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Ukraine War
21 | february | 2022

The Russian recent military build-up on the border with Ukraine has meant increased tensions with the United States and NATO allies. Russia, with the support of China, is demanding an end to NATO expansion. Diplomatic efforts are multiplying to avoid escalating tensions.



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Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China on the International Relations Entering a New Era and the Global Sustainable Development [04/02/2022]

Anti-Russian Sanctions [28/01/2022]
Levada Center

Infographic: Military capabilities of Russia and Ukraine [25/01/2022]
Al Jazeera

The Stakes of Russian Aggression for Ukraine and Beyond [20/01/2022]
Antony J. Blinken, US Department of State

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to media questions at a news conference on Russia’s foreign policy performance in 2021 [14/01/2022]
Sergey Lavrov, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Agora CNN (1:45:20-1:51:10) [12/01/2022]
Sónia Sénica, CNN Portugal

Background Press Call by Senior Administration Officials on Russia [23/12/2021]
White House

IRI Ukraine Poll Shows Support for EU/NATO Membership, Concerns over Economy and Vaccines for COVID-19 [17/12/2021]


Opinions & Analysis

Will there be a “Munich Moment” in the Russia-Ukraine crisis? [19/02/2022]
Thomas S. Warrick, Atlantic Council

Here’s What Joe Biden Is Offering To Russia To End The Ukraine Crisis [18/02/2022]
Sebastien Roblin, 1945

Russian Hybrid Threats Report: Evacuations begin in Ukrainian breakaway regions [18/02/2022]
Atlantic Council

Russia’s Losing Hand in Ukraine [18/02/2022]
Seth G. Jones, Philip G. Wasielewski & Joseph S. Bermudez Jr., CSIS

Putin Cannot Erase Ukraine: No Russian Invasion Can Undo Ukrainian Nationhood [17/02/2022]
Maria Popova & Oxana Shevel, Foreign Affairs

Ukraine envoy says Putin will not give up [17/02/2022]
Brendan Nicholson, The Strategist

Twenty questions (and expert answers) about what’s happening with Ukraine and Russia [17/02/2022]
AA.VV., Atlantic Council

Ukraine’s History Is Filled With War, Blood And Death [17/02/2022]
Robert Farley, 1945

The Less Said About NATO and Ukraine, the Better: Neither Membership nor Neutrality Is the Answer [16/02/2022]
Stephen Sestanovich, Foreign Affairs

Clausewitz ha regressado [16/02/2022]
Lluís Bassets, El País

Scholz holds his ground in Putin’s den [16/02/2022]
Constanze Stelzenmüller, Financial Times

Russia: mock de-escalation around Ukraine [16/02/2022]
Andrzej Wilk, OSW

The view from Ukraine: What happens if war breaks out tomorrow? [15/02/2022]
Vitaliy Deynega, Atlantic Council

América Latina en la crisis de Ucrania: un convidado de piedra dentro de la estrategia de la Rusia de Putin [15/02/2022]
Carlos Malamud, Mira Milosevich-Juaristi & Rogelio Núñez Castellano, Elcano

The Risk of Nuclear Disaster in Ukraine [14/02/2022]
Bennett Ramberg, Project Syndicate

Ucrania y el equilibrio de poder: un análisis inter-regional [14/02/2022]
Luis Simón, Elcano

Emmanuel Macron’s Overtures to Vladimir Putin, and the Race to Prevent War in Ukraine [11/02/2022]
Fabrice Robinet, The New Yorker

Pourquoi l'Ukraine est importante pour la Russie : le facteur démographique [11/02/2022]
Bruno Tertrais, Institut Montaigne

Russia’s joint exercise with Belarus reveals what a Ukraine invasion would look like [11/02/2022]
Tyson Wetzel, Atlantic Council

Why the U.S. Ramped Up Its Information War with Russia [10/02/2022]
Max Boot, CFR

What will China do if Russia escalates in Ukraine? [10/02/2022]
Katherine Walla, Atlantic Council

The crisis of European security: What Europeans think about the war in Ukraine [09/02/2022]
Ivan Krastev & Mark Leonard, ECFR

Can US sanctions against Russia strike a blow without blowback? [09/02/2022]
David Uren, The Strategist

Would Russians Embrace War? [09/02/2022]
Andrei Kolesnikov, Foreign Affairs

Hungarian government embraces Russian cooperation in spite of possible war in Ukraine [09/02/2022]
Soso Chachanidze, New Eastern Europe

Ukraine’s President Beset on All Sides Amid Fears of Russian Attack [09/02/2022]
Konstantin Skorkin, Carnegie Moscow Center

No, Russia will not invade Ukraine [09/02/2022]
Harun Yilmaz, Al Jazeera

How Putin Turned Religion’s ‘Sharp Power’ Against Ukraine [09/02/2022]
Peter Mandaville, USIP

Russia Crisis Military Assessment: What would a ground offensive against Ukraine look like? Watch the skies. [09/02/2022]
Atlantic Council

Belarus and the Showdown Over Ukraine [08/02/2022]
Grigory Ioffe, Eurasia Daily Monitor

Is an Invasion of Ukraine Imminent? [08/02/2022]
George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures

China ante Ucrania: evitar que la OTAN se inmiscuya en el Indo-Pacífico [08/02/2022]
Andrés Ortega, Elcano

Moscow Security Experts Say Any Russian Invasion of Ukraine Will Not Be a Cake Walk [08/02/2022]
Paul Goble, Eurasia Daily Monitor

Russia risks another ‘bleeding wound’ in Ukraine [08/02/2022]
Yaacov Ro’I, Politico

German Security Assistance to Ukraine Perpetually on Hold (Part Two) [07/02/2022]
Vladimir Socor, Eurasia Daily Monitor

Russia Couldn’t Occupy Ukraine if It Wanted to [07/02/2022]
Alexander Clarkson, Foreign Policy

Vladimir Poutine, en marche vers un nouvel impérialisme russe? [07/02/2022]
Dominique Moïsi, Institut Montaigne

There’s a reason that America and Russia are slinging mud at each other at the Security Council [07/02/2022]
Susan Hannah Allen & Amy Yuen, Washington Post

Anti-War Broadside Highlights Nationalist Critique of Putin [07/02/2022]
Mark Galeotti, Moscow Times

Russia’s revenge [07/02/2022]
Shlomo Ben-Ami, The Strategist

Sorry, Mr. Putin. Ukraine and Russia are Not the Same Country. [06/02/2022]
Serhy Yekelchyk, Politico

The view from Kyiv [04/02/2022]
Slawomir Sierakowski, Project Syndicate

How War Would Change Russia [04/02/2022]
Tatyana Stanovaya, Moscow Times

How Do the Militaries of Russia and Ukraine Stack Up? [04/02/2022]
Jonathan Masters & Will Merrow, CFR

Friendly arguments: Biden’s and Zelensky’s disagreement on the threat from Russia [04/02/2022]
Gustav Gressel, ECFR

Why Germany Behaves The Way It Does [03/02/2022]
Marcel Dirsus, War on the Rocks

The Reason Putin Would Risk War [03/02/2022]
Anne Applebaum, The Atlantic

How War Would Change Russia [03/02/2022]
Tatiana Stanovaya, Carnegie Moscow Center

Why the war in Ukraine could reshape the European nuclear order [03/02/2022]
Rafael Loss, ECFR

Kremlin at War? Supporting Ukraine, Defending the International Order [03/02/2022]
Ben Hodges, CEPA

Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine playbook echoes the traditional tactics of Russian imperialism [03/02/2022]
Łukasz Adamski, Atlantic Council

Why Zelenskiy Downplays a Russian Invasion  [03/02/2022]
Melinda Haring, National Interest

Time Is Running Out in Ukraine [03/02/2022]
Mathieu Boulègue, CEPA

NATO member states on arms deliveries to Ukraine [02/02/2022]
Justyna Gotkowska & Piotr Szymański, OSW

Putin's Ukraine Quagmire [02/02/2022]
Richard Haass, Project Syndicate

Europe is ready to pay the cost of Russia sanctions [02/02/2022]
Nathalie Tocci, Politico

Will tough US sanctions deter Russian aggression in Ukraine? [01/02/2022]
Jeffrey J. Schott, PIIE

When Redlines Fail [02/02/2022]
Dan Altman & Kathleen E. Powers, Foreign Affairs

Sorry, there's is no real solution to the Russia Problem for now [02/02/2022]
Michael Meyer-Resende, EU Observer

Why the Donbass is the Key to Putin’s Gambit in Ukraine [02/02/2022]
Oleksandr Danylyuk, Politico

Germany Helps Putin with Export Double Standard [02/02/2022]
Bradley Bowman & Ryan Brobst, Defense News

Ukraine-Russia: the first shots have already been fired – in cyberspace [02/02/2022]
Robert M. Dover, The Conversation

US Isn't Ready for Russia's Battlefield Nukes [02/02/2022]
James Ragland & Adam Lowther, 1945

How China Views the Ukraine Crisis [02/02/2022]
Minxin Pei, Japan Times

Strategic Reconfiguration in the Making in Europe's East [02/02/2022]
Iuliia Mendel, Kyiv Post

What Ukraine Reveals About NATO and the EU [01/02/2022]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

From eastern Europe we watch Ukraine in fear. Its fate could decide the continent’s future [01/02/2022]
Karolina Wigura and Jarosław Kuisz, The Guardian

Should NATO close its doors? [01/02/2022]
James Dobbins, The Hill

Russia’s True Strategy Shows Itself [01/02/2022]
George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures

Is there a weakness in NATO’s Eastern flank? [01/02/2022]
Dimitar Bechev, Al Jazeera

The West Has Responded to Russia’s Ultimatum. Is It Enough? [01/02/2022]
Alexander Baunov, Carnegie Moscow Center

Putin knows exactly what he wants in eastern Europe – unlike the west [31/01/2022]
Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian

Ukraine conflict: An escalation within limits [31/01/2022]
Margarete Klein, SWP

La crisis de Ucrania, la UE y la cohesión occidental [31/01/2022]
Ricardo López-Aranda, Elcano

What Would a War with Ukraine Mean for Ordinary Russians? [31/01/2022]
Andrei Kolesnikov, Carnegie Moscow Center

U.S. Strategic Competition with Russia [31/01/2022]
Stephanie Pezard, RAND

Shutting out Russia from Swift system would not be a surgical strike [31/01/2022]
Jonathan Guthrie, Financial Times

In the shadow of war [31/01/2022]
Zachary Paikin, CEPS

Ukraine conflict: An escalation within limits [31/01/2022]
Margarete Klein, SWP

Cord-cutting, Russian style: Could the Kremlin sever global internet cables? [31/01/2022]
Justin Sherman, Atlantic Council

Oil Market Cannot Afford to Lose Russian Supplies [31/01/2022]
Ben Cahill, CSIS

Russia's Ukraine gambit is an opportunity to steel US resolve [31/01/2022]
Glenn Nye & Mike Rogers, The Hill

The Russia crisis has exposed why NATO needs a strategy shift [30/01/2022]
Harlan Ullman, Atlantic Council

Canada must do more to back Ukraine. Hashtags are not enough. [30/01/2022]
Michael Taube, Washington Post

Russian Hybrid Threats Report: Kremlin pushes claims about Ukrainian offensive, ‘junk’ weapons from West [28/01/2022]
Digital Forensic Research Lab, Atlantic Council

Russia Can Win in Ukraine Without Firing a Shot [28/01/2022]
Elisabeth Braw, Foreign Policy

The US and NATO respond to the Kremlin’s demands: Russia’s reactions [28/01/2022]
Witold Rodkiewicz, OSW

Biden needs to get Ukraine right. America's security depends on it. [28/01/2022]
Melinda Haring, USA Today

China’s ‘Wolf Warriors’ Are Having a Field Day With the Russia-Ukraine Crisis [28/01/2022]
Jessica Brandt, Foreign Policy

Russia’s Gamble in Ukraine [27/01/2022]
Philip G. Wasielewski, Seth G. Jones & Joseph S. Bermudez Jr., CSIS

Judy Asks: Is Germany Damaging Europe’s Position on Ukraine? [27/01/2022]
Judy Dempsey et. Al., Carnegie Europe

The Ukraine crisis: A problem of trust [27/01/2022]
Jim Hughes, LSE

Why Europe has no say in the Russia-Ukraine crisis [27/01/2022]
Jeremy Shapiro, ECFR

The power of keeping calm. Ukraine in the face of Russia’s potential aggression [26/01/2022]
Tadeusz Iwański & Krzysztof Nieczypor, OSW

Misreading Signs of Putin’s War Preparation In Ukraine [26/01/2022]
Sim Tack, Spectator Clingendael

Experts from NATO countries disagree on how to approach Ukraine [26/01/2022]
Volodymyr Kulyk, Nadiia Koval, Mykola Riabchuk, Kateryna Zarembo & Marianna Fakhurdinova, Washington Post

Will There Be a War Over Ukraine? 13 Putin Watchers Weigh In [26/01/2022]
AA.VV., Politico Magazine

Russia’s recent invasions of Ukraine and Georgia offer clues to what Putin might be thinking now [26/01/2022]
Liam Collins, The Conversation

The Alarm Bells in Europe [26/01/2022]
Michael Brendan Dougherty, National Review

A Whiff of Munich [25/01/2022]
Harold James, Project Syndicate

Ukraine crisis is reminding Nato why it was formed in the first place [25/01/2022]
Mark Webber, The Conversation

Is There a Way Out of the Russia-NATO Talks Impasse? [25/01/2022]
Andrei Kortunov, Moscow Times

Putin’s Ambition May Have Outstripped His Options [25/01/2022]
Eugene Rumer, CEIP

The US military presence in Europe has been declining for 30 years – the current crisis in Ukraine may reverse that trend [25/01/2022]
Michael A. Allen, Carla Martinez Machain & Michael E. Flynn, The Conversation

Would Putin Really Invade Ukraine For This? [25/01/2022]
Fred Kaplan, Slate

Is the West united against Russia? Sort of. [25/01/2022]
Gabrielle Debinski, GZero

Good work, Volodya! Putin resurrects NATO. [25/01/2022]
Paul Taylor, Politico

How the European Union Has Made Itself Irrelevant in Ukraine [25/01/2022]
Anders Aslund, Kyiv Post

If Russia boosts its aggression against Ukraine, here’s what NATO could do [25/01/2022]
Michael John Williams, Atlantic Council

Putin Has the U.S. Right Where He Wants It [24/01/2022]
Fiona Hill, New York Times

Putin’s Wager In Russia’s Standoff With The West [24/01/2022]
Michael Kofman, War on the Rocks

A measure of autonomy in eastern Ukraine is the only way out of this crisis [24/01/2022]
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

Moscow Should Remember the Russo-Japanese War [24/01/2022]
Edward Goldberg, Real Clear World

The Russian Mystery [24/01/2022]
George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures

Russia’s Vietnam: Why An Invasion Of Ukraine Would Be A Disaster For Putin [24/01/2022]
Robert Kelly, 19FortyFive

Forget NATO, Ukraine must refocus on the EU [24/01/2022]
Henrik Larsen, Politico

Only Putin Knows What Happens Next  [23/01/2022]
Tom Nichols, The Atlantic

Russia’s Desert Storm: Putin’s Plan to Use America’s Military Playbook Against Ukraine? [23/01/2022]
Anna Borshchevskaya, 19FortyFive

Ukraine Wouldn't Be a Cakewalk for Russia  [23/01/2022]
Melinda Haring, National Interest

If Russia invades Ukraine, what happens next? [22/01/2022]
David A. Lake, Monkey Cage

Russia's Georgia Model for Invading Ukraine  [22/01/2022]
Sebastien Roblin, 1945

How to Retreat From Ukraine [22/01/2022]
Ross Douthat, The New York Times

What the West Will Never Understand About Putin's Ukraine Obsession [22/01/2022]
Peter Pomerantsev, Time

The Day After Russia Attacks [21/01/2022]
Alexander Vindman & Dominic Cruz Bustillos, Foreign Affairs

Four maps that explain the Russia-Ukraine conflict [21/01/2022]
Laris Karklis & Ruby Mellen, Washington Post

Biden Should Close The Door To NATO [21/01/2022]
Patrick Buchanan, American Conservative

What a Week of Talks Between Russia and the West Revealed [21/01/2022]
Dmitry Trenin, Moscow Times

The United States Needs a New Approach to Russia [21/01/2022]
Nikolas K. Gvosdev, National Interest

Are Putin’s Oligarchs Ready for War? [20/01/2022]
Kseniya Kirillova, CEPA

Why NATO Has Become a Flashpoint With Russia [20/01/2022]
Jonathan Masters, Foreign Affairs

Ukraine: a country wounded by eight years of crisis [20/01/2022]
Stefan Wolff & Tatyana Malyarenko, The Conversation

Russia-Ukraine tensions: power posturing or trouble on the home front for Putin? [19/01/2022]
Marcin Kaczmarski & Kasia Kaczmarska, The Conversation

Ukrainians in our survey weren’t enthusiastic about NATO exercises close to Russia [19/01/2022]
Gerard Toal & John O’Loughlin, Washington Post

Why Russia's interest in Ukraine is about more than NATO [19/01/2022]
Eoin Micheál McNamara, RTE

Unanswered questions in the Ukrainian crisis [19/01/2022]
Benjamin Jensen, The Hill

What would a Russian invasion of Ukraine actually look like? [19/01/2022]
Gabrielle Debinski, Gzero

Ukraine and the Danger of Human Miscalculation [18/01/2022]
Dell Dailey & James P. Farwell, National Interest

‘We are being dragged into a war’ [18/01/2022]
Denis Volkov, Riddle

Biden’s rhetoric on Ukraine has been quite moderate. Here’s what that means. [18/01/2022]
Abigail S. Post, Washington Post

Moscow’s Compellence Strategy [18/01/2022]
Rob Lee, FPRI

How to Reach an Agreement on Ukraine [17/01/2022]
Anatol Lieven, RCW

If the West sticks together, it can find a way forward with Russia [17/01/2022]
Daniel Fried, Atlantic Council

Ukraine Doesn’t Need the West to Defend It. We Need Help Preparing for War. [16/01/2022]
Alyona Getmanchuk, New York Times

Why would Putin invade Ukraine? [16/01/2022]
Aleksandar Matovski, Monkey Cage/Washington Post

Is War Inevitable if Talks With Russia Fail? [15/01/2022]
Mark Episkopos, National Interest

Here’s what we know about Russia’s military buildup near Ukraine. [15/01/2022]
Dmitry Gorenburg & Michael Kofman, Washington Post

‘Be Afraid’: Has Russia’s Attack on Ukraine Begun? [14/01/2022]
Olga Tokariuk, CEPA

Ukraine: China and Russia’s Calculated Mutual Support [14/01/2022]
Michel Duclos & François Godement, Institut Montaigne

Face aux périls, les Européens seront-ils bientôt seuls? [14/01/2022]
Isabelle Lasserre, Le Figaro

The U.S. seems ready for tougher sanctions against Russia. But is Europe? [14/01/2022]
Maria Shagina, Washington Post

Nato honesty on Ukraine could avert conflict with Russia [13/01/2022]
Samuel Charap, Financial Times

Turkey Could Lose Big in the Russia-Ukraine Standoff [13/01/2022]
Jeffrey Mankoff, Foreign Policy

Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the limits of Putin’s neo-imperial ambitions [13/01/2022]
Slawomir Sierakowski, The Strategist

Russia’s Possible Invasion of Ukraine [13/01/2022]
Seth G. Jones, CSIS

Turkey's Response to the Russia-Ukraine Crisis  [12/01/2022]
Aaron Stein, FPRI

Western Diplomacy on Russia Must Serve Deterrence [12/01/2022]
Nigel Gould-Davies, Moscow Times

Putin Is Running Rings Around the West [12/01/2022]
Walter Russell Mead, Wall Street Journal

Biden must respond to Putin’s provocations on Ukraine [12/01/2022]
Peter Jennings, The Strategist

Russia’s Liberals Wave a Sad Farewell to Ukraine [12/01/2022]
Andrei Soldatov & Irina Borogan, CEPA

What do Russia’s cyber moves mean for the Ukraine crisis? [12/01/2022]
Erica D. Lonergan & Shawn W. Lonergan, Washington Post

Understanding the Eurasian turmoil [12/01/2022]
C. Raja Mohan, Indian Express

Can U.S.-Russia Diplomacy Ease Ukraine Tensions? [11/01/2022]
Thomas Graham, CFR

Russia and West Continue to Talk, But Not Necessarily in the Same Language [11/01/2022]
Mark Galeotti, Moscow Times

The US Must Prepare for War Against Russia Over Ukraine [11/01/2022]
Evelyn N. Farkas, Defense One

As the U.S. and Russia debate Ukraine, it’s hard to see the wiggle room [11/01/2022]
David Ignatius, Washington Post

Russia Thinks America Is Bluffing [10/01/2022]
Chris Miller, Foreign Affairs

How Putin’s Plans for Ukraine Could Pay Off [10/01/2022]
Gregory Sims, The Cipher Brief

Putin's threats disguise a weakening position [10/01/2022]
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

Is America Getting ‘Compellence’ Wrong in Ukraine? [10/01/2022]
Jeff Hartman, National Interest

EU Must Stop Moaning on Ukraine and Prepare for a Refugee Crisis [10/01/2022]
Toomas Hendrik Ilves, CEPA

Threatening to invade Ukraine will help Putin at home. Actually invading won’t. [08/01/2022]
Samuel A. Greene & Graeme B. Robertson, Washington Post

Ukraine Is Only One Small Part of Putin’s Plans [07/01/2022]
Lilia Shevtsova, New York Times

The West has enabled Putin long enough. It is time to stop. [07/01/2022]
Vladimir Kara-Murza, Washington Post

What Is Russia’s Logic for the Current Crisis? [07/01/2022]
Maxim A. Suchkov, War on the Rocks

Free-rider on the storm: How Russia makes use of crises in its regional environment [07/01/2022]
Marie Dumoulin, ECFR

God, Putin and Ukraine [07/01/2022]
Ronald Tiersky, Real Clear World

Beyond Ukraine: How to Revive the Vision of a Europe ‘Whole and at Peace’ [07/01/2022]
Robert Legvold, National Interest

A Sovereign Europe ... and Russia [06/01/2022]
Stefan Meister, IPQ

Why Russia Fears a Ukrainian Offensive [06/01/2022]
Anna Arutunyan, Moscow Times

A proposal for a new Western policy on the Russia-Ukraine conflict: re-position to de-escalate [05/01/2022]
Edward Hunter Christie, FIIA

Un nuevo Yalta, la obsesión de Putin [05/01/2022]
Carmen Claudín, El País

Russia-Ukraine Tensions: Signals to China [04/01/2022]
Mercy A. Kuo & Karen-Anna Eggen, The Diplomat

On Russia, NATO cannot fold [03/01/2022]
Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Politico

Putin’s Ukraine quagmire [03/01/2022]
Richard N. Haass, The Strategist

How NATO Should Respond to Russia’s Alternative Reality [03/01/2022]
Stefanie Babst, IPQ

The U.S. Is Naive About Russia. Ukraine Can’t Afford to Be. [03/01/2022]
Anne Applebaum, The Atlantic

Could America Be Wrong About Ukraine? [29/12/2021]
Mark Episkopos, National Interest

What Putin Really Wants in Ukraine [28/12/2021]
Dmitri Trenin, Foreign Affairs

A longa transição [26/12/2021]
Carlos Gaspar, Público

Putin’s Likely Course of Action in Ukraine: Putin’s Military Options [12/2021]

The Russia-Ukraine Crisis: A Scorecard on Biden’s Response [23/12/2021]
Stephen Sestanovich, CFR

Russia and European security: Before the storm [22/12/2021]
Arkady Moshes, FIIA

The Berlin Crisis, Ukraine, And The 5 Percent Problem [22/12/2021]
Sergey Radchenko, War on the Rocks

European security: Putin ups the ante with NATO [20/12/2021]
Ian Hill, The Interpreter

Responding to Russia’s Blackmail – a Moment of Truth for Ukraine and the West [20/12/2021]
Pavlo Klimkin, Kyiv Post

Russian treaty proposals hark back to post-Cold War era [19/12/2021]
Patricia Lewis, Chatham House

Russia’s threat to invade Ukraine and Europe’s soft power [17/12/2021]
Michael Emerson, CEPS

Bonnes feuilles: «Ukraine, de l’indépendance à la guerre» [15/12/2021]
Alexandra Goujon, The Conversation

How the United States Can Break Putin’s Hold on Ukraine [11/12/2021]
Alexander Vindman, New York Times

Kicking Russia Off of SWIFT Might Not Be the Nuclear Option [10/12/2021]
Amy Mackinnon & Robbie Gramer, Foreign Policy

Biden Must Choose Between Appeasement and Deterrence in Ukraine [09/12/2021]
Nigel Gould-Davies, Foreign Policy

The battle for Ukraine has already been lost [09/12/2021]
Dalibor Rohac, The Spectator

Biden-Putin Call Solves Nothing [09/12/2021]
Nikolas Gvosdev, Russia Matters

Putin barrels toward invading Ukraine, encouraged by Trump [09/12/2021]
David Ignatius, Washington Post

Biden meets Putin: What lies behind Russia’s military build-up [07/12/2021]
Kadri Liik, ECFR

Trente ans après la fin de l’URSS, quelle mémoire de cette période en Russie et en Ukraine? [07/12/2021]
Cécile Vaissié, The Conversation

Russia and Ukraine: War or Bluff? [07/12/2021]
George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures

Faut-il s’alarmer des nouveaux bruits de bottes à la frontière russo-ukrainienne? [07/12/2021]
Christine Dugoin-Clément, The Conversation

What Biden should say to Putin on Ukraine [06/12/2021]
Steven Pifer, Brookings Institution

Russia's threats place Europe at a pivotal moment [03/12/2021]
Keir Giles, Chatham House

Why Russia could invade Ukraine again [03/12/2021]
Gustav Gressel, ECFR

Analysis of Russian Irregular Threats [2021]
Sean M. Zeigler, Dara Massicot, Elina Treyger, Naoko Aoki, Chandler Sachs & Stephen Watts, RAND

What America Is Getting Wrong about Ukraine [30/11/2021]
Mark Episkopos, National Interest

War Between Russia and Ukraine: A Basic Scenario? [25/11/2021]
Ivan Timofeev, Valdai Club

No, Putin Isn’t Trying to Bring Down the West [23/11/2021]
Kadri Liik, New York Times

Is Russia Preparing to Invade Ukraine? [19/11/2021]
Emma Ashford & Matthew Kroenig, Foreign Policy

Russia’s Ukrainian dilemma: Moscow’s strategy towards Kyiv [19/11/2021]
Marek Menkiszak, OSW

Ukraine: Putin’s Unfinished Business [12/11/2021]
Eugene Rumer & Andrew S. Weiss, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

What strategic stability? How to fix the concept for US-Russia relations [21/10/2021]
Mikhail Troitskiy, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Something for something: Biden, Zelensky, and America’s pre-eminence in Ukraine [14/09/2021]
Gustav Gressel, ECFR

Russia, Not NATO, Has the Upper Hand in Ukraine [26/04/2021]
Ali Demirdas, National Interest

Crise en Ukraine: haute voltige diplomatique pour Macron à Moscou [07/02/2022]
Le Monde

US Response to Russia in Ukraine [01/02/2022]
Los Angeles Times

Risky bets: On Russia, Ukraine and hopes of a diplomatic solution [31/01/2022]
The Hindu

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Biden and Putin agree "in principle" to hold summit [21/02/2022]
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Crise en Ukraine : Macron propose à Poutine de « bâtir des garanties concrètes de sécurité » [07/02/2022]
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UK to send troops to Poland amid concern about Russian buildup [07/02/2022]
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'War?! I Want A Post Office': In A Remote Ukrainian Border Village, More Pressing Worries Than A New Russian Invasion [07/02/2022]
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‘Tanks, tanks, tanks’: Russians on the military buildup at Ukraine’s border [07/02/2022]
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Russian forces at 70% of level needed for full Ukraine invasion, U.S. officials say [07/02/2022]
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Russia has enough troops ready to take Kyiv, says former Ukraine defence chief [06/02/2022]
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Russian Troops in Final Stages of Readiness Add to Worries for Ukraine [04/02/2022]
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Russia, China call for halt to NATO enlargement [04/02/2022]
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Putin and Xi Proclaim Bond as Russia Deploys More Forces Near Ukraine [03/02/2022]
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The Untold Story of the Ukraine Crisis [02/02/2022]
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Los documentos confidenciales sobre Ucrania: EE UU y la OTAN ofrecieron a Putin acuerdos de desarme [02/02/2022]
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Biden sending thousands of troops to Eastern Europe [02/02/2022]
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U.S. Sends Top Security Official to Help NATO Brace for Russian Cyberattacks [01/02/2022]
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Putin’s public remarks today could be his first on Ukraine since December [01/02/2022]
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Ukraine announces plan to boost army as foreign leaders rally [01/02/2022]
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Allies keep close eye on Orbán's Moscow visit [01/02/2022]
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Blinken to try diplomacy again with Russian counterpart after sharp U.N. clash over Ukraine [01/02/2022]
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Putin to host EU ally Orban amid Ukraine crisis [01/02/2022]
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Russia delivers written response to U.S. proposal on Ukraine crisis [01/02/2022]
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Ukraine crisis: 'The stakes could not be higher', US ambassador tells UN Security Council Access to the comments [31/01/2022]

Poland ready for million refugees if Russia invades Ukraine [31/01/2022]
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UK toughens sanctions regime to target Russia over Ukraine [31/01/2022]
Cristina Gallardo, Politico

Boris Johnson to visit Ukraine region and hold call with Putin next week [29/01/2022]
Tom Ambrose, The Guardian

Nord Stream 2 could be hit in Russia sanctions, France says [28/01/2022]
Jules Darmanin, Politico

Russia, U.S. Open For More Diplomacy Despite Wide Differences Over Ukraine [28/01/2022]

Zelenskyy urges no ‘panic’ over tensions [28/01/2022]
David Child & Farah Najjar, Al Jazeera

Lukashenko warns Belarus will go to war if Russia is attacked [28/01/2022]
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German industry bosses to meet with Putin this year [28/01/2022]
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Ukraine to the world: keep calm and stop spreading panic [28/01/2022]
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Moscow Faces 'Massive Consequences' If Russia Continues Aggression Toward Ukraine, Blinken Tells RFE/RL [27/01/2022]
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Russia signals little optimism on resolving crisis as the West races to shore up support for Ukraine [27/01/2022]
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Germany's Scholz to meet Biden, discuss Ukraine and COVID - White House [27/01/2022]
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U.S. and Allies Seek United Front on Russia-Ukraine Crisis [26/01/2022]
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Ukraine Sees Russian Hand In Spate Of Bomb Scares At Schools Nationwide [26/01/2022]
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NATO to boost military presence in eastern Europe amid Russia-Ukraine tensions [25/01/2022]
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US finalizing plans to divert gas to Europe if Russia cuts off supply [25/01/2022]
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West Ups Sanctions Pressure On Moscow As Russia Launches Military Drills Near Ukraine [25/01/2022]

The US bets big on NATO to deter Russia [25/01/2022]
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U.S. Warns Belarus Against Helping Potential Russian Invasion Of Ukraine [25/01/2022]

Ukraine-Russia: What is Nord Steam 2, and why is it contentious? [25/01/2022]
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Russia-Ukraine tensions: How the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has been controversial from the start [25/01/2022]
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Pro-Kremlin Politician Accused of Coup Plot Not Mentioned after Ukraine National Security Meeting [25/01/2022]
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Biden to speak with European leaders to discuss Russia-Ukraine tensions [24/01/2022]

Kremlin Says NATO Ramping Up Ukraine Tensions With Deployments [24/01/2022]
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Pentagon Puts 8,500 Troops on ‘High Alert’ Amid Ukraine Tensions [24/01/2022]
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Germany seeks mediating role as Ukraine tensions rise [24/01/2022]
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In a Ukrainian city near Russia, a civilian army prepares for war [24/01/2022]
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U.S. Orders Family Members of Embassy Staff to Leave Ukraine [23/01/2022]
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What Putin's Ukraine options look like [21/01/2022]
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US and Russia try to lower temperature as Ukraine tensions simmer [21/01/2022]
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Ukraine tension: Urgent US-Russia talks in Geneva as invasion fears grow [21/01/2022]

What a 'Minor' Russian Incursion Might Look Like  [21/01/2022]
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On the Front Lines of Ukraine's War With Russia  [20/01/2022]
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Biden predicts Russia will invade Ukraine [19/01/2022]
Yuliya Talmazan, Tatyana Chistikova & Teaganne Finn, NBC

Facing Arrest, Ex-Leader Returns to 'Defend Ukraine' from Russia [17/01/2022]
Olga Shylenko, Moscow Times

Russia Thins Out Its Embassy in Ukraine, a Possible Clue to Putin’s Next Move [17/01/2022]
Michael Schwirtz & David E. Sanger, New York Times

Is Russia preparing to invade Ukraine? And other questions [15/01/2022]
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A Week of Russia-West Diplomacy Ends in Deadlock [14/01/2022]
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Russia is preparing a pretext for invading Ukraine: US official [14/01/2022]
Al Jazeera

Deep Divides Remain After Russia-NATO Talks on Ukraine Crisis [12/01/2022]
New York Times

Putin is Threatening a War. Are Russians Willing to Fight It? [12/01/2022]
Uliana Pavlova, Politico

Russia Neither Accepts Nor Rejects NATO’s Offer To Restart Talks [12/01/2022]
Jacqueline Feldscher, Defense One

U.S.-Russia Conclude 'Difficult' Geneva Talks On Ukraine, European Security [10/01/2022]

U.S. and Russia still poles apart on Ukraine after Geneva talks [10/01/2022]
Emma Farge, Reuters

Ukraine crisis: tense talks between US and Russia open in Geneva [10/01/2022]
Julian Borgen, The Guardian

With Russian guns pointed at Ukraine, West and Moscow dive into talks [10/01/2022]
David M. Herszenhorn, Politico

Exposed: Who were Russia's spies at Nato HQ? [10/01/2022]
Andrew Rettman, EU Observer

U.S. tamps down expectations for talks with Russia amid Ukraine crisis [09/01/2022]

The West has a few bargaining chips to stop Russia from invading Ukraine [09/01/2022]
Ellen Ioanes, Vox

Russia Warns That U.S. Doesn’t Understand Its Goals on Ukraine [09/01/2022]
Anton Troianovski & David E. Sanger, New York Times

Putin puts out fires across a former Soviet empire clamoring for change [08/01/2022]
Eva Hartog, Politico

First Thing: Biden and Putin exchange warnings amid Ukraine tensions [31/12/2021]
Vivian Ho, The Guardian

Putin says Russia doesn't want Ukraine war but needs 'immediate' guarantees [23/12/2021]
France 24

Why Putin has such a hard time accepting Ukrainian sovereignty [21/12/2021]
Jacob Lassin & Emily Channell-Justice, The Conversation

Russia publishes ‘red line’ security demands for Nato and US [17/12/2021]
Max Seddon, Henry Foy & Aime Williams, Financial Times

Fraud Conviction Appears to Reveal Russian Troop Deployment in East Ukraine [16/12/2021]
Moscow Times

Why Is Russia Threatening to Invade Ukraine? [16/12/2021]
Joshua Yaffa, The New Yorker

EU summit to warn Russia of 'severe cost' over Ukraine [16/12/2021]
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Russia planning massive military offensive against Ukraine involving 175,000 troops, U.S. intelligence warns [16/12/2021]
Shane Harris & Paul Sonne, Washington Post

Wait, is Russia going to invade Ukraine? [08/12/2021]
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Biden told Putin that 'things we did not do in 2014, we are prepared to do now' if Russia escalates in Ukraine, top adviser says [08/12/2021]
Maegan Vazquez, CNN

US says Russia could invade Ukraine in early 2022 [04/12/2021]
James Politi, Katrina Manson,Demetri Sevastopulo & Polina Ivanova, Financial Times

Ukraine has uncovered Russian-linked coup plot, says president [27/11/2021]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

U.S. ‘Escalating’ Russia-Ukraine Tensions by Arming Kiev – Kremlin [23/11/2021]
Moscow Times

U.S. huddles with allies over possible Russian invasion of Ukraine [12/11/2021]
Nahal Toosi & Paul Mcleary, Politico

Weapons tracing study implicates Russia in Ukraine conflict [04/11/2021]
Andrew E. Kramer, Kyiv Post

Explainer: Why Are Tensions Between Russia and Ukraine Ratcheting Up? [02/04/2021]
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