IPRI-NOVA

Are coups catching on in West Africa? [07/02/2022]
Nicolas Haque, Al Jazeera

Overview of African Coups, 2000-2021


Opinions & Analysis
Amidst a wave of coups and a pandemic [12/02/2022]
Srinivasan Ramani, The Hindu

Why have civilians welcomed the recent coups in West Africa? [11/02/2022]
Folahanmi Aina & Ibrahim Al-bakri Nyei, Al Jazeera

Après un quatrième coup d'État en Afrique de l'Ouest, il est temps de réajuster la réponse internationale [09/02/2022]
Alexander John Thurston, The Conversation

Coups in Africa: Why they don’t spell the end of democracy [08/02/2022]
Leonard Mbulle-Nziege & Nic Cheeseman, BBC

Recent Flurry of Coups Caps Longstanding Push for Inclusion and Belonging in Africa [08/02/2022]
Ebenezer Obadare, CFR

Les coups d'Etat se succèdent en Afrique de l'Ouest: L'hiver africain? [07/02/2022]
Fatma Bendhaou, Agence Anadolu

Should ECOWAS Rethink Its Approach to Coups? [03/02/2022]
Komlan Avoulete, FPRI

Vague de coups d’État en Afrique: on les appelle désormais des « réinterprétations constitutionnelles» [03/02/2022]
Henri Assogba, The Conversation

A Sixth Coup in Africa? The West Needs to Up Its Game. [02/02/2022]
Joseph Sany, USIP

Coup Contagion Spreads in West Africa Despite Civilian Support for Democracy [02/02/2022]
Michelle Gavin, CFR

Are strongmen or liberal democracy our only choices? [01/02/2022]
Sean Jacobs, Africa is a Country

Making sense of the coup in Burkina Faso [31/01/2022]
Nick Westcott, African Arguments

After a fourth coup in West Africa, it’s time to rethink international response [31/01/2022]
Alexander John Thurston, The Conversation

Coup in Burkina Faso Bodes Ill for Stability in West Africa [25/01/2022]
Ebenezer Obadare, CFR

How international actors encourage coups in Africa [07/01/2022]
Joe Siegle, Democracy In Africa

The Longitudinal Trend of Coups in Sub-Saharan Africa [17/12/2021]
Alessandro Pellegata, ISPI

Coups are making a comeback in Africa, but what’s driving them? [01/11/2021]
Abhishek Mishra, ORF

“This Is Not a Coup”: Three Takeaways from Sudan’s Historic Protests African Arguments [31/10/2021]
AA.VV., African Arguments

Les coups d'État sont de retour en Afrique [15/10/2021]
Peter Fabricius, ISS Africa

Coup resurgence in Africa: The pitfalls of a regional response [30/09/2021]
Ndubuisi Christian Ani, ACCORD

Coups in Africa: No end in sight and where is ECOWAS and the African Union [30/09/2021]
Ovigwe Eguegu, ACCORD

Guinée : le coût d’un coup [21/09/2021]
Joël Té-Léssia Assoko, Jeune Afrique

Lessons from Africa: Is there such a thing as a ‘good coup’? [20/09/2021]
Nic Cheeseman, The Africa Report

Guinea: The Causes and Consequences of West Africa’s Latest Coup [08/09/2021]
Judd Devermont, CSIS

Coups are Back in West Africa [08/09/2021]
John Campbell, CFR

Why can’t the AU seem to deter coups? [20/10/2020]
Seth Appiah-Mensah, African Arguments

Is the coup making a comeback in Africa? [27/08/2020]
David Pillinga, FT

4 out of 4: Why has Mali had so many successful coups? [27/08/2020]
Kodjo Tchioffo, African Arguments



A heap of coups challenges Africa [08/02/2022]
CS Monitor

The Ressurgence of Coups in West Africa [02/02/2022]
Business Day


Crise en Ukraine : Emmanuel Macron arrive à Kiev, avec des assurances de Poutine [08/02/2022]
Le Monde

Biden Will Press German Chancellor on Russia Sanctions and Pipeline [08/02/2022]
Katie Rogers, The New York Times

What Biden learned the last time Putin invaded Ukraine [08/02/2022]
Jonathan Guyer, VOX

‘A 1938 moment’: Lithuanian PM warns about Russian troops in Belarus [08/02/2022]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

Macron Tries to Avert a European War and Reshape European Security [07/02/2022]
Roger Cohen & Andrew E. Kramer, The New York Times

Crise en Ukraine : Macron propose à Poutine de « bâtir des garanties concrètes de sécurité » [07/02/2022]
Le Monde

UK to send troops to Poland amid concern about Russian buildup [07/02/2022]
Dan Sabbagh, The Guardian

'War?! I Want A Post Office': In A Remote Ukrainian Border Village, More Pressing Worries Than A New Russian Invasion [07/02/2022]
Mike Eckel & Maryan Kushnir, RFEL

‘Tanks, tanks, tanks’: Russians on the military buildup at Ukraine’s border [07/02/2022]
Andrew Roth, The Guardian

Russian forces at 70% of level needed for full Ukraine invasion, U.S. officials say [07/02/2022]
Phil Stewart & Humeyra Pamuk, Reuters

Russia has enough troops ready to take Kyiv, says former Ukraine defence chief [06/02/2022]
Luke Harding & Richard Luscombe, The Guardian

Russian Troops in Final Stages of Readiness Add to Worries for Ukraine [04/02/2022]
Michael Schwirtz, New York Times

Russia, China call for halt to NATO enlargement [04/02/2022]
Jules Darmanin, Politico

Putin and Xi Proclaim Bond as Russia Deploys More Forces Near Ukraine [03/02/2022]
New York Times

Why does Russia focus on ‘indivisible security’ in Ukraine standoff? [03/02/2022]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

NATO chief: Russian deployment in Belarus ‘biggest since Cold War’ [03/02/2022]
Camille Gijs, Politico

The Untold Story of the Ukraine Crisis [02/02/2022]
Simon Shuster, Time

Los documentos confidenciales sobre Ucrania: EE UU y la OTAN ofrecieron a Putin acuerdos de desarme [02/02/2022]
Hibai Arbide Aza & Miguel González, El País

Biden sending thousands of troops to Eastern Europe [02/02/2022]
Zachary Basu, Axios

U.S. Sends Top Security Official to Help NATO Brace for Russian Cyberattacks [01/02/2022]
David E. Sanger, The New York Times

Putin’s public remarks today could be his first on Ukraine since December [01/02/2022]
New York Times

Ukraine announces plan to boost army as foreign leaders rally [01/02/2022]
Natalia Zinets & Matthias Williams, Reuters

Allies keep close eye on Orbán's Moscow visit [01/02/2022]
Eszter Zalan, EUObserver

Blinken to try diplomacy again with Russian counterpart after sharp U.N. clash over Ukraine [01/02/2022]
Isabelle Khurshudyan & Rachel Pannett, Washington Post

Putin to host EU ally Orban amid Ukraine crisis [01/02/2022]
France 24

Russia delivers written response to U.S. proposal on Ukraine crisis [01/02/2022]
Rebecca Falconer, Axios

Ukraine crisis: 'The stakes could not be higher', US ambassador tells UN Security Council Access to the comments [31/01/2022]

Poland ready for million refugees if Russia invades Ukraine [31/01/2022]
Oliver Moody, The Times

UK toughens sanctions regime to target Russia over Ukraine [31/01/2022]
Cristina Gallardo, Politico

Boris Johnson to visit Ukraine region and hold call with Putin next week [29/01/2022]
Tom Ambrose, The Guardian

Nord Stream 2 could be hit in Russia sanctions, France says [28/01/2022]
Jules Darmanin, Politico

Russia, U.S. Open For More Diplomacy Despite Wide Differences Over Ukraine [28/01/2022]

Zelenskyy urges no ‘panic’ over tensions [28/01/2022]
David Child & Farah Najjar, Al Jazeera

Lukashenko warns Belarus will go to war if Russia is attacked [28/01/2022]
Sergei Kuznetsov, Politico

German industry bosses to meet with Putin this year [28/01/2022]
Laurenz Gehrk, Politico

Ukraine to the world: keep calm and stop spreading panic [28/01/2022]
Ben Hall & Roman Olearchyk, Financial Times

Moscow Faces 'Massive Consequences' If Russia Continues Aggression Toward Ukraine, Blinken Tells RFE/RL [27/01/2022]
Mike Eckel, RFE

Russia signals little optimism on resolving crisis as the West races to shore up support for Ukraine [27/01/2022]
Robyn Dixon, Rachel Pannett & Missy Ryan, Washington Post

Germany's Scholz to meet Biden, discuss Ukraine and COVID - White House [27/01/2022]
Kanishka Singh, Reuters

U.S. and Allies Seek United Front on Russia-Ukraine Crisis [26/01/2022]
New York Times

The West Sounds The Alarm On Russia. Ukraine Sends A Different Message: Keep Calm And Carry On. [26/01/2022]
Mike Eckel, RFE

Why can’t Europe agree on how to deal with the Ukraine crisis? [26/01/2022]
Priyanka Shankar, Al Jazeera

Ukraine Sees Russian Hand In Spate Of Bomb Scares At Schools Nationwide [26/01/2022]
Nina Bakhmach, RFE

NATO to boost military presence in eastern Europe amid Russia-Ukraine tensions [25/01/2022]
Lauren Chadwick & Joshua Berlinger, Euronews

US finalizing plans to divert gas to Europe if Russia cuts off supply [25/01/2022]
Julian Borger, The Guardian

West Ups Sanctions Pressure On Moscow As Russia Launches Military Drills Near Ukraine [25/01/2022]

The US bets big on NATO to deter Russia [25/01/2022]
Atlantic Council

U.S. Warns Belarus Against Helping Potential Russian Invasion Of Ukraine [25/01/2022]

Ukraine-Russia: What is Nord Steam 2, and why is it contentious? [25/01/2022]
Liz Cookman, Al Jazeera

Russia-Ukraine tensions: How the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has been controversial from the start [25/01/2022]
Sky News

Pro-Kremlin Politician Accused of Coup Plot Not Mentioned after Ukraine National Security Meeting [25/01/2022]
Kyiv Post

Biden to speak with European leaders to discuss Russia-Ukraine tensions [24/01/2022]

Kremlin Says NATO Ramping Up Ukraine Tensions With Deployments [24/01/2022]
Moscow Times

Pentagon Puts 8,500 Troops on ‘High Alert’ Amid Ukraine Tensions [24/01/2022]
Helene Cooper & Eric Schmitt, New York Times

Germany seeks mediating role as Ukraine tensions rise [24/01/2022]
Ben Knight & Matthias von Hein, DW

In a Ukrainian city near Russia, a civilian army prepares for war [24/01/2022]
Nils Adler, Al Jazeera

U.S. Orders Family Members of Embassy Staff to Leave Ukraine [23/01/2022]
Katie Benner, Edward Wong & Lara Jakes, The New York Times

What Putin's Ukraine options look like [21/01/2022]
Dave Lawler, Axios

US and Russia try to lower temperature as Ukraine tensions simmer [21/01/2022]
Al Jazeera

Ukraine tension: Urgent US-Russia talks in Geneva as invasion fears grow [21/01/2022]

What a 'Minor' Russian Incursion Might Look Like  [21/01/2022]
Jack Detsch, Foreign Policy

On the Front Lines of Ukraine's War With Russia  [20/01/2022]
Mattias Carlsson & Niclas Hammarstrom, Newlines

Biden predicts Russia will invade Ukraine [19/01/2022]
Yuliya Talmazan, Tatyana Chistikova & Teaganne Finn, NBC

Facing Arrest, Ex-Leader Returns to 'Defend Ukraine' from Russia [17/01/2022]
Olga Shylenko, Moscow Times

Russia Thins Out Its Embassy in Ukraine, a Possible Clue to Putin’s Next Move [17/01/2022]
Michael Schwirtz & David E. Sanger, New York Times

Is Russia preparing to invade Ukraine? And other questions [15/01/2022]
Paul Kirby, BBC News

A Week of Russia-West Diplomacy Ends in Deadlock [14/01/2022]
Felix Light, Moscow Times

Russia is preparing a pretext for invading Ukraine: US official [14/01/2022]
Al Jazeera

Deep Divides Remain After Russia-NATO Talks on Ukraine Crisis [12/01/2022]
New York Times

Putin is Threatening a War. Are Russians Willing to Fight It? [12/01/2022]
Uliana Pavlova, Politico

Russia Neither Accepts Nor Rejects NATO’s Offer To Restart Talks [12/01/2022]
Jacqueline Feldscher, Defense One

U.S.-Russia Conclude 'Difficult' Geneva Talks On Ukraine, European Security [10/01/2022]

U.S. and Russia still poles apart on Ukraine after Geneva talks [10/01/2022]
Emma Farge, Reuters

Ukraine crisis: tense talks between US and Russia open in Geneva [10/01/2022]
Julian Borgen, The Guardian

With Russian guns pointed at Ukraine, West and Moscow dive into talks [10/01/2022]
David M. Herszenhorn, Politico

Exposed: Who were Russia's spies at Nato HQ? [10/01/2022]
Andrew Rettman, EU Observer

U.S. tamps down expectations for talks with Russia amid Ukraine crisis [09/01/2022]

The West has a few bargaining chips to stop Russia from invading Ukraine [09/01/2022]
Ellen Ioanes, Vox

Russia Warns That U.S. Doesn’t Understand Its Goals on Ukraine [09/01/2022]
Anton Troianovski & David E. Sanger, New York Times

Putin puts out fires across a former Soviet empire clamoring for change [08/01/2022]
Eva Hartog, Politico

First Thing: Biden and Putin exchange warnings amid Ukraine tensions [31/12/2021]
Vivian Ho, The Guardian

Putin says Russia doesn't want Ukraine war but needs 'immediate' guarantees [23/12/2021]
France 24

Why Putin has such a hard time accepting Ukrainian sovereignty [21/12/2021]
Jacob Lassin & Emily Channell-Justice, The Conversation

Russia publishes ‘red line’ security demands for Nato and US [17/12/2021]
Max Seddon, Henry Foy & Aime Williams, Financial Times

Fraud Conviction Appears to Reveal Russian Troop Deployment in East Ukraine [16/12/2021]
Moscow Times

Why Is Russia Threatening to Invade Ukraine? [16/12/2021]
Joshua Yaffa, The New Yorker

EU summit to warn Russia of 'severe cost' over Ukraine [16/12/2021]
Eszter Zalan, EU Observer

Russia planning massive military offensive against Ukraine involving 175,000 troops, U.S. intelligence warns [16/12/2021]
Shane Harris & Paul Sonne, Washington Post

Wait, is Russia going to invade Ukraine? [08/12/2021]
Jen Kirby, Vox

Biden told Putin that 'things we did not do in 2014, we are prepared to do now' if Russia escalates in Ukraine, top adviser says [08/12/2021]
Maegan Vazquez, CNN

US says Russia could invade Ukraine in early 2022 [04/12/2021]
James Politi, Katrina Manson,Demetri Sevastopulo & Polina Ivanova, Financial Times

Ukraine has uncovered Russian-linked coup plot, says president [27/11/2021]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

U.S. ‘Escalating’ Russia-Ukraine Tensions by Arming Kiev – Kremlin [23/11/2021]
Moscow Times

U.S. huddles with allies over possible Russian invasion of Ukraine [12/11/2021]
Nahal Toosi & Paul Mcleary, Politico

Weapons tracing study implicates Russia in Ukraine conflict [04/11/2021]
Andrew E. Kramer, Kyiv Post

Explainer: Why Are Tensions Between Russia and Ukraine Ratcheting Up? [02/04/2021]
Moscow Times

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