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Tunisia's political crisis
03 | august | 2021

After months-long protests with an escalating pandemic, economic and political crisis, on July 25 President Kaïs Saïed assumed executive powers by sacking the Prime Minister and suspending the Parliament and removed immunity for MP’s. A decade after the Arab Spring, Tunisia faces a new crossroads between democracy and authoritarianism.


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Freedom House

Kais Saied, the Tunisian president accused of undermining democracy [30/07/2021]
Heba Saleh, Financial Times

What is Article 80 used by Tunisia’s president to justify coup? (video) [28/07/2021]
Sulaiman Lkaderi, Middle East Eye

President Qaïs Said Has Suspended Tunisia’s Parliament, Dismissed the Prime Minister, and Enhanced His Judicial Authority [27/07/2021]
Hamza Meddeb, Carnegie Middle East Center


Opinions & Analysis
Tunisie: L’état d’urgence dans l’urgence de l’Etat! [03/08/2021]
Monji Ben Raies, Leaders

Tunisia, the myth, is a burden its people did not ask for [02/08/2021]
Omar Al-Ghazzi, Middle East Eye

Tunisia shows that democracy will struggle if it can’t deliver prosperity [01/08/2021]
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

Tunisia’s Attempt at Democracy Starts to Topple [01/08/2021]
Safwan M. Masri, Wall Street Journal

«La Tunisie doit gagner la bataille de l'éducation» [30/07/2021]
Donia Kaouach, Le Figaro

The Return of Hypocrisy [30/07/2021]
Shadi Hamid The Atlantic

Kais Saied y el golpe constitucional en Túnez [30/07/2021]
Bernabé López García, Elcano

«La démocratie tunisienne, entre panne passagère et coup d’arrêt durable» [30/07/2021]
Sophie Bessis, Le Monde

The 25th of July: Tunisia’s revolution, part 2? [30/07/2021]
Larbi Sadiki, Al Jazeera

Tunisia’s president launched a political crisis. Is it a coup? [29/07/2021]
Nicholas J. Lotito, Monkey Cage

Tunisia: Biden's tepid response exposes aversion to democracy [29/07/2021]
Nader Hashemi, Middle East Eye

A Coup in Tunisia? [29/07/2021]
Will Todman, CSIS

Tunisia’s presidential power-grab is a test for its democracy [28/07/2021]
Larbi Sadiki & Layla Saleh, Open Democracy

Tunisia's Litmus Test for Arab Politics [28/07/2021]
Hussein Ibish, Business Day

Tunisia was the only democracy to blossom from the Arab Spring. Now it’s a mess. [28/07/2021]
Karim Mezran & Alissa Pavia, Atlantic Council

Miscalculating Tunisia [28/07/2021]
Steven A. Cook, CFR

Losing the Last Hope of the Arab Spring [28/07/2021]
Bobby Ghosh, Bloomberg

Tunisia’s Democracy Needs Help. Will Biden Step In? [28/07/2021]
Michael Hirsh, Foreign Policy

What happened in Tunisia was a coup [27/07/2021]
Haythem Guesmi, Al Jazeera

The International Community Must Use Its Leverage in Tunisia [27/07/2021]
Sarah Yerkes, Foreign Policy

La Tunisie, berceau des «printemps arabes», cède aux sirènes de l’homme fort [27/07/2021]
Frédéric Bobin, Le Monde

Tunisia’s Trumpian president [27/07/2021]
Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera

Political Crisis in Tunisia: U.S. Response Options [27/07/2021]
Sarah Feuer, Washington Institute

Tunisia should learn from its neighbors that strongmen are not the answer [27/07/2021]
Ezzedine C. Fishere, Washington Post

Tunisia: What will happen in the days ahead? [27/07/2021]
Eya Jrad, Middle East Eye

Tunisia coup: What Europeans can do to save North Africa’s only democracy [26/07/2021]
Tarek Megerisi, ECFR

Biden must try harder to stop the coup in Tunisia [26/07/2021]
Josh Rogin, Washington Post

Tunisia’s Democrats Need U.S. Support Now More Than Ever [26/07/2021]
Thanassis Cambanis, World Politics Review

Why many Tunisians are celebrating President Saied’s decision [26/07/2021]
Fadil Aliriza, MEI

Tunisia: There is nothing constitutional about Kais Saied's coup [26/07/2021]
David Hearst, Middle East Eye

Back from the brink: A better way for Europe to support Tunisia’s democratic transition [30/06/2021]
Tarek Megerisi, ECFR

Tunisian Civil Society and the Shrinking Margin of Freedom [15/06/2021]
Maya Chaker, POMED

Why Tunisians are still out on the streets – a decade after the ‘Dignity Revolution’ [21/03/2021]
Saerom Han, Andrea Teti & Pamela Abbott, The Conversation

Tunisia's Protests and the Threat of Repression [23/02/2021]
Yasmina Abouzzohour, ECFR

Where are the democratic dividends for Tunisians? [03/02/2021]
Said AlDailami, Qantara

Tunisia’s Difficult Transition: Will There Be Light at the End of the Tunnel? [11/01/2021]
Messaoud Romdhani, POMED


Tunisians have had enough of Ennahda failings [02/08/2021]
Gulf News

The way out of Tunisia’s crisis [31/07/2021]
The Economist

Tunisie: résister à la tentation du pouvoir personnel [29/07/2021]
Le Monde

Arab democracies: the least worst option [29/07/2021]
The Guardian

Crisis in Tunis: On Tunisian President’s decision to suspend Parliament [28/07/2021]
The Hindu

Tunisia’s democracy: a fragile thing [28/07/2021]
The Irish Times

Reverting to autocracy is not the answer for Tunisia [28/07/2021]
Financial Times

Tunisia’s coup: a spring that turns to winter [26/07/2021]
The Guardian


Tunisia crisis: Democrats, despots and the fight for power [04/08/2021]
Magdi Abdelhadi, BBC

Tunisian Labor Union Urges New PM Appointment [03/08/2021]
Asharq Al Awsat

Tunisia coup: Bar Association 'under siege' as security forces seek arrest of lawyer [02/08/2021]
Middle East Eye

Tunisie: des ONG internationales inquiètes après l’arrestation d’un député critique envers le president [01/08/2021]
Le Monde

La ‘Primavera’ Tunecina Se Tambalea [01/08/2021]
Ricard González, El País

Fending off 'coup' claims, Tunisian president announces anti-corruption drive [31/07/2021]
Stephen Quillen, Al Monitor

Tunisia coup: Ennahda leader blames UAE for power grab [31/07/2021]
Middle East Eye

En Tunisie, la nomination du nouveau chef du gouvernement se fait attendre [31/07/2021]
Lilia Blaise, Le Monde

Tunisian lawmaker arrested after Facebook posts criticizing Saied [31/07/2021]
Al Monitor

Tunisie: première nomination par le président Kaïs Saïed au ministère de l’intérieur [30/07/2021]
Le Monde

Is Tunisia’s fragile democracy under threat? [30/07/2021]
Mohamed Ali Ltifi, Al Monitor

Tunisia coup: Ghannouchi urges return to democracy [30/07/2021]
Middle East Eye

En Tunisie, le parti Ennahda joue la carte de l’apaisement et du dialogue [29/07/2021]
Lilia Blaise, Le Monde

Why Tunisia’s Promise of Democracy Struggles to Bear Fruit [28/07/2021]
Carlotta Gall, The New York Times

The Roots of Tunisia's Crisis Are Economic [28/07/2021]
Andrew Parasiliti, Al Monitor

Tunisia's Popular Coup? [28/07/2021]
Francesca Ebel, Newlines Magazine

Tunisia coup: How the world reacted [27/07/2021]
Middle East Eye

Influential voices in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE celebrate Tunisia turmoil as blow to political Islam [27/07/2021]
Claire Parker, Washington Post

Tunisia’s Kais Saied responds to coup claims: ‘Revise your constitutional lessons’ [27/07/2021]
Ismaeel Naar, Al Arabiya

Tunisia’s president imposes month-long curfew and bans gatherings [27/07/2021]
The Guardian

Law experts split on whether president Saied's power move is legal [27/07/2021]
Francesca Ebel, Middle East Eye

Tunisie : après le coup de force du président, Ennahda se dit prêt à la tenue d’élections anticipées [27/07/2021]
Le Monde

UN, Arab League urge restraint in Tunisia [26/07/2021]
Khaleej Times

Tunisia coup: Who is President Kais Saied? [26/07/2021]
Middle East Eye

Factbox: Reactions to Tunisia's democratic crisis [26/07/2021]

Islamist Ennahda supporters attempt to storm Tunisian parliament [26/07/2021]
Ismaeel Naar, Al Arabiya

Tunisia’s Democracy Verges on Collapse as President Moves to Take Control [26/07/2021]
Vivian Yee, New York Times

Tunisia’s president orders military to manage virus crisis [21/07/2021]
Bouazza Ben Bouazza, Associated Press

Protests over police violence spread through Tunisian capital [15/06/2021]
Simon Speakman Cordall, The Guardian

Clashes after Tunisia demonstration against police violence [13/06/2021]
Al Arabiya

Political bickering stalls Tunisian national dialogue [09/04/2021]
Mohamed Ali Ltifi, Al Monitor

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