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Myanmar's coup d'etat
03 | august | 2021

In the February 1st military coup in Myanmar, the military arrested President Aung San Suu Kyi and several members of the government and parliament, sparking massive protests across the country. Despite strong international condemnation of the coup and the civil resistance (violently suppressed), the military seeks to consolidate the regime and Aung San Suu Kyi faces trial for electoral fraud.


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Daily Briefing in Relation to the Military Coup

Myanmar’s Coup and Violence, Explained [29/05//2021]
Russell Goldman, New York Times

Programa Mapa Mundo - Crimes contra a humanidade sobre as minorias muçulmanas na China e a repressão dos militares sobre a população em Myanmar [20/04/2021]
Raquel Vaz-Pinto & Luís Mah, IPRI-NOVA & TSF

Programa Mapa Mundo - Myanmar perto de uma guerra civil e o drama dos deslocados em Cabo Delgado [06/04/2021]
Raquel Vaz-Pinto & Alexandra Magnólia Dias, IPRI-NOVA & TSF

The Cost of the Coup: Myanmar Edges Toward State Collapse [01/04/2021]
International Crisis Group

The Current Situation in Burma [08/03/2021]

Why Did Tatmadaw's War Fighters Seize Power? [24/02/2021]
Arthur Swan Ye Tun, The Diplomat

Myanmar’s Troubled History: Coups, Military Rule, and Ethnic Conflict [09/02/2021]
Lindsay Maizland, CFR

Passo atrás em Myanmar [04/02/2021]
Raquel Vaz Pinto, TSF


Opinions & Analysis
How the Milk Tea Alliance Is Remaking Myanmar [23/07/2021]
Jasmine Chia and Scott Singer, The Diplomat

ASEAN's Response to Myanmar Coup Is Failing [21/07/2021]
Olivia Enos & Patrick Coe, RealClearWorld

Myanmar Collapses into a COVID-19 Nightmare [20/07/2021]
Joshua Kurlantzick, CFR

Myanmar's Army Will Do Whatever It Takes to Hold Onto Power [15/07/2021]
Francesca Baronio, ISPI

Why Are Chinese Troops Assembling on Myanmar Border? [06/07/2021]
John Walsh, East Asia Forum

Taking Aim at the Tatmadaw: The New Armed Resistance to Myanmar’s Coup [28/06/2021]
International Crisis Group

ASEAN’s Future Will Be Decided in Myanmar [21/06/2021]
Evan A. Laksmana, Foreign Policy

UN resolution on Myanmar reveals wider realities [21/06/2021]
Swaran Singh, Asia Times

Why is the future of Myanmar hanging in the balance? [19/06/2021]
Mohammad Amjad Hossain, Jerusalem Post

Recognizing Myanmar's Unity Government [19/06/2021]
Alex Aung Khant & David Camroux, East Asia Forum

Aung San Suu Kyi trial: how Myanmar’s judicial system is stacked against the deposed leader [17/06/2021]
Anna Plunkett, The Conversation

Courage And Terror In Myanmar [16/06/2021]
Preeti Jha, New Internationalist

Myanmar’s Humanitarian Crisis Deepens [15/06/2021]
Joshua Kurlantzick, CFR

Myanmar’s Coming Revolution: What Will Emerge From Collapse? [11/06/2021]
Thant Myint-U, Foreign Affairs

Diplomacy Stalls Amidst Spiraling Violence in Myanmar Since the Coup [11/06/2021]
Soufan Center

The Arakan Army, Myanmar Military Coup and Politics of Arakan [10/06/2021]
Kyaw Lynn, TNI

Why the National Unity Government’s Statement on Myanmar’s Rohingya Is Important [09/06/2021]
Angshuman Choudhury, The Diplomat

Myanmar: China, the Coup and the Future [04/06/2021]
Jason Tower & Priscilla A. Clapp, USIP

The Real Kingmakers of Myanmar [04/06/2021]
Min Zin, New York Times

Myanmar faces perfect storm as political stalemate deepens [02/06/2021]
Gareth Price, Chatham House

Help Contain the Damage of Myanmar’s Military Coup [26/05/2021]
International Crisis Group

ASEAN’s Myanmar dilemma [23/05/2021]
Barry Desker, East Asia Forum

Civil War in Myanmar [21/05/2021]
Felix Heiduk, SWP

Myanmar’s Military Struggles to Control the Virtual Battlefield [18/05/2021]
International Crisis Group

Japan’s Ambivalent Diplomacy in Myanmar [13/05/2021]
Daisuke Akimoto, The Diplomat

The battle for Myanmar is far from over [13/05/2021]
Adam Taylor, Washington Post

ASEAN in Myanmar Crisis Driver's Seat [28/04/2021]
Kavi Chongkittavorn, Bangkok Post

Will the Asean summit be a turning point for Myanmar? [27/04/2021]
Sholto Byrnes, The National

ASEAN must use weekend summit to save Myanmar [23/04/2021]
Yanghee Lee, Nikkei

Could Defecting Security Forces Bring Down the Military in Myanmar? [23/04/2021]
Natasha Lindstaedt, Global Observatory

ASEAN has risked too much in inviting Myanmar’s junta leader to summit [23/04/2021]
Huong Le Thu, The Strategist

ASEAN’s Myanmar Crisis: Part 2 [22/04/2021]
Joshua Kurlantzick, CFR

From Myanmar to Afghanistan: are we seeing the end of western interventions? [20/04/2021]
Sholto Byrnes, The National

The Looming Catastrophe in Myanmar [15/04/2021]
Derek J. Mitchell, Foreign Affairs

Myanmar’s Young Demand Their Future [08/04/2021]
Achim Steiner, Project Syndicate

What next for Myanmar? [08/04/2021]
J Scott Younger, IFIMES

The Death of Journalism in Myanmar [07/04/2021]
Robert Bociaga, The Diplomat

How total violence has become the Myanmar military's chosen route to power [07/04/2021]
Francis Wade, New Statesman

The Global Tremors of Myanmar’s Coup [02/04/2021]
Thitinan Pongsudhirak, Project Syndicate

Can Myanmar’s Protesters Win? [01/04/2021]
Tom Fawthrop, The Diplomat

Why China’s non-interference in Myanmar is misjudged [26/03/2021]
Gareth Price, Chatham House

The Myanmar military is destroying its public image. Politics won’t be the same. [26/03/2021]
Maung Zarni, Washington Post

How is it to live under the military coup in Myanmar? [25/03/2021]
Helene Maria Kyed, DIIS

Multi-ethnic unity against the military in Myanmar is crucial [22/03/2021]
Helene Maria Kyed, DIIS

Myanmar’s Crisis Is Starting to Spill Beyond its Borders [19/03/2021]
Sebastian Strangio, The Diplomat

As Myanmar’s Turmoil Gets Worse, External Actors Should Prepare for Refugee Flows [18/03/2021]
Joshua Kurlantzick, CFR

Myanmar’s people are fighting back — even as the military guns them down [17/03/2021]
Frida Ghitis, Washington Post

Can Myanmar’s civil disobedience movement restore democracy? [17/03/2021]
Nicola Williams, East Asia Forum

New Crisis, New Opportunity in Myanmar [09/03/2021]
Iqbal Quadir, Real Clear World

Myanmar coup: how China could help resolve the crisis [08/03/2021]
Matteo Fumagalli, The Conversation

Myanmar's Month-Long 'Phony War' Is Over  [08/03/2021]
Bill Hayton, Chatham House

The incredible courage of Myanmar’s protesters [05/03/2021]
Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post

Thanks to the internet, we know what’s happening in Myanmar. But a communication blackout may be near [03/03/2021]
Susan Banki, The Conversation

As in Myanmar, Coups are Becoming More Successful, and More Sophisticated [01/03/2021]
Joshua Kurlantzick, CFR

Western powers' empty rhetoric is making things worse for Myanmar's people [27/02/2021]
Gabrielle Aron & Francis Wade, The Guardian

Human-rights due diligence and Myanmar [26/02/2021]
Frank Hoffer, Social Europe

Myanmar’s protesters include shirtless bodybuilders and beauty queens in tiaras. Why? [26/02/2021]
Jessica Trisko Darden, Washington Post

A Close-up View of Myanmar’s Leaderless Mass Protests [26/02/2021]
Richard Horsey, International Crisis Group

Myanmar’s Military Coup and the “Age of Impunity” [24/02/2021]
Damian Lilly & Richard Bennett, Global Observatory

Why Did the Tatmadaw’s ‘War Fighters’ Seize Power? [24/02/2021]
Arthur Swan Ye Tun, The Diplomat

Myanmar: Optimism and Fear [22/02/2021]
Joshua Kurlantzick, CFR

Myanmar: the EU needs to play the ASEAN card [22/02/2021]
Marco Bünte & David Camroux, EU Observer

En Birmanie, les très mercantiles motivations des généraux putschistes [21/02/2021]
Dominique Moïsi, Les Echos

Where were the protesters when the Rohingya were being murdered? [21/02/2021]
Kenan Malik, The Guardian

The exclusion of women in Myanmar politics helped fuel the military coup [21/02/2021]
Gabrielle Bardall & Elin Bjarnegård, The Conversation

The Return of Myanmar's 'Revolutionary Spirit' [19/02/2021]
Prachi Vidwans, World Politics Review

Myanmar’s coup might discourage international aid, but donors should adapt, not leave [19/02/2021]
Anne Décobert, The Conversation

Myanmar vs. Its Generals [18/02/2021]
Jonathan Tepperman & Thant Myint-U, Foreign Policy

The Return of Myanmar's 'Revolutionary Spirit' [18/02/2021]
Prachi Vidwans, World Politics Review

Myanmar - a new litmus test for EU's support for democracy [17/02/2021]
Emilie Lehmann-Jacobsen, EU Observer

Internet blackouts in Myanmar allow the military to retain control [17/02/2021]
Cassandra Preece & Helen Beny, The Conversation

China's Quiet Flex on Myanmar Coup [15/02/2021]
Bruno Philip, Worldcrunch

The generals in Myanmar are not as secure as they look [11/02/2021]
Francis Wade, The Guardian

Biden is doing the right things on Myanmar. But will it matter? [11/02/2021]
Josh Rogin, Washington Post

Washington’s Window Is Closing Fast in Myanmar [11/02/2021]
Hunter Marston & John Lichtefeld, Foreign Policy

«Aucune puissance ne risquera ses intérêts en Birmanie pour sauver la démocratisation du pays» [10/02/2021]
Antoine Charif Sfeir, Le Figaro

At the Heart of Myanmar’s New Uprising, a Simple Demand [09/02/2021]
Kyaw Zwa Moe, The Irrawaddy

Myanmar’s military arrests the civilian government—and democracy [09/02/2021]
Jonathan T Chow & Leif-Eric Easley, Daily Star

Myanmar: Calling a coup a coup [08/02/2021]
Adam Simpson, The Interpreter

Aung San Suu Kyi, les Rohingya, l’armée et le coup d’État [08/02/2021]
Frédéric Debomy, IRIS

The world’s bad guys are winning. Is anyone going to stand up to them? [08/02/2021]
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

Myanmar After the 2021 Coup: Internal Security and Geopolitical Consequences [05/02/2021]
Ankit Panda, The Diplomat

Myanmar’s civil–military maelstrom [05/02/2021]
Marco Bünte, East Asia Forum

Don’t Isolate Myanmar [05/02/2021]
Brahma Chellaney, Project Syndicate

The Death Knell of Myanmar’s Democracy? [05/02/2021]
David Scott Mathieson, World Politics Review

Myanmar’s Coup Emblematic of Regional Democracy Failures [04/02/2021]
Joshua Kurlantzick, CFR

After Myanmar’s coup [04/02/2021]
Shashi Tharoor, The Strategist

Myanmar, ¿es posible reanudar el diálogo? [04/02/2021]
Marco Mezzera, ES Global

After Myanmar Coup, Biden’s Asian Allies May Balk at Sanctions Against Military [04/02/2021]
Simon Denyer, The Washington Post

Myanmar coup has no constitutional basis [03/02/2021]
Melissa Crouch, East Asia Forum

The Coup in Myanmar: Why Now? [03/02/2021]
Phillip Orchard, Geopolitical Futures

The coup in Myanmar: What do we know? [03/02/2021]
Andrew Selth, The Interpreter

Military Coup in Myanmar has wide-ranging Implications [03/02/2021]
Soufan Center

Myanmar Lays Bare Challenges of Military-Led Democratization [03/02/2021]
Darin Self, Global Observatory

Myanmar coup on the pretext of a constitutional fig leaf [03/02/2021]
Melissa Crouch, UNSW

After Myanmar’s Coup [03/02/2021]
Shashi Tharoor, Project Syndicate

Will Myanmar return back to the dark ages? [02/02/2021]
Sreeparna Banerjee, ORF

After Myanmar Coup, U.S. Must Nudge Military To Share Power With Suu Kyi [02/02/2021]
Charles Dunst, NPR

End of Myanmar’s Rocky Road to Democracy? [02/02/2021]
Sana Jaffrey, CEIP

Myanmar’s Coup Was a Chronicle Foretold [02/02/2021]
Sebastian Strangio, Foreign Affairs

Making Sense of Myanmar's Coup  [02/02/2021]
Mikael Gravers, East Asia Forum

Myanmar’s long road to democracy remains on hold [02/02/2021]
Gareth Price, Chatham House

Will China Provide Cover for Myanmar’s Coup Makers? [02/02/2021]
Aung Zaw, The Irrawaddy

Myanmar’s Déjà Vu Coup [02/02/2021]
Timothy Mclaughlin, The Atlantic

Myanmar’s Military Seizes Power [01/02/2021]
Gregory B. Poling & Simon Tran Hudes, CSIS

Birmanie : un coup d’État prévisible ? [01/02/2021]
Barthélémy Courmont, IRIS

Myanmar's Coup Shouldn't Surprise Anyone [01/02/2021]
Salil Tripathi, Foreign Policy

Political Ghosts Come Back to Haunt Myanmar [29/01/2021]
Kyaw Zwa Moe, The Irrawaddy


Birmanie: les atours civils d’une junte impuissante [03/08/2021]
Le Monde

Those Who Support Myanmar’s Junta Can Only Lose [14/06/2021]
The Irrawaddy

Myanmar has imprisoned 50 journalists — including two Americans. They should all be freed. [10/06/2021]
Washington Post

Trying to Legitimize Myanmar’s Regime Can Only Backfire for China [07/06/2021]
The Irrawaddy

The steps the West must take to save Myanmar [25/05/2021]
Washington Post

It’s time to cut off the gas for Myanmar’s military coup leaders [22/04/2021]
Washington Post

ASEAN Summit on Myanmar Should Include NUG, Not Legitimize Junta [20/04/2021]
The Irrawaddy

Mayhem in Myanmar: On the violence during Myanmar's Armed Forces' Day [07/04/2021]
The Hindu

The way forward: on Myanmar's political situation [23/03/2021]
The Hindu

Send a message to Myanmar [30/03/2021]
Hindustan Times

The Myanmar Cauldron [29/03/2021]
Wall Street Journal

New massacres by Myanmar’s military demand a tougher U.S. response [29/03/2021]
Washington Post

Myanmar's democracy and health on life support [20/03/2021]
The Lancet

A tougher global response is needed to the Myanmar coup [02/03/2021]
Financial Times

En Birmanie, l’espoir broyé par l’armée [01/03/2021]
Le Monde

Myanmar needs help [25/02/2021]
Bangkok Post

Support the Resistance in Myanmar [18/02/2021]
New York Times

The people of Myanmar have been robbed of their democracy. But they aren’t giving up. [12/02/2021]
Washington Post

Myanmar and India’s crackdowns on social media sites are appalling [09/02/2021]
Washington Post

Birmanie: le pari perdu d’Aung San Suu Kyi [03/02/2021]
Le Monde

Myanmar’s coup shocks the world: A blow to democracy [02/02/2021]
Daily Star


Le dictateur birman s’autoproclame premier ministre [03/08/2021]
Bruno Philip, Le Monde

Myanmar Junta Forms Caretaker Government, Promises Elections in 2023 [02/08/2021]
Sebastian Strangio, The Diplomat

Brunei candidate mulled as ASEAN special envoy to Myanmar [02/08/2021]
Kyodo News

Six months after Myanmar coup, battle for diplomatic recognition [01/08/2021]
John Liu & Rory Wallace, Al Jazeera

FOCUS: Six months on, military-ruled Myanmar remains in turmoil [01/08/2021]
Kyodo News

Protests, accusations against Myanmar junta six months on from coup [31/07/2021]

Myanmar anti-junta militia vow to take on army in a major city [22/06/2021]

Russia and Myanmar junta leader commit to boosting ties at Moscow meeting [21/06/2021]

Myanmar: Private Council Meeting [17/06/2021]
Security Council Report

Myanmar village burned after fighting; residents blame security forces [16/06/2021]

Trial of Aung San Suu Kyi begins in closed courtoom in Myanmar [14/06/2021]
Rebecca Ratcliffe, The Guardian

Myanmar’s pro-Rohingya social media campaign gathers mass support [14/06/2021]
Al Jazeera

Myanmar junta media accuse ethnic army of killing 25 workers [14/06/2021]

Schools occupied, attacked amid turmoil of post-coup Myanmar [14/06/2021]
Al Jazeera

UN decries Myanmar ‘catastrophe’ as Aung San Suu Kyi’s trial looms [11/06/2021]
Rebecca Ratcliffe, The Guardian

China’s Myanmar Policy ‘Not Affected’ by Post-Coup Chaos: Official [10/06/2021]
Sebastian Strangio, The Diplomat

Myanmar targets Aung San Suu Kyi with new corruption charges [10/06/2021]
Al Jazeera

UN Expert Says Myanmar Attacks Risk Humanitarian Tragedy [10/06/2021]
Grant Peck, The Diplomat

Myanmar: The mysterious deaths of the NLD party officials [08/06/2021]
Jonathan Head, BBC

U.N. says 100,000 flee fighting in Myanmar border state [08/06/2021]

‘The darkest days are coming’: Myanmar’s journalists suffer at hands of junta [07/06/2021]
Al Jazeera

Having fled Myanmar's coup to the jungle, these young activists are now being trained in combat [07/06/2021]
Mazoe Ford, ABC

Myanmar’s Opposition Shadow Government ‘No Longer Has Faith’ in ASEAN [07/06/2021]
Sebastian Strangio, The Diplomat

Villages empty, civilian armed groups rise in eastern Myanmar [07/06/2021]
Emily Fishbein, Nu Nu Lusan & Zau Myet Awng, Al Jazeera

ASEAN envoys meet Myanmar junta leader to press for dialogue [05/06/2021]
Jerry Harmer, Washington Post

ASEAN envoys arrive in Myanmar for talks with junta chief [04/06/2021]
France 24

Myanmar Pressure Campaign Stalls at the United Nations [04/06/2021]
Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy

Rise of armed civilian groups in Myanmar fuels fears of full-scale civil war [01/06/2021]
Rebecca Ratcliffe, The Guardian

Aung San Suu Kyi Makes First Court Appearance Since Coup [25/05/2021]
Hannah Beech, New York Times

Myanmar: The small embattled town that stood up to the army [22/05/2021]
Jonathan Head, BBC

Spiraling conflict in Myanmar sends thousands fleeing as military targets rebels [21/05/2021]
Shibani Mahtani, Washington Post

How Myanmar’s military moved in on the telecoms sector to spy on citizens [19/05/2021]
Fanny Potkin & Poppy Mcpherson, Reuters

The Danger of Defending the Defenseless in Myanmar [18/05/2021]
Robert Bociaga, The Diplomat

Myanmar election: No evidence fraud in 2020 vote, observers say [17/05/2021]

Myanmar anti-coup fighters retreat from town as U.S. makes appeal [16/05/2021]

Three Months After Coup, Myanmar Returns to the ‘Bad Old Days’ [06/05/2021]
Hannah Beech, New York Times

Myanmar military ruler to attend ASEAN summit in 1st foreign trip [17/04/2021]
Al Jazeera

Myanmar Coup Foes Tout Minority-Backed Shadow Government [16/04/2021]
Associated Press

Myanmar Security Forces Arrest Prominent Leader of Anti-Coup Campaign [15/04/2021]

Myanmar ambassador to London locked out of embassy after breaking with military [07/04/2021]
Guy Faulconbridge, Reuters

As Myanmar’s security forces crush anti-coup protests, more and more children are dying [29/03/2021]
Washington Post

Birmanie: la Russie se dit «préoccupée» par le nombre croissant de civils tués [29/03/2021]
Le Figaro

Inside Myanmar’s Army: ‘They See Protesters as Criminals’ [28/03/2021]
Hannah Beech, The New York Times

Birmanie : l'UE et Biden condamnent une violence «inacceptable» [28/03/2021]
Le Figaro

As Myanmar death toll climbs, a soldier’s wife is caught between protesters and military [27/03/2021]
Timothy McLaughlin, Washington Post

Birmanie: l'armée défile tandis que l'opposition compte ses morts [27/03/2021]
Le Figaro

For Foreign Businesses in Myanmar, Coup Creates ‘Unworkable’ Situation [21/03/2021]
Jon Emont, Wall Street Journal

Thailand braces as refugees from Myanmar coup flee to border regions [18/03/2021]
Panu Wongcha-um & Poppy McPherson, Reuters

Black Sunday in Myanmar: Dozens Killed as Martial Law Declared [15/03/2021]
Sebastian Strangio, The Diplomat

Myanmar police who fled to India say they refused orders to shoot protesters [11/03/2021]

Myanmar security forces raid media HQ as opposition crackdown spreads [08/03/2021]
The Guardian

Myanmar: Tens of thousands turn out for Sunday protests despite overnight raids [07/03/2021]
The Guardian

Dozens killed in Myanmar's worst day of violence since coup [03/03/2021]
The Guardian

Aung San Suu Kyi faces four charges as Myanmar junta cracks down on dissent [01/03/2021]
The Guardian

Oil companies urged to make sure no money flows from Myanmar projects to military junta [01/03/2021]
Ben Butler & Ben Doherty, The Guardian

UK unveils aid ban and fresh sanctions over Myanmar coup [25/02/2021]
Cristina Gallardo, Politico

Strike shuts Myanmar, anti-coup protesters defy junta warning [22/02/2021]

EU ‘stands ready’ to impose sanctions on Myanmar [22/02/2021]
Adam Bouzi, Politico

Myanmar protesters hold general strike as crowds push for 'five twos revolution' [22/02/2021]
The Guardian

EU to impose targeted sanctions on Myanmar junta [18/02/2021]
Andrew Rettman, EU Observer

Myanmar coup: What is happening and why? [18/02/2021]
Alice Cuddy, BBC News

Myanmar's internet shutdown: what's going on and will it crush dissent? [17/02/2021]
The Guardian

Myanmar coup protesters mass to reject army claim of support [17/02/2021]

Myanmar military files new charge against Aung San Suu Kyi [16/02/2021]
Michael Safi, The Guardian

Myanmar's Military Takes Full Control [14/02/2021]
Hannah Beach, New York Times

On Myanmar, Biden has multilateral ambitions but little leverage [12/02/2021]
Ryo Nakamura & Shohei Kanaya, Nikkei

Myanmar Coup: The View From Yangon [12/02/2021]
Hugh Bohane, The Diplomat

Election officials detained in Myanmar 'in bid to prove fraud' [12/02/2021]
Emanuel Stoakes, Michael Safi & Guardian repórter, The Guardian

Myanmar junta targets sweeping data access with cybersecurity bill [12/02/2021]
Thompson Chau, Nikkei

Ties with Myanmar military put pressure on western companies [12/02/2021]
Martin Farrer & Ben Doherty , THe Guardian

Why Did It Take a Coup in Myanmar? [12/02/2021]
Timothy Mclaughlin, The Atlantic

'We all know what we're facing': divided Myanmar unites against coup [10/02/2021]
The Guardian

Biden, Modi Discuss Myanmar Coup [09/02/2021]
The Irrawaddy

In Myanmar coup, grievance and ambition drove military chief’s power grab [09/02/2021]
Shibani Mahtani & Timothy McLaughlin, Washington Post

Rakhine Party Under Pressure for Taking Position on Military Regime’s Governing Body [09/02/2021]
The Irrawaddy

Myanmar embraces Russian arms to offset China's influence [09/02/2021]
Marwaan Macan-Markar, Nikkei Asia

Rohingya Activists Are Hoping That the Coup in Myanmar Will Be a Turning Point for Their Struggle [08/02/2021]
Amy Gunia, Time

Thousands More Civil Servants Join Movement Against Myanmar Military [08/02/2021]
The Irrawaddy

La Birmanie face au double jeu chinois [08/02/2021]
Bruno Philip, Le Monde

Who is Myanmar junta chief Min Aung Hlaing? 5 things to know [06/02/2021]
Dominic Faulder, Nikkei Asia

Why the generals really took back power in Myanmar [06/02/2021]
Helen Regan, CNN

Thousands Join Peaceful Protests Against Myanmar Military [05/02/2021]
Zaw Zaw Htwe, The Irrawaddy

Protests Against Myanmar Junta Spread Despite Arrests [04/02/2021]

Inside the coup that toppled Aung San Suu Kyi's government [03/02/2021]
Gwen Robinson & Francesca Regalado & Thompson Chau, Nikkei Asian Review

What you need to know about the coup in Myanmar [02/02/2021]
Thin Lei Win, Politico 

Myanmar coup is a test for Biden and the U.S. role as a champion of democracy [02/02/2021]
Anne Gearan & John Hudson, Washington Post

EU leaders condemn military coup in Myanmar [01/02/2021]
William Adkins, Politico

How Aung San Suu Kyi, arrested Myanmar leader, went from Nobel Peace Prize to pariah [01/02/2021]
Adam Taylor, Washington Post

Myanmar coup: Aung San Suu Kyi detained as military seizes control [01/02/2021]

Explained: Why are there fears of an impending coup in Myanmar? [29/01/2021]
Nirupama Subramanian, Indian Express

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