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German elections and the end of Merkel's era
28 | september | 2021

The German federal elections of September 26, 2021 mark the end of the so-called Merkel era, after 16 years as head of the government. The SPD's victory by only 1.6% over the CDU and the results of several political forces open up the possibility of several multiparty coalitions. In the European Union and in international politics, Germany's role will become increasingly relevant in a transitional context in the international system..


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German election results — in charts [27/09/2021]
Cornelius Hirsch, Politico

Elections en Allemagne: comment le Bundestag a changé depuis 1949 [27/09/2021]
Pierre Breteau, Le Monde

German election 2021: which coalitions can govern? [27/09/2021]
Ben Walker, New Statesman

After 16 years of Angela Merkel, what’s next for Germany? (podcast) [17/09/2021]
Constanze Stelzenmüller & Adrianna Pita, Brookings Institution

Explainer: What are the main issues in Germany's federal election? [24/09/2021]
Paul Carrel, Reuters

German elections 2021: Simple guide to vote ending Merkel era [09/2021]

Poll of Polls – Germany [09/2021]

2021 Bundestag elections [09/2021]


Opinions & Analysis
Germany’s leadership gap [28/09/2021]
Mujtaba Rahman, Politico

Germans have voted to replace Angela Merkel – here are 7 ways to understand the results so far [27/09/2021]
Matt Fitzpatrick, The Conversation

Europe is losing its moral compass – how will it find its way without Merkel? [27/09/2021]
Marion Van Renterghem, The Guardian

Coalition talks in Germany will forge the path ahead. Here’s what the parties need to tackle. [27/09/2021]
Katja Hoyer, Washington Post

Germany election: Olaf Scholz’s social democrats come out on top but smaller parties hold the key to government [27/09/2021]
Ed Turner, The Conversation

Post-Merkel, a muddle: 9 German election takeaways [27/09/2021]

Florian Eder, Politico

Will the Next German Chancellor Please Stand Up? [27/09/2021]

Rainer Zitelmann, National Interest

To the next German chancellor: Don’t sacrifice Europe [26/09/2021]

Paul Taylor, Politico

Move over grand coalition — Germany wants change [26/09/2021]

Manuela Kasper-Claridge, DW

Angela Merkel's Superpower [25/09/2021]

Serge Schmemann, New York Times

German election: continuing popularity of far-right AfD has roots in east-west divide [23/09/2021]

Charlotte Galpin & Maren Rohe, The Conversation

German federal election: Is there a trend toward more candidates from ethnic minority backgrounds? [23/09/2021]

Julia Schulte-Cloos, LSE

The Decline of the Political Center in Germany [23/09/2021]

Anton Eriksson, Jana Konle, Malina Aniol, Nikki Shure & Thomas Fröhlich, AICGS

Quel gouvernement pour l’Allemagne et quelles conséquences pour l’Europe? [23/09/2021]

Jérôme Vaillant, The Conversation

Sixteen Years of Merkel’s EU Policy [22/09/2021]

Jana Puglierin, ISPI

L’après-Merkel: les enjeux géopolitiques pour l’Allemagne [09/2021]

Hans Stark, Diplomatie

The Greening of German Politics [22/09/2021]

R. Andreas Kraemer, ISPI

An unpredictable German election… but a (mostly) predictable outcome for EU politics [22/09/2021]

Sophia Russack & Daniel Gros, CEPS

German Elections: What to Expect [22/09/2021]

Antonio Villafranca, ISPI

German federal election: Is the AfD broadening its appeal to voters? [21/09/2021]

Michael A. Hansen, LSE

Face au mur: l’énergie et le climat dans la campagne électorale allemande [21/09/2021]

Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega, IFRI

From ‘Mädchen’ to ‘Mutti’: as Angela Merkel departs, she leaves a great legacy of leadership [21/09/2021]

Gabriele Suder, The Conversation

European democracy is at stake in the German election [20/09/2021]

Goran Buldioski, ECFR

Tactical Takeover: Germany’s Liberals Are Ready to Run the Country [17/09/2021]

Rainer Zitelmann, National Interest

Merkel’s Legacy and Germany's Future [17/09/2021]

Matthias Matthijs, Council on Foreign Relations

Foreign and defence policy in the German election [16/09/2021]

Ulrike Franke, ECFR

Beyond Merkelism: What Europeans expect of post-election Germany [14/09/2021]

Piotr Buras & Jana Puglierin, ECFR

Merkel’s Exit Is Remaking Germany’s Political Landscape [14/09/2021]

Aaron Allen, World Politics Review

Germany’s Vote Should Set the Pace for Europe [14/09/2021]

Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

German election: what to expect in the race to replace Angela Merkel [13/09/2021]

Ed Turner, The Conversation

Germany’s Increasingly Complex Coalition Picture as the Elections Near [10/09/2021]

Peter Sparding, GMFUS

Elecciones en Alemania: ¿que todo cambie para que todo siga igual? [09/2021]

Héctor Sánchez Margalef, CIDOB

Europe does not need four more years of ‘Merkelism’ [09/09/2021]

Philip Stephens, Financial Times

German federal election: Are we witnessing the revival of the SPD? [08/09/2021]

Uğur Tekiner, LSE

Les élections fédérales allemandes de 2021 : quel programme pour le Parti social-démocrate (SPD) en matière de défense? [03/09/2021]

Gaspard Schnitzler, IRIS

Germany is Vulnerable before the Elections but Can Still Escape Interference Attempts [03/09/2021]

Sudha David-Wilp & David Levine, GMFUS

Is Germany on the Verge of a Political Earthquake? [30/08/2021]

Rainer Zitelmann, TNI

After Merkel: Is Germany at the End of a Cycle? [26/08/2021]

Clemens Fuest, Institute Montaigne

After Merkel: Germany’s Climate Policy [17/08/2021]

Three questions to Franziska Brantner, Institute Montaigne

Politique étrangère allemande: entre multilatéralisme et Germany First [17/08/2021]

Hans Stark, Politique Étrangère

¿Qué proponen para la UE los candidatos a la Cancillería alemana? [21/07/2021]

Juan Palop, ES Global

Le SPD entre reorientations programmatiques et permanence politique? [07/2021]

Étienne Dubslaff, IFRI

The Undeniable Pessimism of Angela Merkel’s Worldview [14/07/2021]

Thorsten Benner, GPPI

Germany’s upcoming election and the future of nuclear sharing [07/2021]

Steven Pifer, Brookings Institution

The Post-Heroic Legacy of Angela Merkel [09/06/2021]

Andreas Kluth, Bloomberg

Élections fédérales allemandes : le retour au pouvoir des libéraux-démocrates du FDP? [06/2021]

Uwe Jun, IFRI

Quelle gauche en Allemagne? Le parti Die Linke en pleine crise identitaire [05/2021]

Thorsten Holzhauser, IFRI

The Singular Chancellor: The Merkel Model and Its Limits [05/2021]

Constanze Stelzenmüller, Foreign Affairs

Angela Merkel Has Been in Power for 15 Years. What Comes Next? [26/04/2021]
Anna Sauerbrey, New York Times

Les élections fédérales allemandes de 2021: quel programme pour les Verts en matière de défense? [21/04/2021]
Gaspard Schnitzler, IRIS

How the pandemic turned German politics upside down [09/04/2021]
Ian Bateson, Washington Post

Les Verts allemands, un nouveau parti de rassemblement? [01/2021]
Annette Lensing, IFRI


Elections en Allemagne: l’Europe en suspens [27/09/2021]
Le Monde

The German election results: negotiating a new era [27/09/2021]
The Guardian

Germany’s Muddled Message [26/09/2021]
Wall Street Journal

Angela Merkel’s departure will be felt in a world that needs democratic champions more than ever [25/09/2021]
Washington Post

How Germany’s Election Could Go Dangerously Wrong [25/09/2021]

A Very German ‘Change’ Election [22/09/2021]
Wall Street Journal

Germany’s election: how Berlin’s EU policy could shift [13/09/2021]
The Irish Times

Germany’s election: struggling to move on from Merkel [03/09/2021]
The Guardian

Few fireworks but German election set to deliver a tight finish [29/08/2021]
Financial Times

German voters deserve a more serious election campaign [14/08/2021]
The Economist

Germany's election: transformation versus more of the same [03/07/2021]
The Lancet


Germany’s far-right AfD loses nationally, but wins in the East [28/09/2021]
Emily Schultheis, Politico

After SPD win in Germany, is Europe’s centre left on the rise? [28/09/2021]
Jon Henley, The Guardian

Germany’s (sort of) change elections [27/09/2021]
Jen Kirby, Vox

Germany's Green Party and the FDP: Two kingmakers poles apart [27/09/2021]

After historic loss, Germany’s Armin Laschet begins to accept the inevitable [27/09/2021]
Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico

Where Angela Merkel’s voters went — by the numbers [27/09/2021]
Cornelius Hirsch & Arnau Busquets Guàrdia, Politico

Germany election: far-right AfD loses status as main opposition [27/09/2021]
Kate Connolly, The Guardian

Social Democrats Take Poll Lead Ahead of German Election [27/09/2021]
Colm Quinn, Foreign Policy

Olaf Scholz: The unlikely savior of Germany's SPD [27/09/2021]

German election: Seven things we learned [27/09/2021]
Alix Kroeger, BBC News

Germany votes: SPD hold slim lead, CDU slumps to worst showing in decades [27/09/2021]

Social Democrats (SPD) React To Election Results [27/09/2021]
Louis Westendarp, Politico

No clear winner to succeed Merkel in Germany [26/09/2021]
Andrew Rettman, EU Observer

European Debt? The First Question For Merkel's Successor [25/09/2021]
Tobias Kaiser, Virginia Kirst, Martina Meister, World Crunch

Elections en Allemagne: qui sont les candidats à la succession d'Angela Merkel? [24/09/2021]
Paul Turban, Les Echos

The making of a Hanseat: What Hamburg reveals about Olaf Scholz [24/09/2021]
Brian Melican, New Statesman

Germany’s election: a new era of uncertain coalition politics [23/09/2021]
Guy Chazan, Financial Times

German election basics: From the vote to replacing Angela Merkel [23/09/2021]

Germany’s Marxist Firebrand Plots for the Left's Moment [20/09/2021]
Nette Nöstlinger, Politico EU

German federal election: Are the Greens on the cusp of government? [20/09/2021]
Charles Lees, LSE

Germany’s no-emotion voting guide surges despite campaign of personalities [19/09/2021]
James Angelos, Politico

Germany poll tracker: the race to succeed Angela Merkel [17/09/2021]
Martin Stabe & Bob Haslett, Financial Times

SPD-led government with Greens would ‘be more open to mutual debt,’ says German Marshall Fund [08/09/2021]

Germany's Greens ahead of Merkel's CDU/CSU in new poll [25/04/2021]

Laschet Wins Race to Lead Merkel’s Conservatives in Election [20/04/2021]
Arne Delfs, Bloomberg

Could a Green Party chancellor lead Germany? [19/04/2021]
Ruairi Casey, Al Jazeera

Germany awaits "super election year" in 2021 [05/03/2021]

Virus collides with politics as German election year starts [09/01/2021]
Geir Moulson, Associated Press

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