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16 | November | 2021

In 2015, the Paris Accords were turning point in global climate governance, mobilising 187 countries representing over 95% of greenhouse gas emissions into an agreement to reduce emissions. Six years later, the latest IPCC report and increasing climate catastrophes raise doubts about the international community's ability to address the environmental challenge. COP 26 brought together politicians, experts and activists in Glasgow to seek solutions and commitments for climate protection.


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Programa Mapa Mundo - A COP26 foi um fracasso ou um sucesso? [16/11/2021]
José Pedro Teixeira Fernandes & Bianca Chinelli, TSF

UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021

Emissions Gap Report 2021 [26/10/2021]

COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow: What to Expect [22/10/2021]
Lindsay Maizland, CFR

Climate crisis: what is COP and can it save the world? [02/12/2019]
The Guardian


Opinions & Analysis
After COP26: Russia’s Path to the Global Green Future [16/11/2021]
Dmitri Trenin, Carnegie Moscow Center

The trickle-up effect of rights-based climate litigation [16/11/2021]
Madeleine Forster, Chatham House

COP26 climate deal: Reasons for hope [15/11/2021]
Ian Bremmer, GZERO

COP26: What happened, what does this mean, and what happens next? [15/11/2021]
AA.VV., Chatham House

Why Peace Should Matter for the COP, and Why COP26 is Important for Peace [12/11/2021]
Cedric de Coning & Florian Krampe, Global Observatory

The U.S. and China agreed to work together on climate action. What would push this cooperation forward? [12/11/2021]
Dimitar Gueorguiev, Monkey Cage

Keeping the energy policy triangle in balance is key to reach net-zero [09/11/2021]
Simone Tagliapietra, Bruegel

COP 26: en finir avec l'hypocrisie occidentale [09/11/2021]
Jean-Marc Daniel, Les Echos

A new economic geography of decarbonisation? [06/11/2021]
Ben Mcwilliams & Georg Zachmann, Bruegel

¿Por qué no podemos unirnos para resolver la crisis climática? [05/11/2021]
Alana Moceri, ES Global

Great Expectations – will COP 26 deliver for Africa? [03/11/2021]
Saliem Fakir, ACCORD

Can innovation save the planet? [03/11/2021]
Dan Peleschuk, The Atlantic

How to Know if a Country is Serious About Net Zero: Look at Its Plans for Extracting Fossil Fuels [29/10/2021]
Fergus Green, Global Observatory

Prospects for Climate Action: From Rome to Glasgow [28/10/2021]
Marzio Galeotti, ISPI

Climate of cooperation: How the EU can help deliver a green grand bargain [27/10/2021]
Alex Clark , Susi Dennison, Mats Engström, ECFR

What You Need to Know About the New Climate Security Reports [26/10/2021]
Mark Nevitt, Lawfare

The IPCC Sixth Assessment Report on Climate Change and what it means for the Middle East [25/10/2021]
Mohammed Mahmoud, MEI

CAP sur une COP(26) ambitieuse et inclusive! [21/10/2021]
Laurence Tubiana, Institut Montaigne

Glasgow showdown: Pacific Islands demand global leaders bring action, not excuses, to UN summit [21/10/2021]
Wesley Morgan, The Conversation

Traduire l’engagement en action, condition de réussite de la COP26 [20/10/2021]
Benjamin Fremaux & Marin Gillot, Institut Montaigne

What is COP26? Here’s how global climate negotiations work and what’s expected from the Glasgow summit [20/10/2021]
Shelley Inglis, The Conversation

The International Order Isn’t Ready for the Climate Crisis [19/10/2021]
Stewart M. Patrick, Foreign Affairs

COP26: Africa’s challenges must steer the climate change conference [17/10/2021]
Victor Ongoma & Portia Adade Williams, The Conversation

Climate Refugees: Do Not Hype Up the Problem [15/10/2021]
Bruno Tertrais, Institut Montaigne

Why Climate Policy Has Failed [12/10/2021]
William Nordhaus, Foreign Affairs

‘Green Burden’: How Global Climate Policies Could Impact Russia [04/08/2021]
Danila Bochkarev, Russia Matters

Europe’s Climate Continental Divide [10/06/2021]
Bill Wirtz, The Dispatch

How Will Climate Change Impact US-Russia Relations? [28/01/2021]
Russia Matters


COP26 in review [12/2021]
The Lancet

COP26 didn’t solve everything — but researchers must stay engaged [16/11/2021]

COP26: Can the world fight back from 5-1 down? [16/11/2021]
Business Live

COP26: les leçons d'un échec [15/11/2021]
Les Echos

The Cop26 agreement: unfinished business [14/11/2021]
The Guardian

The numbers game: On Glasgow climate meeting [13/11/2021]
The Hindu

The uses and abuses of green finance [03/11/2021]
The Economist

COP26 the ‘last opportunity’ to avert climate catastrophe? [30/10/2021]
Asahi Shimbun


At COP26, nations speed climate action but leave world still headed for dangerous warming [13/11/2021]
Brady Dennis & Sarah Kaplan, Washington Post

EU malcontents voice anger at climate summit [02/11/2021]
Andrew Rettman, EU Observer

Kerry's climate diplomacy at stake [31/10/2021]
Zachary Basu & Andrew Freedman, Axios

Greta Thunberg leads pan-Europe COP26 climate protests [29/10/2021]
Wester Van Gaal, EU Observer

A Guide to G-20 Leaders and Why a Climate Deal Is So Hard [29/10/2021]
Flavia Krause-Jackson, Bloomberg

China submits updated climate pledges to UN ahead of Glasgow talks [28/10/2021]

U.S. Climate Credibility on the Line as Biden Heads to COP26 [28/10/2021]
Jeff Mason & Timothy Gardner, Reuters

‘Vague’ net zero promises not enough: planet still on track for catastrophic heating, UN report warns [27/10/2021]
UN News

Latest National Climate Plans Still Fall Far Short, U.N. Report Warns [27/10/2021]
Brad Plumer, New York Times

Pricing pollution [26/10/2021]
Lorraine Woellert & Catherine Boudreau, Politico

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